Lovely old blonde takes it from behind

Lovely old blonde takes it from behind
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Fbailey story number 374 First Time Hooker As I came to a stop near that almost deserted corner and rolled down my passenger side window the girl approached me. Something about her gave me the idea that under all of that makeup that she was quite stunning. Her shorts were very short and they were very tight as well.

She had on a skimpy bikini top that just barely contained her nipples. Her heels were so high that they looked like stilts. She leaned into my car window allowing her big breasts to droop down just inside my car.

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I was treated to one hell of a set of tits. They swelled nicely with every breath that she took.

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We negotiated what I considered to be a pretty high price for vaginal sex with full nudity, a one-hour deadline, and in my hotel room. However her looks, her attitude, and her innocence seemed to be worth it.

I had a feeling that she did not have very many miles on her. As I drove to the hotel she told me that her name was Angelique. I laughed and said that I liked her hooker name. She then told me that it was not a hooker name, that it was her name. Oh. I stole a few glances over at Angelique at stoplights. Those shorts were right up into her crotch and looked uncomfortable. That bikini top did very little to conceal her nipples but apparently it was adequate, her areolas were another story though because most of them were exposed.

They were very pale pink in color, quite small in diameter, and beautifully crinkled with excitement. I could have parked in the underground parking garage and slipped her up to my room unnoticed but where would be the fun in that. Instead I parked on the street and walked her about a half a block to my hotel. Then I walked her right into the lobby and over to the elevators. I was proud to be seen with her, she seemed uneasy and out of sorts though, and as for the other people in the lobby they just stared at her.

In the elevator Angelique breathed a sigh of relief and then told me that she had felt out of place in a nice hotel like that wearing her skimpy outfit.

It had made her feel naked. We had an uneventful ride up to the fifteenth floor, the elevator doors opened, and we stepped out. No one was lurking around.

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I slipped my plastic room card in the door lock, the light turned green, and I opened the door allowing Angelique to enter. I snapped on the lights and the room lit up brightly. The drapes at the windows were open fully as I had left them.

Angelique held out her hand to receive her payment in advance. I placed the cash in her palm and she tucked it into the tiny rear pocket in those short shorts. I sat on the bed and watched as Angelique reached behind her back and untied the string. Then she lifted the two tiny triangles up off her nipples, up over her head, and then tossed it away.


Her breasts were magnificent before but with visible nipples they were even better. Her nipples were small in diameter but a good three-eighths long and hard as my cock. Their pink color blended in perfectly with her areolas. Her breasts were fairly large but did not show any sign of sag. Angelique freely revealed that they were D-cups and that they were all natural. With her slender build and flat tummy her breasts looked enormous.

Then she started to fiddle with the snap on her shorts.

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It popped with an audible snap. The zipper made a noise as it was pulled down. She opened the front flaps and started peeling them down her hips. It was like peeling a grape. She lowered her shorts so slowly I could just barely see them move down her long shapely legs. What I really noticed was her firm ass jutting out as they got lower and lower.

Once she stepped out of them and stood back up I was treated to the nice gap between her legs just under her pussy. I hadn't noticed that she was a gapper before that, probable because I couldn't get past her pretty face and her great tits.

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Angelique came over to me and started to undress me, so I let her. She removed my clothing one article at a time tossing them over near her own clothes. When I was just as naked as she was she pushed me back and started to suck my cock.

I warned her about doing that for too long. She said that she was just getting it wet enough to slip into her. I told her that I might be able to help and pushed her onto her back. I gave it some thought. After all she was a hooker and she probably wasn't all that clean. However, I was overcome with a desire to devour her.

As I approached her feet she spread them for me.


Her pussy mound had a round patch of hair on it. The rest of her pussy was bare.

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Her outer lips opened slightly. I could smell her faint perfume, I could see some pinkness inside, and I could not stand it a moment longer. My tongue lunged out of my mouth and into her pussy hole. The aroma filled my nostrils, the taste filled my mouth, and that small circle of hair tickled my noise.

Within just seconds I was hooked on that hooker. I only had a brief taste of her but I wanted all of her. Soon her juices were flowing. Angelique got up, pushed me back on the bed, and sat on my stomach. She traced circles around my nipples and then she lifted one knee up and placed her foot on the bed.

As she leaned to one side she grabbed a hold of my hard cock and positioned the head at her opening. Then she struggled to get her knee back down to the bed and my cock up into her. It was not working very easily either. I was surprised that she was having such trouble. I knew full well that she was wet enough. Eventually I was about halfway in and she was getting in position to bounce up and down on my cock.

She couldn't possibly be a virgin…could she? I had to ask, "Are you a virgin?" Angelique replied, "No but you are only my third lover and you have the biggest cock." I said, "Thank you but I'm only average in size." Angelique said, "Maybe but you are a lot bigger that the other two were. Tommy was only thirteen when I gave him my virginity and Jimmy was sixteen when we made out after a dance." I asked, "How old are you?" Angelique replied, "Eighteen." I asked, "How many Johns have you had?" Angelique replied, "You were my first." I asked, "Why did you become a hooker?" Angelique replied, "I lost a bet." I rolled her over and pressed my cock further into her pussy as she gave me encouragement.

I had her pinned to the bed and impaled with my cock. Then I leaned in to kiss her. She responded by slipping her tongue into my mouth. It was the sweetest taste. Once she had gotten used to the feel of my cock inside her pussy I started pumping into her for real. She felt so good that my climax was starting to build up in my balls.

I tried to suppress it but it was no use. The feel of Angelique around my cock was just too good. I swear that my cock increased in size as the blood built up in it causing it to get even harder. In addition I believe that the extra blood squeezed the tube that the cum came out of causing me to gain an extra minute or two of the best feeling in the world.

When I could take no more I threw my head back, cried out that I was cumming, and thrust deeper into her. Angelique thrust her hips up at me, cried out that she was having an orgasm, and then her pussy melted around my cock decreasing the friction and allowing me a few additional thrust so that I could deposit every single sperm deep inside her womb.

Time stood still for me as I tried to recover from the most intense climax of my life. My eyes were open and my heart was beating but I could see Angelique's breasts heave in slow motion as she tried to recover from the most intense orgasm of her life.

Her eyes glazed over and she rose to yet another orgasm…then another. Angelique was progressing through a series of four intense orgasms in a row. It was her first multiple orgasm and she felt like she was floating on a cloud. We stayed connected, not only physically but emotionally too for another four minutes as our bodies merged into a oneness.

It was as if our souls had merged and our minds had merged too. It was incredibly wonderful. I drifted off into a deep and satisfying sleep. After a good twelve hours of sleep my eyes opened up, Angelique was lying there next to me breathing her sweet breathe into my nostrils, her eyes opened slowly and she smiled, and then my cock started to grow once more inside her…we had never separated.

That week my business went on hold, my life went on hold, hell the whole world went on hold.

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Angelique and I lived on love for five days before I proposed to her, she accepted, and we left Chicago as a married couple. Even though I was thirty-six and twice her age we were both madly in love.

My business prospered and our love for one another grew.

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We had two children and grew old together. Neither one of us ever had to turn to prostitution again…we were everything that we ever needed. The End First Time Hooker 374