Nina Nirvana riding a massive dick for gratification

Nina Nirvana riding a massive dick for gratification
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I work at a technology firm out west and make excellent money. I love my job and have successfully worked my way up in the company. After my last promotion I began working more closely with the CEO and his wife, the President. We all had great working relationships and I have been in this position now for more than a year so we all have really gotten to know each other well.

The best part of my job is not the 401k, or the amazing benefits, or the stock options. NO. The best part of my job is seeing the CEO's wife every single day.

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She is one of my bosses and she is one of the most attractive woman I've ever met. Her name, Suzie. The best way I can describe Suzie, well, she's the ultimate trophy wife. Her husband, the CEO, of course was older, rich, and way out of Suzie's league which you find a lot of where I live. You see a lot of older rich dudes with sexy, hot wives half their age.

Suzie was about 5'6", probably around 120lb. She was not too skinny and by no means fat. She worked out all the time and every part of her body was firm! She would come to work in her short dresses prancing around showing off her tan, amazingly toned legs which when she wore her slutty heels looked like they were crafted by God himself! She had an amazing firm ass that wasn't big but stuck out a little in her dress accentuating her hour glass shape which led up to her obviously fake tits.

I mean these glorious things didn't bounce or move, just big fake, firm titties popping out of her blouse 90% of the time. Of course to top it all off she was naturally blond and the most perfect level of tan you could every want on a body. The best way I can describe her tan was that of a golden brown pancake with sizzling butter melted on it.

That complexion looked so could you just wanted to lick her body. Every single day I would see her, work with her from time to time, and attend meetings with her. I fantasized about her so much and checked her out so much that it is almost impossible for her to not notice.

She was always VERY nice to me. One day, out of the blue, her husband, the CEO sent me a lunch invite which I of course accepted, and this is where fantasies become reality. We went to a pretty nice restaurant for lunch and as soon as we sat down we ordered our drinks. As soon as the waiter left he said, "I'm going to cut to the chase." So here I am thinking, Oh shit! What?

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He slides a check face down on the table towards me and says, "That right there is a $50,000 check for you. Now you may be wondering why the fuck am I giving you $50,000 and I'm going to tell you as soon as you sign a confidential, non-disclosure agreement," as he slides that to me as well.

"You can read it if you want, but basically that agreement says that if you tell a soul about our conversation, or anything about our agreement, I will sue the shit out of you. So on and so forth, yada yada." "Well what would our agreement be about?" I asked him. He said that he couldn't even tell me until I signed the non-disclosure. So I thought about it for a second and figured what the hell.

What do I have to lose, so I signed it! He took the signed paperwork from me and put it in his briefcase and then looked at me for a second. "Let's get one thing straight before I tell you what I came to propose, and that is I don't enjoy doing any of this. What is important to me, though, is that my wife is happy, and sometimes a man will do anything to make their wife happy." "Okay…?" I reply.

"Don't interrupt me! Let me finish!" He said. "As uncomfortable as it is for me to admit this to anyone… I am not physically cable of pleasing my wife sexually anymore." My jaw drops a little… "It has been this way for quite some time now and from time to time my wife has asked me if it was okay to find it in other places. So whenever she needs to be taken care of in this capacity we have to be very careful in who we pick, obviously." My jaw still dropped and I'm thinking inside my head.

Holy Fuck! "Well, when she came to me recently to request for me to set this up I asked who she wanted. To my surprise her answer was you!

Now, you can see why I had you sign that paper before I told you what this was about, and as you can imagine there would be huge ramifications for myself if something like this were to get out in the media." He stopped talking and I sat there for a few seconds thinking about everything he just told me until he said, "Now it's your turn to talk!

Do you accept my proposal or need time to think about it?" I sat there for a couple more seconds clearing my head before I spoke and I said, "So let me get this straight.

You are paying me $50,000 to sleep with your wife and basically the only catch is that I can't tell a single soul about it, right?" "Yes, that is correct," he replied.

I thought for a few more seconds before speaking. "I will accept this proposal on one condition. If I accept I want to have an entire night with her. If you agree to that then we will have an agreement." I said to him. "If that's your only condition then I accept!" he replied. "Now if you will excuse me I don't really have any desire to be here with you besides the reason I came. The date will be this Friday night.

