Sexy lezzies fill up their oversized asses with cream and splatter it out asslicking and spreading

Sexy lezzies fill up their oversized asses with cream and splatter it out asslicking and spreading
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INCEST, a Blue Interview *Note: All characters in this story are of legal age wherever your at. Author has no control over what age the reader chooses to make them in his or her mind.* Happy reading. (My live web cam interview with all three, the dad, and his two daughters, Steph and Sam.

This is the story of their incest, names changed of course.) Steph started out telling this story first, she looked like she was in her twenty's, and a very sexy looking girl.

Big tits, lot's of cleavage showing and long flowing blond hair. Sam was too, with her blond hair pulled back into a long pony tail. Dad elected not to show is face or give a name, so he was just 'dad'. We all had our sound on. During the interview the girls still keep doing things to get dad's attention.

Squeezing their own tits, blowing kisses, acting sexy and giggling. Steph: "My sister and I were talking about our dad, and the urge to tease him and watch him squirm.

He would try and hide his hardons, it was a great game to us. Were just a year apart, and poor dad didn't stand a chance with his two 'sweeties' playing this game. I'm Steph, the oldest and she's Sam, and we felt he was the sexist man ever.


We both got turned on by picturing him having hot sex with us. It became a competition between Sam and I as to which one of us would get him to have sex with us first. We turned up the teasing. Poor dad, who had 2 sexy girls hot after his body, he became the happy 'victim' but…wouldn't cross the taboo line." Sam: " I was so hot for daddy I had to be first to get him to have sex with me.

Steph had bigger tits, she used them to rub on him, but I went for rubbing up against his cock. Dad: "Keep going girls, you did a lot more than that." Steph: "Awww daddy, you loved it and you know it…anyway&hellip.our mom just ignored us like nothing was happening, so we got bolder and coped feels of daddy right behind her back.

She ignored our sexy acts on him, she chose to live in the past or something. Dad: "Mom was the prom queen and all that glory, so she did live in the past. She refused to see today's world and instead chose to ignore the girls little game with me." Sam: "Mom was sweet, but didn't even know how to use a computer or watch the news.

I had to get daddy's attention and I got an idea. Daddy was in the shower and I got naked and snuck in and got in with him. He about panicked! "Get out'a here Sam, you want me to get caught in the shower with my own daughter?" I pulled the old trick, and acted like I was starting to cry. He held me and said not to cry. I felt his rising boner against me and it got me hot. I felt his warm wet body against mine and I got pussy tingles like I never had before." Steph: "You never told me that Sam!…what else did you do behind my back????" Sam giggling: "Steph…wouldn't you like to know&hellip." Steph giggling too then said: "Well …daddy and I were in the garage one time alone, and I said I thought I had a rash between my legs, and would he take a look.

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I pulled down my shorts and opened up my legs for him to take a look. His face got so red and he said to go have mom to that. I opened up my pussy lips and said: "Daddy! Just take a look…ok?" He took a quick look and I watched his boner start to bulge in his pants." Sam: "That's funny Steph, wished I'd thought of it…" Dad laughing: "It was pure hell and pleasure and the same time. My poor dick was semi-hard all the time as these two kept it up.

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Watching day after day two of the hottest, sexiest girls who insisted on coping feels on me was exciting and the dangerous all at the same time." Steph: " Daddy, tell Blue what finally got to you&hellip." Sam: " Yeah Daddy, don't leave anything out, was it me or Steph that got to you?" Dad: "I've never played favorites between the girls, but working as a team…they both finally got to me." The girls cheered and giggled and both told him to tell about the brownies…the 'special brownies' Dad: "These two little sexy rascals decided to make me some brownies, with weed in them.

Mom was gone for a week to grandma's. It was evening and we all had on our robes. They made a batch, but put aside enough for 2 of their special ones, with double the amount for guess who?…me. They were in the kitchen giggling and I could smell brownies cooking.

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When they were done, they were tasting them and saying how good they were. Sam brought out 2 on a plate for me. I ate both of them just like normal. They tasted like regular brownies&hellip.but then in about 20 minutes I felt so relaxed and mellow.

