Gros cul en levrette amateur

Gros cul en levrette amateur
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I was 13 years old. My parents had put me in a boarding school in Scotland and had set up home in the south of England.

The result of this arrangement was that I travelled from the school at the end of every term to my home by the night train. This time the train was crowded and the conductor asked if I would mind sharing the sleeper. Bear in mind this was 1953.

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I agreed and a young guy, about 22, came in. He looked me up and down and as the train got moving he settled down and he said "Are you going to get ready for bed?" I nodded and I started to get undressed. He watched me and as I got down to my underwear he suddenly said "How big is your cock?" I was startled and said "I suppose its normal".

"Let me have a look" he said and being a fairly normal boy I dropped my underpants and stood there showing my uncut cock which, to be honest, was starting to get hard. He smiled and said "Can I touch it?" I nodded and he reached out and started to fondle my cock which rapidly got stiff as a board. I wasn't embarrased as I had realised what was happening. I noticed his cock was stiff and I asked if I could touch his.

He grinned and nodded.

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I undid his trousers and pulled out his cock. He was hard and was uncut like me. I slowly pulled back the skin from his cock and the end stood out red and shiny.

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He had done the same to me. I was obviously a lot smaller than him but he slowly wanked me while I did the same to him.

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He sat me on the bottom bunk and stood up which resulted in his cock being at the same level as my face. He said "Put the end of my cock in your mouth." This was new to me and I just stared at his cock. He gently pushed his cock to my mouth and said "Open up". I did and he put the head in my mouth. He said "Thats it. Now just gently suck the end. Don't use your teeth.

Use your tongue and lips and let the cock go in and out of your mouth.Keep the skin pulled back. Oh God! That's just great. Keep going. Don't worry I'm not going to come in your mouth - this time." He'd answered my main worry because the actual act of sucking his cock wasn't bad at all.

After five minutes or so he pulled out of my mouth and he reversed positions with his mouth at my cock.

Before he started he said "Try not to come. Just enjoy it." I nodded and he started to suck and mouth my cock.


It felt fantastic. As he continued he started to feel my bum. This continued for a while then he stopped and said "Come and lie across my knees. I want to feel your bum." I laid on his knees and he parted my bum cheeks and put a finger at my bum hole. He started to move around the hole occassionly licking his finger and making it slippery. He slowly pushed the finger into my arse. I didn't mind this and there was no pain at all this point.

It started to feel really nice as his finger went in deep and I started to shake.

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He took out his finger and tried to push two in. It was a bit painful but not that bad and he was pushing the two fingers in and out.


I was, once again, enjoying it. He said "Are you ok? I'm not hurting too much?" I shook my head and "It's quite nice." He said "I'm really turned on by young boys cocks and bums. Are you enjoying it?" I said I was. "Good. Let's suck some more.

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OK?" I nodded and he laid me back on the bunk and positioned me over him so he could suck my cock and I could suck his. ( I later this was called the 69 position). As we sucked he again pushed two fingers in and out of mybum and I got more and more excited. He took his mouth from my cock and said "I am going to come so you come in my mouth" The feeling in my cock and arse built up and up and as I felt his cock pulsing in my mouth and I came in his mouth.

We slowly stopped moving and although our cocks came out of our mouths he continued to play with my bum. He finally stopped but by this time my cock was beginning to get hard again. He put my hand on his cock and I started to slowly wank him. He soon got hard again. Once again he put me over his knee and started to feel my bum, firstly with one finger going in and out and then with two fingers.

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I was thoroughly enjoying it. Then he laid me on the bunk ank I knew he was going to push his cock up my bum. I wasn't too concerned as, although his cock was quite large, it was relatively thin.

I felt the end of his cock against my arse and he said "Push back as if you were going to the toilet and relax." I nodded and he pushed the end of his cock in. It was a bit sore but as more and more went in the more exciting feelings were coming to me. He started to move in and out and I was feeling great except for the fact that my cock was rubbing against the blankets and was getting a bit sore. I said "Is there another way we can do this? My cock is sore and it needs wanking." He got off and knelt on the bed and pulled me towards him so i was facing him and he lifted my legs and pushed his cock back into me.

He then started to wank me and fondle me while his cock went in and out of my arse.


Ten minutes went by and I was on the point of coming again and he said "Lets go" and he shook and I came all over my stomach while he came in my arse. It was fantastic. We cleaned up and went to bed.