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Eden Sin Lets Try Anal BRO
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Re-cap: Eve and her girlfriend were silently caught, by their swim coach, having lesbian sex in the school showers. Eve noticed her coach watching and masturbating. Later that night Eve gets a phone call from her coach offering her and Katey co-captainship of the swim team, if they were willing to 'discuss' the scene that went on in the showers.

Eve, excited at the prospect of being captain, ran downstairs to tell her mother. I ran downstairs to tell my mom the news, my feet barely touching the ground, I was practically floating with excitement. Mom was in the kitchen finishing up the supper dishes, scrubbing some baked cheese from a casserole pan. "Mom, guess what?!" I was bursting at the seams to just shout it out.

'What is it, Eve? And what was all that commotion coming from your room a minute ago?" Mom turned from the sink to face me, her red hair slightly damp from where she kept absentmindedly brushing it out of her face with her soapy hands.

Her eyes surveyed me, their dark blue radiating curiosity and, what I guess was concern. Even in this moment I had to admit that despite a few wrinkles, which she would often joke were my fault, nothing could blemish her natural grace. She dried her hand on the apron, which was covering most of her light blue blouse, her sleeves rolled up passed her elbows.

The apron had belonged to her mother, and you could see where it was almost worn through with age, but Mom loved it all the same. She was wearing a pair of moccasin slippers, the same pair I had given her for Christmas last year.

"Miss Fisher just called and told me she thinks Katey and I have what it takes be co-captains of the swim team!" the news erupted from me in a high-pitched squeal as I ran to embrace my mother. "Honey, that's wonderful! See I told you all that practice and hard work would pay off.


Miss Fisher must see something promising in you two, and I know you wont let her down." She smiled a warm motherly smile down at me, as I looked up at her. I returned the smile with equalled enthusiasm, though in my mind I was giggling at what sort of 'hard work' had really given me this opportunity.

"Nothing is official yet, Katey and I have to meet with coach after next practice and discuss if we are right for the positions", another internal giggle as I wondered what sort of positions Coach Fisher would be putting us in. I let go of mom and started drying the dishes, and putting them away, while she put on the kettle and went back to scrubbing the casserole dish.

"Now Eve, I want you to be on your best behaviour when you meet with your coach. This sort of opportunity involves a lot of responsibility, and I want you to be sure you know what your getting in to. It will cut into your personal life, and you might not get to hangout with your friends as often. Remember, I was the coach of my school's tennis club, and it wreaked havoc on my love life.

I didn't make it passed 3rd base until after I graduated." "Eww, TMI mom!!" I reached over and splashed her with some dish water. She giggled and splashed me back, which quickly evolved into a small water fight at the sink. The whistle of the kettle rang the bell on our battle, no clear winner, just two ladies in damp clothes and a big puddle on the floor. We were both tearing up with raucous laughter as she went to fetch the mop.

I grabbed teacups, cream, sugar, and the teapot and set them on the table. Our evening cup of tea had become sort of a ritual where we would sit together and catch up on the day's events.

Afterwards I went back to my room to finish some homework and saw I had missed 3 calls and 10 texts from Katey. "OMG!!1! Did coach fisher call you?!" "Eve! This is awesome!" "Pick up, we need to talk! This is so crazy!!" "Did you tell your mom?!" "My mom is freaking out, her and dad are so proud!" "Text me ASAP!" "I love you so much, babe" "<3" "I want you so bad ;-)" The last text was an up-skirt photo of the front of Katey's panties, showing a very visible wet spot from where her juices had leaked through.

"Mmm baby, get that on a plate 'cause I'm about to dig in ;-)" I texted her back, feeling a dampness of my own beginning under my pants, unrelated to water fight in the kitchen.

I began stripping off my clothes, waiting for her reply.

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'Lolz bon appetite! So why you been awol? I was starting to worry." She responded in a minute, which meant she had been waiting for me. "Sorry, didn't mean to worry you, I was having tea with my mom and talking about the big news. She was really proud when I told her, then she talked on and on about her tennis days while we had tea", I felt a bit of guilt for taking too long to reply, but I also knew Katey wasn't really the type to get hurt or jealous if I didn't respond right away, especially considering the excitement we were dealing with.

I removed my bra, at last freeing my breasts to the fresh air, my nipples hardening up at the sudden change in temperature. My hand raised up to cup my perky tit, and my fingers squeezed down on my erect nipple causing a fresh heat to erupt in my pussy and more of my juices to flow into my panties. My other hand gravitated to my quivering cunt and my fingers snaked inside my underwear. My fingertips became soaked as they lightly danced across my burning clit, and I fell to my knees as my legs turned to jelly.

