Squirting babe pleasured under the table

Squirting babe pleasured under the table
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Hello. I am 27, tall, athletic, white, very attractive with a cute face, and very sexy. I look good naked.


And I have a secret. I've never shared it with another person face to face, although sometimes on chat lines I will hint around it. All with the hopes of one day meeting the right kind of man. He will be at least a few years older than me, in great shape, he'll have an unrelenting sex drive, he'll be tall-ish, he'll work out and be somewhat muscular, he'll be at least averagely endowed, and he'll have some very kinky and extreme sexual fantasies.

And he will love meeting a guy like me. Our kinks will fit together like puzzle pieces. Where I have a fascination with submission and sexual service to a man, he'll have an obsession with fantasies of secretly spending several hours at a time letting his inner pervert come out to play.

Where I want to feel masculine sexual energy focused on me, he will be excited by thoughts of having the chance to be openly sexually selfish and demanding. His deepest, darkest secret is his desire to have a guy like me somewhere alone where he can be as extreme and kinky as he wants. And he will have many different scenarios that he will need to try. I will tell him about my dreams of transforming into his sex slave.

He can spend the time any way he likes. We will play out each of his ideas methodically and as intensely as he wants that day. I spend the time getting him excited and getting him off. He spends it enjoying orgasms and letting his imagination dictate our actions. We will.have an understanding that I do the pleasuring and he is the one who gets to be pleasured.

Details of what we do next, how he wants me to behave, what attitude I will have and when and how it should change.

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The games we play, how and when he wants to touch me, the toys he gets to use on me, the scenes we play out, situations we role play; he gets to dictate all our sexual interactions.

And he gets off on having that power over me. He feels comfortable telling me any dirty little craving he has.

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With no self consciousness, no embarrassment, no holding back of dark fantasies. As I continuously do what he says throughout the night, his confidence builds. It's hard to be embarrassed in front of someone after you bend him over, put a butt plug in him, make him crawl to you and give you a blowjob while you call him your slave, your whore, your bitch, and bark directions at him until you cum on his face.


If he parties, all the better. He can party as much as he needs to to get to his most horny and kinky place. He'll take blue pills, stay hard all night, make his labido go into overdrive, and he'll have supercharged sexual desires and the physical ability to perform as many times as he wants. After we meet a few times and build trust, he might want to see me being used by another man.

So he can invite a buddy over, show off by forcing me to perform demeaning acts, then let the guy borrow me and watch as I am wrestled onto the bed, violated, and dominated until is buddy cums.

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Then the guy leaves and he can make me get him off again however he says. I can see us meet for the first time, both nervous but excited. He wants us to party so we do. After he is good and tweaked he puts on porn.

Something like a young, skinny girl being manhandled by 2 big assholes with 2 big dicks. As we watch them grip and spank her ass, push and pull her around the bed for constantly changing positions, argue about who she has to blow next, and treat her like a sex toy, we slide into the sexual mood.

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After tentative talk he can't keep it up and starts saying degrading things. He gets so wound up that I soon have my pants off, I'm on the bed face down and ass up, and he first touches me by piling up my ass and grabbing and squeezing it.

I have to hold still and not look at his face. Then he's spanning my ass. After they are good and red he pulls out his mostly hard dick and strokes it while he sticks his fingers inside me. I make quiet sounds of protest but now he's burying 2 deep in me and he is fully erect. Then it's me stroking him while he spanks and violates me for the fun of it. His first orgasm happens while I'm jacking him off, his cock an inch from my face, with his fingers inside me.

He tells me to make him cum on my face. And I do. He puts me in the shower, but before I'm even finished rinsing off, there he is. Naked, confident, hard again, with a look in his eyes like he's a lion and I'm an injured gazzel.

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After 45 minutes and his 2nd orgasm, he puts us on the bed again. Now he's feeling cocky.

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He makes me get down and slowly blow him while he parties and watches his favorite porn. Before long he's up and ready for more action. We role play that I'm a hitchhiker and he's picked me up. But now we're in an isolated cabin and I'm his captive. He makes me his slave and keeps me for his frequent need to ejaculate.

Sometime it's me on my knees in front of him seated. Sometimes I'm sitting on the couch and he is naked and rock hard and fucking my mouth and throat. My coughing and gagging only makes him more excited. And sometimes, when he's been partying and he is in a particularly perverted mood, he doesn't say a word.

He just takes off his clothes in front of me with a look that says 'I'm going to fuck you', and he just wrestles me down. He enjoys taking 1/2 hour to 45 minutes pinning me, rubbing against me, getting my pants down, his fingers in, making me grip his cock as he manhandles me.

In the end he's inside me, I'm face down, he is stronger than me and is able to keep my legs apart a bit, and he takes his time drilling me methodically. Long, slow thrusts, burrying himself as deep as he can each time. My sounds of pain and demoralization turn him on. And he savors my thorough fucking. When he cums, he is very loud, and sounds like he just scored the winning goal.