Girlfriend and friend fucking while he sleeps

Girlfriend and friend fucking while he sleeps
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We leave the restaurant and walk towards the pier. The sun is beginning to set as we get to the end of the pier. Looking down at the calm cool water you comment on how much you'd like to feel the sand between your toes and the water at your feet. I grab your hand and guide you across the pier and to the beach. As you struggle to take your shoes off I pick you up and run you to the shore. Screaming and giggling with joy, you begin to think I'm going to throw you over into the water.

Still not able to stop laughing you scream for me to stop, but I don't. Right as I get to the shore line, and the water is at my feet, I gently set you down.

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You're standing in front of me; sand between your toes and water to your knees, our eyes meet. Time stand stills, we haven't noticed that the sun has almost fully set. I lean in and our lips touch. The sensation is numbing yet ecstatic at the same time. Your hand comes up to the back of my head as my hands or set gently upon your hips.

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Pulling each other closer the embrace becomes more intense. As we release I realize how dark it is, and begin to walk with you back to the shoes that we left next to the sidewalk, only knowing where to go by the guiding light of the restaurants inland.

Halfway back you stop moving, my arm jerks and causes me to turn around and with that instantaneous motion you pull me in for another kiss. This one is longer, more passionate.

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Your tongue parts my lips just slightly. A loud crack of thunder hits right above us and rain begins to blanket the area. There was never a chance to make it back to shelter, let alone my car. Neither of us realize how wet we're getting. We feel alone, private in the most public place. As we part, our eyes lock again, yet now we notice the water trickling down our faces. My head darts around looking for a place to go, but it's too dark outside. I see the pier and notice that the light from above slightly illuminates the area underneath it.

Pulling in the direction of the pier we both run as fast as our legs can take us. As soon as we reach the underbelly of the old wooden pier, we both fall exhausted to the ground. Starting to chuckle and laugh I look over at you and realize how radiant you look with the soft light from above falling upon your face causing your eyes to look slightly green.

I lean towards you, but you playfully lean back. I don't stop, still advancing. You can't go any farther back, lying completely on the ground. Me to your side I start to give you short kisses, teasing you back for the stunt you just pulled.

You know me better than that. You grab the back of my head once again and pull me for a longer sensual kiss. Our tongues intertwine, darting back and forth. I'm starting to feel hot, forgetting that it's raining I remove my shirt. Your hands run down my back, tracing the slight muscle definition all the way to my ass. You roll me over onto my back, and straddle me.

Taking off your shirt but leaving the white bikini top on, you lean forward but this time not for my lips but my neck. Your kisses run around my neck and back to my lips. It's nothing like I've felt before.

My hands have now also begun to run along your back, but my fingers aren't just lightly treading along your skin. They are busy massaging your toned muscles all the way to your shoulders then back down to your waist. As my hands move back up I stop at your bikini straps and begin to ever so slowly untie them. Letting the lower laces fall, I move my hands to the laces behind your neck and release them.

Without stopping our embrace I turn you over and begin to kiss you all over your neck and down to your cleavage towards your naval, still going all the way to the waist band of your jean shorts. Making my way back up your body I move towards one of your breasts. Kissing and licking a trail all the way up your large breast. Stopping just short of your nipple, I move towards the outside of your breast encircling your nipple but never touching it.

I make my way over to your other breast; I notice your breathing has gotten heavier by the heaving of your chest. Doing the same thing as before I encircle your nipple and without warning my mouth takes in the entirety of your small hard nipple. I hear you gasp for air, my hand moves up to your free breast and start to play with the free lonely nipple.

Tweaking and pinching it as my teeth lightly scratch over your left nipple. Your nerves feel so frayed; your body is shaking uncontrollably, your hands scratching my back. You can't take it anymore the teasing is just too much for you You stop me and tell me to roll over; reaching for my board shorts you start to undo the knot that holds light material on my hips.

You take the shorts off in such a hurry you take my boxers with them. I'm now fully exposed on my back with a semi hard dick pointing towards you. Reaching out, you grasp my engorging penis and slowly begin to pump it, helping it achieve full erection; your free hand playing with my sensitive ball sack.

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You lean forward and lick the underside of my penis all the way to the head then you start to go back down taking in my dick inch by inch all the way until there isn't any more left.

