Teen Picked Up On The Streets And Fucked

Teen Picked Up On The Streets And Fucked
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Except, of course, there was a real man sitting across from me, his face suspended in the ghostly vapors hovering over the bath. From his hooded eyes and faint grimace, I knew he was touching himself, too, lost in his own dream." I surprised Marina when I called telling her pack a bag and be ready in a half hour.

We arrived at Executive Airport where my private jet waited to take us to my private island. Marina is stunned to see a private jet and find out I had a private island. She is surprised everyday with new discoveries about my life and the way I lavish her with gifts. We landed on the island and I took her hand, leading her out of the trees towards the house.

Slowly we passed the immense grounds of the estate with giant trees, football- field-sized lawns, and almost every kind of flower, hedges, and shrubbery imaginable. The house that almost looked like a hotel.

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The architecture was superb. Outdoor spotlights were already casting a soft glow to the giant structure, and a monstrous chandelier hung inside a mammoth archway that served as the entrance. A large fountain was positioned directly in front of the house, Lady Ella greeted us.

Lady Ella led us down a long, dimly lit corridor. We followed close behind, Marina gazing at the many fine and expensive furnishings and decor of the mansion. At last we came to a large room that is the library. Each of the walls are stacked from the floor to the high ceiling with a myriad of books neatly arranged in tall oak shelves. Spread throughout the center of the room were groupings of overstuffed leather chairs and couches for lounging and reading.

It was quite a comfortable and inviting room. In a few moments dinner will be served in the dining room next door. I ushered Marina into a spacious and ornate dining room where the large table was already set with the first course of a feast that included a vast array of delicious and incredible dishes served by an attentive and courteous staff.

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Marina silently acknowledged that the food was completely enjoyable. Marina is giddy as a schoolgirl, I escorted Marina upstairs to our suite for a drink. Marina is about to refuse as she already had four glasses of wine this evening, two past her normal limit. She thought about telling me no but then she remembered this relationship is very important to her. In the darkened room, I motioned Marina to slip onto the sofa first. I smiled when I saw her dress rise up her firm thigh and is awarded with a nice glimpse of her bare legs.

I grin as I move in beside my naive, lovely beauty. The butler brought them both another drink. This is now Marina's fifth glass of wine, she hadn't been this intoxicated since leaving Russia.

I'm talking to her quietly about having a family. Marina feels very good. She didn't object when I put my arm around her shoulders. Marina has never been with a wealthy older man in her life. Now she is the lover with a wealthy, powerful fifty five year old man. Her insides tingling. She has never felt this excited before. I'm still whispering in her ear when she feels my warm hand on her bare thigh. Marina quickly covers my roving hand with hers to prevent me from going any further. That isn't enough as she didn't put up much of a fight.

Her breathing came more rapidly as her heart raced in her chest. My hand is now all the way under her dress and my searching fingers now push the leg band of her silky French bikini panties aside. Marina gasps as my fat finger probes her moist vagina. I pinch her erect clitoris, eliciting a moan of desire from her lips. The dark haired beauty swallows hard and knew that she will surrender to me.

" I've got to goto bed," she barely whispers to me. " Okay, Honey, let me help you to our room." Marina is too far gone to resist. I help her up and walk her to our room, I lock the door and flip the security latch after I help her into the room.

I didn't want any interruptions. Marina tries to resist as I help her undress for bed. I slip off her shoes. I love the red polish on her pretty little toenails. I begin to unbutton the few remaining buttons that I hadn't already unbuttoned in the other room. Marina tries to resist again but soon her dress fell into a puddle around her trim ankles. The lovely beauty now stood in only her lacy black bra and panties before me. I kiss her neck as I reach behind her to unsnap her bra.

In doing so, my massive erection presses into her belly. Marina swoons in my arms as her breasts are bared. My lips trace its way down her chest until I took one of her erect nipples in my teeth and bite down softly. Marina moans in ecstasy.


I then move down her firm belly, letting my probing tongue dip into the indention of her belly button. Marina had to put her hands on my strong shoulders for support. Soon my fingers drew her dampened panties down her smooth, firm thighs.

Marina stepped out of her panties as I brought the fragrant article of feminine clothing up to my nose to smell the excited essence of her womanhood. I put them into the back pocket of my trousers. A small amount of curly blonde pussy hair is all that stood between me and her pussy. I buried my nose between her legs and found her excited, throbbing, blood-engorged clitoris.

