Jacob is the latest slender twink to be wrapped in plastic

Jacob is the latest slender twink to be wrapped in plastic
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The Battered Lamp by mypenname3000 Chapter Three: The Witch of Amber Copyright 2014 Notes: Thanks to b0b for beta-reading this! Thursday, January 16th The door to the janitor's closet banged open; Kyle froze.

His girlfriend stood in the doorway and sudden guilt twisted his stomach. "Christy, I can explain!" Can I though? His girlfriend had a shocked look on her pretty face, and her pouty lips creased tight.

Kyle sat upon the step ladder, his cock engulfed in Chyna's pillowy tits as his latest load of cum oozed out of the dusky-skinned girl's cunt. Chyna never stopped sliding her tits up and down on his cock, brightly smiling up at his girlfriend like it was the most natural thing in the world. Christy closed the door, peering at him intently, thumbing her amber pendant.

Did the amber just glow? No, it must have been the light glinting off it. "Hecate, reveal the truth," Christy whispered; more light glinted off her amulet. Recently, his girlfriend had gotten into some New Age stuff, praying to some Greek goddess.

It was weird, but he didn't feel like offending her at the best of times, let alone when she just caught some sluts tits wrapped around his cock. "I'm really sorry, I don't know what happened—" "It's okay," she sighed, then leaned over and kissed him on the lips.

They were warm and wet and left him stunned when she pulled away. "It is?" he gaped. Is Christy this open minded? Would she be willing to share me with my genie? She took a deep breath.

"It's not your fault. You can't help yourself. I understand." She's taking this a lot better than I thought she would. "So you fucked her after Math class?" Christy asked, eyes flicking down to gaze at his cock nestled between Chyna's dusky tits. Color blossomed in her pale cheek.

"Yeah," he answered. "She just came up and told me she needed to be fucked and I." She nodded in understanding. "You were just helpless." "Yeah." Was this more of Aaliyah's work. Did she do something to Christy to make her accepting of all of this? She reached out and pulled a hair from his head. "There was something in your hair. And yours too, Chyna." She plucked a dark brown strand from the busty girl. Kyle didn't notice anything, but he was distracted by his slave's wonderful breasts wrapped about his dick sliding up and down, sending shudders through him while Chyna smiled up at him.

"Oh, sure," Kyle blinked, confused by the entire situation. "Well, I have to take care of some things," Christy answered. "I love you." "Love you, too." "Have fun," she smiled, then slipped out. Shaking his head, he shut his eyes and smiled; Chyna never stopped sliding those wonderful tits up and down his cock, and he savored being wrapped by their silky softness.

Maybe it was okay what Aaliyah was doing. He'd have to have her fix Chyna, but Christy and Aaliyah together would be amazing.

He closed his eyes, picturing dusky Aaliyah kissing pale Christy, their bodies writhing together, then looking at him with beckoning smiles. They'd take turns licking his cock, their lips kissing around his shaft, meeting, tongues touching.

I could love them both. "Do you like my tits, Master." "Fuck, yeah," he moaned, staring down at her. Her tits bulged in her hands as she pressed them together, his cock emerging from between them, poking up out of her flesh before she slid her breasts back off. "Do you want to cum on them?" she purred. "Imagine my tits stained with ropes of your cum, leaking down my curves. My tits are so big, I could probably lick some of the cum off them." "Shit," he grunted, his balls going into overdrive.

He erupted. Cum shot into the air, falling upon her dusky breasts in lines of white, running down her curves. Another shot fired up, squirting up her chest to her neck, then running down to join the mess on the rest of her tits.

"Ohh, yum," giggled Chyna, holding up her right boob and licking a line of cum that had ran down onto her nipple, sucking her nub into her lips for a moment, then let go of her tit and used her fingers to scoop up the rest of his gobs of cum, popping them into her hungry lips. "You are such a slut," Kyle sighed and she just giggled again. "My fertile pussy is still sopping wet," she purred. "And you still seem hard." Right, the wish I made with Aaliyah. Well, Christy didn't seem to mind. He smiled, "Why don't you come sit on my cock." Besides, he had just wasted a load of his semen on her chest, and all of his seed needed to pump into her fertile cunt.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Christy's pussy was on fire as she briskly walked from the janitor's closet. Why did I find it so hot watching my boyfriend fool around with another girl?