I'll let Suzie know everything is set and you two can work out the details. You enjoy your lunch!" He said as he walked off. I sat there at the table still in a feeling of shock, excitement, and amazement.

Today was Monday so I had four days to think about this and plan out my evening sexcapade with possibly the hottest woman I've have ever seen. I arrived back at work and passed her office on the way to mine. I looked at her and smiled and she gave a smirk back. Once in my office I sent her a text that said… "I cannot wait to FUCK you!!!" I figured I knew her well enough and now that the cat was out of the bag I could get away with that, but I was wrong.

Her response was, "Excuse me! You will still treat me with respect as I still am your boss if you would like to keep it that way!!" I saw her response and was like, WTF!

Okay whatever! I got back to work but could barely concentrate because of all my excitement. About an hour later Suzie came into my office and shut the door behind her.

I was sitting in my chair behind my desk and she came to the side of my desk and sat up on it, crossing her gorgeous, tan legs that popped out of a skirt that barely covered her ass. Her thighs looked so fucking sexy!

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"Excuse me!" she said snapping her fingers at me grabbing my attention from her body to her eyes! "Just because you and my husband came to an agreement doesn't mean anything changes around here. You will still look at me respectfully and talk to me respectfully, and maybe you missed the part in the non-disclosure you signed about no communications to myself or my husband via email, text, or phone about this endeavor.

Remember, No traces of anything!" "Okay I'm sorry, I just got overly excited." I said to her. "Well, I can certainly understand that," she said with a wink.

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"I'm looking forward to it as well!" I took another long glance at her shimmering legs and she purposely opened them for me as she purposely and carelessly got off of my desk. I could see her black panties and my cock immediately grew inside of my pants. She walked to the door, but just before opening it turned around and asked me, "Why was your only condition that you got to have an entire night with me?" I paused for a second and said, "Because trust me… you are going to want an entire night with me!" She smiled and blushed a little and then left my office.

That week was the slowest fucking week in the world waiting for Friday to come. It was the equivalent to how it felt waiting for Christmas to come when you were a kid. I had done a lot of thinking about the big night and I wanted to talk to her, but I couldn't text her or call her about it. So I sent her a meeting invite to be in my office just before the end of the day. Sure enough, she accepted and showed up promptly, shutting the door behind her.

She sat down in the chair in front of my desk and said, "I bet I know the answer to this, but why did you call this meeting?" "I called this meeting to discuss one more condition of our night ahead. I'm not sure what you had in mind, but here is how I would like it to start. After that I don't care what happens. I want you to be dressed up slutty and sexy like you are when you show up to work every day here. I want it down to the last detail. Your legs smooth and shiny, hair and makeup did, heels on, and your pussy smooth as silk, all covered up in a sexy, revealing outfit of your choice!" "UH!" She started to interrupt.

"Wait! I'm not finished!!" I said assertively and she shut right up surprisingly. "The reason why I want you like this is because that is how I've seen you every day in person for the last year, and every day I have fantasized about you. Now I am finally getting the chance to act out my fantasy, which by the way is my ultimate fantasy, and I want to show you just what I would do to you any given day at work.

So I need you to look the part! When this is all said and done, and you've gotten your fuck out of me I want you to be sitting at your desk at work knowing exactly what I would do to you in every explicit detail because I already did it and I want your pussy to soak when you think about it!! I also want to be the dominant. Do you have any objections?" Her jaw dropped and she sat there for a second or two, I think a little stunned and just simply said, "No.

I'll see you at the arranged place, at the arranged time." She smiled at me and walked towards my door, then turned to say, "I guess I have a lot of getting ready to do. You better be worth it!" She said with a wink and then left. I went home immediately after our meeting to get ready. I showered and shaved, even shaved my balls and pubic hair.

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I was pretty fucking smooth down below and my face was smooth as a baby's butt. I too, also dressed up as I would any ordinary day at work.

I put on my suit and tie and was ready to see Suzie. We had planned to meet in the parking garage of our company building. The plan was for me to ride in her car, in the back, to her house so she could just pull in her garage. I could get there and get out with no one seeing me.

I know it seems a little weird for her husband to let me fuck his wife in his house, but trust me their house was fucking huge! They had a special bedroom just for her to play in.

