Silvia Saige takes Ike Diezels steaming load of cum on her tongue

Silvia Saige takes Ike Diezels steaming load of cum on her tongue
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this is my first post so good criticism would be nice to help me out I am 19 years old and a little husky. I had a face that made me look older then I am so I helped that fact out with long hair. I stand 6'1" and besides the gut I have a strong build. It starts during a winter night, were I was walking down the street. The snow was falling steadily. It was cold as hell on that street. As I progressed through the tundra I guess I was slowing down because this women opened her door to me.

"Come on inside. Please, its cold as hell out there." she yelled at me over the wind. Now when I looked up I seen the most beautiful women I have ever seen. A women in her 30's about 5'8" with long black hair, those enticing brown eyes, her breast were a firm 32b, and her ass well to good for words.

"Please come on in and get your self warm." "Thank you so much I could use some heat." I walk in and stand next to the couch while she closes the door. "Sit down relax your going to be here a while cause im not letting you go out in that shit.


So my names Rose whats yours." she says as she walks over to the couch and sits on the opposite end of me. "Im Mark nice to meet you rose." "So what exactly were you doing out in that nasty weather.

Oh I forgot do you want food or a drink of some kind." "No im good just sitting here in the warmth is good for me. Anyways I was just out there walking around town just doing nothing cause I had nothing better to do. That's when the snow hit so started to go back to my moms house where im living for now. So is there anyone else who lives here I should meet since I looks like im gonna be here a while." "No the only one who would be here is my 17 year old daughter but shes off sleeping at a friends house." "Oh you don't look old enough to have a 17 year old kid.

Were is your husband." "He ran off with the tramp that use to live next door." "Im sorry." "Its ok that was 5 years ago." "Well if may say so I think he made a horrible choice.

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Look at you your beautiful why would someone leave you." "Really now." she says now staring at me with lust in her eyes. "You felling warm now." "A little bit I still got that outside chill but it'll pass." "Here why don't I help you." She begin to move towards me on the couch.

"Body heat is a good way to warm up." Ours thighs now touching she throws her arms around me and we stay like this for about ten minutes. "May I say I just love the way you treat your guests." We both start laughing. "Well I know of a better way." Now her hand starts rubbing my chest then slowly moves down and gently rubs the outline of my now erect penis through my jeans. "That is definitely a better way." I now start to massage her left breast then here right.

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"You know I we were to go to my bedroom we would be warmer under the covers." We get up and move to the bedroom. When we get there she stops me at the door way and starts to undress herself seductively. Now nude she heads over to me and undresses me. First my winter shit then shirt, pants. Finally she puts her hand in the top of my boxers and grabs my 7 inch dick then removes my boxers.

She gets down onto her knees and start to lick all over the head. She takes it into her mouth and sucks it a few times before she gets up and we jump under the covers.


"Your colder from being outside so you get the treat." she moves under the blanket and I feel her take my dick again into her mouth. It feels like she is French kissing my dick as she swirls her tongue all around it while moving up and down. All I can see is the blanket moving up and down so I look under and dam she looks so hot sucking my dick.

"Mmmm you are good babe." She is really going at it now picking up speed along the way. "Im gonna cum babe." Now picking up the speed and playing with my balls I start shooting stream after stream of cum into her mouth and she doesn't miss one drop. She continues sucking until every last drop is out. "You taste good Mark but now its my turn." She lays down next to me so I head down first sucking on each tit then kissing all the way down until ive reached my prize. I start rubbing two fingers up and down her slit before entering her with my tongue.

So I lick and tongue fuck her slit till I see her clit pop out. I slowly and gently start to like around it. She start moving her hips to this so I start to suck on it a little and the next thing I know her hips start bucking and she cums on my chin. I move my mouth over her pussy so as to get a taste and oh what a taste.

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I kiss back up to her. "That is the sweetest juice ive ever had." I kiss her on the lips and we end up looked in a passionate kiss. "That was great and I think your little man down there wants more." My dick was at her opening. So I slowly move in first just passing the head through her moist lips. I continue pushing until all 7 inches are in her.

"Your tight babe its so good." I now move my hips and start to slowly move in and out of her tight pussy. As I pick up speed she grabs on to me tight and we kiss. "Lets make this interesting." I pick her up off the bed with her arms around my neck and my dick in her. Now standing I continue to fuck her pussy and she is loving it just bouncing on my dick in the air. It adds to the pleasure. "Babe im gonna cum I cant take it any longer." "Do it, cum in me.

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Make me cum with you." I explode into her and feel her spasm as well which does wonders for my dick. Each of us cumming and with that making the others orgasm that much more wonderful.

I fall with her on top of me onto the bed and we pass out with my dick still inside of her. The next mourning I wake up with her still sleeping on top of me so I lay there awhile just enjoying or bodies touching.

