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Hot blonde wife webcam horny fucking
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Author's note: This is the fictional former playboy playmate, Julianne's second story and it takes place around two months after her first story (part 4 in the series). Her first story is an interracial one that basically establishes her depression. You don't have to read it if you aren't into interracial stories, but suffice to say that story ends how it begins a mid-40s divorcee, depressed and alone. Former Playmates Pt. 06: Julianne's Medicine Chapter 1 His cock was embedded deep into Fernanda.

Greg looked down, seeing her ass quiver, feeling her pussy contracting she was cumming again. He slowly slid his hand up her sweaty back, finding her dark hair, grabbing a handful and pulling her hard against his body.

Fernanda cried out with pleasure, having been thoroughly fucked all night by Greg. "Feel good?" Greg asked, holding her head back so he could lick her neck and ear.

"Uh huh," Fernanda whimpered. "Ready for my cum?" He asked. "Yes!" Greg pushed her back to her hands, slapping her ass a few times. He slowly stepped back, withdrawing his cock from her tall, light-brown, Puerto Rican body. Fernanda moaned, feeling him exit her, Greg smiling at the gaping hole left by his dick.

She went to her knees, grabbing, stroking his cock. "That's it. Just like that, make me cum baby," Greg said, standing tall, arching his back to stretch, his hands behind his head as Fernanda finished him. Greg loved coming to Miami once a month to visit Fernanda.

She was more than worth the four hour drive to get there. Watching her worship his cock, roaming her hands over his washboard stomach, he thought back to that night a year ago when he met her in a bar. He was in Miami with friends, mainly to score some pussy from the locals. Score some he did. Fernanda, around ten years older than 25-year-old Greg, taught him quite a few things. She wanted to be manhandled; she told her younger lover exactly that, teaching him how in the process.

Right as Greg was ready to cum, he pulled out of her throat, grabbed the back of her head, holding her in place. He let her grab his cock, stroking it to completion using her own drool as lubrication. "Yes!" Greg moaned, his cock erupting, covering her pretty face with cum, some of landing in her dark hair. Fernanda smiled up at him, her face covered with his seed. "You look great," Greg said.

"Thank you. I'll be in the shower, don't keep me waiting," Fernanda grinned, walking by him. Greg smiled, watching her hips sway gently as she made her way to the bathroom. He started packing his things, preparing for the trip home that Sunday evening. He checked his phone, seeing a missed call from his sister. He shrugged, figuring he'd call her later. He picked out some clean clothes to put on after his shower and joined Fernanda.

A little later, Greg at full strength once again, was behind Fernanda in the shower, slapping her ass, calling out her name as he came inside her. "Fernanda!" Close to 11pm that night, Greg arrived at his apartment in Tampa Bay.

He was tired, deciding to return his sister's call tomorrow. He stripped naked, climbing into bed, thinking about which woman in his stable of women he was going to fuck next.

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After work the next day, Greg was at the gym, watching Aline. Smiling inwardly, he knew that dark haired beauty would be riding his cock later that night. It had been a week or so since they last slept together.

He knew she could not resist. He loved Latina women. He loved plowing them from behind, gripping their dark hair tightly, just like he was going to do to the Venezuelan-born, Aline, a couple hours later. At midnight Greg missed another call from his sister. He was standing, holding Aline upside down, while she sucked his cock dry, his tongue buried in her pussy, ending a several hour-long fuck session. Lying on the bed, Greg watched the exotic beauty kiss her way up his muscular thighs, kissing his balls, then his weakened shaft.

"You love that dick don't you?" Greg stated. "Mmhmm," Aline purred, sucking tenderly on his cockhead, coaxing it awake again. "Yeah," Greg said, smugly looking to the ceiling. "I don't blame you." His phone vibrated yet again. Greg rolled his eyes thinking the caller could leave a message. His sister, Gisele, did just that. "Call me now you jerk! I need to talk to you," was the angry message his younger sister left. Greg set his phone on the bedside table, turning his attention back to his cock sucking friend.

"Ready?" he asked, sitting up, turning Aline around. "Yes," she smiled, looking over her shoulder. Greg slapped her ass hard a few times, opened his mouth, letting saliva land on her anus, rubbing it in with his thumb, before guiding his cockhead into her asshole. The next morning they woke up, had sex in the shower, and Greg went to work, Aline leaving with him.

He flirted with his manager, some of his coworkers, and even though he couldn't see the female clients he was talking to on the phone, he flirted with them too.

His arrogance was fueled after another day with zero complaints and plenty of flirting back. "I guess they all want my dick," Greg shrugged, wondering if his married manager would ever let him have a taste of her pussy. Pulling into the gym parking lot his phone rang again. It was his sister, this time he decided to answer it. "Hey Gisele, I don't have much time. I have to " "Greg, go see mom," Gisele interrupted him. "Go see her. She's worse than ever now. Please. Stop in and check on her for me," Gisele pleaded.

"Wait. I know she's been down in the dumps, but " "No, it's far worse than that. I spoke to her last week, I've never heard her sound so bad since she and dad divorced.

You have to go by there, TONIGHT, and check on her," his sister ordered him. Greg wanted pussy again. He was hoping Aline or another woman would be at the gym.

He didn't want to go check on his depressed mother. He was sure she'd be fine. Gisele went on and on, saying she didn't know if their mother was taking medication or not.

Finally Greg interrupted her, "Ok!

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I'll stop by after I leave the gym." Gisele sighed, accepting that answer, "Fine. Please let me know how she is or what kind of living condition she's in." "Alright, alright, I will," they ended the call and Greg went inside the gym.

Aline was already there, working on sculpting her shapely butt. "Hi Greg, you want to hang out again tonight?" she asked seeing him approach. "Yes, but I need to stop by my mom's first. I'll call you when I'm on the way back to my place," Greg said. "Sounds good," Aline smiled, glancing to the bulge in Greg's gym shorts.

Greg continued his workout, thinking about the phone call with his sister, "Shit, I'm going to make this quick so I can get back home sooner for some of that juicy pussy of Aline's." Cutting his workout time in half, Greg said goodbye to Aline, reminding her he'll call her a little later. He left the gym, speeding to his mother, Julianne's, house across town.

He wanted to drop in, say hello, and make sure she's ok then leave he had his daily dose of pussy waiting for him. Chapter 2 His mother's house was dark. No answer when he rang the doorbell. Using his spare key, Greg entered the home, looking around.

"Mom?" He called out to her, walking to the kitchen. It was a mess. The dishes hadn't been cleaned; the trash can was nearly over flowing. Greg noticed most of the house was fairly cluttered, as though his mother didn't care about cleaning. "Mom?" he said a little louder.

Making his way to her bedroom, he saw the door was closed, slowly opening it, he peered in. There she was, asleep, lying on her side facing away from him. It was 8:30 in the evening. He stood there, unsure of how to proceed. Greg didn't want to wake her up, but wanted to make sure she was alright.

"Mom?" He said, inching toward her bed. "Mom?" Greg gently nudged her shoulder, there was no response. "Mom?" he said louder. Julianne stirred, rolling onto her back.

Greg nudged her again, "Hey, you ok?" She sniffed, scratched her cheek, made a whimper sound, and rolled over to face Greg. "Mom? You ok?" "Hmmm? Mmhmm," Julianne answered, half asleep. "Weird," Greg thought. He shrugged, quietly making his way out of her room. He had some pussy waiting for him.

He glanced in his mother's bathroom for a second, doing a double take, he entered. Flicking the light on, Greg saw several medicine bottles. They appeared to be barely used.

Picking them up, he recognized some of the names from depression commercials. He had no idea his mother was taking antidepressants, or used to. He noticed the expiration dates were expired. He thought maybe she stopped taking them. Like the rest of the house, her bathroom was a mess, like it hadn't been cleaned in weeks maybe longer. Greg peeped on in her one last time, sighed, and left.