Plus, it seemed logical because at hotels there are records, cameras, etc… So I arrived at the parking garage at 9pm sharp and waited for her. A few minutes later she rolled up in her black Escalade with tinted windows, and I quickly hopped into the back seat. After buckling up I looked up at her in the front and could see she did just as I had asked. She looked hot as hell! Well from what little of her that I could see. "So… Did I follow your orders Sir?" She said to me in a somewhat naughty, sarcastic tone as she looked back at me in the rear view.

"Well, I must say from here you look breath taking and you smell delicious! As for the rest of my demands we shall see when we get to your house," I said with a smirk on my face. "Oh don't you worry, my pussy stays silky smooth," she giggled and said. "Well, It's good to see you in a different light," I said. "I can already tell this is going to be a fun night for both of us. You seem 1000x time more relaxed. "I guess I can relax a little now that it's actually happening and we aren't at work, but remember when we are at work I will always be professional.

No one will ever know about this. While you sit in the boardroom meetings with your work buddies all staring at me wishing, and fantasizing about fucking my brains out… you can sit there knowing exactly what that feels like." She said and smiled.

"But they must never know." "So you can tell that's what all the guys in those meetings are thinking, huh?" I said. She burst out laughing and said, "Uhhhh… yeah… All you guys are the same. I've seen it in your eyes especially!" I knew it! I said to myself and then laughed with her. "I know that I look like what every man wants and I love that!" She said.

"It's gotten me everything I've ever wanted in life." "Well, here's to me getting everything I've wanted," I said to her as our eyes met in the mirror. She smiled and just a few minutes later we were pulling up to her gated driveway. The gate opened and we drove up the long drive to her huge, beautiful house. She pulled in to her garage and shut the door behind her, and then it was safe for me to step out.

"I must say you look extra sexy yourself tonight," Suzie told me as we walked into her house. "Make yourself at home," She said walking in front of me with her heels tip tapping on the tile floor. God, she looked hot! Her toned legs and calf muscles flexing as she walked in her tight skirt that fell just below her ass!

My cock was getting hard by the second as I filled with nervousness and excitement. She led me to her Bar. Yes, they had a fully stocked bar inside of her house with bar chairs and everything! "Would you like a drink?" she asked.

"I'll take a crown and coke please," I said hopping into a swivel bar chair. She fixed both of our drinks and then came around the bar to hop up into the swivel chair next to me. She swiveled her chair slowly so she faced me as I took a long look up and down her body. "You like what you see?" she smirked and said.

"You look sooo fucking hot! As always!! But especially tonight!" I said to her. She then took a sip of her drink and slowly, and I mean slowly opened her legs and then crossed them. My eyes must have gotten twice the size because she chuckled a little and asked, "Did you like that?" I got a brief glimpse of the most beautiful pussy I've ever seen, and I've watched a lot of porn!

She let her five inch heel dangle off of the foot of her crossed leg and began swinging it back and forth. I took a long sip of my crown and coke and then reached down and began caressing her sexy foot. "Mmmmm… that feels good," She said as my hands caressed her foot and move slowly up her leg. "I just wanted to tell you that when you told me what you wanted from me tonight and why you wanted it when we were in your office earlier… well, that was so fucking hot I instantly got wet!" "You don't waste time do you?

I can tell you know what you want and you know how to take it. I have the feeling I'm gonna be wore out after tonight, and by the way, when you told me what you wanted from me tonight and why you wanted it when we were in your office earlier… well, that was so fucking hot I instantly got wet!" She said to me. "I Know exactly how I'm going to take you," I said as I slid out of my chair to my feet.

"I'm gonna fuck you like a slut!" I said as she gasped and was speechless for a second. I uncrossed her legs and grabbed the back of them pulling her ass to the edge of the seat. "This is what I would do to you while you sit at your desk," I said just before grabbing her knees and forcefully pulling apart her legs to see her glistening bald pussy shining at my face. I placed her bare, smooth legs over my shoulders and leaned down to place her juicy mound of pussy lips that were clumped together and sucked them into my mouth!

"Oh Holy Fuck!" She let out of her mouth as I sucked her lips into my mouth and then divided them with my tongue, sliding it through her little slit! "Oh Shit! Eat that pussy!" She told me. I kept sliding my tongue through her lips and flicking her ever swelling clit as she moaned. Then I placed my hands on her inner thighs pressing her legs wide open and dove my tongue as deep inside of her pink pussy hole as possible!

