White playgirl amp dark stud interracial and hardcore

White playgirl amp dark stud interracial and hardcore
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Title: The Boss' Daughter Author: Nick Schwartz Keywords: MF, sex, secret, affair, hotel, party, Christmas, shower, office Summary: A salesman gets more acquainted with the boss' daughter at the company Christmas party. I had worked for Demasi appliances as a salesman for half a decade. It was a good job, good benefits, though the boss, Mr.

Demasi was a bit of a dick. He ran the place and made sure everyone knew he was in charge. As long as you bowed your head to him at the right time you had little to worry about. Every year at Christmas time the boss had one big request. He would throw a huge party at a hotel and expected every member of the staff to be there. In fact, those who missed it were often let go before long.

Still it was a minor inconvenience, and he threw a wild shindig, along with an open bar. After the first year I went to the party, I rented a room at the hotel. A few times I went early, said hello to everyone and then hung out in the room with friends. The room provided me with another benefit, I could come down at the end of the party, and act like I had been there the whole time. The boss always appreciated the people who were there later in the evening, thinking they weren't just making an appearance, little did he know.

Mr. Demasi was a widower whose wife died a few years earlier, and he did not publicly dated. However, his pride and joy was his daughter, Audrey had gone to college and got an expensive liberal arts degree in writing.

Each year she appeared to have one new passion or another. The party kicked off with a cocktail hour in the entryway of the hotel, during which the boss would walk around the party, and introduce his employees to his daughter showing her off.

Each year I felt it was a shame that his daughter was treated like a trophy. She was a beautiful and lovely lady, but I felt any man who made a pass at her would have a short time at the company once her dad found out.

I had heard about two incidents that made it clear. While joking around on a break one day, someone claimed to have slept with Audrey. By Friday, he was no longer with the company and someone was hired to replace him. Another guy made a joke about Audrey, and just as quickly, we had a new co-worker.

Not that either guy was exactly a stand out employee worker, but both left with in hours of making a comment about the boss' daughter. The doors to the entryway opened as I reminisced about those sudden departures, and I turned. In walked Mr. Demasi, and with him was his daughter. Mr. Demasi wore his normal suit, but his daughter was dressed in a very elegant dress that captured my eye.

It was red and hugged her curves with a low cut that showed off her cleavage. This was something new, rather than being the daughter of the boss, it looked like daddy's little girl was putting herself on the market. Still with her father by her side, I figured she would be more than safe enough in this room.

As father and daughter made the rounds of the party, I talked with a few friends, a couple of which was looking forward to a greet and run. I fingered a pair of key cards in my pocket, thinking of who if anyone I would invite up to my room. While there was a couple women at the company who would join me, it's always an awkward situation to hook up at the company party. I found that out when I wound up sleeping with a secretary a couple years before.

I was considering what I wanted to do when Mr. Demasi reached me I turned to greet him and his daughter. "Hello Mr. Demasi and thank you for inviting me once again to your party." "You're welcome, Nick have you met my daughter, Audrey." I turned to greet the vision of loveliness I had seen enter with her father. "Ms. Demasi, it's lovely to see you again." "Mr. Schwartz, please call me Audrey. It is a pleasure to see you again as well." Audrey offered me a hand.

"In that case Audrey, call me Nick." I took Audrey hand and gave her a polite handshake in front of her father.


Before the Demasis moved on, Mr. Demasi's assistant Jeremy walked up and whispered something in his ear. Audrey and I looked at each other.

I raised an eyebrow in an unspoken question, and she gave me a silent shrug in response. Once Jeremy finished, Mr. Demasi turned to his daughter and said. "I'm sorry dear, I need to take a call. Nick would you mind entertaining my daughter until I returned." With a nod, he followed Jeremy out of the entryway. I turned and gave Audrey a pleasant smile and she returned it.

