Two raven haired cuties pleasure a big shaft

Two raven haired cuties pleasure a big shaft
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This is a repost to get all the chapters under the same userid. This is a fantasy only. First a little background. I love young barefoot girls. They just turn me on so much! I like the ages from about 9 to 14. I love them when they are petite, small breasted, nice tight little asses, nice legs and of course pretty bare feet! There is something about their freshness, innocence, and smiles that is captivating.

I also like petite women for pretty much the same reasons minus the innocence! I generally am not into boys although they can be pretty cute too at these young ages especially if they are also barefoot! It was a nice warm summer afternoon and I was outside working on one of my cars. I enjoy tinkering with them and it's especially nice to enjoy the sunshine at the same time. I live in a middle class suburban neighborhood with lots of young families and plenty of pretty girls around.

In this case, there is a neighbor with a pool and two very lovely daughters. One of them looks to be about 13 and the other one is probably about 10. Right in that age range I enjoy! The younger girl was wearing a fantastic turquoise bikini with one of those really cute little skirts on the bottom. Oh my, I couldn't help but stare she was so beautiful!

Her skin was tan and she was barefoot.

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She was constantly kicking a ball over the fence and running through the gate to get the ball. She would smile at me and prance around the ball and kick it back into her yard with her pretty foot. Oh I was I heaven. It was hard to concentrate on my car!

I stayed out there and enjoyed the show until she went inside and disappeared. Disappointed, I decided I was going to go inside and strip naked and enjoy myself while thinking of my lovely little neighbor girl. I rent a basement apartment in the house I'm in and there is a stairwell that leads to my outside entrance, so it's pretty secluded.

The one window I have is small and high in the wall. On a warm day like today, I just leave the door wide open to get fresh air. I never worry about anyone surprising me so I'm usually nude when I'm inside. I love to go on nude hikes too, but that's another story! My bed is right below the window I described earlier and I have no blinds or curtains. But again, no one usually comes around to this side of the house, so it's no big deal.

At least, not until today that is. After I came inside, I quickly shed my clothes and reclined on my bed after propping my head up on my pillows. I knew someone could see me if they really wanted to if they just walked up to the window well and looked inside the window, but I wasn't worried no one ever had before. Anyway, after I lay down, I immediately started stroking my cock as I thought about that lovely little girl and her pretty feet.

Ohhh, so nice! My cock was getting hard quickly and I was enjoying the feel of the warm air caressing my body. I tried to imagine how that lovely little girl would look completely nude.

I thought about her nearly flat chest and her completely nude pussy. I then thought about her perfect little ass and I had an image of her nude with her back to me while she stood on her tippy toes looking over a fence. Just heavenly! I could feel some precum leaking out of the tip of my penis and it got my left hand, my stroking hand, sticky. So I licked it off. I've always kind of enjoyed the taste of my own cum.

I think it's pretty mild and bit salty. What I had no idea about was that a neighbor boy, who happened to be 9 years old, had come around to the side of the house looking for a ball he had kicked into the yard accidentally. He was barefoot so I didn't hear him approach the open window.

He must have gotten quite the eyeful! I thought I heard a sound close by so I stopped stroking and got up on my hands and knees to look out the window. I didn't see anything, so I just shrugged my shoulders and got back down on my back and resumed the luxuriously slow stroking of my cock. I often like to stroke slowly so as to maximize the time of pleasure before I cum. I imagined that the pretty neighbor girl had been spying on me and it gave me a thrill. I also like to stick a finger in my anus for some extra special stimulation and I took some more precum and lubricated my right hand index finger and gently worked it in.

Ummmm. Feels so good! I fantasized the pretty 9 year old girl was secretly watching me and feeling some strange and wonderful feelings in her young pussy.

I imagined that she was probably feeling a wetness in her pussy she had never felt before. Then I heard it. To my left stood the 9 year old boy and my 9 year old lovely girl from next door!

I was so close to cumming by now that the image of these two beautiful barefoot children watching me sent me crashing through the barrier of restraint and I came so hard I gasped in exquisite pleasure and moaned loudly as my cock squirted rope after rope of hot white cum straight up and then splashed right back down over my belly.