Swishing your tongue around my now rigid cock you slowly start motioning your head back and forth, all the while continuing playing with my balls. My groans become louder, and louder they become the faster you go. You sense me getting close, my balls tighten, but you don't stop.

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Right before I release my load I warn you how close I am. Almost as if you know you take in the entirety of my dick into your mouth which sends me over the edge, releasing wad after wad into your mouth. Still sucking has hard as ever you pull ever last drop out of me. As my cock falls out of your mouth with a popping sound, I immediately sit up and begin to unfasten your tight jean shorts.

Not wanting to waste a moment I grab both the shorts and your bikini bottoms and pull them off so fast it seemed like a magic trick. Placing myself between your legs begin again at your neck. Kissing and biting all the way back down your cleavage towards your naval and your hips. I take my sweet time, wanting to tease you, wanting you to beg. I make it all the way down to your finely trimmed mound but I don't go straight to your pussy.

My mouth moves to your legs, kissing the inside of your thighs and around your pussy lips. Moving to your clit I start to lick at it and nibble so lightly, but not enough you get you over the edge. Picking up the pace I start to lap at the juices that are now running out of you, my right hand is playing with your nipples while my left hand finds your opening and begins to go inside you. The simultaneous motion of my mouth on your clit and my hands at your nipples and inside you send you crashing over an intense orgasm.

Your legs lock around my head keeping me in place, your hands reaching out trying to grasp for something but only grab sand and it helplessly flows between your fingers.

A second orgasm hits. I keep going, not wanting to stop the roller coaster of pleasure falling upon you. I begin to slow, you begin to relax and release me from your grip.

I'm now face to face with you, my penis starting to regain its life. Lightly kissing I position myself at the opening of your now soaking pussy. Inching in little by little, the anticipation is killing you. Wanting to feel full with my large hot dick inside you wrap your legs around me and pull me in.

Now to the hilt we stare into each other's eyes. I begin to pump in and out of you. Starting off little by little but picking up my pace as I go. Your hips now match my rhythm, as we go in sync I can't stop staring deep into your eyes. You help me along with your feet on my butt pushing me in harder and harder each time.

I'm afraid I'm going to hurt you so I slow down and pull out. You just look at me and without saying a word turn over onto all fours. Taking your lead I position myself behind you and begin to enter slowly.

You can't wait, pushing back onto me forcing my entire dick inside you. We both pause in shock of the sensation.


I take your cue and just start pumping. No slow pace this time, I'm going full steam ahead, my right hand is reaches around your firm tight ass and starts to play with your clit, as my left hand is placed at your shoulders so I can pull you back after every thrust.

The combination of my hands at your clit and breasts with my dick sliding in and out of you vigorously causes you to once again lock up in ecstasy. Though time I can feel your vaginal walls milking my dick, squeezing and pulling away. This is too much, I don't have time to pull out.

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My balls tighten, I lock up, stream after stream of hot cum flows deep into you. The sensation rocks you into another orgasm. Finally both of our orgasms subside and as we separate my hot sperm just oozes out of you. I lay back and just stare back up at the boards that hold the pier together.

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You turn to face me and notice that my dick hasn't gone down. Hard as ever staring back up you, you reach out and take it back into your hand. Your hands move back and forth just a few times getting my attention. Before I know what's going on your straddling me while at the same time position my cock right under you. Lowering yourself all the way down, you lean forward and whisper into my ear "let me take care of you like you took care of me." You place both your hands upon mine right behind my head and then begin lifting yourself forward then back down, riding me at a calm but not slow pace.

Your goal at first is to tease me slightly, but after a few minutes you pick up the pace, losing control to the lust that has now taken over you. Having already came twice, I know that I will last much longer. Not knowing what to do I take hold of you and place you back onto your back and begin to take deep long strokes.

As I feel myself near one last time I pull out and rub my hand along my shaft and shoot what little sperm I have left across your belly and ending onto your chest. Three long glorious spurts later, and I collapse.

I must enough energy to grab my shirt so I can wipe your chest off. You crawl into my arms and we pass out, too exhausted to get dressed right away.


You wake up in what seems like minutes later to the sun starting to bring the fresh daylight of the day. Waking me up we both get dressed and sneak back to my car. What a wonderful night, I thought to myself. I need to find out when it's going to rain again.