He'd call his sister tomorrow to let her know their mother seemed ok. As he was bouncing Aline up and down on his cock later that evening, Greg was quieter than usual.

Normally during sex, Greg would slap the woman's ass he was with that evening, tease her, urge her to cum, ask her if she loves his dick, and generally treat her like a fuck toy something he'd thought of women since he found it so easily to sleep with them. This night, however, he wasn't doing any of those things.

Something was on his mind. "Greg, yes! Greg!" Aline saying, riding to another orgasm. Greg silently watched her tits and long black hair bounce. He was thinking about his mother's messy home, how she was asleep so early in the evening, and the unused medication. Shaking those thoughts from his head, he grabbed Aline's waist, threw her on her back, flipped her over and brought her ass and hips against his cock.

Sliding himself in from behind, he went at her like a rabid animal, grabbing her hair, slamming into her. "Ah! Fuck me!" Aline cried out. Greg obliged the rest of the night. ****** The next day at work, Greg was taking a break, talking to a friend on his cell phone about the newest addition to the sales team.

"Yeah she started yesterday. Black hair, a Puerto Rican or Cuban maybe, named Melissa. Has a cute, barely noticeable accent. You know how I love Latinas. Give me a few more days and I'll have her in bed by the weekend." Greg ended the call to his friend, making his way back inside, when his phone rang.

It was his sister, Gisele. "Hey, I was going to call you " Greg said. "How is she?" Gisele interrupted him. "She's ok. I think. She was asleep when I went over there. She must've gone to bed early." "No, that's not it.

I mean, yes, she did, but it's not normal. I'm betting she's sleeping all the time now. I'm not sure if she's going to work still. I've never seen her this depressed before," Gisele said. "Maybe she was tired." "That's not it. She's 43 not 83. Go back over there tonight and check on her again," Gisele ordered her older brother. "Wait, I think it's " "Do it. What condition was the house in?" Gisele asked.

"It was really messy." "See? She's not cleaning, she's probably barely bathing.

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Greg I'm really worried. Did you even talk to her?" "No, I nudged her and asked if she was ok. I think she was barely awake but seemed to respond," Greg answered. "Go back over there tonight and have a conversation with her. Go before 8, maybe take her some dinner," Gisele said.

"Ugh. I got stuff to do though," Greg said, pussy on his mind. "Don't be like that. Just do it, ok? When she and dad split up it destroyed her and we weren't there for her like we should've been. I've been up here in Atlanta, but you've been in Tampa the whole time. You could've been there for her better than I could have," she said. Gisele had a point. Greg barely visited her, barely spent time with her, and he knew his sister was right.

He didn't want to be around his mother in her depressed state. It brought him down too, plus he felt helpless, as though nothing he could do would cheer her up. He wasn't going to admit that to Gisele though. "Fine," he sighed.

Greg returned to work, setting his focus on his new coworker for this weekend. He'd go to his mother's house that evening, clean up a little, bring her some food and then make up for the lost pussy during the week with Melissa during the weekend.

Chapter 3 She was a shell of a person. Greg's mother sat alone in her living room, emotionless, blankly looking out the front window when Greg arrived. "Greg?" she asked, watching her son enter. "Hey mom," Greg brought in some Chinese take-out.

"I thought I'd stop by and bring you some dinner." "Oh," she replied, not moving. Greg went to the kitchen, taking boxes out of the bag, grabbing some utensils. "Mom? In here." Julianne stood, slowly making her way to the kitchen. Greg noticed she was thinner than usual.

Her hair was a mess, skin was pale; she looked sickly. He had to look away, her visage made him feel guilt for not being around much. He attempted small talk and failed. Julianne would only nod, shake her head, shrug, or barely speak a reply when Greg asked about random things. Has she been out much, has she seen so-and-so recently, has she heard about this or that were some of the questions he thought up.

His mother pecked away at her meal, uninterested. "What about work, mom? How is that going?" Greg asked. Julianne simply shook her head. "Yeah? What does that mean? Don't like the job?" Shaking her head again, "I don't, I don't work there anymore." "What do you mean?" Greg put his fork down.

"You get a new job?" His mother shook her head, taking a small bite. "No? Are you working at all?" She shook her head again. "Mom, did you quit or what?" "I stop going in.

They let me go." Greg paused for a moment, "Wait, so you just stopped going in? What about the bills? What about " "Greg please," his mother quietly spoke up. "You can't just stop going to work. You still have a mortgage right?" he said. "Greg," Julianne shook her head, setting her fork down, her eyes to her lap. He could tell he was upsetting her. He backed down. He sat, looking at this frail, sad woman, realizing she was too depressed to even go into work.

Greg had no idea what to do. His first thought was moving in and helping out with the finances. The lights were still on, so he thought she was living off her savings. They finished their meal in silence. Greg did the dishes and spent another hour cleaning the kitchen. His mother went to bed before he left.

He stood in her doorway, watching her lie there, her back toward him. His sister was right; she was far worse than they ever thought. ****** Greg couldn't concentrate at work the next day. He kept getting texts from his friend asking about Melissa and if he's closer to scoring with her yet. He replied, saying not yet and that he's busy. Aline called him too, leaving a voicemail, inviting him over for sex.

He texted her after work saying he couldn't that night. That night he returned to his mother's, bringing more dinner and extra groceries. They ate in relative silence, Greg cleaning up after the meal, and asked his mother to hang out with him in the living room.

"I think I'll come by this Saturday and clean up some. Probably mow the yard too," Greg said. His mother nodded. She stood, making her way to her bedroom. "You're going to bed really early. You sure you don't want to sit and chat awhile?" Greg asked.

"Tired," Julianne replied. Greg sighed, watching her walk away. He took a tour through the rest of the home, making note of what to move, pack up, and clean on Saturday. Everything was fairly dusty. The living room had coffee mugs and trash strewn about on tables.

"All she does is sleep," he thought. "She eats her little TV dinner, drinks some coffee, and that's it." He entered a small office area, seeing boxes on top of a desk. They were filled with old photos, letters and other papers. Scanning the room, Greg saw a familiar sight, a Playboy magazine on the dusty bookshelf.

He smiled, recognizing the woman on the cover his aunt Alyssa. She was actually a half-aunt, his mother and Alyssa sharing a father. Even though he or anyone else in the family hadn't seen her in years, she was still referred to as an aunt. Because of their lack of closeness, Greg easily was able to ogle her nude pictures in the magazine.

In his teen years he'd even jack off to them on occasion. He wasn't close to the woman and felt no weirdness or guilt. He thought about having a quick wank right then and there, but decided against it. It's been years since he brought himself to orgasm a stable of women happily did this for him.

He set the magazine down, making a mental note to clean the office, along with bathroom, living room, mow the yard, trim the trees and Greg sighed. Saturday was going to a busy day. Looking in on his sleeping mother once more, he could feel her sadness transferring from her body to his. He chastised himself for not being there for her like he should've been. "I'll clean up Saturday and maybe come over more often.

I'll help with groceries too," Greg thought driving back to his apartment. "Man, she's in bad shape." He needed release. He wanted to add another notch on the figurative wall of pussy conquests. Greg was going to get Melissa's number the next day. Taking her out Saturday night, fucking her, should take his mind off his depressed mother. A few well timed slick comments, compliments, and suggestions and Greg scored a date with Melissa Saturday night.

"Too easy," he said to himself, a smug grin on his face. Friday night Greg was urged by his sister to spend it with their mother. He explained he'd be over there all day on Saturday, but Gisele would hear none of it.

Greg figured it'd be fine. He'd go all night with Melissa the following evening, covering her hot little Latina body in his cum, making up for missing out on pussy the last couple evenings. It was more of the same. Greg brought dinner, sat with his mother, failing at any meaningful conversation, feeling down and helpless, as if nothing he could do could cheer her up, then leaving after she went to bed. Chapter 4 The next morning Greg arrived at his mother's, bringing her breakfast, finding her still asleep at 9:30.

