Special BBC delivery for blonde Mellanie Monroe

Special BBC delivery for blonde Mellanie Monroe
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Chapter 5; Why I am now his dumb bitch "Well if it isn't my naughty little office slut who likes to fuck teenage boys, how is my favorite bitch." He was unusually icy and cruel this morning, but I was still aroused and I let his words wash over my body.

My body had become trained for sex. He held the phone away from him saying to me, "I hope you didn't think I forgot to punish you for fucking Steven. " I shuddered remembering how big he was, filling up my pussy with his large cock the other night before.

He continued, "and for watching Colin having sex while his brother was fucking you…&hellip.you bad girl." He snickered. I had thought the punishment was to seduce my boyfriend's father.

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I was to be vindicated this morning. "I…&hellip.I didn't know&hellip." Gene raised his hand to silence my explanation. I was humiliated in front of Colin wasn't that enough? No, not for my boss. I didn't know if I was angrier I enjoyed Steven's cock as he pushed me to orgasm or that I was now aware that Gene was yet again, about to blackmail me into something. He said his formal goodbyes to whoever was on the phone and took a moment to scan my figure.

I wondered if that was the secretary of my boyfriend's dad. "Very nice&hellip.I like what your wearing…extra slutty." He said.

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I looked down at my very short black high-waisted shorts hugging my curves and the ruffled cr? blouse held in place by the taught suspenders pushing into my cleavage. "If you fall your tits would plop right out that blouse its so low cut. Naughty girl" He devilishly smiled, looking lustily in my eyes.

I felt hot all over. He openly made fun of me even though I obeyed his orders to dress like a slut.

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"Come here."He said provocatively. I sauntered over to the desk trying to take my time, afraid of his intended malice and the coming manipulation. I looked to the floor resisting the stare he had that made my knees weak and my pussy wet from being dominated. "Take off what little of that blouse is left, keep the suspenders on over your tits.

Let it pinch your nipples. I want you to feel a little pain as a punishment for wearing any shirt at all. Tits like that shouldn't be covered you dumb, slut." I unbuttoned the last two buttons of my blouse and peeled it off, than my bra adjusting my breasts so they were pressed, tightly, against my chest. He smirked, he had become so powerful in such a short amount of time, owning my body like it was his property to with whatever he wanted.

"Stupid Bitch don't just stand there staring at me, touch yourself." I slid my fingers under my shorts as ordered, and used my other hand to rub the mounds of my breasts trapped tight under the suspenders. I rubbed my clit and lips until my fingers were wet enough where he could see visibly the white sticky film he loved so much to make me taste.

Knowing he would make me lick my juices from my fingers I did so without question, pulling my hand to my mouth. I licked slowly up and down my fingers tasting myself and its sweetness while looking him in the eyes. He seemed pleased as I brought my hands to my tits and massaged and pulled at there fullness as if presenting them to him to use at his discretion.

"You fucking slut. Why even bother to wear clothes anymore bitch?

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Your just a tease? You love this don't you&hellip.you love being my naughty little slut……sucking me and fucking me whenever I desire, but your going to learn your place in this office," he paused, "did I tell you to stop fucking playing with yourself!?

I reached back in my shorts softly moaning to arouse his satisfying dick, using my fingers from my other hand to tickle my titties. "Get on your knees Miss Martin and open wide." I dropped helping him undo his belt and sliding down his zipper while wetting my lips.

I looked up into his eyes and slowly opened my mouth, spreading my full lips and dropping my tongue so he could enter me as he wished. "What the fuck are you doing? This is your job slut, your going to make me do all the work? You make me laugh&hellip.suck my dick."His cold demeanor caused me an embarrassed, blush as I realized he expected me to reach for his throbbing prick.


I leaned forward letting my chest brush against his knees spreading them slightly to get a better position to suck his cock. I pressed my lips tight, letting the tip of his head touch me, than taking his cock in my hand, I sucked it into my mouth. He leaned back as I vigorously started to go up and down on his shaft while massaging his length with my hand. "Yes baby, take it all down your throat.

