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Amy woke up in a small motel room, she looked around the room. It was modestly furnished. She was still quite sore from the previous days assault, but it was more like a dull pain than anything else. Her eyes darted around the room. The last thing she remembered was.Amy immediately started moving around, half expecting to have been bound in some way, but she wasn't.

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She rolled out the bed and on to her feet. She was wearing baggy sweat pants and a poor fitting tank top. "Hello!?" Amy called out. There wasn't too much space for someone to be hiding or anything.

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She checked the door. It was locked, the nob for the dead bolt had been screwed off. She went into the dresser beside the bed.

Atleast I'll be able to find out where I am. She thought to herself. After searching through everything, she realized that she was in the worst part of town she could possibly be in. Suddenly being locked in didn't seem so bad. She looked around for her purse. It was there, along with her ID and some meds. She went ahead and took her pills before turning on the TV. The one thing she was missing from her purse was her cellphone.

She glanced over at the motel phone, but she didn't see the cord connecting it to the wall. Amy sighed and decided she'd have to wait for her new captor before she could do anything. ****** Several hours passed before she heard a key turning in the door. In walked a heavy set black man, the same one who almost killed her. The same one who killed her attackers and apparently the same one who had brought her here. " that you?" Amy said, hoping the person would say yes.

Atleast if it was John, she knew that to some degree she'd be safe. "Yeah, it's me.kinda." The man replied. He looked a lot different than the man she'd met several months before. Mostly it was something about his demeanor that changed, something in his eyes. He put down several large bags before handing Amy a pair of slings and a brace for her hand.

"How are you feeling?" John asked, putting several things in the mini-fridge. "I'm okay." Amy replied, wincing as she put her brace on. John stared at her for a moment. "What, I'm fine." Amy protested his accusing look. "I'm still really sore, okay." she said rolling her eyes. "It's nothing I can't deal with." "I'm sorry it took so long for me to get there, I didn't realize it was you until I actually got to the house." "I'm alive, the rest.the rest doesn't really matter." Amy replied in her usual dismissive manner.

"Amy, stop. It does matter. I've seen your scars. I saw what they did to you. It does matter." John said, pressing Amy to be honest with him. "I.I just mean you don't need to be sorry." Amy said looking away. "I've survived worse." she continued. John sat down beside her on the bed. "I know you have. But you shouldn't have to have survived any of it." "That's life." Amy shrugged.

"I'm going to go take a shower." Amy said standing up. "Alone." John nodded. He'd had no intention of joining her despite several conversations they'd had over the time they'd known each other. Not that he didn't want to, it just wasn't the time. The water felt good, cascading down Amy's bruised and battered body. It was quite was in quite a bit of discomfort washing herself, her arms constantly feeling like they were going to pop out of the sockets at any moment. Apparently the bones in her hand had been reset, but she could still see the puncture mark of when Miko stepped on her hand with those stiletto heels.

Her mind drifted to the last she'd seen of Miko, her laying on the ground, impaled on a bottle as she crawled out of the bathroom. She saw the look on John's face. It wasn't the same as what she'd expected. It wasn't like the look on her father's face or the look on her ex-husband's face. It was different. There was no anger, no nothing. It was just cold, emotionless.

She thought about her cousin and how something very similar had been done to her at a very young age. Was he thinking about that when he did impaled Miko like that? Amy wondered. The lack of dried cum inside of her told her that John had cleaned her up before putting her in the bed.

She wondered if he would've killed her had she not made him cum. This clearly wasn't the first time he'd killed. But she did have a trump card. Something she knew would keep him from killing her, assuming he even would. Confident that she'd worked everything out, she sat back and enjoyed her shower. John listened to the sound of the shower starting and sat back, watching the TV. Family Guy was on. He chuckled at the irony, considering the first time they'd met, they were watching Family Guy.

He glanced over at her purse and tossed her cell phone back inside. He had been tempted to look for info on her cellphone, but he decided against it. Instead he wondered how long would she be willing to stay before she'd want to get home. What she thought of him, having seen him kill. What was really going on in her head. He couldn't help but remember the sound of Amy breaking down when she thought he was going to kill her.

