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Gay sex male free mobile watching first time Budy Divis is looking
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David turned the left knob on the faucet two times counter-clockwise. Susan would always turn the hot water up too high for their showers together and having her out of the house for the weekend really got him around to enjoy doing things his way.

He let the water run, closed the curtain, and turned back to the mirror.

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He wasn't old, he remarked to himself silently. He had the slightest hint of grey hair on the sides of his very business-like haircut, but the majority of his hair was still covered by that raven black that he had all his life.

He hadn't shaved since Susan left for her parents' and the stubble on his chin might have been rough to the feel but it gave off a sort of reckless demeanor that he didn't mind looking back at him.

He was still in decent shape from his morning runs and the hair on his chest was still well-colored yet had the slightest hints of grey. He examined himself further on the full-length mirror. His abs were slightly visible and his cock seemed to have thickened with age. He remembered the first time he had gotten Susan into bed.

They had a dim light on and when she pulled down his boxers to reveal his semi-hard dick she couldn't helped but grab it and just grin like a ravenous carnivore that had just caught an injured fawn. She devoured him then and there, afterwards telling him he had the thickest cock she ever had ever put in her mouth. The memories caused a bit of swelling.

Wrapping a towel around his waist he stepped out of the bathroom and walked to his room to squirt a bit of lotion in his hand for some during-shower masturbation. He spread it on his cock and turned back to the bathroom. He stepped through the curtains and was greeted by a muffled shriek. "Honey." Is all he managed to say. He stood there, staring at his fourteen year old daughter as she hurriedly covered her nipples with one arm and held the other between her legs.

He should have said something. 'I'm sorry.' 'Oh my god.' Anything. Anything would be better than just silence as they both stand there naked. "Honey Oh my god I'm sorry I thought you were asleep," he finally blurted out before tripping over himself and falling back on the bathroom floor.

He landed on his back with a thud, his feet dangling into the tub as his naked body sprawled out with his cock resting on his stomach. "Ahh fuck!" he sighed in pain. "Oh daddy I'm so sorry!" She stepped out of the shower and reached her hands out to help him up, exposing her naked wet body as she did. Maybe it was the pain, or the shock of seeing his daughter completely naked, or maybe it was the fact that they were both naked and wet. Whatever it was, David felt a shot of both panic and lust and just took in Hailey's body with his eyes.

She was still short, even though she had already started puberty over a year ago. At five foot one inch she was probably not going to grow anymore, but it didn't really matter. Her body was amazing. She had perky breast that bordered the fine line between C cup and B cup. Her nipples were a crayon pink with smaller areolas with nipples that stuck out like pencil erasers. She was petite but her hips curved and her thighs barely met when she stood up straight.

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David had remarked to himself about her attractiveness when she wore tight fitting clothes or whenever they were at the beach or the pool, but today, with her standing there naked and wet and obviously staring at his cock he really took in her sexiness as a woman. His hands grabbed hers as he lifted himself up and wrapped a towel around her.

His fatherly instincts got the best of him. "Honey, I'm so so sorry. I thought you were sleeping," he repeated. Her dark, wet auburn hair rested heavily on her shoulders as he stared into her big brown eyes.

Her eyes, those soft but full lips, and that cute little nose just reminded him so much of his little girl. The same little girl he taught how to ride a bike.

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The same little girl that he would kiss and tuck in every night. "Daddy, it's ok it's my fault. And well. now we know what we each look like naked," she said with a friendly smile.

They both laughed. Her sense of humor prevailed and some of the awkwardness of the situation was alleviated.


"I love you," he said. It felt different. Different than when he normally said it. "I love you too, daddy." Hailey replied. They both closed their eyes and leaned in close.

Their lips touched softly as he rested a hand on her waist and the other reached around her shoulder to palm her back. He pulled her into him.

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Her wet nipples pushed against his chest while his cock pressed against her thigh. Her mouth opened and she responded by wrapping her tongue around his.

They kissed deeply for what seemed like seconds but what wasmore than three minutes. "Oh baby," he said as he broke their kiss.

"Daddy." she said wantingly. He held her close still, their bodies pressed together and the head of his cock ever so slightly grazing the outside of her pussy. She felt her wetness seep through. She was soaking. When had this happened?


During the kiss her pussy had gotten wet and her cute little nipples had gotten so hard that her daddy could clearly feel them pressed against his chest. She felt so sensitive. So bare and exposed. "I don't know what's happening. This feels so right," he said to her. "I want you Haily, I want you baby," he said to his little girl. "Daddy, let's get back in the shower," she said with a smile. Her hand found his as she led him back under the warm water. Under that water he held her close again, he kissed her, wrapped his arms around her, and grabbed her cute little butt with one large palm.

Her butt was so firm and plump he could just turn her around and thrust his cock inside her that moment, but he knew this was her first time and he wanted to go slow and passionately with her. She was his little girl, afterall. He kissed her for another minute, then kissed her neck, her shoulders, working his way down to her chest.

He grabbed both breasts in his hands, rolling her left nipple with his right thumb as he took her right nipple in his mouth. His lips wrapped around it and his tongue lapped at it, up and down, as he sucked her hard little nipple.