My searching tongue is like that of a snakes tongue darting in and out of my mouth sending shivers of pent-up, lustful excitement up and down her spine. Marina is so weak in the knees that she had to sit down on the edge of the bed or completely fall over. She spread her legs slightly to allow me easier access to her flowing feminine nectar.

Her hands went to the short, gray hair on my bobbing head to pull me ever closer to her lust- incited, wanton blonde pussy. Marina always refused letting her ex- husband go down on her, she always thought it as dirty and vulgar. She experienced her first orgasm when my long middle finger found her G-spot.

The pretty blonde lover had always faked her orgasms with her ex-husband. I got up from between her beautiful, widespread legs. I'm known as 'The Bull' by my many lady friends. I have a long thick cock and large hairy balls between my legs and I know how to use it. Marina instinctively spread her legs for me as I got on top of her. She is so wet for me, she is embarrassed. My cock is so big that she is in heat for me, since our first date two weeks ago.

I hadn't touched her pussy yet but it is ready. I laid my huge cock atop her furry mound and put my arms around her and locked her eyes with mine as I started to stroke it back and forth across her clit.

Every bit of it driving her crazy. She feels inch after inch of manly cock sliding over her clit until my balls nestled up against her slit. " It feels so good, John. Don't stop." " Better believe it. I'm not stopping." I put one hand on her ass as I start pulling back. " You like this cock, Marina?" " It's so big," She moans. " Yes, Marina.

Who's your man?" " You are." I saw that she is ready to come again, I pull my cock back so the head is at her entrance and start to work my head inside. She wants me inside her so bad, she sighs with relief when I'm between her legs again. She closed her eyes and waited. Then she moans when she feels my thick head stretching her entrance.

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She relaxes to let me in, but she knows how much it hurts. It hurts every time, she takes me inside. She can't explain it, because she doesn't understand it herself, but she won't trade that pain for anything, and she longs for it every day. It feels right to be stretched by a hung 55 year old stud, as if it is part of being my 35 year old slut.

I applied steady pressure against her pussy's resistance as my cock bore into her about an inch a minute. She feels content when my balls nestle against her ass, like that is where she is meant to be, on her back under a older stud with her legs spread wide.

I start thrusting into her pussy with long slow, powerful strokes. She is in the arms of a master cocks man and she came before I had stroked her pussy five times. The orgasm shook her body until she could hardly breathe.


It is like she had never come before, it is so strong and good. When she can talk again, she looks into my eyes and said, " Fuck me like your slut," breathlessly. " I'll show you how a 55 year old man fucks a slut. Get on your knees." I took my cock out of her. " Yes, sir," she replied.

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She got on her hands and knees, I crawled up behind her, spreading her legs apart. I love feeling her tight pussy and she wants my raw cock. All she can think about is my cock when she feels it spear her pussy from behind. She melts when she feels my hands grab her hips, she barely keeps herself from collapsing on the bed.

She feels every vein and the ridge on my naked shaft and she loves it. I slam into her hard and fast this time and she came immediately. " Yes, come on Marina. Give me that pussy. Give me that divorced pussy." " Fuck me John," She squealed as she came again. She has never had multiple orgasms before me, they came one on top of the other. I keep reaming her with my colossal stalk and saying nasty things to her while she whimpers and moans. She stops coming but I'm still fucking her hard.

" I'm gonna come soon, baby." " Oh, John. come in my pussy." Before she had a chance to regret saying it, I flip her over and slip my cock back inside her. " Come inside your slut, baby," She moans as I hit bottom. I fuck her deep and hard and she feels a warm tingling spread from her womb down through her pussy and her legs. I only need a few strokes before I ram my cock home and she feels it swell and shower her womb with my cum. The warmth in her belly became an orgasm and she wrapped her legs around her lover so my spurting cock could not escape her cunt.

She briefly remembers the ex-husband that thought made her pussy burn hotter. When I finished fucking her pussy, I slowly backed out of her and rolled over onto my back. I put my arm around her and pulled her close.

" Oh. How'd you get so big?" She asked me. " It's not that that big," I grinned. " Yes it is. You know so." " Are you sore?" " A little." " Too bad.

I was hoping we could fuck more." " I want it too but you're so big I'm sore." My thick shaft had made her come so much and so hard that she didn't feel like she could come for another week. She was completely cleaned out but she wanted to satisfy my precious dick. She wanted to empty my balls and leave me as satisfied as she was.

In the span of two weeks, she had gone from a divorced woman to a wealthy powerful man's sex slave. "Let me suck your cock and make you feel good," I said as I grasped his cock again. Ellis laid back and smiled and I kissed my way down his stomach.