Choke yourself on it&hellip.yes that's it&hellip.mmmmm……fuck yes&hellip.my good little cocksucker." I sucked him for awhile, pausing to take it out of my mouth and rub the sides off his cock with my lips.

He loved when I would flick his head with my tongue while sucking on his cock deeply, as if trying to swallow it whole.

I let him fuck my mouth, as he stood from the chair to hold my head, working up a terrific rhythm and penetrating me to the point of exhaustion.


I fell back on my haunches feeling my heels press against my ass. He leaned into my body slowly pulling his prick from my wet mouth and watching as he would push slowly back down past my lips to the back of my throat.

I was in complete submission as he forced me take his dick as deep as he wanted. I softly moaned, my sounds muffled into his crotch as he worked himself into me with that violent rhythm. He stopped when I felt his cock enlarge, pulsing, waiting for the moment to release his hot liquid into my stomach. He fucked my mouth slowly now so I could hear our heavy breathing and I could feel my cunt soaking my thin panties, leaking through to my where I sat on my calves.

"Yes, bad girl, very, very bad girl. You love getting mouth fucked in the office. Yes baby, I give it to you so fucking good every morning……&hellip. and you suck it like a champ. So bad 'cause you do it so………&hellip.so good. MMmmm…&hellip."He said, feeling his pre-cum squirt slightly onto my tongue.

He pulled away from my body exposing his erect pulsating cock. He had the look of when a man in hot pursuit, determined to get off. "Stand up." I dutifully responded to his order. He shook his head as I stood there staring into his eyes, laughing to himself. "Will you ever learn Miss Martin? Are you always going to be my dumb little slut? What do you think I want you to do know?" I hesitated, feeling set up by the question.

Many of his questions could be answered with a simple, Yes, sir and I deserve it, but these type made me feel completely helpless. "Come on Miss Martin&hellip."He enjoyed very much teasing me in this way. "Your a college graduate. I know you spent most of that time fucking football players and etc.

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but your pretty smart, what do you think I want you to do for me now? "Take off my clothes?" I softly said. "There you go" He mockingly said nodding, as I looked to the floor feeling a bit ashamed of how I took this treatment from him. "Bad little sluts like you don't need to wear clothes because they're always waiting for a good fuck. And your waiting for one right now, aren't you Miss Martin?" I didn't answer. Looking down at the floor I started to strip the rest of my clothes from my body.

Slowly, I undid the buttons on my shorts because he liked it more when I slowly stripped. I had already been taught that lesson. I slowly pushed my shorts off of my hips pushing them to the floor revealing my slender legs propped up by very tall, cluncky heels.

I reached up and rubbed my tits varying between pinching my nipples and squeezing, arousing myself. Mr. Lamar's wanting dick spasmed as I reached down to my tingling pussy.

I tickled my clit causing my body to respond as he wanted while watching his expression, waiting for my next command. Realizing he wanted me to continue my strip tease, I reached down letting my hands fall on the soft skin of my curvy hips. Inspired and a little afraid of his reprimanding, I pulled at the strings of my lacy black thong, teasing him before I would pull it off of my body.


"Do it baby," he coaxed, "I mean they're so wet&hellip.you may catch your death of cold."He said referring to my panties. "Turn around baby and let me see that full round ass." He said. I did whatever he wanted and obeyed turning so he could stare at my cheeks lewdly exposed.

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Than pulling my thong down my legs, slowly bending over giving him the best view of my ripe, tender cheeks, I was silently begging him to fuck me. "Mmmm good" He raised an eyebrow as I stood to rub all over my body, closing my eyes letting myself get carried away and turning myself on. "Now back your ass up baby and come sit on my dick". He positioned his cock where I could set my wet little cunt on it. As he clutched his cock I put my hands out to grab the arms of the chair sitting slowly in his lap.