He set the meal on the table, knowing he'd have to warm it up for her.

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He shrugged and went about his cleaning. After cleaning the living room, dusting, moving some furniture around, he cleaned the hall bathroom. It wasn't as dirty as his mother's, but it needed cleaning nonetheless.

Greg cleaned the kitchen again, far more thoroughly than earlier in the week. He discarded old and expired items from the pantry and refrigerator, then ran the dishwasher. Making his way to the office room, he began dusting. "Doing a girl's job," he joked to himself, not truly minding the task, knowing it had to be done because his mother wasn't going to do it. He arranged a few books, photo albums, and picture frames.

Greg saw his aunt's Playboy magazine once more. "Might as well," he grinned, pulling down his gym shorts, tugging at his dick. "Yes," he whispered, looking at Alyssa's pictures, while stroking himself. "Big titties." "Greg?" his mother called for him. He hurriedly closed the magazine, reaching to put it on the top shelf, pulling his shorts up, "Yeah? In here." "Hi," she said, just waking.

"Hey. I thought I'd clean up the house, then do some yard work. That ok?" "Oh. Sure, yeah," Julianne nodded. "Great. I'll clean your bathroom next." "No, you don't have to." "I want to. Just trying to help," Greg shrugged, watching the solemn look on his mother's face. "Alright," she sighed, leaving Greg to his work. "That was close," he thought. "She almost caught me slapping my dick around to my aunt's nudie shots." "Don't worry big fella.

Tonight Melissa will be riding you till dawn," Greg told his penis. He sat at the desk, sliding some pens, stapler, and other office supplies into the drawers. The large box he saw earlier in the week sat in front of him. "What's in here," Greg grabbed the first piece of paper from the top, unfolding it, eyes widening at what he saw. "I miss you. I miss your pussy, your tits, and your mouth around my cock.

Send Gisele and Greg to my brother's house tonight. When I get home, I'm fucking you all night!" "Whoa!" Greg put the letter down, realizing it was a letter his father wrote to his mother when Greg was a kid.

He stood, looking into the box, there were a ton of folded letters. He opened and quickly closed several of them. "I love you so much," "I want you so bad," "I can't wait to take you to bed," were a few of the lines he peeked at from his father to his mother.

"You're my little slut. You're all mine. I can't wait to bend you over and " Greg folded the letter then put it away. "Wow," he thought. "They must've been quite active in the bedroom." He looked over his shoulder, and then peeped into the living room.

His mother was sitting there, sipping coffee, otherwise motionless.

Waves of sympathy came over him. She had a husband that always wanted her sexually and now she didn't have anyone. He glanced at another letter. "I'm so proud of you for posing in Playboy.

I have the hottest, sexiest wife in the world. I'm in this hotel thinking about you. My dick is about to fall off I want you so bad! You drive me crazy! I can't wait to get home and lick every inch of that perfect body of yours." "Holy shit!" Greg yelled in his head.

"Ok, I'm not reading anymore." "I love you with all my heart," Greg glanced at the last line of the letter before folding and putting it away. "Yeah right," he thought about his father, rolling his eyes, remembering the reason for his parents' divorce his father's affair. Greg saw a few old photos from the 90's in the box. They were of his mother. His father took the pictures on various boating trips they'd go on with friends.

They were all of his mother in bikinis. One was of Julianne in a bright orange, tiny bikini, sitting on the side of the boat, giving a seductive smile. Greg smiled into her image, flipping the photo over, seeing his father's handwriting. "My sexy babe." Another old photo was a full body shot of his mother in a tiny leopard print bikini standing next to Greg's father.

"Me and my woman," was the writing on the back. A third picture was of his mother on her knees, long blonde hair blowing in the wind, wearing a tiny red bikini.

There was nothing but a crudely drawn heart on the back. Greg smiled. Both he and his father had trouble drawing hearts for some reason. The last photo he looked at was of his mother looking sweaty, tired, her tanned body glistening in the sunlight on the deck of a boat.

The tiny blue bikini barely covered her breasts. On the back Greg read what his father wrote. "Just after sex with this wild woman. Going for a swim now." Greg shook his head in sadness and disgust with his father for hurting his mother like this.

He was the man that worshipped her. No wonder she's so depressed now. He finished cleaning up, moving on to his mother's bathroom next, scrubbing the tub. He mowed the yard next, struggling with the lawnmower because the grass was so thick and high.

The entire time he worked, he thought about how angry he was at his father, empathy of his mother's current emotional state washing over him. "She was a hottie, that's for sure," Greg thought, pushing the mower back into the garage. He said goodbye to Julianne, leaving her alone, but deep down not wanting to. Greg went home and showered for his date. "Idiot," he called his father, while in the shower. "If I had a hottie like that, mmm," Greg laughed.

"But she's my mom." On the way to Melissa's he figured he'd go see his mother the next day, just to say hello and be around her. Greg even thought about complimenting her some, maybe that would cheer her up.

****** The date didn't go quite as planned. Normally, he'd have his cock balls deep inside whoever he took out within two hours. It took four with Melissa. Greg was distracted, thinking about his mother's situation.

After he cleaned her house, took care of the yard, she didn't seem to have noticed, nodding at him as he left. Greg couldn't shake the solemn look on his mother's face. Back at Melissa's apartment, he pulled his cock out of her, letting it rest on her lower back.

He watched it spew semen all over her light-brown back, a hand gripping her hip. Melissa moaned feeling his warm cum land on her. "You going to stay the night?" Melissa asked, curling up next to Greg as he lay down on her bed. "I didn't last as long," he thought, cupping her ass. "Her pussy is top notch, but still, I should've lasted longer." Greg sat up in her bed, wiping his forehead, grabbing his shirt when the thought hit him. "What if I lose her?" "Uh, I gotta go," he said, putting on his clothes.

"Aww, you sure?" "Yeah, I need to go check on my mom." "Ok, well I'll see you at work Monday. Maybe I can play with this on a lunch break," Melissa said, standing to kiss Greg goodbye, rubbing his bulge. "Heh, yeah," he nodded, taking his leave, with one thought, the thought of losing his mother, on the forefront of his mind.

He sped to her house. It was just after midnight, he knew she'd be asleep. Greg saw her motionless body lying on her side facing away from her bedroom door. He slowly walked to her, placing his hand on her hip, feeling her warmth, he smiled.

His worst nightmare hadn't come true. He chuckled, thinking about the naughty and raunchy love letters his father wrote to her. Sitting on the bed next to her, he ran his fingers through her messy, blonde hair, seeing the photos of her younger, happier self in his mind. "She was so beautiful. Why would he cheat on her?" he asked himself. Greg leaned down, kissing the side of her head, "I'm going to fix you breakfast tomorrow." He stretched out, lying next to her, bringing his arm around her, holding her against him while lying on top of the covers.

"I have to make her better," he thought. Just before he drifted off to sleep, he felt slight movement of her hand coming to rest on top of his. Greg didn't see the very subtle smile upon his mother's face.

Chapter 5 Greg watched his mother eating the dinner he fixed for her two weeks later. He couldn't help but smile as she scarfed it down.

He had been cooking all her meals recently. Steaks, chicken casseroles, pasta dishes, huge breakfasts were usually on the menu.

"What?" his mother paused, seeing Greg smile at her. "Nothing. It's just nice to see your appetite so strong. In fact," Greg reached for her hand, "It's been really nice spending this time with you. I really love being here." It was a half-truth. Part of him did enjoy it, but she was still very depressed. "Saturday night, I'm taking you out for dinner, mom." "No, you don't have to Greg," Julianne sighed.