I worked my finger in and out of my ass as I came and it only made my orgasm that much more intense as my rectal muscles tightly squeezed my finger as I came over and over! It was by far the most powerful orgasm I had ever had! As I came down from my high, I shuddered in time with the last ebbs of my orgasm. But, I didn't have time to savor the moment. Those children stood transfixed. Their eyes were as big as saucers and their mouths hung open in incredulous surprise!

I had the feeling they had never seen anything like this before! I stammered: "oh my gosh kids I am SO sorry! I had no idea you were there! Why didn't you knock?" At the same time, I made no attempt at all to hide myself. I figure why bother now? Besides, it didn't take long for some very naughty thoughts to start to form in the back of my mind.

Those thoughts were causing my limp dick to start to regain some stiffness already! By this time, the kids were starting to regain some composure and the boy appeared to be apprehensive and started to back away as if he were going to run. The girl, however, stayed firmly planted with her bare feet about shoulder width apart. She still had on that absolutely lovely bikini man was she hot! She called after her friend "Bobby where are you going?" Bobby stopped not sure what to say.

But he stammered: "Susie, I don't think we should stay. This doesn't feel right." Susie smirked and taunted him: "You're just a fraidy cat, aren't you?" I watched amusedly as Bobby stopped dead in his tracks and turned back around.

"No I'm not!" he said. He then padded back over to her side and then they both looked at me. Guess it was my move now.


Well, Bobby and Susie, I guess I should introduce myself. I am Victor. Again, I'm sorry you caught me like this! Susie and Bobby apologized for not knocking. That's when Bobby confessed that he had seen me earlier through the window.

He decided to run and get his friend Susie to bring her back.

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Susie didn't believe what he said, of course. So, she had to come and see for herself. When they did arrive Susie was amazed as she watched me stroking myself.

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She then decided she wanted a closer look and noticed my door was wide open. She motioned for Bobby to follow her and since they were both barefoot, I did not hear them come in. Besides, I was lost in my own horny thoughts and was busy moaning and groaning as I worked my cock. Susie was not shy at all and she decided to ask.

Victor, what was that you were doing? Bobby piped in and wanted to know why I was groaning so much he thought I was in pain or something. So, I thought well, I might as well be honest. So, I confessed to her that I thought she was a beautiful girl and after she had gone inside earlier, I also went inside and started to pleasure myself as I thought about her.

I said when a boy or man rubs his penis like I was doing, it feels really good! It's called "masturbating." They both mouthed the word, to try it out. "Masturbating" they said, tasting the word. Yes, boys and girls both masturbate. Susie of course knew she didn't have a penis so demanded to know how a girl masturbates.

Oh my I thought. This is leading me down a path that could be very dangerous! Of course, that taboo feeling was also terribly exciting and intoxicating! Very much like a drug would be I imagine. I said to Susie and Bobby, look kids, you have to promise me that you will NEVER say a word about this to anyone, do you understand?

They both nodded solemnly. I could just imagine the police breaking down my door in the middle of the night and hauling my sorry ass away. But still, they were so cute, and Susie was so hot!

I took a moment to enjoy their young beautiful bodies. They were both about the same height and build. Cute legs, pretty bare feet. Mister, why are you staring at us, Bobby asked? I'm sorry Bobby, you are both so cute, I couldn't help myself.

Susie noticed that my cock was getting hard again and I saw her eyes glued to it. I asked her if she would like to feel it.

She nodded yes excitedly and came over and gingerly reached out her right hand to touch it. I told her it's ok sweetie go ahead, just wrap your hand around it. Oh my god I had the hand of a hot little 9 year old wrapped around my hot throbbing cock!

Oooh it sent a jolt of electricity throughout my body! She admired my penis as she looked at it intently. Susie was a very curious girl and she looked at Bobby and asked him what his penis looked like. He blushed profusely and mumbled something like "I don't know." But it's not THAT big!

Come on Bobby let me see it! I'll show you my private parts if you'll show me yours. Music to my ears and my cock jumped with excitement! Could my fantasy really be unfolding before my very eyes? The kids both looked at me then as if they needed my permission.

I smiled warmly and told them it was ok. Bobby then slowly pulled down his swim trunks and there was his cute little penis and it was actually starting to get hard! Again, Bobby blushed. I said it's OK Bobby you have a very nice penis, don't you think so Susie? Oh yes, she said! Then, without asking for Bobby's permission, she wrapped her hand around his cock.