I kept my thighs together so my pussy would squeeze that horny dick tightly when he entered my body. He set me down on his cock, pulling my thighs apart, entering that dripping twat and forcing me to take him deeper than I wanted.

I let out a cry of ecstasy and pain as he pushed deep into my pussy unexpectedly. I love that moment when you first feel the flesh of a man's throbbing head entering your vagina, touching that first few muscles as it squeezes tightly into your horny pussy.

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I moved slightly, positioning myself to rotate my hips on his lap. "Now Miss Martin you will learn your place" He said starting to fuck me. While holding my hips down, he let one of his hands slide to my breasts, pushing me down on his cock and grabbing onto a bouncing tit. I heard myself making sex sounds as he pleasured my now dripping wet pussy. "Ya? You like that don't you. Naughty little whore. That's what you are Gina, a naughty little whore that does whatever I tell her to and you fucking love it." He said as he reached up to pull a handful of my hair, forcing my neck to jolt back.

He kissed my lips, probing my tongue with a hot kiss that said I was going to get the shit fucked out of me. I let him own my mouth wanting him to continue to caress my lips with his but he moved to suck and lick my neck. I moaned loudly as he bit into my flesh.

"Do you know why I call you my dumb bitch?"He whispered in my ear. "Answer me whore." He yelled. "No." I said frightened by the sound of anger mixed with a powerful lust in his voice.

"That's the first thing your going to learn Miss Martin, to every question I ask you, where the answer is appropriate you will answer only, yes…&hellip.yes sir. Do you understand you dumb fucking bitch?!" I wanted to rip his head off but his cock tickled my pussy to orgasm so often the pleasure overtook my logical mind.

"Yes Sir." I heard myself say as I started to grind my hips letting my walls circle around his rock hard dick. "Now, tell me why your nothing more than my delicious dumb bitch."He said again. "I don't know sir." I said realizing I was to always address him with respect or I would be severely admonished. "You really don't know?" He mocked as he pulled harder on my hair bringing his lips closer to my open mouth.

I bounced up and down on his shaft as he started to force himself up into me. "No sir, I'm sorry sir."I was panting, starting to sweat as I worked his cock deep to touch all my walls, revolving that prick I loved so much. "Because I just use you for your tight wet cunt and your just my dirty little office whore who can't live without my cock.

Thank god for you………&hellip. I'm addicted to that tight pussy of yours, cunt." He said starting to fuck me harder. I cried out as I was raised high on his shaft by his hands, tightly grasping my waist. "You like that bitch?" "YEEEESSSSSSSSS&hellip.OH FUCK…YES SIR!" I yelled. "THAN SAY SO CUNT!" He yelled pounding me, murdering my pussy with his thick, hard rod. I screamed when he forced me down on him so hard he hit my cervix feeling myself cum all over his prick.

"OOHHHHHHH&hellip.MR. LAMAR…&hellip.OHHHHHH MY GOD…&hellip.I JUST CAME SO FUCKING HARD&hellip." He slowed, reaching a hand around and starting to stroke my clit. I felt my legs shake as my shivers ran down my spine and tickled my soaking wet pussy. "Why did you cum slut?"He asked me. I was baffled how I was intended to answer and completely lost in the euphoria of my rocking orgasm.

I heard myself answer, "Because I'm a naughty slut……………………… that likes to take big dick …………as hard as my master will give it to me?" "Yes, but why are you such a slut baby? He continued the leading questioning. "Because…… I love cock. I love feeling a rock hard penis in between my lips …&hellip.mmmmm…&hellip.both sets" I said circling his cock again with my tight vagina pulsating, still cumming on his prick.

"Yes baby…&hellip.what else…&hellip." "And I looooovvve the way your dick rubs against my walls while I squeeze you, forcing that rock hard dick to squirt a little in my naughty little pussy" I said. He pulled my hair again still stroking my cunt.