I had smoked weed before and had it in food too. I began to realize what they did.

Hot gay sex From there they were able to build up to a solid pace and

They both came in the living room and sat and kept glancing at me. I played like the brownies had no effect on me…which was a lie as I now had the big urge to fuck them both. Soon I began to smile at them both, I couldn't help it, and began to giggle. That was their signal and they both came over and sat on each side of me on the couch. I was laughing at them waiting and wondered what plan they had store for me now." Steph: "He was so funny!

.we had never seen him zonked before and got us to laughing too." Sam: "He started looking us up and down smiling. He put his arms around me and Steph and pulled our heads close together.

We both turned our body's and laid our tits on his chest. He started kissing us both. We quickly had a 3 way kissing fest, with 3 tongues going every which way." Steph: "We said dad, we better put you to bed, you look a little sleepy.

Without waiting for an answer, Sam and I pulled him up and with each of us under his arms, we walked him to his big bed. He had the most wonderful smile on his face. Sam and I knew we had him now and we were going to get him to have sex with us for sure. Dad: "I admit I was a gonner and I had a big boner.

I had two beautiful girls feeling me up and I was dying to have sex with them. They took my robe off as they dropped theirs too. It was semi dark in there, but I now saw two of the hottest body's I had ever seen.

They laid me down on my back and went after me. Kissing me, feeling my dick, licking me as I thought I was in heaven. They took my hands and put them on their tits, and then their pussy's. They whispered to each other and then Steph got on top of me, rubbing her pussy on my boner between her legs.

Sam lowered her pussy right down on my mouth, facing forward. I felt a hand putting my dick in Steph's pussy. I almost came right then. Sam rubbed her clit right on my protruding tongue.


Steph started fucking me steady, holding on to Sam's legs. We all got a motion going and the moaning began. I sounded like angels singing in my ears. My dick and tongue had never felt this good…ever. Steph: "Daddy grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled me with the motion.

I was so excited, it felt like one continuous orgasm going on inside me.

Sam: "Daddy's tongue massaged my clit until I started losing all my breath, and I started to shake as I could feel a huge climax coming. Steph and daddy's rocking motion was building up in me&hellip.and&hellip. I lost it and started to yell as the climax hit me.

Dad: "When Sam did that, my balls pulled tight and I felt a massive shot, shoot out my dick into Steph." Steph: "I felt his first blast of cum inter me and I lost it&hellip.Sam and I moaned 'Oh.Daddy!' so loud, it even shocked us. Dad: "We all fucked as fast as we could in a never ending cum fest it seemed. Every thing went wet, My dick and their pussy's. They both shook and squirmed on me as the moaning continued from us all. I went dizzy and they slowly laid down on me.

We were so spent, we couldn't move anymore…and just quietly moaned. I thought I was having a hot dream when I kinda came to and I was on top of Sam, my dick was in her and slowly fucking her so good. Steph was sitting on my face and rubbing her clit on my tongue.

They had switched and It was now&hellip. round two." *I got an instant message from the dad: "need to talk one on one after the interview." He continued: " .these girls fucked me until I had no cum left, then they fucked me some more. I was happily sore for days." Steph: "Daddy was the best!, we still get hot over him." Sam: "Daddy…what are you doing tonight?" ------------------- After the interview I thanked them all, and shut off the girls camera feeds.

I left the dads on and waited. I said: "All clear dad, it's just you and I now." He said: "Sweet vengeance is what is was. A while before we all fucked, I found a love letter.

It was to mom from a woman. It said how hot mom was and how sweet her pussy tasted and on and on. Needless to say I was shocked beyond words. So mom had a lady lover and I never knew it. Well that opened the door for me and the girls.

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I never told the girls and let them play their game of 'let's fuck daddy'. Mom's seems happy, I sure a hell am and that's the real story." I thanked him and shut down my computer. I sat there smiling and shaking my head. My girlfriend came in and gave me a 'thumbs up' sign. She said: "Got it all on video&hellip.

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Hmmmm suppose we ought to send a copy to Mom?" -------------- Steph talked to Sam on the phone: "It was the brownies!" Sam: "No…it was the letter we planted!"