I noticed that my dick did slip out of her since last night but is being rubed against her slit as we lay there. So I start to rub her slit more with my now erect tool. This causes her to awaken. "Hey good mourning, hows it going Rose." "Im great and I like how you wake people up. Why don't we get up and go for nice hot shower." We get up and head towards the bathroom which is down the hallway pass what looks like her daughters room.

She starts that shower and as it gets warmed up she sits in my lap on the side of the tub.

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"So do you have anything to do today." "Yeah but its nothing that cant be held up. After all id like to do nothing but be here with you anyway." As that was said we stepped into the shower and started washing each other. "Theres nothing better than getting dirty all over again while in the shower." She says while grabing my dick and sucking on it. "Yeah&hellip. that's good mmm." I grab the back of her head and start to slowly fuck her mouth.

"This is great but it looks like im gonna cum early today." "No you wont." she says as she grabs the base of my dick tight. "That actually works, cool how about you get up here so I can fuck the shit out of your beautiful pussy." "Yeah that's what I want." She gets up and turns around putting herself up against the wall. My dick slips right into her and I start pounding away. "Uhh&hellip.deeper yeah there we go. I hope your ready cause im there." "Oh im ready babe." Both of us explode with a furious passion.

We end up just sitting there in the tub for a bit before we get cleaned up again. We go to exit the bathroom and as we walk down the hallway I end up stopping. I am now standing in front of her daughter nude.

After a few seconds of shock I cover my self and her mother comes over. "Hi sweaty this is Mark he is our guess till the weather dies down. When did you get home." By the way they don't have a car. "I actually just got dropped off. Its nice to see well all of you Mark. Well umm im gonna just go and hang in my room ill see you two when you are dressed." She walks off laughing to her room making sure to look behind her to watch us enter her mothers room.

We got dressed and eat with her daughter. The rest of the day was just us hanging around the house since her daughter was home. Any time she was out of the room though Rose would start rubbing my dick through my pants. The one time she even pulled it out but I luckily got it back in just before Jane (her daughter) came back into the room. So the next time she left the room while we watch TV I waited to hear her footsteps coming back and pulled her mothers left breast out of her blouse.

Rose just continues to watch TV and Jane doesn't even seem to bat an eye with her mothers breast exposed. Rose looks my way. "What did you think I or her would care.

We try on clothes together in the stores. We even trade them when we get back home if it looks better on the other one. Its like one of our mother daughter activities so of course we do shit together." "I see so theres no way to embarrass you in front of your daughter like you did to me earlier." "What did you do to him mom." "I pulled his dick out and he rushed to put it back in before you entered." "I thought I saw something oh well maybe next time." Jane says with a wicked smile across her face.

It is now midnight so Rose goes off to take her night time relaxation bath. As soon as the bathroom door is shut her daughter rips off her clothes and jumps onto my lap. "Uhhh hi…mind clueing me in on what your doing here." "Im naked you will be naked and we are gonna fuck the shit out of each other." "What if I say no cause ive been doing that to your mother." "To be we fucking either way if I have to tie you down I will." "Well ive done all I can do to resist lets go to your room." We get up and head to her room laughing.

I pick her up when we get to the door then throw her onto the bed. I strip down and knell over her to land a kiss on her lips. She stops me. "No no sir you are going on your back let me do all the work." She says in a girly girl tone. Im on my back now and she goes strait to jumping on my dick. Now Jane has the same features as her mother but her breast are just a few sizes bigger. "Ahhh ahhh so good." She starts wildly moving in circles on my dick then begins to shutter. "Im im Ahhhhh." she explodes all over me and it felt soooo good.

"Dam girl that's a lot of juice." "I know and that was all for you now lets get you to blow." She jumps off of me and starts sucking my dick when her mother walks in.

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"I thought I heard you two in here." "Yeah I can see why you like him mom. There is just something that makes the sex so much better." "Is this another mother daughter activity that you do." "Not as much but I think we can today." Rose says as she walks in the room to the bed still nude from her bath.

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"So sweaty what has happened so far." "Well you know how I am im drained I was just now trying to finish him." "Get up and sit on is face sweaty ill get him going." Jane moves over to my face facing her mother while Rose jumps up and down on my throbbing dick.

"You taste just as sweat as your mother Jane." I say as the two start to play with each others breast. As we continue Rose stops playing with her daughters tits and focuses on my poll. Jane on the other had is playing and sucking on her mothers tits. Jane explodes once again this time in my mouth and when finished licking it all up she goes and lays down next to me with her arm on my chest.

"Ahh ahh ahh ahh ahhhhhhhhhh." Rose now explodes.


Breathing heavily "Wooo that was just what I needed now I take care of you." "Let me help to mom." Both of them start liking and sucking on my dick. The best part was when the two started kissing each other with my dick between them. "Im gonna cum." "Here sweaty you catch it today." she takes my dick deep into her when I explode. She gets off and her mother starts sucking anything left in there.

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Rose gets up and the two show me that they both have my cum then start to make out with my cum in there. After that delightful sight they both lay down on either side of me and we fall asleep lightly playing with each others bodies.