"So you're the Nick my father keeps talking about. The hotshot salesman?" She smirked at me in a way that dared me to brag. "I have made a fantastic sale or two." I was a superb salesman, but I was surprised her father would say I was one of the best. Though I still looked at Audrey, I knew I had to be careful, any minute her father would return and I might not get another chance to talk to her that night.

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"In that case, hotshot, sell me on something? How about that wine glass over there?" She motioned to a tray of drinks that a waiter was carrying around. "That's too easy, Ms. Demasi." I grabbed the glass off the tray and offered it to her. "You see, you already want this, you only need a reason to have a drink. Would you like a drink?" I toyed with the idea of testing my luck. Hitting on Audrey might get me fired, but that dress would live forever in my dreams, or at least until I found another woman to fall for.

Weighing my options, I knew I shouldn't, but something about the way she looked at me made me want to kiss her. I knew I couldn't do it down here in front of everyone but she might give me a chance if I offered her a different venue.

The first step was to get her off balanced. I looked around the room to see if anyone was listening to us talking. Luckily most employees were a little worried by the daughter of the boss, or rather the wrath of the boss. "Ms. Demasi? I thought we were on a first name basis?" Audrey looked a little confused, but took the glass of alcohol and took a drink from it. Most women looked even classy with a wine glass, but Audrey looked natural with it.

The way she held it made it look like it was just an accessory to her outfit. "It's better to be professional in a sale, Ms. Demasi. However let me mention a few things I've observed about you. You see, I'm a keen observer of the human condition, it's necessary in my field. Now first, this is not your first choice for an evening out. While you love your father, being trotted around as if some trophy, isn't your style.

You are a little more of a wild child, you enjoy a younger crowd, and are a fan of more relaxed circumstances." I smiled at the end. "I like to support my father, Mr. Schwartz. But it is true, the crowd here is a little older than I am used to." Audrey looked around as she took a second sip and then looked at me and smiled. "At least for the most part." I didn't react to the obvious come on though I recognized my sales style was working on her.

I continued.

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"Exactly Ms. Demasi, you see you're accustomed to a different type of party, but your father requires you to come to this party to be shown off. I'm sure after you get escorted around, you don't know what to do with yourself after dinner or until your father ends the festivities at the end of the night. I'm also willing to bet most attendees don't say more than hello to you." "Fair enough, you seem to have pegged my life, Mr. Schwartz. What else have you noticed?" Audrey smiled warmly, hopefully enjoying my observations.

"You suggested me selling you on the wine because while you're here, you're expected to be daddy's little girl. Dainty, proper, and sophisticated, which means you don't get to enjoy much of the good time the rest of us do." I let her hang, I was ready to reel in my catch but I wanted to make sure she was interested in what I would offer her.

"So you clearly understand my problem. I believe you have an idea how to enliven my night, what are you proposing?" Toying with her wine glass, Audrey gave me another smile as she brushed her hair behind her ear. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mr. Demasi returning and knew my time was up, I had to make my move, but then I realized I didn't have to say anything more. I casually reached a hand into my side pocket, palming the card key that had the post it note on it with the room number.

I offered my hand to the young lady again. "It was a pleasure talking with you Audrey." Audrey took my hand and as she covered my hand and felt the card in my hand, I thought I noticed a different smile on her face. "It was my pleasure, Nick. I'll think about what you said." As she took her hand away from my hand, I felt her cup the card. She turned to greet her father saying "Hi daddy." She handed a waiter the emptied glass of wine, and opened her purse, slipping the card into her purse, while pretending to take out lip gloss.

I watched a child who had become a master in hiding from her father exhibiting her art. I walked off to say hi to continue a conversation with my coworkers, as Mr. Demasi and his daughter continued to circle around the party showing off his daughter, neither paying me any more attention. ******************************************** The company party had a flow.

After an hour of drinking cocktails and mingling, the ballroom opened to a buffet, and a full open bar. Though it might sound like heaven, drinking in front of all your managers and bosses, would make anyone self conscious.