I was starting to feel aroused again ready for another pussy pounding. He started to move in time with my thighs as I had already started to fuck his dick again and was moving up and down on its length. "Tell me why your nothing but my hot little cock tease and why you're my dumb little cocksucking bitch" "Yes sir…&hellip.OHHHHHH FUCK…&hellip.mmmmmmm" I couldn't concentrate as he started to rub my walls again.

I could feel him holding back his cum while his head squeezed up higher into my cunt. He pressed on my diaphragm and I swear I could feel his cock almost as deep. "OHhhh fuck and I'm&hellip.mmmmmm………your dumb little office slut because&hellip.OHHHhhhh god&hellip.Yes…&hellip.ooooooo&hellip.do that again…right there……ohhhh fuck…" "Come on baby concentrate&hellip.why are you my dumb little slut?" "Because……all you use me for ……is……&hellip.my…&hellip.tight…&hellip.wet………OHHHHHhhhh SHIT………&hellip.my tight wet pussy!" "Why are you my dumb little slut?" He repeated feeling my walls close tightly on his cock as I said the naughty phrase he had taught me.

"Because……mmmmm…&hellip.all you use me for is my tight wet cunt&hellip." "Good girl. But I don't believe you understand what a fucking slut you are bitch&hellip.so tell me why are you nothing more than a cocksucking motherfucking whore I love to rape?

Why do you get on your knees every morning and beg for this dick?" "Because I'm a dumb bitch that you use for my tight dripping wet&hellip.fucking cunt……OHHHhhhhh fuck Sir……That feels fucking good…&hellip."He slammed my hips down onto, rapidly moving his fingers, almost vibrating and pushing hard at the same time on my clit.

"AGAIN BItCH" he yelled. I felt his cock ready to spurt his load into my juices. "MMmmmmmm Yes SIR……I Do WHATEVER you tell me because I'm nothing more than a dirty bitch who gets used for her tight wet cunt!!!!" I yelled. "AGAIN!!!!!" He yelled back, "Why ARE YOU A DUMB BITCH??!!" "BECAUSE ALL YOU USE ME FOR IS MY&hellip.TIGHT……WET……AWWWWWWW…&hellip.OHHHHHHH FUCK………&hellip.

MY FUCKING CUNT!.MY FUCKING CUNT!!!! OHHHHHHH SHIT SHIT &hellip.SHIIIIIIITTTTTTT" I screamed as I felt myself rocking with orgasm, squirting all over his prick, uncontrollably shaking as I felt my clit pulse the hot liquid all over him. I fell back hard onto his body, my knees weak. "WHY YOU Little SLUt! Your coming all over me! Your soaking my dick slut. Mmmmmm…&hellip.you wont fucking stop&hellip.its soaking my cock…&hellip."He said as he slightly stood half way off the chair, me still plastered to his lap.

He thrust with all his weight into my body and than I felt my pussy get much wetter as I realized he was cumming. His hot streaming load filled me, our juices leaking onto each other as we both softly moaned and grunted through our quaking orgasm. After a long pause he said, "GOOD GIRL, I THINK YOU LEARNED YOUR LESSON."I felt him let the last bit of his thick white cum squirt into my juicy pussy.

I pushed my hips harder into his crotch letting his semen fully penetrate me, looking back to see him fully enjoying every once of my body. He massaged my thighs, keeping my body planted on his lap. "Are you ready to do as I asked of you yesterday?"Gene said softly to me.

"Do you mean about my boyfriends' father…&hellip.daddy?" He smirked at the reference he had instructed me to use when referring to him in private.

"Yes slut………how are you going to seduce him so we can ruin him." I wanted so desperately to get out of it but I knew Gene was serious about blackmailing me. He moved his large black hands over my breasts and caressed me lightly, playing with my titties. "I don't know Mr. Lamar……I&hellip.I really can't imagine him wanting me&hellip." "Are you kidding?

A hot little piece of ass like you? Baby……you make me laugh……stop your shit and get over to that phone and make an appointment to bring his old ass in here to fuck you." I didn't know how I was going to do it but I knew I was going to have to.

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