She squeezed her thighs together, remembering those wonderful tits wrapped around her boyfriend's hard cock. The damn coven has turned me on to women, and sharing one with Kyle would be.perfect. Tomorrow night's date couldn't come soon enough for the horny teen.

She gripped the hairs in her hand, striding towards one of the chemistry labs. Mr. Iñiguez, the chemistry teacher, should be at lunch, and she needed a place to figure out what was going on. Someone had cast a spell on her boyfriend and Chyna, and neither could control what was happening to them in there. It had to be someone in the Coven.

Anger burned in her. They were supposed to be her sisters; that's one of the reasons why she had joined. She hadn't joined to be forced into being Ms.

Franklin's little, lesbian sex toy, or to have them fuck with her relationship with Kyle! Power and sisterhood is what she had been promised, power to protect her loved ones—to heal her mother! The chemistry class was locked, but a quick prayer to Hecate, Goddess of Magic solved that problem, and she slipped in.

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She gathered her supplies: a beaker full of distilled water to act as the base, a pinch of sulfur, a drop of nitric acid, and a few flakes of rust. She mixed it all together and placed the beaker on a Bunsen burner, bringing it to a boil.

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She shoved her hands in her panties for the last ingredient, pinching her clit; a delicious shudder passed through her. She leaned against the counter, digging her fingers deep inside her juicy pussy. She pictured Kyle fucking Chyna doggy style, her big, dusky tips flopping as he banged the slut hard.

"Let me eat you!" the slut would moan. I'd grab her pigtails and pull her mouth deep into my pussy. She'd stick her tongue up my snatch, eating me out while I stared into Kyle's dark, almond-shaped eyes. We'd share the little whore together. Her fingers pumped faster while her other hand massaged her small breast through her bra and panties.

After we both had cum, then Kyle would stick his big dick in me. He'd fuck me so hard and I would kiss him and stare into his eyes as we shared our love. My breasts would rub against his muscular chest and we'd cum together! She shuddered, climaxing on her two fingers and moaning loudly, "Oh Kyle!

I love you! Fuck me!" Her orgasm trembled through her, and she panted, pulling out her sticky fingers, then let a single drop of her passion fall into the boiling solution. It flashed amber. Let's see what we're dealing with here. She dropped the two hairs into the solution. It turned first pearl-white, Chyna's color, and then went crystal clear.

Kyle has a diamond aura? The strongest aura she had ever seen was Ms. Franklin's celestite aura, almost crystal clear. Christy herself only had an amber aura, a middling strength, but she was the third most powerful in the coven after Lorrie's opal aura and Ms. Franklin's celestite. "Goddess Hecate, reveal to me what curse lies upon these two souls!" Smoke issued: red and black. She touched the smokes. The red was a lust spell, easily counterspelled, and was driving Chyna and Kyle to be irresistibly drawn to each other.

But what is this black spell? She let a finger trail into the black. She shuddered, ripping her finger back. A slave spell. Chyna was Kyle's now.


Neither would feel complete without Kyle dominating her. She stuck her finger back into the oily smoke and let her senses probe further. How to break it? She'd never come across this sort of spell before. It was evil. Maybe this wasn't the work of the coven? The spell was tied to the embryo growing inside Chyna's womb, fertilized by Kyle's sperm.

The lust spell drove them to fuck, she mused. And the slave spell triggered when her egg was quickened. I can't break that spell without. She shuddered, unwilling to do that. She sighed, resigned to sharing her boyfriend with his pregnant sex slave. Then a naughty thought popped into her head.

Kyle could hardly mind sharing her with me. So she gathered new ingredients and set about breaking the lust spell so at least they could keep their hands off each other during school. And then I'll need to figure out who cast this spell and why. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chyna's juicy cunt sank down on his cock, engulfing him in her warm embrace. Kyle groaned, leaning back as he sat on the step ladder and holding the hot, dusky girl in his arms.

They kissed as she squeezed her cunt around his cock. And then she fucked him. "Oh, yes! Fill me up! So hard!" she gasped. "I love your cock!" "You'd do anything for my cock, wouldn't you?" "I would! Anything.

I'm your slave, Master!" Images of a Japanese girl, tied up and covered in cum, that Kyle had seen on the internet flashed through his mind.

"You'd let me tie you up and jerk off on you!" "Oh, yes!" she moaned. "You could do anything to me! Spank me, fuck me, tie me up!" She kept riding him, and his hands found her tight ass. He was going to spank her. Maybe I should let Christy and Aaliyah take turns spanking her.before I have Aaliyah release her.

