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Fbailey story number 460 Courtney Sure Grew Up I hadn't seen Courtney in about two years then one day she knocked on my front door. Courtney said, "Hi.

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Before Judy left she said that if I ever need to talk to a real adult that would help me, that I should talk to you. May I?" I invited her in and assured her that I would listen and give her whatever advice or help that I could.

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That seemed to calm her down somewhat. I offered her a soda and she asked for something stronger like Vodka and orange juice.

She said that she drinks it all the time at home. Well there was certainly something to talk about, her alcohol problem. Against my better judgement I fixed us both a drink however I only put half of a shot in her drink. She took a sip and said, "You shorted me, didn't you.

I take it about half and half and this is really watered down." I handed her the bottle and watched as she drank half and filled it with Vodka and drank it dry.

Finally Courtney said, "I have problems…I don't like my body.


I'm starting to look like my mother and I hate it." I listened as she continued, "The boys only want to play with my tits and fuck me…they don't really like me." I asked, "So what kind of boys have been fucking you?" Courtney laughed and said, "All of them. Good boys, bad boys, and geeks too. Well at least about twenty or thirty of them.

Most only fuck me once to loose their virginity or on a dare. A few just ring the doorbell, tell my mother why they are there, and then take me up to my bed." I asked, "Are any of them something that you want to date?" Courtney said, "No. They are all jerks." I asked, "So what do you need from me?" Courtney said, "I don't know.

All I do know is that I don't like who I am, what I look like, or who I'm fucking." I just smiled and said, "Then change who you are, how you look, and who you are fucking." Courtney scowled and said, "Easy for you to say." I asked, "Does your mother know that you drink and fuck those boys up in your bed?" Courtney replied, "Yes." I asked, "Does she approve?" Courtney said, "She doesn't object." I asked, "Would she let you move in here with me?" Courtney said, "I suppose so.

Why?" So I explained that if she lived with me I could help her learn to become someone else, loose some weight, stop drinking, and stop fucking every horny kid in her school. We walked over to her house, presented our plan to her mother, and carried home a few suitcases of her clothes. Her mother wanted to move in with me too but I said no. Courtney put her things in my guestroom, changed, and came down to watch some television.

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She was only wearing one of her mother's old T-shirts. It looked like a tent on her.

She pulled her knees up into her breasts and I could see her hairy pussy gapping open between her spread feet. As I asked her questions I found out that she was just fifteen years old, in the ninth grade in high school, and that she was not a very good student. She had just gotten her report card with the first thirty weeks on it and ten more to go. I asked to see it and she went up to get it.

I was not impressed to say the least.

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I told her that we would start working on her grades right after school the following day and that she needed to bring all of her books home with her. She resisted carrying them home until I told her that I would be dropping her off every morning and picking her up every afternoon.

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Then I told her that I would also eat lunch with her. She was not going to have a chance to fall into her old lifestyle very quickly. Luckily there were only three days left in that first week. Courtney resisted as I had figured she would but she really needed a drink. Stopping drinking cold turkey is hard but as far as I am concerned the only way to go. I had removed all of the alcohol from the house in anticipation so when she started begging for some, my answer was no.

Then by a coincident an old movie came on television staring Dick Van Dyke. It was called Cold Turkey and every time he wanted a cigarette he made love to his wife. That gave her the suggestion for us to make love. I tried to tell her that it had been a long time for me. My wife had a long illness before she died a few years ago.

It had been several years since I had had sex. Courtney took off her T-shirt and revealed her naked body to me.

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I looked at her big breasts sitting on top of her big belly, at her belly lapping over half of her pussy, and her dark hair to her shoulders. What I saw at first glance was a younger version of my wife.

What Courtney saw was my hard cock poking out in my pants. She freed it easily. The next thing I knew I was on my back on the couch with my pants and underwear around my ankles. Courtney was sitting on my cock and it was tucked nicely up inside her. I reached up to play with her nice big soft breasts. I always loved to do that with my wife. When I cum it was great. I hadn't cleaned out the old pipes in quite some time.

Fortunately Courtney was satisfied too for the time being. I got dressed but she didn't. In fact she didn't get dressed all weekend.

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By the end of her freshman year in high school Courtney felt better about herself. She was no longer craving alcohol, junk food, or sex with a bunch of jerks.

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Her eating had improved, she lost some weight, and she enjoyed sex with an old man about three times a week. When her end of school report card arrived in the mail I was pleased. We both knew that she could do better in her sophomore year.


The End Courtney Sure Grew Up 460