"I want to. It'll be a nice place, so we'll have to dress up," Greg said. His mother shook her head, "Fine." "Good," Greg stood, grabbing her plate, while she made her way to her bathroom. "Hey, wait," he stopped her. He gave his mother a long hug, holding her tightly against him. He ended the embrace and watched her retreat to her room. Moments later, Greg was in the office room once again, reading through letters his father wrote her long ago.

"I love the way you pulled your panties to the side last month, mounted me, and fucked me. You wanted my cock so bad, didn't you?

You were in such a hurry to cum. Once you did, you returned to the kitchen fixing my wonderful dinner. You're the perfect wife." Greg put the letter down. He didn't know why he was reading them. Something about his mother in her younger, happier years, gave him hope that she could come out of this depression. He knocked on his mother's bedroom door, letting her know he was leaving.

"Come in," she said. "Hey mom. Wow, look at you!" Greg flirted, seeing his mother with a large white towel wrapped around her body, her hair slicked back. "Greg," she shook her head. "What? You look amazing like that," he said, moving behind her, rubbing her shoulders. "Also, you look amazing period.

I think you've gained a couple pounds since I've been cooking for you." "Ugh, great," she scoffed. "It is great," Greg turned her around to face him. "You are a gorgeous woman and you need to eat healthier. So that's where I come in. I've inherited your cooking skills and will continue taking care of you." "You didn't inherit them. You just learned to read simple instructions from a cookbook," Julianne rolled her eyes. "Maybe," Greg shrugged.

"But still, I'm going to be your chef. Now about Saturday night," he turned walking to her closet. He picked out a small, simple black dress.

"I'm not wearing that. It's been years since I have." "I'm taking a hot woman to dinner. I want her to wear this. Please?" Julianne stared at the dress, then to her smiling son. "Fine." "Yes!" he cheered bringing her in for another hug, kissing her cheek.

"I love you and I'll see you tomorrow." Julianne nodded her head, watching him leave. Greg didn't see another small smile form on her face. ****** "I want that big dick in me. When are you coming to Miami again?" Was the text Greg read at a stoplight on the way home. It was from Fernanda, the slut in Miami he visited every month or so. He texted her back a simple "2 weeks." He had a lovely evening to plan.

One he hoped would make his mother happy. After a shower he received a text from Aline. "It's been awhile, you ok?" Greg chuckled replying to her text, "Yep, been busy. We'll fuck again soon." The next day at work, Greg had Melissa pinned against the bathroom stall, making her cum. "Saturday night," she tried saying in between Greg's hard thrusts.

"What about it?" "You, me, and my friend. Ahh! Threeway!" she was cumming. Greg was too, filling her with semen. "Yes!" he replied. Back at his desk, he remembered his planned evening with his mother. He figured he could take her to a nice dinner, spend some quality time with her, and then come back to his place around 11pm for a double dose of pussy. Chapter 6 "Good, this is really good," Gisele commended her brother on the phone. He was on his way to pick up his mother.

"Be really sweet to her. Compliment her. Make her feel great." "I know, I know. I'm working on it. I also cook for her.

I think she's gained a few pounds in the past couple weeks, she was pretty underweight." "Even better. That's so sad about her job though," Gisele said. "We'll need to figure something out when it comes to that." "We will. I'm almost here. We'll talk later," Greg ended the call. "That's what I'm talking about. Look at you!" Greg exclaimed seeing his mother exit her bedroom, wearing a tight, black dress. "Hot!" "Greg, stop," she grabbed her purse.

"Just being honest," He glanced over her hourglass figure, her long legs. "No you're being flirty. Cut it out." "So? No harm in flirting with a gorgeous lady," Greg extended his arm to her. "Thank you. But I'm your mother," Julianne grabbed it, walking with her son.

"Again, so? We're going to have a wonderful evening." He escorted her to his car, opened the door for her, and did his best to make her smile. He failed for the most part, but Greg was persistent. He was in a tough spot because he wanted to talk about her younger, happier years, but they involved his father someone he didn't want to bring up at all.

So he stuck to talking about himself. "Remember that? I showed up to the prom with you?" Greg asked over dinner. "Yes. You took your mother to your prom. It was very strange." "No it wasn't! You were, I mean, are, the best looking woman I know. What 18-year-old kid wouldn't want to take you to the prom?" "A normal one, probably.

Certainly not the 18-year-old son of one," Julianne rolled her eyes, taking another bite. "Well I had a great time and you did too. You were laughing, dancing with me. All my buds wanted a dance. Good times," Greg reminisced. "Greg, you just wanted to be able to say you took a Playboy Playmate to the prom." "Well, maybe, but it wasn't just that. None of the girls in school compared to you," Greg told another half-truth. In hindsight perhaps this statement was true, but also trying his best to lift his mother's spirits he never once exhibited a crush on his mother in his younger years.

Looking at her now, watching her slowly eat, he couldn't help but think she was still beautiful after all those years since his father took bikini photos of her and since Greg finished high school. Greg once again grabbed her hand, sitting across from her, "You really are beautiful. I'm just not saying that. I mean it." His mother's eyes met his for a few seconds, his thumb caressed her hand.

"Greg," she whispered only to be interrupted by the waiter bringing the check and wishing them a good night. Greg released her hand, grabbed the bill, eyes to his wallet to fish out his debit card. He didn't see his mother smile and blush. "Shall we?" he extended his arm once more. He held her hand all the way all the way to her home. "You don't have to invite me in. But any man would love it if you did," Greg said at his mother's front door, slightly regretted his choice of words his father's infidelity on his mind.

"You probably have some girl to go visit anyway," Julianne said, turning the key in the door. "I'd rather stay with you, to be honest." "Greg, go home." "Alright," he hugged her tightly, kissing her cheek. "I love you." "I love you too," his mother replied. ****** It was such a small world Greg lived in.

At 11 pm he found himself lying on his bed, nude, while Melissa and Aline covered his body in kisses. Aline was the friend Melissa mentioned. Licking their way down to his cock, kissing it, one on each side, Greg's eyes snapped open.

"Mom," was who he thought of. "I need to be there with her." He watched the two dark, exotic beauties service his dick, thinking, "No, I should stay and enjoy this." The two women moaned, one sucking at his big balls, the other on his big cockhead.

"No. She's alone. I have to keep this going to make her better," Greg sat up, causing the two ladies to pause. "Hey, I'm really sorry, but I have to go." "But," Aline said. "I'm sorry. It's my mom. I'm worried about her," Greg got off the bed, searching for a t-shirt and gym shorts. "You two can stay if you want, but I need to go," Putting on his shoes, he glanced at the two naked women standing at the foot of his bed.

"Sorry." When Greg closed his door behind himself, Aline and Melissa turned to one another, eyed their bodies up and down, shrugged, grabbed each other's face and began hungrily making out. They fell backward on to Greg's bed, rolling around, falling off it, and hit the carpet with a thud. He arrived at his mother's dark, quiet house, once again standing in her doorway. Greg approached her sleeping body, his hand trailing her hip, feeling her warmth. He slid under the covers, wrapped his arm around her, holding her against him.

"Greg?" Julianne whispered groggily. "I told you I'd rather spend the night with you more than anyone else." Rising on his elbow, he looked at her face, caressing it before kissing her cheek again. "Mom?" "Hmm? What is it?" Julianne rolled to her back, causing Greg's hand to rest on her stomach. He instinctually began rubbing it over her t-shirt. "My apartment lease is up for renewal next month. I'm moving in with you. No discussions. I'm going to help with bills and take care of you." "Oh Greg," Julianne placed her hand on his.

"I am. Ok?" he kissed her forehead. Greg finally saw his mother smile widely. She nodded her head and hugged him. She slid over towards the middle, allowing Greg more room. Lying on his back, holding her in his arm, he continued his flirtatious ways. "I'm going to be roommates with the hottest woman on the planet. I'll try to keep my hands to myself." He felt his mother slightly shake in his arms, chuckling softly.