He gave her ass a stinging smack, and she bucked harder on top of him, her cunt tightening on his shaft. "You could degrade me and I'd love it! Piss on me, make me lick your asshole, tattoo 'Kyle's Slave' on my butt!" Her cunt spasmed on his cock, cumming at just the idea of being mistreated.

"I'm yours!" He held her tight, her boobs rubbing against his chest as he savored her spongy-hot cunt about his cock. He squeezed her asscheeks and sucked at her neck. He wanted to leave a hickey, to mark Chyna as his! "Cum in me, Master!" she cooed in his ear. "Flood my pussy with your hot cum and knock me up! I want to nurse you when my tits are full of breast milk!" He needed to get her pregnant.

He need to make sure that— Warmth flushed through him and they stopped fucking. The intense drive, the incredible lust, vanished. Confusion filled Chyna's hazel eyes as she peered into his. Then she smiled, and kissed him, and her hips started moving. "We need to hurry, Master," she whispered. "We'll be late to class." Kyle had been so lost in their sex he had forgotten all about class.

But he had to cum; his cock was buried in her cunt and even though that great ardor had passed, he still needed to get his rocks off. He gave Chyna a kiss as she slammed her hips on him. His orgasm drew near; his body tensed. He moaned and flooded her cunt, that wonderful, pulsing bliss flooding his veins, peaking every time another load of his cum shot into her pussy. She hugged him tight, nuzzling his neck. "I meant it," she whispered. "I'm yours to do with as you please." "I." What did you say to that?

"Okay. We should probably go to class." She nodded, and slid off of him, then froze. "Um.there's cum on your shirt." His shirt was sticky with his cum, rubbed off from her tits during their fucking. He concentrated, hoping Aaliyah would sense him.

*Yes, my love* her voice echoed in his head. She seemed distracted. I wish that Chyna and my clothes were cleaned and we were presentable. Suddenly their clothes were fresh and clean, the cum gone, and their faces were no longer flushed and sweaty.

She'd even cleaned the mess between Chyna's thighs and her panties appeared on the floor beside them. Chyna looked at him, perplexed. "I have a.uh.genie wife." She cocked her head, then she shrugged. "Of course you do. My master would be a special man." *I'm proud of you, my husband. You're getting over your hangups with sex.* Yeah, you can fix Chyna.

I wish that you remove whatever spell you cast on her. There was a pause. *I cannot fix her. It is not in my power. Someone else cast the spell.* But surly you can break the spell! *Not hearth or harem. I'm sorry, my love, but these are the restrictions placed upon me.* Do you know who cast the spell? *Divination is not part of hearth or harem.* A chill settled on Kyle.

Someone in the school had a twisted sense of humor and Kyle couldn't figure out why anyone would do it except to break him and Christy up. "Fuck," he muttered. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "See you tomorrow," Christy told Kyle, kissing him. She had to stay after school for DECA, a student business club she was a part of.

"Sure. Can't wait for our date." Christy blushed at his implication. "I can't wait either." "Master," Chyna smiled and ran up, throwing her arms around him and kissing her boyfriend. She suppressed her jealousy, knowing neither could help it.

That Goddess damned spell is to blame! Who cast it? When I find out! Oohh! I'm gonna throttle them! "Not at school," Kyle muttered, his cheeks darkening with a blush. "There's already rumors about us." "Sorry." She had a sheepish expression. "I want to come home with you and serve you." "You can't. I need time to figure out how to explain our relationship to my mom and your parents. So be patient." She looked crestfallen and Christy beat her jealousy back down. "Yes, Master," she pouted Britney leaned against Kyle's car, staring that the three of them.

Her glasses were thick, magnifying her green eyes. Christy always thought there was something off about the nerdy girl and never quite understood the friendship between her and Kyle. Why is she frowning? Christy shot her a dirty look. It was none of her business how complicated Christy and Kyle's relationship had become today. Christy checked her cell phone. "I got to run. Love you." Another kiss, and she jogged back into the school. A chill settled over her. Who had cast that spell?

Could it have been one of the coven? And if it was, what did that mean? Was this an indirect attack on me? What if it was Ms. Franklin? The woman's possessiveness of her had unnerved Christy. Her coven mistress seemed to feel that she owned all of the coven, including Christy.