He'd dropped hints, hoping she'd catch on. Hoping that she wouldn't be so scared, but until she said is name, she didn't know whether she'd caught on or not. He did know one thing, things where not safe for Amy out there, not by a long shot. Having given up all hopes of finding her through traditional means, he'd come down here to track her down after they'd lost touch.

He knew there was one person who might know where she was, but he needed to be smart about it. Fortunately Amy's cousin, Lia, had kept his name out of the whole situation so there was no need for him to worry. He knew who was after Amy, and that person didn't know him, so he was in a pretty good position when he finally got down there. He'd talked to his father about surviving in the streets, his father having been homeless for several years.

He took his supply of prescription pills down with him to help garner favors until he'd gotten where he wanted to go. Unfortunately the guy didn't know much, but since he was already down there and was to some degree part of that world, he decided to work with them and garner more trust and favors til the time that he needed to strike. He'd done a few contract killings, his main MO was mostly using bombs and radio controlled cars, but something about this world appealed to him.

It felt almost natural. The dark parts of him were starting to show and the people in that world liked what they saw. His thoughts were interrupted as Amy exited the bathroom, looking a sight better than when she'd entered. "Okay, why am I here?" Amy asked staring at John as he sat on the bed.


"I brought you here cause I wanted you to be safe and I didn't know where your uncle lived." John said, looking back up at her. "Thank you. I'm not sure I got to say that earlier." "Actually it was the last thing you said before you fell out." John chuckled. "I didn't mind though, I'm kinda used to you falling asleep on me. I must be pretty boring." he joked.


Amy smiled. "What are you doing here.and why were you working with those people." Amy inquired. Normally she wouldn't, but it just seemed really odd to her. "I gave up. That's why I'm down here. I got tired of being rational, of being normal. I figured if I'd done that earlier, perhaps I could've." John trailed off. Amy looked at him confused, obviously something was bothering him, usually he was pretty forthcoming about his feelings. "It doesn't matter. Isn't that what you'd say.

I came down, I found you, you're okay. That's really all that matters." "I suppose so. I guess it's time for me to get going." Amy said, alittle confused. "You came down for me?" "Yeah, I did.

I don't know why you'd be surprised. I've told you how much I care about you." John said, looking away. "But." "Yeah, I know.but still. You where here for me, now I'm here for you. Perhaps we should leave it at that." John said, starting to feel a bit uncomfortable, as was Amy. "You still owe me, you know. We were supposed to go out, your treat when you came back down." Amy said with a smile, trying to get things back go some semblance of normalcy. "Yeah, and you were supposed to actually "try" and look good this time." John joked, commenting on the first time they'd met.

"Well unless you have some clothes for me and would be willing to wait for a few, I guess you're kind of out of luck." "To be honest, you don't look bad now." John smiled looking at the loose fitting sweat pants, a slight bulge started to form in his pants, thinking about how easy it would be to take them off. He glanced up at the top.

The sides of her breast were clearly visible. She was wearing his clothes which obviously didn't fit her very well. The bulge didn't escape Amy's notice. A smile crossed her face. "I bet I know what you're thinking.I can't leave until you get some blueberry pancakes." "Actually I was kinda thinking you owed me for saving your life, blueberry pancakes would be the least I could get." "I saved your life if you remember correctly." "Yes I do remember." John smiled.

"But I still think I'm saving your life. You've never seen me try to make pancakes from scratch." he joked as he stood up. "I also distinctly remember someone thinking that they could take me." he said pushing Amy slightly. "Well, considering." Amy said, glancing at her broken hand. "I think I'll have to take a rain check on that one." "What if it wasn't up to you." John continued, pushing her lightly again, she stumbled back even further. "That could've all been an elaborate plan to soften you up, so I could take you.well, I suppose if it was actually a plan I wouldn't have killed anyone, but whatever." John said taking a few steps forward.

Unfortunately his mentioning of that killed any thoughts Amy had of engaging in this foreplay. John could see it in her face as her expression changed. "Yeah.I suppose not." Amy said as she looked down at her trembling hands. "I.I killed someone yesterday." Amy said as though it just hit her.