She gasped and moaned as my tongue filled her up and then ran up her slit. Her moans became louder! Her breathing became faster which turned me on even more so, and I began devouring her pussy! I really got into it rubbed my entire face in her wet pussy covering me with her juices. Then I got back into a rhythm of sliding my tongue inside of her pussy hole and sliding it up over her clit.

She really liked that and told me not to stop! "Don't stop!

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Don't stop!! I'm gonna cum so hard!!! She yelled over and over. Sure enough I felt her tense up and I slowed my strokes down and held my tongue inside of her to feel a gush of warm cum running down it. I graciously lapped up all over her cummy juices and rubbed my face all over her wet, smooth pussy again!

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I stood up and leaned in towards her flushed face, took a handful of her hair yanking her head back slightly yet forcefully and said, "Lick your cum off of my face!" "Yes Sir," She said faintly and complied. Her warm tongue licked all over my face and felt so good I had to taste it. I took her tongue inside of my mouth and gently sucked on it and kissed her.

We made out briefly and then I told her to get up and take me to her home office. I knew that she had one, and after hopping out of the chair and pulling her skirt back down she led me by the hand to it. It was a lovely office with two wall to wall book shelves, and with a great big solid wood desk that was organized so neatly.

I doubt she ever actually used it, but I damn sure was going to put it to good use. "Show me what else you think about doing to me," She said with a naughty tone. I walked up behind her as she was standing at the side of the desk, facing it. I put both of my hands on her firm ass, and it was even firmer than I had imagined. My hands began exploring and caressing her amazing body as I leaned in close and began kissing her neck.

She moaned as my lips caressed her neck and began nibbling on her ear lobes. Just about then my hands were wrapped around her and squeezing her big, firm tits. They felt glorious and I couldn't wait to suck on them and put my cock right in between them, but first thing first. I grabbed ahold of her button up blouse and tore it open sending a few buttons flying across the room! I yanked her blouse off of her, and unsnapped her bra sending it falling to the floor so I could grab two big handfuls of her naked titties!

Her nipples were rock hard as I squeezed them and she gasped and moaned while I whispered in her ear, "This too, I think about doing to you at work every day!" "MMMmmmm" She said just before I pushed her down on the desk bending her over it, pressing he big titties onto it. "Don't you fucking move!" I told her! "Yes sir," She replied kind of nervously.

While she was bent over I lifted her skirt up over her voluptuous ass and then spread her legs open just a little. Without warning I spread her ass cheeks with my hands and dove my tongue back inside of her pussy as she moaned with approval. Then I slid it up through her slit and let it slide across her perfect little asshole. Now this brought out a slightly different level of moan from her lips. "Oh FUCK, Baby!" She said. "No one's ever licked my asshole before!" So I did the same thing again, but when my tongue reached her asshole I played with it.

I licked all around it and pressed it firmly up against it, all the while Suzie's moans were like music to my ears feeding my fantasy! "If you like that just wait till I fuck it!" I told her. "Uh Huh!" She replied I think a little nervously. My cock was soooo freaking hard at this point and about to burst through my pants. I stood behind her and took off all of my clothes. She wanted to turn around and look, but I wouldn't let her.

I didn't want her to see how big my cock was because I wanted her to feel it for herself inside of her juicy little cunt!

I walked up behind her and placed the tip of my cock up against her pussy lips. I began rubbing it through her slit as her juices lubricated it nicely. She kept moaning anxiously not knowing exactly when she was going to get it.


Then suddenly I had the tip of my cock in position and slid it inside of her. "OHHH God Yes!!" She yelled as my cock penetrated her and didn't stop till my balls were resting against her.

I grabbed her hips and held my cock deep inside of her as she kept moaning louder and louder, and all of the sudden I felt her pussy walls convulsing on my cock and the pressure of her cum squirting all over my cock! As soon as this subsided I took my cock all the way out of her and jammed it back in again, slamming it into her body and holding it there till she came all over it. The warmth of her cum running down my shaft felt amazing!

