Swipe right for hot lesbian sex she said and guess what

Swipe right for hot lesbian sex she said and guess what
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Kelly watched her mom wash dishes at the sink. Pondering over how to tell her mom that her friend, Lily, was coming over, she had gone over different options all afternoon. She had met Lily online, and they had formed a fast friendship that led to an online romance. From what she had seen on the web cam, Kelly liked what she seen. Lily had shoulder length, brown hair that settled nicely with her amber colored eyes, which always reminded Kelly of a wolf. Her body was athletic in build, almost skinny, and she had been told that Lily was 5'6".

In many ways, she was a lot like Lily. Her hair, also shoulder length, but brownish black in color. The darkness of her hair contrasted with her blue eyes. Lily always commented on her eyes.

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She said that the golden streaks woven in her blue iris made her eyes look sun kissed. Kelly knew that she was a bit taller than Lily, at 5'9" with an average build. Kelly's mom had no clue that she was bisexual, and Lily was her lover.

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After watching the parade of men in her mother's life, Kelly was leaning more to the lesbian side of the court. She had no interest in men. It was women, their body, smell, touch, sight, and taste. God, how she wanted to taste. Deciding to play the evening by ear, she opted to just tell her mom that Lily was a friend from school. She chose tonight for this rendezvous, because she knew her mom had plans to go out that evening.

Kelly would have the whole house, especially the hot tub, to herself. "Mom.my friend, Lily, is coming over for the th night, do you mind?"Kelly asked. "Fine, honey," her mom commented, without a question, "Oh, and by the way, I will be out tonight. Carl is taking me out for a nice dinner and dancing.

I will probably be out late." "Ok," Kelly commented. Her mom would be no problem. Time to let Lily know. Kelly logged onto her computer and saw that Lily was on and waiting. "It's on! Mom will be out for the night," she typed. "Great! I will be over at 7. Get that hot tub warmed up.

We are gonna do what we talked about the last time we cybered," Lily answered. "Ok. I'm nervous. How about you?" Kelly remarked. "Not really.well.yeah.I guess. Hey, I'm gonna get my stuff together. See you in about 2 hours," Lily answered. Kelly logged off. She was nervous. What if Lily didn't like her? What if she didn't like Lily?

Every "what if" went through her head, as she busied herself by cleaning up her area. About 6:30, Carl picked up her mother for their date together. With a quick kiss on the cheek, her mother was out the door and in the car. Kelly remained at the window, watching the car disappear from sight. Leaning her head against the icy window pane, she watched a lone person walking down the sidewalk.

Could this be her? Height was right, as was the body build. She had a heavy jacket on, and her hood hid her hair. Kelly watched the unknown lady walk up her walkway. She had her face buried in the lapel of her coat, but when she looked up to see the house, Kelly knew it was Lily. Running to open the door for her friend, she quickly checked her face and hair.

She wanted to look her best for Lily. "Lily, hurry. It's cold out there. Get in here and warm up," Kelly called out to her. Lily sprinted up the stairs to where Kelly was waiting. Grabbing her friend in a tight hug, Lily was ecstatic to actually feel her lover in person, instead of just imaging it. Her thick coat prevented her from feeling Kelly's breasts pressed against her own. "Hi, honey! It is so very good to actually hold you for real," Lily gushed. Unable to hold off any longer, she cupped Kelly's face in both of her hands and pulled her down.

Lily captured her lips with her own. Lilly tasted of apples and cinnamon. Her pink lips were so soft and plump, making Kelly wonder if Lilly's pussy was as sweet.

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Kelly moaned into Lily's mouth. She sent her tongue out to trace the inside of her lover's lips. Lily's soft, bubblegum tongue battled with hers for supremacy.

Kelly tangled her fingers in Lily's hair, holding the smaller woman close to her. "Wow! That was so hot," Kelly said, when they broke the kiss. Showing her friend around the house, Kelly helped her friend put away her stuff. They chatted idly, but the main thought on both of their minds was getting each other naked. Kelly's pussy felt so swollen, that when she walked her clit was rubbed between her pussy lips.

Lily's panties were soaked. Her sweet fluids actually dripping out of her slit.


"Are you sure you want to go out to the hot tub? It's freezing out there," Kelly asked, suddenly. "Yeah. The hot and cold combination is gonna make it so erotic," Lily answered, eyes sparkling.

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Pulling her friend outside, they kissed more, as they slowly stripped each other. The cold in the air made chill bumps appear all over their bodies. Kelly's brown nipples were puckered, so stiff and big as an eraser, while Lily's coral nipples were smaller, but just as hard. Stepping into the hot water eased the chill to their bodies, but only increased their need and desire for each other.

Lily straddled Kelly's lap, and Kelly could not help but to look down and see the warm water swirling around Lily's dark pink pussy. In this position, Lily's pussy was wide open, and her clit was huge. Running her hands down Lily's back, she cupped her ass cheeks, before running them back up the front of her body. Finally resting them on her firm breasts, she squeezed them gently, rolling her nipples between her fingers.