A few people got silly, but no one wanted to make a big scene. I grabbed a plate full of food and sat at a table of friends. I chose a seat that gave me a view of the main table where the boss, and his daughter were eating. Most people were eating and discussing the food, so no one noticed that I spent more time staring than eating my food. I thought I noticed that Audrey looked at me once or twice, but nothing more than a casual glance around the room. I wondered if I overplayed my hand or if she was hiding hers.

The table I was sitting at was lively, and everyone was discussing different things happening at work. I joined in and heard all the office gossip I could.


I also got the opportunity to get to know a few of the wives of co-workers a little better. It was a little boring, but I knew I'd have a chance to at least leave the snorefest for a while and go chill out in a room, maybe raid the mini bar for a better time. After dinner there was time for everyone to mingle.

There was a casino that a manager ran each year, due to his hopeless gambling addiction that most of the officer workers seemed to ignore. There was a photo booth with a silly theme, and a few other stations were set up for weak "party themes". I was thinking how best to make a stealthy exit as I noticed Mr.

Demasi walking around with a few of the upper managers and having a loud discussion. The time to sneak out was now. I started for the door but noticed Audrey walking towards the same door.

To avoid any suspicion I stopped and watched her. As she walked she reached into her purse and took out my keycard. She didn't look around and walked straight out of the ballroom as if it was completely natural. I figured I'd give her a few minutes headstart before I followed. After waiting a few minutes I left the ballroom, realizing I must be tracing her exact steps. The elevator was vacant when it opened for me and I rode up alone.

As I got to the floor, I didn't see anyone in the hallways, and breathed a sigh of relief. I was hoping not to leave any trail of Audrey and me no matter what happened. Having someone be able to hold whatever this was, could be a problem. My keycard slipped into the slot and the door of my mini suite opened.

I ducked inside noticing the lights were on but I saw no one in the room right away. As the door closed I saw someone over by the minibar. Audrey stood up and turned to face me holding a bottle of wine. "I was thinking a bottle of wine would be nice, what do you think?" She had removed her heels, and my shoes joined hers soon after. I walked towards her and thought about the cost of the wine, but then I took a single look at Audrey, her lovely smile, and sexy dress.

I threw the whole thought process out of mind. She was worth any price. "I would be glad to share a bottle with you. I am taking you away from an open bar, I should make amends." Audrey stepped closer and smiled.

"Yes but I think you'll be more entertaining than hiding my drinking from my father." Audrey leaned in and gently kissed me on the lips.

"Are you a wine aficionado?" "I barely know the difference between red and white, but I'll be glad to try some. Feel free to grab the corkscrew." I leaned on a table and watch her move. There was a grace with her movement, but I felt everything she did was deliberate. "I believe the difference has something to do with their coloration. The reds are a touch darker than the whites." She gave me a sultry smile as she turned and grabbed the wine bottle.

"You're already teaching me something new." I reached up into a cabinet and pulled out two wine glasses, placing them on the counter next to her.

"I appreciate a man who allows a woman to take charge." Audrey worked the corkscrew into the bottle like a pro and after finishing, she looked up. "Ready?" "I hope you'll let me lead sometimes. Go for it Audrey." I stepped back just in case anything happened with the cork screw, having seen one too many sitcoms.

Audrey smirked at my nervousness, and popped the cork. There was a loud noise and the cork was off. She removed the cork screw and offered the cork to me to smell. As I took a whiff not knowing what to make of it, Audrey poured two glasses. The two of us clinked our glasses in a silent toast and took a sip.

Having rarely tasted wine, and even less often enjoyed it, it didn't come as a surprise I wasn't a fan of it. From her face, I could guess Audrey wasn't overly fond of it either but she regained her smile anyways.

"That's… something." I tried to make the best of it, but couldn't lie. "This isn't so bad but I think it needs a little improvement." Audrey took a second sip and set her glass down.