Chapter 7 Much to his mother's chagrin, the next day Greg took her shopping. He got her a new cell phone, moved her on his plan, and then bought her matching shoes and a dress both white. Julianne complained she was too old for a short dress like that, but Greg would have none of it.

He took her home, cooked her dinner, and made sure to always have his arm around her, his hand holding hers, or giving her hugs and kisses on the cheek. Greg packed a suitcase of clothes and essentially moved in with his mother.

All his other stuff would be dealt with closer to his official move out date the following month. The next week, Julianne still went to bed earlier, but her son coaxed her to stay up a little later than normal.

Those were quiet evenings on her couch, his arm around her. When she went to bed, Greg would sometimes sneak into the office to read the letters. "This is why you're perfect the perfect wife, the perfect woman. You knew how hard it was for me to make that sale.

You joined me in the shower, turned around, and offered that perfect pussy to me. I'm so thankful for you, Julianne." That letter hurt to read. He remembered his father traveling a lot when Greg was 14. "The perfect woman," he whispered his father's words. "I'll treat her like she deserves. I'll never hurt her, I'll always be there for her." When Greg climbed into his mother's bed later that evening, he smiled when she rolled over to face him, his arm sliding around her body, resting on her waist.

"You ever thought about dating again," Greg held his mother from behind the next morning after breakfast. She was looking to the backyard. "No, never." "Good. More for me. We're dating now," Greg joked. "Ha. Yeah right," she said. "I know I'm right. Tomorrow you have a very busy day. I've made an appointment for the spa.

I'll drop you off after breakfast. You'll have a steam bath then a lovely massage. After that, I'll take you to lunch, then to your hair appointment." "Greg, are you serious?

You're doing too much," Julianne said. Greg spun her around to face him, grabbed her face and quickly kissed her lips, "No I'm not. I'm happy to do it. I'm happy to be here with you." Julianne blushed, looking to the side.

"Oh and then," Greg continued, "I'll take you to a movie tomorrow night." "Greg we don't have to do this." "Like I said, we're dating now. I've never dated anyone before," He admitted, feeling shame. It was true. Most of his associations with women involved sex. There was an occasional dinner here and there, but it was always physical.

"You haven't? I thought you were a big shot ladies man," his mother said. Greg shook his head. "I had friends, but nothing serious or real." He paused, realizing he used past tense. He wondered if he'd see Aline, Melissa, or other ladies in the near future.

"No," he answered his question in his head. His focus was being there for his mother. After her incredible Saturday, Julianne sat next to her son in the movie theater, his arm around her.

She was looking at him, before the lights lowered and the movie started. She didn't realize she was smiling the first long and legitimate smile in ages. She felt amazing. The spa visit, followed by the salon, had her feeling rejuvenated. Greg complimenting her trimmed hair with blonde highlights, made her day. Her son turned to her, gazed into her eyes, smiling back at her. He leaned over, kissing her lips once more.

"Thank you for everything today, Greg," she said. "No thank you. Thanks for letting me pamper you. We'll enjoy this movie, go home, and I'll take you to bed," he joked. Julianne laughed.

Not a chuckle, but a loud laughter. Greg beamed while he watched her. "Ok, big shot. Sure," she said. He did indeed take her to bed later, joking she should sleep nude, suggesting he might. Julianne stopped him, climbed in bed, into his arms, and immediately fell asleep after a wonderful day. "Who is the sexy lady?" Greg asked her the next day after dinner.

He retrieved a picture of his mother from the box in the office. It was the one of her wearing the bright, orange bikini. "Ugh, geez, no idea," she rolled her eyes. "I know who," He sat next to her. "It's you." "A long, long time ago," She said. "Where'd you find that?" "The office." Julianne sighed, realizing Greg must have looked through the box of memorabilia from her marriage. "I found a few other pictures too. Most just papers and stuff," Greg downplayed what he saw and read.

"You don't look much different than this now. You're still gorgeous." "Greg, cut it out," She shook her head. "No I mean it. I'm sorry, mom. I'm sorry for Gisele and I not being there for you like we should've been. I won't go into it much, but dad was an idiot to do what he did. He had you as his woman, his wife, and he gave that up. So, so stupid," Greg shook his head, fighting back anger. Julianne sniffed, trying not to cry. She leaned her head on Greg's shoulder, gently rubbing his thigh.

"Fernanda," she whispered under her breath. "Hmm?" Greg asked. "The woman I caught your father with." "Who?" "Her name was Fernanda," his mother answered, Greg's eyes shooting open. "I went to Miami one weekend to surprise him. He was there on business. I walked in on him and her.

He was calling out her name, Fernanda. He didn't see me at first." Greg cleared his throat, "That, uh, sounds like a uh, different kind of name." "Yeah, she was a younger woman. Hispanic, or Latino, or whatever the hell they're called," his mother said, bitterness in her tone. "She might've been Cuban, no idea. Really tall too." "I see," Greg breathed slowly to calm his racing heart.

He wanted to ask more, but couldn't believe what he was hearing. He wondered if it was a different Fernanda than the one he was sleeping with during his visits to Miami. In his heart he knew, it was the same, tall, Latina his father cheated on his mother with. He wanted to vomit. "Be right back," he said, quickly getting up, going to the bathroom. He splashed cold water on his face. "It can't be," he kept telling himself. "But it probably is." He knew Fernanda was quite sexually active a whore, which is one reason he liked her.

It wouldn't surprise him if she had a few married men in her stable of studs. After regaining his composure he joined his mother on the couch again. "You ok?" she asked.

"Yeah," he smiled. "Just thinking about all the wonderful things we can do together." Julianne smiled once more, resuming their cuddling position. Chapter 8 "Greg! Stop it!" Julianne swatted playfully at her son's shoulder. He was tickling her sides, trying to pick her up at the same time.

"You're all nasty and sweaty." "Ok, ok, come outside then," Greg motioned for his mother to follow. It was the next weekend and Greg was doing more yard work. "What is this? Why have you dug up this area?" his mother asked. "You and I," Greg said, wiping his forehead, "are going to plant stuff." "Plant stuff?" "Yeah. Flowers, vegetables, crap like that," Greg replied. Julianne chuckled, "I see. So a nice little garden." "That's right," Greg said, removing his t-shirt, using it to wipe his head.

He moved behind his mother, holding her from behind. "It'll be fun." "Alright. If you say so," Julianne turned around, glancing at Greg's muscular frame. She gathered up sweat from his chest and flicked it at his face. "Hey!" Greg grabbed her, pulling her against his body.

His mother feigned a struggle. "You know you like it! I bet you're secretly a wild and crazy woman!" "Ha! Sure," Julianne stopped struggling, letting her son hold her.

"You look good, Greg. I mean, I can see you work out." "Thanks. I haven't been in a few weeks though ever since I started spending time with you my favorite person." She trailed her hands up and down his sweaty back, not caring about getting her hands wet.

"You're sweet. Maybe this will be fun," she ended the hug. Later that night, they went to bed at the same time 11 pm. "You want me to sleep shirtless, don't you mom? After seeing me today in the backyard. I understand.

I'll do it," Greg solemnly said, pretending that it was a huge deal. "Oh yes. I certainly do," his mother joked in return, watching Greg remove his t-shirt. She curled up in his arms, like always, except this time she trailed her hands over his bare stomach and chest.

"You've been so sweet lately, so affectionate," she said. "Well, I'm just glad to be here. I'm going to take care of you, remember?" Julianne smiled, closing her eyes, when Greg kissed the back of her head goodnight. Greg was woken up an hour later by his phone buzzing on the bedside table. He picked up, feeling disgust at himself when he saw who it was from.

