Emo gay sex free full video and gay sex positions when having a

Emo gay sex free full video and gay sex positions when having a
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Hi, I'm a simple girl who likes to fuck and be fucked.a lot; I've been called a home-wrecker, slut, attention whore, Lolita and so on and so forth. You see, I struggle with the personal identity crap because I've come to realise that a woman can adapt and be anything she wants.

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I started out my young life as a victim and without even realising it I've become a "provocateur" Definition: Traditionally, an agent provocateur (plural: agents provocateurs, French for "inciting agent") is a person employed by the police or other law enforcement body to act undercover and entice or provoke another person to commit an illegal act. When people embrace this logic, they tend to rid themselves of any guilt they have or had after doing some "unmentionable" mentionable things to me.

Life is funny that way. I've also heard that people who get attacked or victimised in some way are more likely to be targeted again.

I've had my fair share; I've always attracted complicated situations and answers, when in reality I'm a simple girl. So I come before you with a cynical view of the world and the people in it. Life isn't fair, just eventful. So what is it you ask that transformed me into this sexual being that I am today?

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Well, as I've officially became sexually active at the tender age of nine, my tail of sexual escapades actually started at 4 and a half. Opting for the most economic way of keeping your children under supervision, my mother sent me to a private residence / daycare type of a place. I really liked it, I had a day boyfriend that was a year older than me and I loved playing with the other kids that were there.

The sitter, named Lucie, had two sons, Steve and Dave. Dave was about 13 at the time, Steve was 16. I've never liked Steve.

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I guess he was an angry hormonal teenager but being 4 and a half, I didn't know that. So I just thought he was mean. Lucie would often leave us in the afternoon to go do some shopping and she would leave the kids under the supervision of either Dave, her husband or Steve.

I am now old and smart enough to realise all the little special attention Steve gave me.

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For example, he would often grab me and tickle me or have me in his arms and pretend to be sleeping while holding me tight against him, that "game" always made me panic. I was pretty cute for my age, I almost always wore dresses, I remember liking the feeling of the fabric and the wind passing through, I still enjoy it.

I had green eyes and I still had very light brown hair and blonde streaks from earlier years, I guess. A lot of kids start off blond, I'm a golden brown now.but I digress. We had scheduled naps every day; I would always sleep in David's bed because, once again, Steve scared me.

Being the youngest of the kids that were babysat by Lucie, I eventually ended up being the only one left in the group because the others had all left to start kindergarten. That's when Steve put his plan into motion. I've always had a good memory, up to this day I can still give the outline of a house I visited once when I was five, I just have a good attention to detail, blame my grandpa for that.

It was a day where Lucie would be gone. I remember hearing her specifically tell Steve, "Play with Melina and don't forget her nap". Coincidently, everyone else wasn't home either.

I was playing alone with big blocks staking them, putting the pretty colors together, etc. When Steve told me I had to take my nap. He took me to his room and told me to take off my jacket and pants to be more comfy to sleep. Having no idea of boundaries or personal space yet, I did as I was told. He put me to bed and to my surprise laid down next to me.

Thinking he was just playing I pretended to be asleep (after only 10 seconds, kids are so sly). He then put his arms around me and started doing the "I'm asleep so you can't get free game".

I started to panic pushed his arms away and ran to the bathroom, but came out maybe a minute later realising there's nothing to do in a bathroom when you don't have to go. Steve was waiting for me, on his bed, without his shirt. Reluctantly I stepped towards him. He touched my cheek and with his other hand touched my stomach and told me that I looked pretty in my panties and shirt. I smiled sweetly and jumped on him to get on the other side to lay down and sleep.

But as I tried to leap over him, he put his hand on my back and forced me to stay on him, swinging my little body towards him, we were now face to face, me on top of him, He began to rub my smooth tiny legs; the contact sent chills up and down my body and made me giggle a little bit. Steve appreciated my response and didn't stop touching me. His breathing changed slightly and with a deepened voice he said. "Melina, I have a surprise for you in my pants, but you can't be scared okay? Don't worry it's going to be fun".