I was confused, but Audrey smiled at me and looked in the wine bottle. She slowly tilted the bottle as she looked into it until a few drops from it landed on her breasts. "Oops, would you care to try a taste of the newer vintage?" Her offer surprised me but she moved her body towards me. That look on her face that had made me invite her to the room downstairs appeared again. I noticed the wine made its way down to her dress, so I had to act fast. I bent down and ran my tongue over the drops of wine and then back again.

The wine was delicious, but I replaced my tongue with my lips kissing her cleavage. "Alright, tiger, give me a second here to be presentable, I don't want to ruin my dress." Stepping back I wondered what she would do. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and mumbled something about the taste before walking off.

She sashayed to the bathroom, I noticed that she had a way to walk that drew my eye to her ass. It was a way she wasn't walking downstairs or any of the previous times I saw her before. I took another sip of my wine sans breast and found it to taste a little better. I realized that we had a limited amount of time in the room, at least we did if we planned to be back at the end of the evening.

There was a nightstand in the corner, and I took my phone out, and placed it on the bedstand.

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As I stood there I heard the door to the bathroom open and I turned around. In the doorway was a vision of loveliness. Audrey had changed out of her dress and changed into a robe. She stepped back into the room looking at me. "Bored with me already? You are already playing with your phone?" "I'm setting an alarm.

We have a about ninety minutes before the end of the evening, and I figured you'd want to get down there before you're missed." "I've left these parties before without a complaint from my father, but that's a clever plan.

I can see why you're the hotshot. Thought could we have an extra 20 minutes for a shower, so my father won't guess what we're about to do?" I laughed but changed the alarm, and gave her a nod. She regained her wine glass and leaned on the minibar looking at me as she sipped. I was about to rejoin her when she stepped forward grabbing the wine bottle and walked towards the bed.

"So I was wondering what you thought about my outfit. I didn't want to get any wine on my dress but I think the robes here leave little to the imagination." Audrey twirled around showing me.

The robe was short, but I wondered how much was that due to the robe and how much it was due to her curves. Then again, the robe was tied tightly, and it hid her cleavage. "That robe is very… lovely, but I think your dress better represented your body." Audrey laughed at that and played with the belt on her robe. As her hands moved, I noticed her untying it as she played. She opened the robe and left it hanging. "I could change back, but I think you would prefer me to wear the robe if I wear it this way?" She winked at me and smiled, in a way that made it clear she had the power.

As I looked over her body I knew she did. Both of her breasts appeared perky and beautiful, they were both large, but not overly so. However she definitely had the cleavage to back up the outfits she wore. She had on a low cut bra that would be about the only bra that would work with the dress she wore.

My eyes traveled down her curves. The way the white robe framed her body almost made her look angelic, but her red underwear told a different story. And if there was any doubt the thong she had on told me that this was a woman who didn't mind if a man was looking at her like I was at that moment as long as it was the right man.

"I can see from the drool I'm right, though. I figured you invited me up here for a good time, you look like you came to a business meeting." The comment confused me until I realized I was still dressed in my dress shirt and slacks. I unbuttoned my shirt shaking my head and tossing it aside, showing off my upper body. I ran three times a week to keep in shape, so I could be assured I was at least reasonably in shape.

The murmur of approval from Audrey seemed to imply she noticed that my effort had paid off.

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"Very nice, Nick. Can I see more?" Audrey sat down on the bed, continuing to enjoy the wine as I worked my pants off. One of her hands idly rubbed along her body, touching her curves. "Should I join you in robed bliss?" I asked as my pants fell to the floor and I stepped out of them, standing in just my boxers.

"I don't think that's needed, I doubt I'll be wearing my robe for long. Want another drink?" I laughed and walked over to the bed sitting next to her.

We kissed passionately as my arm went around her back. She grabbed the bottle of wine and held it over her breasts. "Pour me a drink, Audrey, I think I'm coming around to the wine." Audrey laughed at that and laid back on the bed wearing just her bra and panties with the robe splayed open.