"I thought you were coming to see me this weekend?" was the text from Fernanda. Attached was a nude photo she took of herself. Greg deleted the text and Fernanda from his contacts list. ****** Melissa confronted Greg at work the following week. "Hey, you ok? Aline said you aren't returning her calls. We were hoping to try again for a three-way." "Oh right. Yeah, I'm sorry. I've just been really busy. My mom is going through some problems. I gotta focus on her," Greg explained.

"Oh. I understand, that's sweet of you," Melissa said. Greg nodded, watching her walk back to her cube. He took out his phone, scrolling through the contacts, deleting Aline and Melissa's information. He was going to give his mother all of his attention.

After dinner that night, he and his mother took a long walk, holding hands, through the neighborhood. He drew a hot bath for her when they returned and walked around the house, thinking of what to plant in their garden.

He walked by the office and darted inside. He looked through the box once more, digging deeper, toward the bottom. Greg usually grabbed a few letters or pictures that were near the top, so not to disturb the contents as much.

But his mother knew he found the box, and he admitted to seeing the photos and "papers," so he figured why not investigate it further. There it was, at the very bottom. Greg saw it after removing most of the contents. It was the Playboy issue his mother posed in so long ago. He chuckled, picking it up, debating on looking at her photos. He shrugged and opened the magazine, thinking if he accidentally flipped to her spread, then it'd be ok.

Greg kept randomly flipping through the pages, not seeing his mother. Pretending it was an accident, he flipped to a random page near the back, then another, then another. Then he saw, for a split second, a very nice pair of breasts. He looked away, then back at the picture, "Yep I think that's her. Oh well, just an accident." Then he started at the breasts. Then he looked to his mother's smiling face.


"That's her. Very nice mom. Good job," he said in his head. He couldn't look away. He flipped the page; it was his mother on all fours, his eyes lit up. "Oh wow, yeah, that's her alright." He kept going, looking at every single picture. Admiring her ass, her long legs, and her breasts. "Ok that's enough," he said, nearly out of breath.

He put the magazine back in the box, burying it with the letters, documents, and old photos. A couple hours later, Julianne was lying in his arms, gliding her hands over his bare midsection. Greg spoke up, "I saw someone naked today." "Oh yeah?" his mother laughed. "Yep. Best looking naked woman I've ever seen," Greg continued. Julianne rose up on her elbow. "Who?" Greg grinned. Her face flushed with embarrassment.

"You didn't! Me?" "Oh yeah. Mmm, gorgeous." "Ugh, I can't believe you looked. I should've thrown that out long ago," His mother said. "Hey it's alright. We're both adults. The lighting was great," he paused, "your body was great.

It still is. I haven't seen you naked in person, but I'm willing to bet what's under the pajamas is still a perfect 10." "Stop it!" She swatted at him and rolled over, embarrassed. Greg rolled over too, holding her. He kissed her head, "I'm sorry.

I was just curious." She shook with silent laughter, "It's ok Greg. Like you said, we're both adults now." "I love you." "I love you too," She rolled over, her face in his, giving him a long goodnight kiss on the lips. They smiled at one another for a few seconds, before she rolled over and went to sleep. Chapter 9 The following weekend's project was taking his mother to pick out flowers and other plants for the garden.

Greg felt this would be something she would enjoy and they could do together. He personally didn't care about gardens, but wanted to give her something to focus on. They bought tomato plants, tulips, daffodils, and a rose bush, along with extra soil.

Greg read the instructions that came with the plants; luckily his mother had a better idea of how to plant them. He smiled, thinking his plan to keep her busy and occupied was working, watching her go to work. "I think I can do this one," Greg said, taking over one of the tulip plants. When he was done, he quickly swiped his mother's face with his thumb, leaving a streak of dirt on her cheek. "Oops. Sorry," he grinned. "Uh huh," Julianne said, wiping her face clean.

"Looks like we have plenty of soil left. I'll move the extra bags over by the steps," Greg said, squatting to lift the heavy bags. He moved them by the steps near the back door. He got a funny idea. Greg removed his t-shirt, "Mom." Julianne turned around, seeing her shirtless son. Greg flexed his pectoral muscles, "Let's hit the shower babe." "Babe?" Julianne laughed.

"Yeah, let's go." "You're such a big flirt," his mother laughed. "I think I'll pass," she added, walking by Greg, up the stairs. "Hey," he grabbed her arm. "Are you happy with me living here?" She paused a moment, smiled and nodded her head. "Good," he kissed her cheek, then her lips. His mother smiled and turned to walk up the stairs. Greg playfully slapped her ass. "Greg!" she turned around, pretending to be angry. "What?

You have a nice one. I saw it in Playboy, remember?" "Oh geez," Julianne headed inside. That night Greg chased her around the house after dinner. He caught her, grabbed her, tickled her and slammed her on the bed. He kissed her lips, looking into her eyes said, "I love you." Julianne caressed his face, "Oh sweetie, I love you too." "Good, let's go to bed!" Greg pulled off his shirt, rolled onto his back, his mother once again in his arms.

She ran her hands over his body, sat up, and smiled at him. "I love seeing that smile. I really do," Greg said. "What are you smiling about?" "You. Why are you here with me when you," she glanced at his stomach, "could be out?

You know, having fun?" "Are you referring to sex?" Greg asked in a shocked manner. "No, I mean, maybe?" "I know what you meant," He pulled her back down on top of him.

"I want to spend all my time with you right now. I'm here for you. I should've been here for you back during the divorce. I was too distracted. Not anymore." Greg caressed his mother's face, she smiled warmly. Thoughts of his father's letters, how much he loved and craved her ran through his mind.

His thumb slowly ran across her lips. "Greg?" she whispered. "Hmm? Sorry, was distracted again it seems. This time by the prettiest lady I know," he said, releasing his mother, stretching his arms. Julianne watched him stretch, her hands once again going to his body, gliding over the muscles, almost admiringly.

Greg noticed, smiling awkwardly at her. ****** Two weeks later, Greg was expanding the garden. "Right about here would be perfect!" his mother cheerily told him. "Alright, I'll dig it to there then." "Thank you, sweetie! We'll plant the sunflowers there," Julianne kissed his cheek. "When you're done, I'll have lemonade waiting." Greg smiled, pinching her butt when she walked away.

They had been like that almost daily. Greg would go to work, come home, and cook dinner less and less, his mother taking over that duty. They would flirt, giggle, and cuddle on the couch for awhile before going to bed, falling asleep in each other's arms.

Greg loved seeing her happy again. Something strange was happening with Greg too. He no longer was driven by lust, by the need to get pussy, by the desire to sleep with a new woman or any woman. Instead he was driven by making his mother smile, bringing her happiness, making her feel loved. "Mmm, very good," Julianne said, sipping on lemonade an hour later. "Are you talking about the garden here or me?" Greg joked.


"Both!" "Come here!" he chased after her. She got away, reaching down to grab a clump of dirt and throw it at her son. "Oops," she grinned. Greg tackled her, being as careful as possible, guiding her to the freshly plowed plot of land. They rolled around, throwing dirt onto each other's face, Greg causing his mother to squeal when he pulled her t-shirt open, dumping a handful of dirt down her chest. "You jerk!" she straddled him, rubbing dirt into his chest and stomach.

He grabbed her waist, holding her in place on top of him. They laughed, sharing another long gaze, their smiles fading. Julianne bent down, kissing her son's face, peppering his jaw with kisses.

"I love you," She whispered in his ear. Her hands slid down his side, whispering once more, "You have such a great body. So sexy." "So do you. I gotta admit. You're a hot woman," Greg said, his hand sliding to the small of her back.

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"Yeah?" "Indeed," Greg got bold and grabbed her ass, squeezing the cheeks, knowing she'd scold him. But she didn't. "Mmm, naughty Greg," his mother said sliding off him. She quickly tugged at his gym shorts, throwing a large hand full of dirt into them.

