Lazy couple having fun like real amateurs

Lazy couple having fun like real amateurs
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Saturday after the game Saturday morning came way to soon. As I awoke I realized that Jason and I had slept in that morning which wasn't anything new.

He only has a twin bed so needless to say we were quite close. Then I realized that neither of us had put on any clothes after our swim. I was awake but hadn't opened my eyes yet and kind of snuck a peek to see if Jason was up yet. Nope not yet. He still seemed to be snoozing right along. Then he starts to flop around and I was sure he was still asleep. When he finished his flopping he came to rest with him snuggled up behind me. Me still thinking he was still sleeping till I felt his boner poking me in the ass.

I though huh what a coincidence. Wrong again, he slowly slid forward till he had reached the entrance to my love hole.

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Ever so slowly he started to push forward trying to get inside me but there was absolutely no lubricant so we were going nowhere fast.

I thought for a second while Jason kept trying to enter me. Quickly I got up slid on some shorts and made my way to the bathroom. I quickly relieved myself which is hard to do when your member is standing at attention. As I finished I found what I was looking for.

Right above the toilet on a shelf was a tube of lube. I grabbed a glob and sort of rubbed it in so it wouldn't stick to the shorts but would stay till I could get back to him. I walked into the room and he quickly threw the sheet back and patted the bed beside him.

I almost broke my neck trying to get back into the bed. As I did he placed his hand on the top of my head and started to push me down under the sheet. I played the resistance game but It lasted all of about 3 seconds. I couldn't wait to get face to face with his fabulous cock. Arriving at my destination I began to lick slowly from the bottom to the head of his 5 inch cock.


As I did this several times I thought to myself what a tease you have become all the sudden. When I finally wrapped my lips around the head he immediately began to thrust with reckless abandon. Surprisingly I guess because of the position we were in I found myself gagging on his cock.

When he should hear me gag he would back out a little to let me regain myself then burry it again causing me to gag again. Finally I managed to get to where he couldn't gag me and he quickly settled into a fast rhythm. It didn't take but a minute when he exploded in my mouth. I was in heaven but a little upset as his member began to go limp on me. I was thinking to myself, (oh hell no I aint done with that thing yet.) Well apparently I wasn't just thinking it because he quickly whispered "well get it back up again and we will go for round 2.

That was all it took for me to attack his cock like a beaver on an oak tree. It took me a while but Ioved all 15 minutes of it. Once I had his cock at attention again I stayed under the covers and made my way up his body until I could mount him. By then I had precum leaking out of me like a fountain.

As I laid my mail snail track up his abs I felt his cock slide between my cheeks. I reached down to help him aim.

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I rubbed my whole a couple times and started to slowly sit on his cock but he was having none of that. He trust up violently burring his cock to the hilt in my ass. Pain like I had never felt shot through my ass and I clinched down on him with everything I had.

He asked with a sheepish grin did it hurt. After I caught my breath I explained to him that when we start he needs to be a little more gentle cause that shit hurt.

As I sat there with him buried in me I began to relax. I slowly started to bounce ever so slightly until I felt the pain turn to pleasure. He asked if it was ok to speed up yet and I said no. not because it hurt now but because I wanted it to last longer than 30 seconds.


We carried on like that for a few minutes and he said ok its time for me to take over. Lay on your back and hand me your ankles. I done as he asked and he assumed this position between my legs. He found his mark and slowly entered me. He wasn't brutal this time but he did burry himself all the way in. he stay there only a second before pulling all the way out.

He repeated this for several minutes and then asked how does that feel. I was almost speechless. The sensations, the feeling, the exotic nature of what was going on. Lost in the moment he buried himself all the way and leaned forward with the bend of my legs over his shoulders and began to fuck me slow and deep as he looked me in the eyes.

He laced his arms under mine and grabbed the back of my shoulders and started to speed up. As his pace quickened d I could tell he was about to blow.

As he began to convulse on top of me I reached back and grabbed him holding him deep inside me.


I began to squeeze and release his cock with my asshole. This must have sent him into sensory overload because he almost passed out on top of me. As he began to relax and move off of me I held tight. I didn't want him to move. That was until he spoke. He said ok now its my turn. I released him and my legs fell off his shoulders to the bed. It took all of about 2 seconds for him to mount me. I had been with a few girls by now but I had never felt or experience what I was about to. He reached back and aided with my aim as I found my mark.

Precum now flowing again like never before there was no need to use any addition lube. He slowly began to slide down and I felt the head pop into his ass.

He grimiest with pain and stopped.

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I thought haha this is my chance. I grabbed his hips and lunged into him burring my 6 inches to the hilt. He screamed out loud with pain.


Boy I was not ready for that. Quickly he dismounted and we shuffled to get dressed. We just knew there would be a knock on the door any second.

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Sure enough knock knock everything ok in there came a voice from the other side of the door. Yes maam I answered as Jason was still clinching his rear in pain. What happened she asked? Jason hit his toe on the edge of the bed he is ok though.

Boy was that close. Well now that everyone was up through the rest of the house I excused myself to the bathroom to finish off what we had started that morning I surely didn't want that pain later on so off I went to finish up. When I returned to the room Jason had made the bed and gotten dressed. I asked if he was ok and he said hey why don't we see if we can camp out tonight in the woods close to the house.

I thought oh hell yeah so off I ran to the house to get permission for the camping trip from the parents. More to cum so stay tuned to mine and Jason's camping trip in a few days.