Was this her attempt to break us up? Things are getting so strange. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kyle pulled his Ford Taurus into his driveway. The house was quiet. And very clean. Too clean. His mom tried to keep it tidy, but she worked full time, and Kyle and Fatima had active lives, so sometimes it got away from them. Kyle figured this was Aaliyah's work.

I guess that would fall under hearth. His cock grew excited thinking about his wife. It was weird to think about her that way. He was even more surprised to discover how much he missed her.

Christy seemed cool with his newfound, polygamous ways and that alleviated the guilt he had been feeling.


He had a good hour-and-a-half before he had to leave for Kendo. He should do his homework, but his dick vetoed that idea. "Aaliyah," he called out. *In your bedroom,* she purred in his mind. So sexy; his cock grew hard. Kyle took the stairs two at a time, heart thudding. He opened the door to his bedroom and his jaw dropped. Not one, but two sexy girls lounged on his bed wearing skimpy negligees. He didn't immediately recognize that the second girl was his little sister, too focused on her budding breasts cupped in transparent, pink lace.

"Hey bro," she purred. He gaped. Aaliyah was behind her, wearing a matching yellow slip, her body pressed against Fatima's back, arms wrapped around his sister, hands exploring Fatima's youthful charms. His sister's almond-shaped eyes fluttered as Aaliyah's hand slid beneath her lingerie's hem and clearly played with her pussy. "Oh, yes," she gasped. "Do you like what you see, big bro!" He didn't know what to think. This is one of my fantasies come to life!

"Why don't you come join us, husband," Aaliyah cooed. Fatima gasped, eyes widening. Aaliyah's finger must have just shoved inside her. His cock ached to be free, to bury in his little sister's cunt and revel in such tabooed sex. But she's my little sister!

She's your smoking hot, little sister! "I want to make love to you, Kyle. Please! I've been fantasizing about you for a year. It's all I want. Make love to me!" "It's wrong." He ignored his lust.

Fatima lifted the hem of her pink negligee and exposed Aaliyah's hand pumping away inside her juicy pussy. "I think you need some incentive," his sister purred, then rolled over and kissed his genie wife on the lips. Their tongues flashed; sighs of passion escaped their lips. Kyle couldn't take his eyes away. This was lesbian porn played out in his bed starring his sister and his wife.

They both had dusky bodies, Aaliyah's more brown, Fatima's more olive. The genie kissed at her neck, her hands pushing up the front of his sister's lingerie. Her breasts were just budding, topped with dark, erect nipples.

"Oh, Aaliyah!" Fatima gasped, her almond-shaped eyes fixing on his. "I love it when you suck my nipples. It makes me so wet!" The little tease! Sweat broke out on his forehead. He desperately tried to look away. But it was just so.hot! "Let me suck your tits!" "Sure," Aaliyah purred and her yellow negligee vanished, her round, dusky breasts heaving as Fatima engulfed her nipple.

"Oh, my husband! Her tongue is amazing. You need to feel it on your cock!" "Umm, I can't wait!" his sister cooed, licking her lips, before engulfing her nipples.

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Neither could Kyle. Think about Christy! This is wrong! He tried to picture his girlfriend as he always imagined her naked, but he couldn't get the image of his sister kissing her way down Aaliyah's smooth stomach, drawing closer and closer to the genie's pussy. What's the harm? that lustful voice in his head whispered. She's my sister! Look at how cute her ass is, the way it curves, the pale-olive tint, the cleft leading down to her delights.

Those breasts, just budding. Imagine those nipples between your lips, her tight, juicy cunt around your cock. "Oh, Fatima!" Aaliyah gasped. His sister feasted on the genie's pussy, her face buried amid the black hair. Fatima wiggled that succulent rear and he caught flashes of her tight slit, juicy, a down of dark hair sprouting about the slit. Aaliyah moaned and purred, squeezing her tits. "She wants you, Kyle!" his wife gasped. "She needs to feel your cock insider her. It's her dream, her desire!

Don't deny her!" "Please, Kyle," she begged. Her lips were sticky with Aaliyah's rapture. He wanted to taste them. He couldn't control himself anymore, his lust burned away all rational thought. He cupped her face; she threw her arms around his neck. They kissed.

Her tongue shoved eagerly into his mouth, her lips tasted spicy and wonderful. His clothes vanished—Aaliyah's work—and her naked body pressed against his, and he savored the way his sister writhed, full of joy and passion, so soft and silky and hot. She pulled him down onto the bed atop her. His hands stroked her side, squeezing her little hills topped with hard nipples.