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"No you didn't. You saved me yesterday. He was going to bash me with that 2x4. You totally saved my ass." John said taking her hands. He could feel them shaking slightly. Amy winced slightly as he squeezed her injured hand. "You're right." Amy said, choking back her emotions. "But you." "Yeah, I know. I murdered them. They hurt someone I cared about, they were going to hurt you even I killed them.

Plain and simple. I don't feel any kind of way about it. They were terrible people and if I didn't kill them.they just would've done it to someone else. Anyways, it's not like they would've let me leave with you." John said, as though it wasn't a big deal. Amy pulled her hands away. She couldn't deal with this not right now. The man before her just killed two people with no signs of remorse at all. Just snuffed them out like they were nothing and didn't feel anything. Atleast her father was crazy, atleast her ex-husband was angry.

Him he wasn't either. It was more of a matter of fact to him. "I've.I've got to go." Amy said, stepping back. It was only then that she'd noticed that she was up against a wall.

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Her eyes locked on to his. "And if I didn't make you cum.what would've happened then." "You would've passed out and I would've tossed you on the floor and said you were dead. Amy, what's wrong?" John said taking a step closer. He could smell the apprehension, maybe even a hint of fear. Something inside of him started to churn. "Oh, you think I would've killed you. That's what you think, you think I'm just some kind of." John's eyes turn cold ".monster." he says taking yet another step towards Amy.

Amy took a deep breath. I've been through worse, it'll be fine. She thought to herself, trying to calm herself down. "I don't know what to think." Amy replied, staring right into his cold eyes. "You attacked me and nearly drowned me. I.I just don't know." "Well." John's eyes soften again. ".you're wrong. I'm not a monster. I'm just a person, protecting someone he cares about." he continues, cradling Amy's face in his hands, tilting it upward towards his. Her lips part slightly as his lips pressed against hers.

Amy runs her hands through is hair, as his arms wrap around her waist. This isn't how either of them had thought things would go when they'd planned their meeting.

Infact their meeting was to be closer to the attack Amy had experienced that previous night than to what was happening now, but somehow what was happening felt.right.

Amy's body melted in is arms as their tongues danced in each others mouths. He lifted her off the ground, her legs wrapped as her body as he walked her to the bed. Amy bounced roughly as John tossed her onto the bed. Quickly sliding her pants down, he pressed his face between her thighs. Normally this was not Amy's thing, more used to getting and being used for pleasure than receiving it, but today it felt right. As much as she was normally against it, after what she'd experienced the previous day, it felt good for someone to actually be soft and caring towards her.

She sat up at first before her shoulders told her it was better for her to lay back. His thick beard tickled the inside of her thighs as his tongue entered her, his nose pressed against her clit as he licked and slurped between her thighs.

Slowly but surely her body started to respond as her breathing got ragged and her cunt started to moisten. He takes his fingers and starts rubbing and pinching her clit. His tongue buried inside of her as he vigorously rubbed her clit. Amy's thighs start to tremble as waves of pleasure start to wash over her. She starts gripping the edge of the bed, her wetness now freely flowing from her body as her legs lock around his back, keeping his face locked between her thighs.

Amy moaned loudly as he continued his oral assault, before switching it up a bit, his mouth now on her clit as he licked and sucked it into his mouth, keeping the suction going as he flicked her sensitive little nub with his tongue. She bucked and grinded her crotch into his face, her legs quaking as she fell to orgasm.

John hungrily slurped her free flowing wetness as he stripped off his pants. Amy still laid trembling in the throws of orgasm as John climbed atop of her, Amy's legs in his shoulders as he thrust his large thick cock inside of her still quivering fuck hole. Amy again moaned loudly as his large cock filled her hot, quaking depths. He pressed himself deep as far inside of her as he could go, letting her adjust and recover from her first orgasm before he started to thrust himself inside of her once again.