She stood and ran away giggling. Greg, lying on the ground, dirt in his underwear, laughed. "She is hot though," he said out loud to no one. After he got as much dirt out of his boxers as possible, he went inside, finding his mother removing her t-shirt. He whistled at her, startling her.

"We going to shower together?" "Greg," she gave him a look. "What? Kill two birds with one stone. Besides, I've seen you naked, remember?" he asked, standing in front of her, his hands on her bare waist. "We can't do that, sweetie." "I know. I'm just being silly." Julianne smiled, turned around and turned on the shower, giving her son a look over her shoulder. "Alright, alright. I'll go use the other one," Greg said. "I wouldn't mind though." "I know.

It'd be kind of nice. Kind of intimate. But it's not right," his mother said. She went to undo her bra, staring at Greg.

"Go silly!" "Oh right, yeah. Sorry." That night after dinner, he held her in the middle of the kitchen, his eyes closed, enjoying her warmth. He ended the embrace and kissed her lips, "You're so wonderful." "You are too, Greg," she replied. She kissed him again, a little longer than his. She was in his arms, caressing his body. "You are sexy. I meant that." "So are you," Greg said, his mother looking at him. They stared at one another, Greg running his fingers through his hair. "I'm sorry if I've ever disappointed you." "Why do you say that?" Greg shrugged, "I don't know.

I just want you to know how loved you are. I'm sorry if I didn't show it much in the past." "Are you still going on about not being there for me?" "Maybe." "You're here now aren't you? If you'd rather be here than out chasing girls, that's fine by me." "I would rather be here. More than any place in the world," Greg said escorting Julianne to the bedroom. He flopped on the bed, smiling at her.

Julianne smiled, "I see. Oh well. I guess this body you've worked so hard for will miss out on fun." "No it won't," Greg yawned, stretching his arms. "Get to work. I won't tell anyone. Our little secret." "Get to work?" Julianne laughed.

"Yep. I'm sure a goddess like you knows how to please man," Greg said, recalling more of his father's erotic letters. Julianne called his bluff, "Thank you. And I sure do." "What?" He didn't have time to react. His mother leaned down, kissing his neck, "Start here and kiss my way down." "Uh, huh?" "Sit up," she said, helping him remove his shirt.

"Mom?" "Down to his chest," Julianne kissed his pec, followed by each nipple. "Then to his stomach," following it up with a trail of kisses down to his navel, running her hands all over his torso. Greg was in shock, "Is she really going to do something like that?

Would I really let her?" he thought. "And then," Julianne paused, peppering his stomach with kisses. "I forget!" Greg breathed a sigh of relief she was joking around with him.

"Hah, very funny." "I'm old now. I can't remember things as well," Julianne said, resuming her usual position in Greg's arms. "Heh, yeah, gotcha," He gulped.

"Not too old," he said nervously. He lay in bed wide awake for the next hour, asking himself over and over if he'd let her do something sexual to him.

The only answer he could come up with was "I don't know." Chapter 10 The following Saturday afternoon, Julianne twirled around in front of the mirror in her bathroom.

She had gone shopping with Greg earlier and he bought her another new dress. It was a long, flowery, sundress. Greg entered the room and whistled at her, "Everyone will see how good looking my lady looks tonight." "Greg, I'm not your lady," his mother said.

"Yes you are." He moved behind her, resting his hands on her tummy. "I live here, I cook for you, we work in our garden together, we go out together, I buy you things, and then we come home and go to sleep in each other's arms.

You're my lady." Julianne rested her head on Greg's shoulder, looking at their reflection in the mirror, a smile forming on her face. He kissed the top of her head. "We'll have a great time at the fair tonight.

I'll win you some prizes too," he said. "If you say so," Julianne said. Greg moved away from her, swatting at her flowing dress when he walked by. ****** "I gotta say, sweetie, you have been so wonderful and sweet to me the last several weeks," Julianne said, her arm wrapped around Greg's while walking through the fair that night. He was carrying a huge teddy bear he won for her in one of the silly games they played.

"No, thank you. Thank you for letting me spend this time with you. It's something I should've done long ago," Greg stopped, turning to face his mother, running his finger through her blonde locks.

"I've had a great day with you." "I have too. I feel younger with you. It's kinda like we are together. I know it just seems that way, but I like it.

I haven't been this happy in a long, long time," she said. "I know. I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure you stay happy. You will keep being my focus. I love you," Greg said, kissing her lips softly. Julianne smiled, blushing once more, "I like that." "What? The kisses?" "Yes. I know it's silly, but it's just a nice little thing that you do." "No, mom, it's not silly.

I like it too. I know I've said it before, but you're so pretty, so," Greg paused, taking a chance at using his father's words from his erotic letters, "so perfect." Her eyes widened, "Oh Greg, I, I love you too." Julianne moved to kiss Greg, to give a long, loving kiss, but was interrupted by someone behind them.

It was a man the two of them hadn't noticed from before. He was drunk. "Awww yeah. Get that pussy, boy," He said, struggling to stand, throwing his bottle down. He was a large man. Greg stared at him, "Come on. Let's go," his whispered to his mother. "That's right, take her home and fuck that bitch," the drunken man said. Greg turned, glaring at the man, seeing a worn down shirt with the logo of the fair and a name tag below it. The fair was closing down, he must be off duty.

"What you lookin at, boy? Huh? If you don't take that bitch home, shit, I'll do it. I'll tear that pussy up!" Greg moved toward the drunkard, "Greg!" his mother tried to stop him.

It was too late. Greg punched the man right across the mouth, causing him to fall down. "No!" his mother cried, pulling him away. "We're going home.

Now!" "Sorry," Greg took a deep breath, put his arm around his mother and walked towards the exit. A moment later, Greg fell to the ground, having been pushed hard. He looked to his left, seeing his mother on her knees. The impact from the huge, drunk man knocked them both down. She seemed fine, but all Greg saw was red. Adrenaline pumping through his veins, his boiling blood, caused him to feel no pain from the beating the drunk was giving him.

He was raining fists down on Greg's body, but Greg felt nothing. He only saw his mother crying. Lying on his side, he saw the man's legs and kicked his knee as hard as he could, causing the man to stumble.

Greg got to his feet as fast as possible, squatted, balled his right fist and gave the stumbling man an uppercut to the nose, breaking it. The drunkard roared in pain, unable to react when Greg tackled him, mercilessly slamming his fists down on him. He said nothing while he beat the man that insulted the woman he loved. The man managed to land a few blows to Greg's face, but they were unsuccessful in stopping him. Finally he gave out, the man bleeding and trying to block the onslaught of fists, Greg's mother pulling him off the man.

He held her, saying he was sorry over and over. The man crawled away, pulling himself behind one of the game booths, out of sight. "Let's go," she said. "Let's go home." Greg nodded, looking around, seeing a few stragglers leaving the fair, a couple of them pointing at the fight they had witnessed. "Some drunk guy," Greg heard a person say. "Yeah I saw it too," another mumbled. Another drunken patron clapped his hands, "Yeah buddy!

Defend your woman! Whooooo!" Greg and Julianne ignored them, holding one another as they made their way to Greg's car. She drove them home. Their timing was just right. The carnival was closing just as a late night thunderstorm was approaching. Julianne glanced over to her embarrassed son, as the clouds above opened up, thunder and lightning all around them. The car ride was silent. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry, mom," Greg whispered, when they pulled in the driveway. "It's ok," she patted his thigh.

"Let's get inside." Greg nodded, sniffed, and opened the car door, quickly escorting his mother inside out of the pouring rain and lightning. "See? We're all ok," she said, entering the house, hugging Greg. "I know," Greg nodded. "Let me get a look at you," she said. Greg sniffed, fighting back tears of anger and nodded. Julianne led him to the bedroom, turning on the light, examining the small cuts on his temple and jaw.