The way she laid made her look like a Victoria's Secret model. She poured a little wine on her cleavage and let it run down her breast and pooled in her belly button. I bent over her body, kissing her breasts again, slurping the wine off her body, which caused her to giggle again. Once again the wine tasted far better off her lovely body. I kissed my way down her body and then dipped my tongue into her belly button which must have tickled her as she laughed.

Audrey poured a little more wine and made me catch it in my tongue. "You're not taking off your underwear? Aren't you afraid of getting wine on them?" I asked between kisses on her almost perfect belly button. "You're the only one who will get this close, though if you would prefer?" Audrey placed the bottle of wine aside and smiled at me as she reached behind, unhooking her bra and allowing the bra to fall aside. I stared as her large breasts fell only an inch, still perky and youthful.

I must have been staring, understandably, but Audrey reached a finger out to touch my jaw. Her finger pressed upwards closing my mouth for me. I moved my gaze but her breasts were a sight to behold. "Could I get a little help with my panties?" Audrey asked as she raised her legs and playfully kicked.

I reached for her thighs and slipped her thong down her legs and off her body, exposing a tightly trimmed patch of hair on her pussy. It looked like it would be hard to cut her hair that way, I wondered who she got to help her. Ignoring that question, I pressed her back down kissing her belly button again, making sure I had gotten the last of the wine out. After her body was clean I knew one more place my tongue belonged. The intersection of her legs held a tasty dessert that wasn't on the menu downstairs.

As I moved down Audrey reached for the wine, but I stopped her. "Take a drink of wine yourself, I want to enjoy your taste." I bent down to kiss her pussy pressing my lips to it. "Enjoy your dessert, hunk." Audrey giggled as she took a drink from the bottle and placed it back as she moaned out enjoying my work. My tongue flicked over the curves of her body as one of my first girlfriends trained me. I knew a couple tricks, they didn't work on every girl, but Audrey enjoyed them as much as anyone could.

After a few minutes, her head was rolling back and forth. I traced the alphabet on her clit, I rubbed her G-spot as I licked. Each thing I tried, all I heard was more moans from the woman laying in the bed. As I played I noticed that Audrey still had the robe under her, and there was a wetness showing on it.

"Enough, Nick. I'm ready. I'm really ready. You've earned your prize." I sat up and took the bottle of wine and took a quick drink from it directly. Before I could swallow, Audrey pulled the wine bottle away from me and kissed me passionate. Her lips opened and I could feel her tongue tickling my lips, asking for permission to enter. I opened my lips and Audrey's tongue darted in and tasted the cocktail of the wine and herself.

After she released me I took a breath and looked up. "Damn Audrey. You're wild." Audrey just grinned at me and removed her robe and tossed it aside, crooking a finger at me to call me towards her. "I think you earned a chance to lead.

Show me what you can do, stud." Something about the way she talked drove me crazy. She had a way of letting me know I'm allowed to fuck her, even as she acted like I was in charge. "Here I come." I climbed on the bed again and chased her as she slid her body across the sheets to get comfortable as she motioned me on. I caught her as her head rested on the pillows and I kissed her lips again as my hands gripped her body.

My body entwined with hers, her legs wrapping around my body. My cock searched for her pussy. I accidently missed though and found another entrance. "Whoa, maybe another day. I've been drinking, but that's not happening on a first date." Audrey brought a hand down to hold my cock and guided it to her pussy.

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"So that's what this is? A date?" I laughed, more from the wine than the joke, but I found myself relaxing with Audrey. "Though I am enjoying your company, we'll see about more than that." Audrey smirked, I could see the wine was affecting her as well, though maybe it was my company. "In that case I'll have to give you my best service." I worked my cock into her body, careful not to push too hard too fast.

"Please, Nick. if I wanted to have sex like that, I'd date a boy my father set me up with. Come on Nick, I want you to claim me." Audrey winked at me and grabbed the headboards arching her back to offer her body. "Your wish is my command, Audrey." I laughed and grabbed her body harder. Without another word, I drove my cock into her as far as it would go. I found no resistance, though I should have guessed it from how wet her pussy was when my tongue was working on her.