His full weight driving his cock into her with each thrust, driving the breath from her body. His fingers laid clasped in hers as their lips again locked against one another. He ground his cock into her sensitive clutching sex as they kissed passionately locked in each other's embrace. They held each other like this for several minutes before their kiss was broken by the moans erupting from Amy's lips. Slowly but surely the grinding stopped and John began to thrust into her once again, slowly at first but then he quickened the pace, once again pounding his cock into her, grazing the very deepest parts her.

His hands slowly slid around her throat as a smile crossed his face. As he pounded her, he slowly started applying pressure, her gasps and moans became quieted as her face reddened. He let go for a moment, allowing her to catch her breath before doing it again, this time for longer.

Amy's body again started to quiver as she once again fell to an oxygen starved orgasm. Her fingers clawed as the bed as pleasure rushed through there body. Although she'd cum yet again, John continued driving himself into her now clutching cunt, wetness now erupting from her with each thrust, her body still shaking. He sat back alittle, her legs still over his shoulders, but this time he sat back enough so that he could reach her breast. He started slowly massaging her breast as he thrust himself inside of her, a much slower pace than before.

He took both nipples between his fingers between and started pinching and rubbing Amy's hard pink nipples. Amy's body slowly began to recover, before he started massaging her breast. She winced alittle as he started pinching and twisting progressively more sensitive nipples. He slid off of her body and around beside her.

John buried his fingers into Amy's pulsing cunt, as he started sucking and licking on her stiff nipples.

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His fingers alternated between her clit and her cunt, using her wetness to lubricate his fingers as he rubbed her clit. Amy slid her hand between his legs and started rubbing and stroking his hard, wet cock. He continued working her breast, twisting and licking her nipples as she stroked his cock.

Soon John slid a third finger inside of her, hooking his fingers upward, probing her g-spot as she scraped her fingernails lightly up his shaft. Amy's body started to tense up as he licked where her scar had been. There was still a faint outline of the scar, but it was barely visible unless you knew were to look. He glanced up at her and she started to relax again. He started rubbing her clit, his cum moistened fingers massaging her sensitive little nub. She licked her precum and wetness covered hand as she started stroking him again.


John started pounding his fingers back into her again quivering cunt, this time quite roughly, rubbing her g-spot as his fingers squished inside of her, her breaths again started getting ragged as he took his free hand and started rubbing her clit, ushering her orgasm even faster. Amy's thighs snapped shut around his hand as she was again taken, more violently this time, than before.

Amy's cunt erupted, forcing his fingers from her body as cum flooded from her body. He stood up smiling as Amy's young body twitched and spasmed on the bed. He slowly walked back around her, taking in the beautiful image of her body trembling, her face twisted in pleasure. He walked back around and turned her over on her stomach. He again plunges himself inside of her as she moans softly her mind now lost in an orgasmic haze as he hammers himself inside of her. Pushing her long red hair to the side, he starts kissing the back of her neck as he rides her hard into the bed.

He slows down to start blowing on the back of her neck, sending chills through her now super sensitive body, reaching around her to again rub and massage her breast. Amy moans loudly as waves of pleasure continually wash over her body, nothing separating one orgasm from the next. John feels himself reaching orgasm as his own breaths become ragged.

He forcefully wraps his hand around Amy's throat. He starts throttling her choking her violently as he shakes her as he pounds himself into her, his hands start clinch even tighter around her throat. He relentlessly hammers his ramrod into her. Amy weakly clawed at his hands as she started again to fade.

Amy's struggles started to fade as he pressed cock right against her cervix, shooting load after load of hot cum inside of her pulsing fuck box. He releases right as Amy reaches another orgasm, her nearly unconscious body collapsing on the bed. John slowly rolled off of Amy's quivering, cum hazed, body, rolling her on her side. Amy managed to smile through her cum drunk haze as she felt his hot cum dripping down the back of her thighs. As much as John wanted to continue to force her to orgasm, he knew she'd been through quite an ordeal and she'd need some time to recover.

Instead, he pulled her over on him, her head resting against his chest as he wrapped his arms around her and let her rest. Her body was still trembling after the orgasmic assault.

John smiled as he kissed Amy's slumbering form on the forehead. For only the second time in his life, he was laid beside someone he actually cared about.

Things were good.