He twisted me around and while holding onto my hips, unzipped his pants and took out his cock. I had never seen a cock before, not my dads, or in a magazine, I had no knowledge what-so-ever.

His cock was already hard and pulsing. It was, as I later found out, average sized. He took my little hand and wrapped it around the base. I still remember the heat, the moment you touch a new cock. That feeling never left me, I can't say for sure but I think it instinctively aroused me. Without knowing what I was doing I started rubbing it back and forth, feeling the softness and its hardness. Steve was grinning and moaning, urging me on by rubbing my little ass tenderly.

I was rubbing the cock head when I noticed some gooey transparent liquid coming out of the tip.


I stopped rubbing, Steve noticed and told me that I needed to start licking it. I didn't want to; my young mind knew that even that step was going too far.

He started getting angry and grabbed his cock with one hand and pushed my head down with the other. I couldn't fight him off. I started sobbing and telling him I didn't want to play anymore. He was speaking slowly but he seemed exhausted in his tone. He told me, just lick it, were almost done playing but "you need to lick it and make me cum so I'll be happy". So my quivering lips slowly went down towards this seemingly huge pulsating thing.

I kissed the tip as if to ascertain the danger. As soon as my tongue and lips came into contact with his penis, Steve moaned loudly and told me to "suck it" I sucked the tip as hard as I could, I couldn't tell if I was hurting or pleasuring him but he wasn't telling me to stop.

I couldn't hold back the tears any longer and started crying again. It was too much too fast for me, but Steve didn't care, he kept my head in between his legs and started to yell at me to shut up and continue what I was doing. While I was occupied sucking a dick for the first time.

He decided to explore my body; he started rubbing my back, following the natural curves of my body all the way up to my neck. At some point he even bent down and gave me a French kiss. He ran his tongue up and down my neck which gave me a tingly sensation. He rammed his tongue into my mouth giving me my first kiss. All of a sudden he stopped me, pulled my head away and lifted me as and I was now sitting, legs spread on his stomach, I could feel his cock pressing against my kiddie ass.

He lifted my legs ups and slid off my panties, he started rubbing the inside of my thigh which only made me frown since I didn't know what was going on.

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He just smiled and continued rubbing me leaning in closer and closer towards my pussy. Steve kept commenting about how soft, tiny and cute my pussy was, he rubbed my clit which felt very nice, he told me that when I touched him that's how I made him feel. He asked me if I wanted to feel even better, with a shy "uh huh" response he approached me towards his face and stuck out his tongue and licked my pussy. I cooed a little bit as the pleasure rose.


Then he stopped, acting less lovingly towards me but more with disciplinary tone now. He told me to rub his dick again but faster and harder now. I was scared, I didn't know what was going on, and so, I did.


Again and again, he told me to use my hands, to rub him, jack him off. His breathing was quickening and I just did as I was told in between sobbing. He started to give a stronger reaction, more moaning and panting.

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He then took my hands and started to rub himself off. He pulled my hair and ordered me not to stop licking the head of his cock no matter what. He was jacking off right in front of my eyes and I couldn't look away from this lewd act performed before me. I kept sucking, unsure of what would happen. In a final breath, he held down my head whilst his dick was inside my mouth.

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I then felt a salty liquid shoot into my mouth and down my throat. I tried to pull away but he was too strong, I wriggle my body around while he shot his first load in my mouth, on my pink lips and even some on my face. I coughed and vigorously wiped my face while he enjoyed his orgasm bliss. He then undressed me completely, feeling my pussy, my ass and my nipples.

He then told me it was time for our nap. He slept cuddled up against me, breathing on the back of my neck and occasionally kissing it while his slimy dick was pressed up against my pussy. I didn't sleep. ----- this is a first for me, I don't mind you guys commenting on whatever you wish to express.

Hopefully you connected with me threw this story, if you didn't sorryyy.love you :)