Her thighs spread for him; Aaliyah's hand grasped his cock and guided him to her treasure. She was hot, almost burning the tip of his cock as his wife rubbed his shaft against his sister's vulva. He rubbed against her lips, feeling the barrier of her hymen stretched across her pussy. Heaven awaited him on the other side. "Kyle." Fatima broke the kiss, looking into his eyes. "I want to be your wife." He froze, struggling to think, but it was almost impossible with his tip touching the entrance of her silky flesh.

"You're my sister." "I love you," she whispered. "I want to be your wife and share you with Aaliyah.and Christy." "I." He looked into her dark, slanted eyes, into her soul. Her arms hugged him tight, and her thighs wrapped around his waist; his cock pressed against her hymen. All those times he fantasized about fucking her, loving her. He loved Christy. He loved Aaliyah. His heart had room to love his little sister. "Be my wife," he whispered. Her thighs pulled him inside her.

She gasped, winced, her maidenhead giving way before his cock, and he impaled her. Her body shuddered, shrieks escaped her lips, her tight sheath squeezed hard upon him.

She came. "Oh, yes! I love you! I love my big brother! I'm your sister-wife!" He held her, not moving, as she bucked beneath him, savoring the tight feel. Aaliyah stretched out next to them, her lips meeting his, her hands rubbing across his back.

"Make love to her," she whispered. Kyle made love to his sister. Their hips pumped, their lips kissed. They gasped and moaned and writhed in each other's embrace. Pleasure and love filled Kyle. He loved both of these women and pulled Aaliyah to him, and kissed her, too.

In unison, he and his sister slipped a finger into the genie's cunt, and the three made love together. "Cum in me!" moaned Fatima. "I want to feel you inside me. I've dreamed of it for so long!" "Yes, yes!" Aaliyah gasped. "Cum in her! Oh, yes! I'm cumming!" The genie let out a low shriek, her cunt massaging the siblings' fingers. Fatima pulled her finger out, holding it up to her brothers lips.

He sucked Aaliyah's spice as he pumped into his sister. The pressure in his balls grew; his strokes became more powerful. Just a few more pumps in and out of her delectable, tight sheath. He clenched his teeth, his body tensed, and he exploded into her. "Oh, Fatima!" he moaned, collapsing on his sister and kissing her.

"That was fucking awesome!" she panted. "I love you." He swallowed, his lust dying down and he gazed at first Fatima than Aaliyah. Christy's face swam in his mind. "I love you both," he answered. Even you, Christy. "You're both my wives." "Good. Now we just need you to seduce Christy," Fatima smiled.

"You've been dating her five months and I can't believe you haven't popped her cherry yet." "She's not that type of girl," Kyle answered defensively. "Then we need you to make her that type of girl," his sister declared.

"I want her in this bed in a week's time. She's so pretty. Aaliyah and I need to get to know her." Kyle wanted that, too. "I'm pretty sure tomorrow night's the one," he answered.

"She's pretty much said we're going to make love." "Good. Aaliyah can make sure nothing interferes. Right?" The genie nodded. "I absolutely can. But why wait? I can summon her and make her one of Kyle's wives." "No!" He said the word more forcefully than he meant; guilt filled him as Aaliyah flinched. "Sorry. I just want to do it properly. She deserves that." "I guess," Fatima muttered, then a naughty grin split her face. "Are you able to go again? Or should Aaliyah and I put on a lezzie show to get you hard?" "I say lezzie show," Aaliyah chimed in.

"I want to eat your messy pussy clean." He rolled off his sister, his wife, and watched his other wife spread her thighs and start licking his white cream out of her pussy. "We have practice tonight, remember," he told his sister-wife. "Let's skip it!" Fatima moaned.

"Let's fuck instead!" "No." Kyle shook his head. Kendo was about discipline and he didn't feel right shirking it. His dad had been great at Kendo and he wanted his dad to be proud of him up in Heaven. "We can do that afterward." "Fine. Let me just get a quick cum, okay?" Kyle couldn't say no to his sister, not when Aaliyah's seemed to be enjoying the delights between Fatima's thighs.

He glanced at the clock. They had time. His ardor was rising, Aaliyah's dusky ass waved at him. Fatima grinned; her dark eyes fixed on his cock. "What are you waiting for?" she asked.