Bobby let out an involuntary little gasp. Susie quickly removed her hand and said I'm sorry.

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Bobby told her it was OK. It felt kinda good! Susie then smiled shyly and grabbed his cock again. His little cock quickly stiffened to its full length. He then reminded Susie that it was her turn. Susie wasn't shy at all and quickly pulled down her bikini bottoms and removed her bikini top as well.

Bobby pulled off his t shirt. Oh my god I thought I was going to blow my second load right then and there! I'd always imagined this first experience with a young girl would be just between she and I, but I liked this even better! They both had the cutest little tight asses and perfect skin. I couldn't help myself and started stroking myself again. Susie noticed and decided to mimick my movements on Bobby's penis.

He began to moan quietly and Susie smiled. Then she stopped and asked me how does a girl masturbate? Aaah yes, the moment of truth for me. How would I handle this innocent and explosive question? But I said simply this: Susie, you need to come and lay down on the bed and I will show you. Come over here Bobby. You need to see how this is done too.

Susie then lay down on my bed. I told her to spread her legs a bit. I pointed out her labia, vulva and clitoris to Bobby. He stared with excited interest as his cock remained very stiff. Of course, mine was hard as a rock too!

OK Susie, there are different ways to masturbate so you can experiment on your own when you are alone in your room. But here is one way.


You take a finger and lick it like this. I licked my own finger, and then you take it and gently rub your clitoris like this.

I gently touched her beautiful little clit and began to gently but firmly rub in using circular motions. How does that feel baby? My voice was shaking as I touched the forbidden fruit of this pre-teen girl.

She smiled and said it felt really nice! Oh man my cock was straining! I told Bobby to try it too. He licked his finger and I said good boy.

He mimicked my movements very well. Susie responded with more moans. OK, Susie, now you try it. She dutifully reached down and touched herself. She gasped and instinctively started to probe her own hole with her finger.

Both Bobby and I stared wide eyed as this hot young beauty played with herself. OK, that's good Susie. That's very good! That's how you masturbate. Now Bobby, you saw how I was doing it earlier. Why don't you try? Bobby seemed to have gotten over his initial trepidation as he now took his hard little cock in his hand and started stroking vigorously.

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Susie watched in fascination. She asked me if he would squirt that white stuff like I did if he kept rubbing it like that? I said no, he is too young for that. But he could still have an orgasm and feel really good. An orgasm both kids asked? Yes, that's a very special feeling you get after you've masturbated for a while. It's a wonderful feeling and you will know it when it happens to you the first time.

Will we moan like you did when it happens? I said, probably. Susie clapped her hands in delight and said I can't wait! Do you want to learn some more about this fun game I asked them hoping against hope that they would be willing to go further. They both nodded yes as they both continued to rub their sexual organs.

Good, I said! There is something else called "oral sex" that two people can give each other that is very special. It's sort of like masturbating except the other person does it for you.

The kids looked at me quizzically with their heads slightly cocked. So precious! I asked Susie if I could demonstrate on her. She smiled widely and said yes! Ok Bobby, watch what I do. I carefully got down on my knees and approached the forbidden fruit once again. This time it would be my tongue that would make contact with this beautiful nude pussy and I started shaking again in excited anticipation. As my tongue made contact with her body she let out a gasp. I then started to lap her clit and pussy lips like a dog in heat.

She started squirming in delight and before I knew it, she was having her first orgasm! She squealed in pleasure. Bobby asked her is she was all right. Susie responded breathlessly yes! She then asked me if that was an orgasm. I said yes my beautiful neighbor girl that was an orgasm! Just then we could all hear Susie's mother calling for her.

I said oh shit!

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Kids, I'm afraid we're going to have to continue this lesson another time! Get dressed quickly! You guys can come over to my place anytime you want! They smiled at me and said they would!


I admired their pretty little asses once again and watched their lovely bare feet as they ran up the stairs. They waved goodbye. Wow! I just had to finish myself off after that. I laid down and stroked myself furiously and quickly came at least as hard as the last time!

What an afternoon! Talk about afternoon delight. Aaah. I then drifted off into a blissful sleep.