"Harder.Pinch them, baby," Lily moaned. Kelly pinched Lily's nipples hard and pulled them from her body. Letting them go, she watched Lily's nipple snap back into place. Lily pulled Kelly's head to her chest, and without words, she let it be known that she wanted her nipple in Kelly's mouth. Keeping her other nipple held tightly between her fingers, Kelly sucked in turgid bud. Nipping it sharply, she then licked and sucked the pain back.

Lily's moans grew in intensity. She liked it rough, as did Kelly. She sucked Lily's nipple, as if nursing from her tit.

Kelly rained a series of sharp, quick slaps to Lily's other breast.


The resulting redness from her smacks left Lily's tit hot and tingly. The smaller woman was gasping and moaning, loudly.

Kelly abandoned the breast and went in search of Lily's pussy.

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Using the pads of her fingers, she rubbed and circled Lily's swollen clit. Never actually touching the pulsing gland, Kelly teased her lover by accidentally brushing over her clit. "Oh God! I want to feel your fingers. Please, baby. Don't make me wait," Lily panted. Kelly urged her friend up to the side of the tub, where her pussy would be level with her face.

Giving her a towel to help keep her warm, Kelly got to her knees and pushed Lily's legs wide open. She opened the woman's puffy, outer lips to reveal a moist, dark pink slit.

She watched as bead of nectar oozed from Lily's hot canal. Kelly touched one pearly drop with the tip of her finger, and Lily jumped at the contact. With her left hand holding Lily's pussy open, Kelly slid her middle finger deep inside her friend's slit. It was so hot, almost scalding. Lily braced her feet against the edge of the tub and pushed up, almost frantically.

Kelly leaned forward and sucked that swollen bud into her mouth. It was like sucking on a piece of hard candy. Her tongue swirled and licked, and Kelly actually felt Lily's clit grow bigger. Working another finger into Lily's pussy, she opened it wider. Kelly twisted her fingers together and worked them like a corkscrew. The extra knobs made by Kelly's knuckles rubbed in all the right places. Lily yelped. "More! I want more," Lily screamed. Kelly worked a third finger inside, then the fourth. Her small hands worked Lily's pussy hard.

Kelly kept a tight suction on her lover's clit, as she used her whole arm to pump Lily's cunt. Kelly was so aroused at the sight of four of her fingers in Lily's small pussy. Her own slit was throbbing and swollen. She needed some relief, too.

Maneuvering herself on top of Lily, she positioned her pussy directly over Lily's face. Taking the hint, Lily attacked Kelly's bright pink pussy with the same fervor that the taller woman had. She pulled open Kelly's lips and dragged her tongue from her wet hole all the way to Kelly's twitching clit. She pinched the bud between her lips, using her teeth to scrape over the sensitive nub.

Kelly lost her suction on Lily's clit, as she gasped out loud. She felt Lily push two of her fingers into her tight pussy. The pressure was intense. Kelly twisted and turned the four fingers in Lily's pussy. She wiggled her thumb inside and worked on getting as much of it inside the little pussy. With the aid of her forearm and Lily lifting her hips to open her pussy wider, Kelly was able to work her hand deeper inside.

No pair of gloves ever felt so warm. She could feel Lily's heart beat through her pussy, and her thumb knuckle rubbed constantly on the eighteen year old's swollen G spot.

Each time Kelly pushed or moved her hand, Lily's pussy would let out a gush of milky fluid, which hit Kelly's mouth and chin.

Licking her lips of the sweet fluid, she went back to sucking on Lily's clit, making the girl cry out in pleasure. Lily, not wanting to be out done, worked her small hand into the taller, nineteen year old's pussy.

In her position, she was able to stimulate Kelly's sweet spot from the inside. Wiggling her fingers, Lily tickled Kelly slit, all the while snacking on her huge clit. She sucked it deep into her mouth, like she was sucking on a straw. What a sight the two women made. In the classic 69 position, they worked each other's pussy roughly, while licking and sucking on their clits.

The sounds of slurping and wet pussy filled the air. Lily's breath grew ragged, as she felt the familiar tingles that began in her clit. Trying to concentrate long enough to make Kelly cum, she saw stars behind her eyelids, as she bite down sharply on the base of Kelly's clit. Kelly watched Lily's pussy twitch.

She could feel the contractions from her pussy. It was like her pussy was trying to swallow Kelly's hand. Lily's hips bucked against Kelly's hand, before tightening like a vise.

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Fluid squirted out from around Kelly's hair and all down her neck. Lily sucked double time on Kelly's nub and was rewarded with a spurt of Kelly's creamy nectar. It ran down her hand and wrist, like a faucet. Kelly's slit was sucking Lily's hand, as hard as Lily was sucking on Kelly's clit.

"I'm gonna cum, Lily. Oh GOD! I'm cumming!" Kelly shouted, as her pussy contracted violently. Lily's small body stiffened, as she let out a shriek of her own, and then crying out, "GOD.Yes.work my pussy hard!" Tiny aftershocks raced through both girl's bodies, as they came down from powerful orgasms.

Gently, Kelly pulled her hand from Lily's pussy, taking a moment to marvel at how open her lover's hole was. She felt Lily remove her hand from her pussy and shivered as her pussy juice flowed down her thighs. Pulling Lily back into the warm water, both girls warmed up. Huddles together, they splashed each other, playfully, before wrapping up in towels. Quickly dressing, they ran upstairs