"Poor Aaliyah needs to cum, too!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Hello, Amber," Ms. Franklin purred. Christy jumped, spinning about to find her coven's leader smiling at her. "Ms. Franklin, what can I do for you?" An amused light glinted in the teacher's green eyes.

"You know what to call me, Amber." "There are.others around," she answered carefully. "Hey, Christy, I.oh, hello, Ms. Franklin," Braiden said, blinking in surprise. Christy's DECA club meeting had just ended and the other members were streaming out of the classroom.

She hated Braiden. The twerp knew she had a boyfriend, but he was always hitting on her. And today, he had rubbed the rumors of Kyle and Chyna's tryst in her face. She wanted to scream her frustration and claw out the eyes of whomever cast that spell. "Run along, Braiden," Ms. Franklin coolly said. "I have to talk to Christy in private." "Oh, sure." He sounded disappointed.

He probably wanted to ask me out again! Pig! "How can I serve you, Celestite?" Christy asked, using the teacher's coven name and being as subservient as possible. "I need help with a spell. Follow me." Ms. Franklin made small talk with Christy as they walked through the halls and down the stairs.

All the science classes were on the first floor, but the DECA club met in one of the English classes on the second floor. "I've heard some disturbing rumors about your boyfriend," Ms. Franklin said, changing the subject as they walked down the stairs.

"Spending some time with another girl during lunch." "It's a lie," Christy spat. "He was with me all lunch." "Of course," Ms. Franklin said, her tone full of false sincerity. Christy screamed inside, her face flushing with anger. I'll throttle whomever cast that spell until their eyes pop!

She glanced at Ms. Franklin, and a tumble of fear went through her. What if she had cast the spell? She prayed it wasn't the teacher, she wasn't strong enough to challenge her coven leader. They finally reached the teacher's biology lab. "What spell are we casting, Celestite?" The teacher turned, handing her a plastic recorder, white, the kind Christy had to play in elementary school music class.

"I need you to be my piper." She's calling familiars, Christy mused, taking up the recorder. Why? Her coven mistress didn't explain, so Christy began playing. The recorder squeaked and trilled as she blew through the mouthpiece. The music didn't have to be good; Christy just had to keep a steady melody.

She played three blind mice—the only song simple enough that she could play, and the only one she could remember—over and over as Ms.

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Franklin prayed to Hecate over the boiling beaker that issued yellow, sweet smoke. "Great Goddess of Magic! Send to me familiars who scurry about the earth. Keen of nose to smell out the Djinn's magic and small of body to squeeze through any crack or crevasse." Christy could feel the magic in the room, swirling about her recorder, and the sound seemed to magnify, reaching out through the classroom to call the familiars to Ms. Franklin. For five minutes, then ten, then twenty, Christy played, her fingers aching and sweat beading down her face from the exertion.

And then first the rat skittered in. Christy's skin crawled as the rats flooded into the classroom. It was a small trickle at first, just ones or twos, and then threes, then it was dozens, and soon then there were hundreds, carpeting the floor in brown fur. Beady, black eyes stared pitilessly at Christy as they gathered around her feet. She squirmed, feeling dirty just being so close to them. When the entire classroom floor was nothing but a living carpet, squirming and squeaking, Ms.

Franklin started a new spell. "By the Goddess Hecate's command, you shall be my eyes, my nose, my ears, my tongue, and my hands. Seek out the powers that dwell and find where the Djinn hides. Go my familiars and do your Mistress's bidding." The rats scurried away and Christy finally stopped playing the recorder, shivering in relief that all the disgusting rats were gone. "Is there anything else you require of me?" she asked. "No dear." Ms. Franklin smiled, pushing back her fiery-red hair.

"I hope things work out between you and Kyle." "We're fine." "If you ever need to talk." Christy nodded her head. "I need to go. I have homework." The teacher caught her in an embrace, and Christy froze as Ms. Franklin passionately kissed her, the teacher's tongue thrusting into her mouth, possessing her. Ms. Franklin smirked when she broke the kiss. "Have a good night, Amber." The kiss just made her feel dirtier.

How am I ever getting out of this mess? She fished out her phone and called Kyle, needing to hear her boyfriend's voice. The phone rang, and rang, and rang.

What's he up to? "Hey, cutie." Kyle's voice was hallow as he used his phone's Bluetooth to connect to his car's stereo. She could hear the car in the background, and a wet noise that sounded almost like sucking.