"I CANT STOP CUMMING!" she moaned as I began pumping my cock in and out of her. I grabbed ahold of her hips and began fucking her, softly at first, then building stronger and stronger. Suzie could definitely take a cock hard and deep. She kept swinging her sexy blond hair from side to side as I fucked her against her own desk.

Just picture her, there with her slutty heels on, sexy legs and ass bent over her desk, getting fucked! "God, you cum Hard!" I told her as I would stop ever so often with the crescendo of her screaming moans to feel her pussy cumming all over my dick. Then I would began pounding her pussy again, over and over, slapping her ass till it was covered in red prints. Suzie loved it! She loved how I fucked her and took her there in her office. As per one of her husbands rules, she was only supposed to have sexual activity inside of her special play bedroom.

This was because he didn't want to think about her being fucked in other parts of the house, she explained to me. I think the fact that she was disobeying her husband and letting me fuck her in the office and eat her pussy at the bar really, really excited her!

After several minutes of me bending her over her desk, pulling her long blond hair, and smacking her ass while she got fucked she said to me, "Make me your slut tonight!!" "You want me to make you my own personal slut?!" I asked her "Oh yes baby! I'm your slut tonight!" She replied. That was all I needed to convince me. I was holding back just a little but that made up my mind.

I pulled out of her pussy and told her to get her skanky ass on her knees! She looked a bit shocked with me calling her skanky but said, "YES SIR!" and did as she was told. There, once on her knees facing me, saw my cock in all its glory. Her eyes grew big as I held it there for just a second, long and hard, dripping with her cum in front her face, and suddenly she had a concerned look on her face as I grabbed the back of her head.

I pushed my entire cock inside of her mouth as she moaned with her lips pressed tightly around my thick shaft. I held it there in the back of her throat and said, "Look at me, slut!" Her sexy eyes looked up at me with my dick buried in her throat and then I took my cock out of her mouth!

She gasped for air as her drool fell off of her plump dick sucking lips, and then I promptly put my cock back in her mouth. I began face fucking her while I had two handfuls of her hair! "Suck that Cock!" I told her over and over. "This is what I want to do to you when you are being a Bitch at the office!!" Just then I pulled my slobbery dick out of her mouth and slapped her in the face with it.

I rubbed it all over her face, smearing her make-up, and sticking to her hair. I think this turned her on even more, somehow. I rubbed her slobbery cum all over her face and then shoved it back down her throat!

The sounds her mouth made as my cock fucked her lips were so fucking hot, especially with her looking up at me with mascara running down her eyes. She began to really get into it, taking her hands and stroking my cock as her head bobbed back and forth on my shaft. Suzie really could suck a mean cock and her thick lips felt so good sliding across it, smearing her red lipstick everywhere!

I could feel my cock bulging and my balls swelling with a huge load of cum! I had not jacked off or had sex with anyone else since Monday when I found out I was going to be fucking Suzie.

I've also made sure to drink a shit load of water every day because I had plans on cumming all over Suzie's face, and I wanted to make sure it was huge! When I couldn't stand the pressure anymore of not cumming I pulled my cock out of her lips and began stroking it with my hand. I took one hand and yanked her head back by her hair so her face was staring up at me, and just then my huge load of watery cum began spewing out towards her!

Spurt after spurt of my milky warm cum splashed against her face at first, landing across her forehead, cheeks, and hair. Then the remaining splashed onto her neck and big tits that were shaking back and forth as she graciously accepted my seed.

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"Oh my God!" She exclaimed as she felt and examined just how much cum was on her body. "That was so fucking hot!" She said. I stood there in front of her, with my dick still hard, partially wiped out from cumming my brains out, and she leaned forward to lick some remaining drops of cum that were about to fall off of my cock.

"Damn Baby!" I said. "Now you know exactly and in detail what I think and fantasize about doing to you at work. Think about that Monday as you sit in your office just a few feet away from me." She giggled and stood up as my cum continued to run down her body. "Well, I need a shower now.

Let me show you where we are spending the night," She said leading me toward her bedroom. We arrived at her "play room" and it was beautiful. She had a huge king size bed along with a Jacuzzi and full bathroom. There was also a full living room suit with a big flat screen TV next to a mini bar. I could see having a fun night in here. "Be back soon, stud," she said as she headed to the bathroom to take a shower.


I made myself at home and prepared for many more rounds of sex with Suzie… To Be Continued!!