His cock was harder than he had ever felt.

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He wanted so bad to be inside her. He wanted so bad to just bury his thick cock in her tight teenage pussy. "Oh daddy, oh daddy it feels so good, I'm so wet," she moaned as her hands rested on his broad back. "Are you baby?" he said as he took his mouth off her nipple. He kissed her other nipple as he slid his hand between her legs and felt her pussy with his palm. His finger sliding up and down her slit.

"Oh baby, you are so wet," he confirmed. He slid his middle finger up and down between her pussy lips. He knelt down to get closer and was still not mouth level with her sex.

He grabbed her thigh with one hand and lifted her leg to rest her foot on the edge of the tub. He kissed her clit deeply as he slid his middle finger inside her.

She responded with a high pitched shriek as she felt her daddy's thick finger slide all the way inside her. The feeling of his lips around her clit, his tongue wrapping around it and tasting her wetness sent her into a crippling orgasm.

Her knees felt weak and she fell into him. His large hands held her little body up as he continued devouring her sweet little pussy. David had never tasted anything like it. His lips went from her clit, to her lips, to just taking her entire sex into his mouth. His tongue ran up and down her clit, in between her pussy lips, and even buried inside her tight little hole.

Her moans were short of breath and sporadic. He felt her fingers run through his hair as she grabbed his head and pushed him deeper into her pussy. She had never felt anything like this. Sure, she had played with herself in bed. Pinched her nipples as her other hand massaged her stiff little clit, but never had she had a man's mouth on her. And for it to be her daddy's mouth, the same mouth she had just been kissing, made it all the better.

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David felt his little girl's pussy tighten around his finger. She grew wetter, his hands, his mouth, his tongue, even his chin were now all slick with her juices. He ravaged her with his tongue, covering every inch of her pussy over and over again, furiously lapping at her clit and stroking in and out of her. Hailey felt her pussy wrap tighter around daddy's finger. Her whole body grew sensitive, and everytime daddy's lips or tongue touched her clit she shivered all over, even though the water washing down her naked body, over her nipples, was warm.

She came hard all over her daddy's mouth, she felt weak, falling over onto her daddy's head for support. He held her firmly in his hand as he came up to meet her eyes. Those brown eyes that he loved so much to just get lost in. "Hailey, I love you," he said with all the sincerity in the world. He did love her, more so than any father had any right to love their daughter. "I love you daddy," her hands wrapped tight around him, he had to hunch over but her arms wrapped around his neck and he kissed her deeply as he stood up straight, her hanging on tight as she was lifted into his arms.

There she was. Naked, wet, wanting, her arms around him, one leg wrapped clumsily around him while the other tried desperately to go around his thigh.

His cock pressed hard into her thigh, just inches away from her wet pussy. Perhaps he should have asked her permission, better yet, he should have ran screaming like any sane father would when he saw her naked in this shower. But instead, he lifted her just slightly, his hands on her firm ass, and brought her back down on his cock. The head of his rock-hard cock pushed against her opening, spreading her pussy lips around him. He kissed her deeply, his baby's lips so soft and precious against his.

He brought her in closer, the head of his cock sliding inside his daughter's tight little pussy as she let out a little gasp into his mouth. She was so tight, he felt he could barely press in anymore without causing her pain. "Baby?" He said. "It's ok, daddy," she didn't even need to be asked. With that, he pushed his hips forward as he brought her ass down even more, another inch of his thick cock sliding inside her.

She bit her lip as he saw a shot of pain flash across her face. He felt her hymen break, his cock stretching her virgin pussy around its girth. "Ohhhh" she moaned, both in pleasure and pain. "Hailey," he whispered into her ear. He began slowly thrusting into her, being careful to only slide a little more of himself into his daughter each time. He worked another inch in, the sensation of her wetness, her tightness constricting his cock was more amazing than anything David had ever felt.

For this moment in time it was just him and his baby girl. As he held her tight against him, her body suspended and completely in his arms, he kissed her again.

He kissed her while his cock slid deeper inside her. He began bringing his hips in harder, his daughter's tight pussy almost taking all of his cock.


He could feel her juices on him. Her wetness slid down the length of his cock and down his balls. Water washed over them, he felt every drop as his baby girl's nipples pressed against his chest and her little pussy was wrapped tight around his dick. The more of his cock he buried inside her, the more she could take.

He thrust harder, bringer her into him every time he pushed himself forward. As her pussy lips wrapped tight around the base of his cock, and the entire length of him was deep inside his daughter's sweet teenage pussy, she felt his cock throb and twitch.

David knew he could not hold himself back any longer. He felt her wrap tighter, wetter. He felt himself throb with anticipation. His lips found hers again, and at that moment her tongue wrapped around his, her body shivered, and his cock released a shot of warm cum inside her.

They came together. His cock emptying an enormous load of cum inside her already filled pussy, and her orgasm shaking her against her daddy's body. She felt cum trickle out of her pussy, onto his cock that was still buried deep inside. She felt so weak, but so safe in her daddy's arms, she wanted his cock inside her forever. After he had finished, he held her there, half in exhaustion half in confusion.

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He kissed her, a soft peck on the lips. His half-limp cock sliding out of her.