Leaning against my bed on my knees, my fingers furiously clawed at my dripping pussy, mashing my clit with my palm and cramming two fingers deep inside. My breathing was shallow and husky as I involuntarily started to drool, saliva running down my chin onto my blankets. I laid down on my back on the carpet and scrambled to tear my soaked underwear off. My pussy soaked panties clenched in my hand, I shoved them in my mouth, tasting my sweet nectar as I continued to frig my snatch.

My panty gag helped to stifle my moans as I squeezed and twisted my clitoris and stuck a third finger inside my vag. My pussy ran readily with juice, a river flowing down my thighs and pooling at my butt, staining the carpet.

The electric fire of my orgasm was growing steadily as my back arched up and down, humping at the floor. I needed to cum, my whole mind was lost in this one pursuit, a thick cloud of sexual intent clogged my other senses.

All I could feel, all I cared about right now, was the soppy wet mess between my legs, and the carnal desire to cum again and again. Visions of Miss Fisher standing over Katey and me, her own hand down her pants, surged through my mind and my nipples tightened even more.

I remembered when our eyes had locked and I felt a shiver fly down my spine. My pussy spasmed violently and my whole body erupted in a euphoric seizure of ecstasy. It took every ounce of sanity I had left not to scream as my skin was lit ablaze in pure orgasmic bliss, radiating outwards from my hot sex.

I tried to move, but my hand brushed against my clit and I was sent over again. My legs went stiff, pushing my body out from the bed, burning my back on the carpet.

My whole body was locked in a torrent of fire and lightning, unable to move, only able to feel a ceaseless pleasure, only able to hear my own heartbeat roaring in my ears, only able to taste to remnants of myself on my soiled panties. Finally the waves abated, my muscles relaxed, and my body went limp. I lay there gasping for breath as the sweat cooled on my skin causing goose bumps.

As my mind cleared, I realized I was laying on a soggy patch of carpet, and the room reeked of pussy. Sitting up, the pool squelched beneath me, and I felt a little foolish at letting myself lose control like that. I had to brace myself on the bed as I got to my feet, my legs were still too shaky to hold my full weight. My phone was flashing telling me I had missed a message, Katey had texted me again. Katey. .

a sudden wave of guilt washed over me, driving out the leftover bliss of my orgasm. It wasn't the thought of Katey and me in the shower that had triggered my orgasm, it had been the image of Miss Fisher standing over us. The image of the pure naked lust that had been written in her eyes as we looked at each other.

I felt like I had betrayed my girlfriend, the girl I loved. Getting myself off on the thoughts of another woman? I was a terrible person.

I looked down at the text she had sent me, "Oh, that's cool :) well, I'm going to finish that science homework, I'll see you at school tomorrow. I love you, Eve." A tear rolled down my cheek as I thought how much I didn't deserve her. I was on the verge of more tears when there was a light knock on my door. "Eve, honey? Is everything alright? I heard a lot of banging, and thumping." Mom's voice was full of concern, and even through the closed door I could picture the motherly worry etched in Her face.

"A-hh" I cleared my throat, "Ah, yeah mom, everything is ok. I was just having a bit of trouble with some homework and thought I'd do some stretches to get the blood pumping, you know? I suppose I got a little into it and took a tumble off my bed. Nothing to worry about, I'm fine though." I tried to add a smile to my voice, in the hopes of convincing her. Sitting there on the edge of my bed, naked and dripping in sweat and pussy juice, I didn't need her coming in to check on me.

". You sure you're ok?" I could tell she only half believed me, but I did my best to reassure her. "Yeah mom, I'm fine. I'll take a shower, and come down to say goodnight, ok?" that part was true, I did need a shower. I also had to do something about my carpet.

But that would have to wait. I needed to think, to come to terms with what I had felt during my orgasm. The hot water and steam did wonders to wash away the salty sweat from my body, and it also cleared away the cobwebs in my head.

I realized what I had felt in that moment when I had thought about the coach was nothing more than my lust rattled mind sinking lower into a perverted abyss. The mind's journey to overpower itself with more and more perverse thoughts and actions in an attempt to reach new heights of pleasure.