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Was something wrong with his car? "What's up?" "Nothing," she sighed, already feeling better. "I just wanted to hear your voice." "Cool." He sounded distracted.

He's driving, so of course he's distracted. "Cut that out Fatima," he suddenly said. "What's going on?" "My sister is being her same bratty." his voice trailed off as he gasped and groaned.

"Damn, Fatima! That was." "What did she do?" Christy asked, fascinated. "What did she do?" Kyle muttered. "She.uh.goosed me." "I goosed him good!" Fatima giggled. "So, tomorrow night you're putting out for my brother, right?" Her cheeks blushed, and she answered, "If he plays his cards right." "I want you to knock his socks off!" his sister exclaimed.

"Fatima, this isn't." Kyle tried to say. "Give it to him good!" Fatima was always teasing Christy, and it sometimes seemed like the girl was using humor to mask jealousy; Christy wondered if the girl had a crush on her brother. "He will be more than happy when I'm done." Her cheeks burned as she said those words. "Good." There was a satisfied tone to the girls voice. Did she actually want me to fuck her brother? "We have to go, we're at the dojo." Every Tuesday and Thursday, Kyle and his sister went to their uncle's dojo and practiced their martial arts.

Kyle was pretty good at Kendo. She had watched him compete in a few tournaments; he never won, but he usually ranked pretty high. "Have fun. Love you, Kyle." "I love you, too. Can't wait for tomorrow night." "I can see how hard he is!" Fatima chimed in before Kyle hung up. Christy rubbed her thighs together, the conversation heating her up. She rushed to her car, a cute Toyota Prius. She pushed the ignition and drove quickly home, squirming in the seat the entire time as she gabbed with her BFF Iseul over her Bluetooth.

Once home, she raced upstairs, barely saying hi to her mother. She had to cum so bad. She flopped onto her bed and shoved her hands into her panties, digging her fingers deep into her pussy, and rubbed her clit, pleasure shuddering through her. "Fuck me, Kyle!" she gasped. She switched hands, pinching her clit and sucked her juices clean off her fingers, savoring her tangy flavor. She definitely had a taste for pussy after all those coven meetings, but it was cock that she burned for.

She grabbed her brush off the nightstand, yanked off her panties, and worked the thick handle inside her, spreading wide her tight flesh. Delicious, wonderful passion filled her. "I love you Kyle!" she moaned. "Make me cum!" One hand pumped the brush in and out of her while her other hand squeezed her tit through her shirt and bra.

She writhed, her breath quickening, as her fingers brought her closer and closer to climax. She shuddered. Gasping, she rolled to her side as pleasure radiated through her.

She panted into her pillow, the handle of her hairbrush still buried inside her. She enjoyed its girth inside her as aftershocks of her cum trembled through her. Tomorrow night is going to be amazing! Her hand started pumping the hairbrush in and out, slow, teasing, as the girl was lost to her fantasy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Celestite smiled as she gazed down at Opal. That wasn't the cheerleader's real name, but Celestite hated to think of any of her coven by their birth names.

Opal wore her Rogers Rams cheerleading uniform, blue top and white-and-blue pleated skirt, and lay bound spread-eagle to the teacher's bed. Lust burned in the cheerleader's green eyes as she drank in the sight of Celestite's near-naked body. "Do you like what you see," she purred, running a hand through her fiery-red hair, down to cup her full breast. She wore a black corset that cupped her tits in black lace, leaving her hard nipples exposed. Garters hung from the corset, holding up a pair of fishnet stockings that clad her sleek, pale thighs.

"I love it," Opal moaned, straining at her bounds. "I want to taste you so bad!" Celestite picked up a crystal sphere from her shelf, a sultry roll to her hips as she walked to the bound teenager. Opal's eyes drank in her beauty, fixing her green eyes on the thick, fiery bush between her thighs. Licking her lips, Opal purred, "Let me taste you! Sit on my face and let me worship you!" She straddled the teen's face, holding her pussy above her.

Opal strained at the bounds, her tongue sticking out as she desperately tried to reach her teacher's pussy. Celestite enjoyed the anticipation as she flipped up the girl's skirt.

The cheerleader's pussy was shaved bare, leaking juices, and Celestite set her crystal ball against the girl's cunt. It glowed, drinking in the girls lust. An image formed, Amber writhing on her bed as she masturbated. The ball was reaching into the past, showing Celestite a few hours ago. The coven mistress knew every time the girl masturbated in her bedroom thanks to a spell she had cast on Amber's house and she watched everyone of Amber's performances.