When I had his shaft in my mouth, I tasted my own pussy mixed with his salty sperm and the distinctive musk of black cock. I sucked slowly, at first, and savored his pleasure. I sucked it and took it as deep as I could into my mouth, then I rested my jaw and let my eyes enjoy its beauty while I rubbed it. Ellis moaned and flexed his tight ass and fucked my face. " It feels so good baby," I sighed. " That's a good girl." " Stand up so I can blow you like your other bitches." I stood next to the bed and she knelt before me.

Now, more than anything she loved being used by me, being on her knees with my heavy cock in her mouth, or on her back being stretched by it, or on her hands and knees with my hands on her hips.

Her submission to me so excited her that she devoured my cock. She cradled my balls and worked my shaft hard while I watched her blow me. My cum started seeping out of her cunt and running down her inner thighs. She rubbed and squeezed and sucked my cock until it exploded in her mouth.


Her ex-husband dribbles when he came, but I filled her mouth. She licks my cock clean and looks up to see me smiling at her.

" You can fuck me again," She said. " I thought you were too sore," I said. " It's okay." She got on her hands and knees on the edge of bed so her ass hung off the side. " I need to feel you come inside me again." I stood behind her and I grabbed her hips and slide every inch of my long cock into her. I start thrusting as soon as I hit bottom.

Marina is still very sore, but she loves every stroke. When I filled her with my warm seed she came again. I pushed her forward onto her stomach and laid on top of her, my cock still buried inside her. As sore as she was, she didn't want me to pull out.

But I did, and we got under the covers and she shut out the light and fell asleep with my big, hard cock against her back.

The next morning, Marina and I kissed and showered together. We soaped each other's bodies and dried each other off with fluffy towels. It feels like I'm her husband instead of her lover and we are having a week away together and we should get dressed and go down to the dining room and have breakfast. But we weren't married yet, so she asked me to sit in a chair and she got on her knees and gave me a good morning blowjob. This time, she didn't spill any seed; her tummy got it all. I looked down at the highly aroused woman.

Marina kicked off her shoes as I pulled off my clothes. She felt my cock boring into her tummy earlier when we showered together, but she isn't prepared for the huge one-eyed monster this soon in the morning, it is pointing towards the ceiling.

" Oh My God!" Marina gasped. She had hoped to wait until later in the morning. She laid down on the bed, my manhood stood erect between her wide spread legs. It is much larger than her ex-husband's dick had ever been.

She swooned at the thought of my massive cock soon parting her vagina like Moses did to the Red Sea. Marina quivered in wanton anticipation as I hovered over her. I bent down and kissed her sweet lips as our tongues begin thier ritual.

I'm the first to break the kiss. Marina is panting with excitement as I whispered in her ear, " Put it in for me, Honey." Marina reached between her spread thighs and found my throbbing male member. The big cock seemed too hot to handle. It also seemed much larger than she seen just moments before.

" Be gentle with me, please," is all she can moan as my proud cock spears its way deep inside her waiting pussy again. Marina has another orgasm. She has never felt this way before with her ex-husband. I work inch after agonizing inch into her constricted opening.

" Relax, Honey," I whispered to her. " Open up and let me come inside." She did. Marina can't believe that she has taken the entire length and breadth of my mighty cock. Her thighs grasping my thrusting hips as they beat out a rhythm of their own as they danced as one. Our lips are locked in a passionate kiss like she has never known before. It seems like hours but it is probably only mere minutes as our arms and legs held onto each other.

Miriam had multiple orgasms and her feminine juices allowed me to penetrate her much deeper than she had ever experienced before.

All of my power welled up in as my cock thrust deep inside her resisting passage.

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It erupted like Mount Vesuvius and sprayed molten lava deep into her unprotected womb. Sensations as bright as fireworks went off inside Marina's head as she came in unison with her new lover.

The newest inductee to bull sex enjoyed getting fucked three more times that day. Marina took me in her mouth and I quickly became recharged and ready to go again.

If one could wear out a pussy, I just about wore out Marina in just one 24 hours. Later I rode her like the bitch in heat that she Is and fucked her from behind, doggie-style. Another time, I wet my finger with her own juices and slipped a finger deep inside her cherry anus. I would show her the pleasures of anal sex some other time. For now, I'm showing what a older man can do with some tight, 35 year old pussy. Marina has made up her mind that she is my permanant lover and future wife.