The sense of the "New" over the comfort of the "Familiar". Then again, I could've just been over thinking the whole thing. My body was clean, and my mind was more or less at ease when I finally emerged from my steamy cocoon.

I got some flannel pajamas on and went down to say goodnight to mom. - By the next day all thoughts of my masturbatory indiscretion were out of my mind as I sat with Katey in an empty class to have lunch. When we had met up that morning before school all we could talk about was the prospect of becoming captains of our team. Now however our conversation was one of a more intimate quality.

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The kind of conversation where my hand was up her shirt, and her tongue was down my throat. There was a hurried passion to our kissing, each of us thinking about how much time we had before lunch was over, and we were now more worried about getting caught.

"Sorry, I just can't control myself" Katey said in gasping breaths between deep kisses. We both looked down at my hand under her shirt, and giggled.

"Looks like you're not the only one having a hard time controlling yourself." I leaned in and gave her a loving kiss on her tender lips. "I know.

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I thought about you all night. I came so hard!" Katey moaned in my ear, then started kissing my neck. I felt a momentary flash of guilt, and stiffened slightly. I played it off as a shiver of excitement, and grabbed her breast more tightly over her bra.

I glanced over at a clock and saw we only had 10 minutes left of lunch time, and the more eager kids would begin showing up sooner than that. Reluctantly I pushed her away, giving her one last kiss before removing my hand from her chest. Straightening our clothes, and hair, we hurried to actually eat our lunch before heading to our next class. Stopping momentarily at the door of the empty class to squeeze her hand in mine, I looked in her eyes and sent her all the love I felt for her.

The week passed uneventfully, Katey and I snuck around more during off hours, and saw a movie on Wednesday night. Next swim practice wasn't until next Sunday, so I was surprised when I got a call from Coach Fisher telling us she wanted to see us Friday after school.

Friday dragged by slowly and Katey and I spent every free minute whispering about what we thought coach had planned for us. Would she want us to have sex for her to watch, would she want to join in? Katey guessed that she was planning to discipline us in some sort of authoritative lesbian BDSM session. Knowing I would be going through this with Katey by my side didn't make me feel like I was betraying her, it made me all the more excited, and I kept counting down the minutes until the final bell.

We arrived at Coach Fisher's office after class and after making sure the coast was clear she ushered us inside and locked the door. She motioned us to have a seat in front of her desk and seated herself in her office chair.

I took a moment to look her over, and actually take in her features. She had been our instructor for as long as we had been on the team, even taught gymnastics before that, and I could honestly say this was my first time really looking at her.

To me she was always a presence of authority and the guiding force of our team, but here I saw her as a woman, and it was time to see what kind of woman she was. She was sitting behind her desk, her school gym track jacket draped over the back of her chair. She was wearing a white swim team t-shirt, a narwhal logo on the upper left. The cotton fabric was pulled tight across her bosom, and I could see the faint outline of her bra underneath. Her hands were clasped together tightly on top of her tidy desk, I could see they were squeezing each other and I sensed a nervous energy coming from her.

Finally I looked up at her face, her brown hair was cut short in an almost butch fashion, and before now I had figured it was because of her active sporting lifestyle. Now I wasn't so sure. Coach's face was full of the energetic beauty of a woman who took great care of herself, and even though she wore no makeup I had to marvel at how well she presented herself. Then there were her eyes.

Her golden green eyes were flicking around the room, scanning around from the door to the shuttered window, to Katey and then to me. Ours eyes met for a second time and she held her gaze for a moment longer, staring into me.

I looked into her, and she looked into me, eternity in a second. My panties became damp and my face grew hot as I blushed.

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The moment was over as she cleared her throat, breaking the heavy silence that had been building up around us. "Ladies, I don't think I need tell you the reason for this meeting, but I should tell you why I chose to have you meet me today instead of after practice on Sunday. As you may know, the new season of competition is coming up in a few months, so rather than wait for another day I've decided to test you now so you may hopefully assume your new duties next practice." Her voice started off broken, but once she began talking business it became strong and confident.

She was able to hide her nerves behind her mask of authority. "Coach, when you say 'test' what exactly do you mean?" Katey spoke first, thinly veiled eagerness in her voice. She showed none of the nerves coach was feeling, and I could tell Katey was eager to get down to the task at hand. "Firstly I must test to see if you two are the right girls for the job. A co-captain must show great loyalty to her team, to each other, and especially to her coach.