Her beautiful face contorted in pleasure, as she worked her fingers in her panties. Celestite settled her weight on Opal's face, the teen's tongue licking through her pussy. She leaned in, almost pressing her face against the ball, and wished it was Amber beneath her. "Fuck me, Kyle!" Amber moaned. Damn! She had hoped Amber's affection for her boyfriend would have chilled. Amber yanked her panties off and Celestite feasted on the sight of the brown curls adorning her pussy, dripping with her lust as she worked a hairbrush in and out.

The teacher closed her eyes, Opal's tongue digging into her pussy, and pretended that it was her strap-on fucking Amber's pussy. Saturday night, she'll be mine! Opal wiggled her tongue deep inside her. She moaned and ground her hips, rubbing her clit against the cheerleader's chin. She shifted the vision, getting a close up on Amber's young pussy. The hairbrush pumped in and out, pink lips clinging tightly to the intruder.

Opal shifted her lips, sucking her clit into her lips. "Soon, Amber!" she moaned, stroking the ball. "You'll forget all about Kyle and you'll be mine!" She exploded! Her orgasm was strong, insides clenching, and she squirted a flood of juices into Opal's hungry lips. "Amber!" she moaned, kissing the crystal ball, licking the image of the teen between her thighs, wishing she could bury her face into her pussy and drink her passion right now. "Is this how you search for the Djinn," a cold voice demanded.

"Master!" Celestite gasped, fear banishing her lust as ice spread through her veins, and threw herself to the floor to prostrate before the shadowy figure. "I told you to find me the Djinn, not amuse yourself with your whores!" A black, leather boot appeared before her prostrated face. She kissed the leather. "I have familiars searching the community for the Djinn, Master. She will not elude me for long." A hand clad in leather grasped her mouth, forcing her to look up at her Master. She could never see his face beneath the shadowed cowl of his robe.

Some glamour prevented her from ever discovering who he really was. Even after ten years of serving him, she still knew nothing of her Master. His cock loomed before her, hard, thick, and she opened her mouth, accepting the violence of his thrust. He never was gentle, delighting in hurting her. But he had shown her power, and one day she would surpass him, then he would kneel before her, whimpering as she violated his mouth with her strap-on.

Soon her familiars would find the Djinn, and then she'd have the power. Then we'll see how you like to grovel on your knees, Master! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The rats streamed out from Rogers High School, spilling into the surrounding community, diffusing like a drop of blood into a pool of water.

Their noses were keen, able to sniff out even the most minute scent of magic. One rat, fat and brown, caught the scent of dust and desert. It scurried on its little legs, naked tail writhing like an earthworm behind it as the vermin crawled through brush and grass, growing closer and closer to its quarry. At the Unmei house, the rat exulted. Here is what its Mistress wanted. The familiar turned to scurry back to its Mistress when the small figures made of dust fell upon it, stabbing it over and over with blades fashioned from their dusty fists.

As the rat bled to death, it saw through its beady, watery eyes a woman dressed in yellow silks watching from the porch. A second rat, black and thin, slithered through the gap between two fence boards. It caught a different scent—saffron. It moved cautiously through the backyard, creeping to the house.

Somehow, the rat's keen senses missed the creature that had stalked behind it, grabbing it by its naked, pink tail. "What have we here," mused the girl, peering at the rat through thick glasses as it struggled in her grip. She sniffed. "Hmm, Hecate's foul touch." A grin, feral like a cat, split her lips, then she opened wide.

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The rat struggled to avoid its fate as she swallowed it whole. A third rat, sleek and brown, traveled the entire night, searching for any trace of magic. He had traveled for miles and miles when he caught the scent of ash and smoke. Excited, he scurried through the underbrush, climbing a squat hill.

Fire blossomed around him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zaritha the Ifrit watched the rat burn, delighting in the smell of its burning flesh. "So, I'm not the only one looking for the little waif," she purred to the fire. "Show me where you came from." The greasy smoke twitched, curled, then started drifting down the hill, following the rat's trail. The Ifrit smiled; it wouldn't be long before she found Aaliyah and snuffed out the little Jann's life.

Her own life depended on it—Sultan Rashid bin Al-Marid did not suffer failure lightly. To be continued.