Vovo safadao fudendo a netinha no sofa

Vovo safadao fudendo a netinha no sofa
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Whoa, momma! I really like this fella. His mind, his body, his soul, Oh, even it looks good, that mole. Look at me baby, Ain't no need to be lazy.

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I'll take care of you, When you're feelin blue, Everything you go through I will too. Don't be shy, I already think you're fly.


Aint got nuthin to prove, So, just jump into my groove… Rough hot sex, in the back seat of a lex. Big dick in my mouth, I feel a hand goin down south. Rumpin hard, screamin loud, We sound louder than a crowd. Fuckin wild, legs held high, Feels pretty good, I'm about to cry. But, it's all good, I know I'll make it. Shit, I'd do it again cuz I aint gon' fake it.

He's there and he's there, Where the hell is my underwear? Windows foggy, I'm moanin "bobby," The popper's kickin in cuz i'm feelin groggy. Too much sweat, before we aint never met. Damn, now I'm all sticky and wet… My butt's achin and I'm wonderin why I let u fuck me at all.

Cum stains on my eyelids cuz I can't see shit. And even if I could; what a sight to appall!

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But with you lyin next to me face all sunlit, I'm reminded that it wasn't so bad. You drank too much last night and found out you're gay, Not much left to say. We skipped the fuss and did it right away, Found out you're a pretty good lay. We'll probably go at it again all day, But tomorrow till next week they'll be hell to pay… Turns out we played too much, Went to back to school after lunch, But I knew something was up cuz I had a hunch.

The fantasy is over, Now comes the heartache. Talk to me mother fucker, Takes more than some bullshit for this heart to break.

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Hard on words but soft on actions, Yet you can keep an eye on some queen with half my satisfactions. You be chillin with some new faggitty crew, Bitches, back the fuck up cuz we got some talking to do… Some trippy ass tangibles since that night, More fucked up shit and we aint alright. Shit we see everyday, resent away, we aint okay, People in our face makin drama cuz we say we gay.

Some days feel completely meaningless, Serious, people and emotions got us delirious.

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These fucked up days make us out to be notorious, Just lingering and longing to be glamorous. Although we're fabulous, Time's a tickin away and we actin like it don't be killin us. We agin, we ragin, we aint even chillin, Desperate for money we aint even fingerin… I wasn't sprung in my mind, It just seemed like our souls would entwine. Another fake ass bitch was all I could find. We was too raunchy and skanky, even for my moral. I aint that surprised considering our local.

Such personalities dwell in SoCal. My temper just flared at all this bad etiquette.


I was trying to be considerate, But I failed to be articulate. I know I got some habits that I need to quit… Well papi, It was fun and kinky.

The sex, the drugs, we rocked and rolled.

Oh, who could forget some of the shit you pulled. I'm gonna miss that dick, It was wicked fun to lick. You sure were a kick ass fuck, And I wish you the best of luck, Some other young buck is just gon' get caught in your muck.

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I gotta stop this hate. I'm gonna find my mate.

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Cuz I aint got nuthin to prove, Put my heels on and get back into my groove.