I felt her legs pulling me towards her in time with my thrusts. She relaxed her back, but I grabbed her and forced her to continue to presenting her breasts. I brought my lips down to them kissing each of her breasts once as I listened to her moans and attempts to ask for something.

Each time she tried to talk I'd suck on her nipple and her moan would overtake her My cock continued to slide into her body with almost no resistance In fact her long legs pulled me into her so the only effort I undertook was to pull back. Her body and desire made her pull me into her. Audrey reached down and grabbed my head and pulled me to her lips. She passionately kissed me, and as I returned the kiss, I felt her body against mine.

There's a special feeling when a woman comes. Sometimes you need to find out what a woman feels like when she comes, sometimes it's obvious. Audrey though had a reaction that was enjoyable.

When she came her body clamped down, but shivered. The effect of her orgasm was a vibration right on my cock, and it hit the right spot for me, I found that the way her body orgasmed made it simple for me to cum. In fact, I was already releasing my own fluids before she had relaxed from her orgasm.

My body became heavy from my post orgasm bliss, and rather than making me roll off, she relaxed her legs and laid back, leaving my cock still in her as she stroked my neck. I wrapped my arms around her as I came down from the high. With my lips next to Audrey's I knew what I wanted to do, and kissed her again, this time I was the more aggressive of the two of us, but Audrey responded once she realized I wanted more than a peck on the cheek.

"Thank you, Nick.


That's exactly what I needed." Audrey sighed after I stopped kissing her. "Thank you, Audrey. You're a wonderful lady." I sighed, still staying on top of her. After relaxing I knew what would work better, and gripped her slightly, as I rolled over, moving so she would be laying on top of me. Most guys would try to get away from such a dangerous hookup but for me sex felt better when I held the woman I made love to for a while.

Then again I don't just fuck anyone, and Audrey was someone I wouldn't mind hanging on to for more than a few moments. I was proud that I slept with her, the only downside would be I could tell no one about it. Audrey lifted herself off of me and looked around, seeing that everything was fine with our new position she laid back down kissing my cheek.

"This might be the best company party I have been to Nick." Audrey giggled while looking at me. "Wasn't this a better deal than just a glass of wine? I got you a full bottle." I smirked and grabbed the bottle of wine offering it to her.

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"I shouldn't get too drunk, my dad is expecting me to be a proper lady." Her sigh told me she was tired of being daddy's little girl. I poured myself a glass of wine in Audrey's used glass and took a sip. After a few seconds Audrey took a little sip herself and laid back down.

She sighed and gently rubbed my cock as if she was thinking about something. "I might not have time to get up again before we have to get ready to go down." "Even if I let you lick wine off my body a second time?" "Even then… but you are a very tasty dish, Audrey." Audrey giggled and pinned me.

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The two of us rolled around on the bed for a little while as I got to know her. She admitted that she pretended to be a proper lady at home, but she was a wild child away from her dad. I listened and teased her body as she talked. I find that people feel the need to bare their souls to someone and after what we did I could listen to her life story in exchange.

She then told me that her dad would never accept her dating someone at the office, and I knew what it meant without her saying anything. This would be a night to remember, but not something new.

I hid my disappointment while letting her talk. As I thought about having to give her up my alarm rang. It was shower time and both of us got up and started for the shower, she got in and tested the water, splashing me, and I grabbed her and played with her body while we laughed, our bodies mingling.

Audrey soaped her body, with a little help from me, and a lot of fooling around. I leaned in to kiss her neck as she washed and I felt that my cock had regained its vigor. Audrey must have felt it press against her too as she reached back and stroked it. "Oh? Someone wants one for the road?" "Do you think we have time?" I played with her breast pretending to clean it again.

"Why do you think I wanted 20 minutes? If you're fast, we'll be ok. Do you think you can give me a hard fast fuck?" Instead of answering her I grabbed her body and faced her towards the wall, giving her a gently push. She knew what I wanted and bent at the waist grabbing the wall, and a bar to steady herself. She gave me a perfect view of her curved ass and her pussy. My hands grabbed her as I decided where to place my cock.