You must be willing to follow the orders of your coach, and do your best for the good of the team." Confident now in her speech, Coach Fisher moved out from behind her desk to sit on the front of it before us. "Coach, Katey and I will do our very best to honour our team, and follow your orders." It was my turn to speak up, and I resolved myself to follow Katey's lead and be confident in my intentions. Being captain of the team was a very big opportunity, and I was ready to show I had what it took to get the job.

"I'm glad to hear you're both so eager, Eve. Now shall we start with a test of your resolve, and a test of your loyalty to the team and me?" I looked over at Katey and saw she was wearing a wicked grin and I knew she was ready to take the leap. My smile broadened and we turned back to the Coach. We both nodded. Coach Fisher stood up, and without a hint of her prior nervousness, she undid her blue track pants and let them fall to the floor with her underwear, and she stepped out of them.

She stood there before us nude from the waist down, a light bush of brown pubic hair being the only thing concealing her pussy.

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She sat back on the desk and spread her legs open into a perfect splits across the edge of the table. Her years of teaching gymnastics were ever present in her display of flexibility. "I want you girls to get undressed for me." There was authority in her voice as she directed us to stand and strip in front of her. Katey and I stood and started to take our clothes off.

I removed my t-shirt and tossed it on the chair behind me. Next I undid my tight jeans and shimmied out of them. I kicked them off along with my shoes and I was now standing before my swimming coach in nothing but my bra and panties. I hesitated a moment and looked over at Katey, only to see her already halfway out of her bra. Not bothering to undo my bra I simply slipped it off my shoulders and let it fall down around my waist. My naked teenage tits were there on display for the woman spread out for us.

My hands came to my hips, ready to free my pussy from their underwear prison when I saw Coach Fisher move from her silent watchfulness. Her hand was at her crotch and she was spreading her wet pussy lips, her thumb flicking at her engorged clit.

The brazen display fueled my own smoldering heat and my panties were damp before they hit the ground. Katey and I made no pretense of covering our bodies as we stood before our now masturbating coach. Her eyes were drinking us in, devouring our perky breasts, our bare shaved pussies. I had a feeling of being stripped away to my core by her eyes, but I did not feel vulnerable. I watched as she increased the speed of her manual manipulation, her juices were dripping over the side of the desk.

"Get on your knees." Her voice was low and husky as she gave us a blatant order. As we knelt on the floor in front of the desk, Coach Fisher stood up, bringing her hot mound inches from our face. I could feel the heat of a fire emanating from her loins as she reached out and grabbed the back of Katey's head.

Katey's mouth was open, her tongue was ready as Fisher started grinding her cunt into my girlfriend's mouth. Coach's legs buckled and she fell back against her desk as Katey's tongue worked a furious dance across her clit. Fisher grabbed a wad of Katey's hair and thrust her pelvis into her face, forcing the nectar hungry tongue deeper into her pussy.

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Katey's hand was between her own legs working herself toward orgasm, while I could only watch, mesmerized, as my vag overflowed with concentrated lust. Coach was biting on one of her fingers, doing her best to keep quiet.

All of a sudden she yanked Katey's head back and I watched as she fell back, her face shiny and glistening with cunt cream. Katey reeled back against her chair, her eyes closed, her fingers still working deep inside her wetness.

Coach's fingers found their way to my head and I felt a stab of pain as she grabbed onto a thick chunk of my hair and pulled my face to her drowning bush.

Suddenly it was dark, and all I could smell was the intoxicating stink of my dear coach's love forest. My cheeks, chin, and nose we soaked in an instant from the sheer amount of juice she was producing, and I was drinking in every ounce of it. My mouth clamped over her entire pussy and I sucked at her opening, slurping up as much of the heavenly nectar that I could. My tongue probed her depths and I felt her shudder. The pressure on my head increased as she pushed me as deep into her thighs as she could.

My own pussy delighted at this, feeding off the sheer ecstacy I was giving this woman. My lust stoked her fire, which fueled my own desires. I wormed my hand up in between my face and her warmth, and plunged two fingers into her velvet chasm. She bucked and shuddered at this new invasion, and I smiled a wicked smile.

Time to bring on the A-Game.

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Three fingers inside her now, my mouth engulfed her throbbing clit, toying with it in an endless assault on her pleasure button. My other hand was deep within my own nether regions, playing a frantic game of catch up. I was going to make this woman cum her brains out, and I was going to be along for the ride.