I could fuck her pussy again, but her ass was tempting me. I decided rather than cause a problem between us, I would take the safe path. A shame but part of me realized she could have me fired with a single sentence to her father for what we did in the hotel room. My cock slipped in her pussy with almost no effort. The shower made it easier.

I had to be careful but the showers in the hotel were big enough and I leaned over her body as I drove my cock in and out of her pussy. She moaned out. The heat from our bodies seemed to overpower the hot shower. As I thrusted into her, I joined her in making grunts of passion. I wish I could tell you we enjoyed ourselves, and we did, but the fact is we had to rush, so it was more about getting myself off.

From the feeling of her body I think Audrey came but I'm not sure. She appeared to be happy to just give me another orgasm. Audrey and me finished showering, getting the smell of sex off of us. We step out to the bathroom and cleaned our bodies off by ourselves.

I noticed Audrey had avoided getting her hair wet. I was impressed at her skill at it, and she looked as lovely as she was before. We both dressed, I helped her to put her dress on and as she looked into the mirror, I realized she looked like she hadn't even removed her clothes. She was the same as the girl I met downstairs. I walked Audrey to the elevator, and we decided to ride down in separate cars. Before the elevator came though, she leaned over and kissed my lips passionately though stopping before we could get carried away.

"Thanks I had a lovely time, stud." Before I could respond, the elevator arrived, and she stepped on, riding it down with a group of people. The next elevator arrived, and I rode down. I was correct on our timing, I reached the reception room with five minutes before the end of the party. A few of my closer friends quizzed me about where I had been or more specifically which co-worker shared the room. They figured I hooked up with someone because I didn't invite them up to play poker.

I smiled and told them it was someone in the administration pool, of which there were at least 20 women so no one would be the wiser. The party wound down, and I likely paid the most attention during the speech, but while everyone was focused on Mr. Demasi, I was watching Audrey and noticed that she had a warm smile on her face. I wish I could take credit for it publicly, but in my mind I knew I gave Audrey that sunny disposition.

At the end of the night, the party ended and I saw Audrey leave with her father. I knew they arrived together, and I doubted she could stay without raising the wrong questions. So I retired to my hotel room and finished the bottle of wine.

Remembering how the wine tasted off her body made the last couple glasses taste significantly better. ******************************************** The next week was dull. I knew I couldn't call up Audrey out of the blue. She didn't give me her number and asking her father for her contact information would be dangerous.

I didn't want to seem like a stalker on Facebook or something else, so I gave it a little time. One day a couple weeks after the party. I was about to go on a lunch break, and as I went to clock out, who did I see? Audrey wearing a business blouse and skirt. She walked out of her father's and past me. She stopped when she saw me and seemed to think abougt something. "Excuse me, Nick was it? Can I ask where is the privacy room? I have to make a call." "It's down the hall, and marked.

It's the third door on the right." "Thank you. I hope the door locks worked correctly." I finished clocking out, and walked down the hall, I didn't know for sure but I had to try. As I got to the door I held my breath and tried the knob, the door opened and there was Audrey on the cellphone, she turned and motioned for me to enter the room.

The minute we were both in the room, she locked the door, tossing the phone aside and was over me. I kissed back, surprised that here she was. Her lips and mine met and battled for a few minutes.

She finally came up for air. "I got a little tired waiting for you to make the next move. I wasn't sure if you had a good time." Audrey stated, as she unbuttoned her shirt. "I wasn't sure if you wanted me in your life or that was a one time thing." "Please, fucking one of my dad's employees behind his back. I thought I was clear, I'm only a good girl when daddy's around." I pretended to look around and smile "Well I don't see him so what should we do?" Audrey laughed and just kissed me again, I knew our relationship would be on her terms, especially with her father's wrath hanging over me.

But after our first night together, I knew I'd be enjoying myself just as much.