My thumb worked my clit and the rest of my hand pistoned in and out of my pussy. It rained from my pussy, a fountain of youthful sex juice cascading down over my hand, down my thighs, onto the linoleum floor of the office. I moaned deep onto my coaches clit, the vibrations sending surges through her nervous system, causing her body to shake violently.

Her moans were muffled but constant and her stream of juice was now a river. She was vibrating from head to toe, and I could feel my body with sexual energy.


Suddenly I thrust another finger deep inside her, and locked her clit between my lips. I finger fucked her while I slashed across her clit with my nimble tongue. Her whole body went wild, it began vibrating uncontrollably as she was seized by a thunderous orgasm. A tidal wave of her cum flooded my mouth, and I gulped it down as my own orgasm hit me. I came hard and fast, a bomb exploded in my loins and I mashed my palm into my pussy grinding myself further into the abyss.

My senses came back to me as I was laying on the floor, leaning against my chair. I looked around the room and took in the chaos that had taken place. It took me a moment to realize Katey wasn't on the floor next to me, and I looked around for her. Looking up at the desk I saw Katey's head laying on Coach Fisher's leg. Using the chair to help me stand, I looked at the erotic scene on the desk. Coach was laying back, her pussy was off the table where I had been so diligently working, and Katey was on top of her.

Her nude teenage body draped along our coach's chest, her pussy over our coach's face. I had been so caught up in making Fisher cum, I hadn't noticed her lean back, or Katey climb on top of her.

Katey raised her head as I walked over, a glazed look of bliss in her eyes. She looked so sexy draped over our coach that my pussy emitted a small aftershock of pleasure. Coach started to move, so I helped her get Katey down from on top of her. Katey's legs buckled when she tried to stand, but I caught her in my arms. Our bare skin, sweaty and smelling of sex, rubbed together. My nipples grew hard again and I lifted her up into a fiery kiss, the powerful taste of fresh pussy mingling in our mouths.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and Katey and I looked over at our teacher. Her hands caressed our cheeks and she leaned in and kissed my girlfriend deeply on the mouth. I could feel my fires rekindling as I watched them share this intimate moment. A small trail of saliva bridging the gap as they parted, and Katey was blushing. Next she drew me in, her lips met mine and our tongues entwined.

She tasted her own cum as our tongues fought an erotic battle. When we parted, my head was swimming, and my legs were weak again.

Coach was breathing heavily and she looked me in the eyes. I saw something in hers, but I couldn't tell what it was. All I know is I felt truly naked for the first time since we had stripped for her. "Well. . I must say you two have certainly passed. That was without a doubt the greatest display from two girls I have ever had the chance of experiencing. Well done young ladies." I shrieked with glee and leapt into Katey's arms and we tumbled into her chair.

I hugged her tightly and kissed all over her face, I was overjoyed. "I must commend you, Eve, on your excellent dexterity and prowess. They were unparalleled to anything I've seen.

I commend you, Katey, as well for your hard work and your creativity in effectively quieting me while Eve did her work. I wasn't expecting you to climb up and sit on my face, but I very much enjoyed it. I hope you did as well." Coach Fisher flashed a wink at Katey, while we both beamed at her praise of our skills. "Yes Ma'am, you were awesome! I'm only now getting feeling back in my legs." They shared a chuckle and I kissed Katey again. "You aren't the only one.

I'm surprised I can move my legs at all, Eve." I giggled happily as she shot a wink at me this time. I returned the wink and I saw her smile widen slightly.

"Now, don't get too excited. I say you passed, but I mean you passed the test of character and loyalty. I find you both to upstanding girls, but next will come the physical testing. I can't make you captains without confirming you are the best the team has to offer." "Coach, wasn't that physical enough?

Besides, you already know we are excellent swimmers." I voiced my puzzlement at the sudden turn of events.

We had already proved ourselves, what more did she want us to do? "Now now, you may be excellent swimmers, but I need to make sure you are exceptional. As for what we just did, I believe you still have more to give, and I intend to put you both through the paces." Katey and I exchanged looks, both of worry and excitement.


As much as I was curious to see what else she had in store, none of us could walk properly right now, so what did she expect us to do? "I know what you're both thinking, and I'll save you the worry. The next test will be tomorrow. I would like you both to meet me at the pool tomorrow afternoon, around 1:30. Now I suggest you both make your way to the showers and get cleaned up. Get plenty of rest tonight, the real fun starts tomorrow." I felt my blood turn cold, and my pussy get hot as I saw the burning intense look of passion in Coach Fisher's eyes.

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To be continued in Part 3