"Oh sweetie. It's ok. Anywhere else?" Greg shrugged, "He was hitting my arms and back some, I think. It was all a blur." Julianne smiled, helping Greg remove his shirt, looking over the red whelps of his shoulder and back. "Yes, he got you here some too. Take off your shoes and relax." Greg did as he was told, sitting against the pillows his mother stacked.

All he saw was his mother in pain, some drunk guy trying to rape her. Lightning crackled, the power went out. He wasn't thinking of anything else. He couldn't concentrate; asking himself what he'd do if something happened to her over and over again.

Greg didn't notice his mother enter the room with a lit candle. She placed on the table next to the bed, along with several more, lighting them too. "There, that's better. Now I can see you," she smiled. She grabbed a wet wash cloth and sat next to Greg on the bed. She dabbed his face some, Greg wincing a bit from pain. "It'll be ok," she comforted him. "No. No it won't," Greg said. "The thought of anyone hurting you kills me. I'll never, ever, let anyone cause you harm again. Not some drunk and not dad.

I love you so much, more than anything, than anyone," he rambled. He was stopped by a kiss. Julianne leaned forward, kissing his lips hard. Inches from his face, she gazed in to his eyes, glancing at his lips and kissed him once more, softer this time. Then she did it again and again, slow, loving kisses on the mouth. Greg didn't mind. He closed his eyes, holding her face with one hand. Julianne straddled him, the kissing increasing, becoming more frantic.

Greg sat up, gently tugging at her hair, causing her to arch her back. He kissed at her neck, her moans further helping his cock to harden. Julianne broke the kiss, pushed Greg back, tugging at his pants. He helped by lifting his butt up, allowing her to pull them down a bit, exposing his erection. With her dress hiked up, she pulled her panties to the side, grabbed the base of his cock and guided inside her.

Greg still didn't mind. Part in shock, he was able to nod his head to her. Julianne grabbed his face again, kissing him harder than ever, while she grinded her hips against him.

"Yes," Greg whispered, catching his breath. "Do it," he told his mother. She nodded, her lips quivering and kept going, grinding and riding him, working closer to an orgasm she needed. "G-Greg," she stuttered. "Yes, cum for me. Please," he begged, holding her in his arms. "I love you." "Ahhh, Greg!" she whimpered, closing her eyes, her body tensing. "Yes!" "That's it! Yes!" Greg urged her on. Her legs began shaking, her core tightening even more, wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her spine.

Julianne began tearing up, never feeling so much joy and pleasure before. Then it was over. Reality struck her over what she had just done, what she had just given into, perhaps out of loneliness.

When the orgasm subside, she quickly hopped off her son, "I'm sorry!" she cried, leaving the room. "Mom! Wait," Greg chased after her. Chapter 11 "No!" she cried, pushing him away, when he caught up to her in the kitchen. "It's ok!" he chased after her, his mother running, crying, into the back yard, the rain still pouring.

She was ashamed, wanting to run, not caring about the storm outside. Greg grabbed her arm and spun her around. "No, please, just " Julianne was the one interrupted this time by a kiss. Greg was holding her arms, kissing her hard, the rain drenching them. When it ended, she spoke first, "I'm sorry, it just came over me." "Shhh, let's keep going." "It's not right." "I don't care," Greg said. "We'll catch a cold out here." "I don't care," he said again, kissing her hard, grabbing her waist, pulling her against his opened pants.

Still kissing him in the rain, she slid her fingers into his boxer shorts, slowly pulling them down. She bent at the knees, never taking her mouth off Greg's, helping him step out of his pants. She slowly stroked his cock, still at full strength. The power came back on. A streetlight in between her and the neighbor's house came back on, shining thought the gap between the two homes, providing a little light for them. Julianne ended the kiss, took a step back, eyes on her Greg, and she slowly pulled her dress up and over her head.

She unhooked her bra, letting it fall the grass, then stepped out of her panties. Greg looked over her naked, glistening body. Their eyes met, she ran her fingers through her wet hair, and a soft smile came over her face. Greg lunged at her, grabbing her, kissing her, her arms wrapping around his neck.

He picked her up, holding her by her ass, their tongues dancing. With her legs wrapped around his waist, he guided his cock back inside her, momentarily stopping their kisses to look at her face.

"Ready?" "Uh huh," she replied. Greg resumed kissing her. She felt so good, gliding up and down his shaft, almost too good. He paused his gentle bouncing, going to his knees, lowering her on to her back in the wet grass. "Ah! Greg," she moaned, running her nails up and down his wet back. He kept working, rolling his hips into her, driving his cock in as deep as he could.

"So, so, good," he managed to say. His mother kissed him again, holding him in place while he thrust in and out of her. Moments later, he rolled over, taking her with him.

"I'll never hurt you." "I know," she said, kissing while they made love. Rolling around a few more times, trading the top position, then landed in the newest, unfinished part of the garden.

Greg felt the soft mud on his back, ignoring it he kept kissing her. "You're my lady. Forever," he said. Julianne's eyes rolled into the back of her head, while Greg licked at her neck.

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"I know. This is so wrong, but so good." Greg rolled back on top of her, this time her back covered in mud. Their weight, mixed with his powerful thrusts, caused an indentation in the mud.

"I can't last much longer," Greg said. "Then cum," she kissed him again, "cum in me." Greg rose to his knees, taking his cock-impaled mother with him. Lightning flashed in the distance, rain kept pouring on the, Greg began bouncing her, working toward filling her with cum.

"Ahh yes! Yes!" she cried, her own orgasm building. "I love you!" he said over and over again, his balls tightening. "I love you too! I'm yours," she cried out into the night. "Not yet!" Greg said, seconds away from climaxing. "Ahhh!" he moaned, his cock erupting, filling his lady with his seed, truly making her his.

Coming off their mutual orgasm, they slowly went to their side, kissing each other on the way down. He held her, kissed her, not speaking for several minutes. "Let's go inside," she smiled weakly. Picking up their clothes, they held hands, making their way inside. "Do you want to keep doing this?" Greg asked, a moment later in the shower.

"Yes. I do." "Are you sure? I just want you to be happy." "I've never been happier," she assured him, closing her eyes, standing against him in the shower. "Good, Gisele was worried about you." "You can tell her I'm much, much better now. Just leave certain details out. You know, about how I'm your lady now." "Oh you are? I thought you said you weren't," Greg laughed. "Well that was before I had some of this," she said, going to her knees, kissing her way down Greg's body.

Stopping at his navel, "Hmm, what's after this? Ah, I remember." "See? You aren't that old." "Nope," she said before devouring his cock. Greg winced from pleasure, watching her suck his cock back to life. He wanted her pussy again. He wanted to eat it with as much gusto as she was feeding on his cock. He turned off the shower, bent down, guiding Julianne to her feet. They stepped out of the shower, "Hold on tight," he said.

"What?" Greg picked her up, flipping her upside down, causing her to squeal. He buried his face in her pussy, licking it, swirling his tongue all around it. He walked backward toward the bed, sitting on the edge, he laid back, he and his mother in a more normal looking 69 position. The candles in the room were still burning, the two lovers mutually servicing each other orally.

Greg's jaw and tongue were getting tired, but his mother kept going, kept bobbing her head up and down on his cock, slurping away on it. Greg would give himself a break, slap her ass a few times, kiss and lick all around her puckered hole, before driving his tongue back into her pussy. She came several times over the next hour. Finally, the desire to have him inside her took over; she turned around, impaled herself on his dick, and went to work.

She held his arms down, grinned at him, and bounced herself up and down on Greg until he exploded, once again filling her with semen. "Mmm, so good," she said, lying on top of Greg, his orgasm subsiding, kissing at the small wound on his jaw as he caught his breath.

Chapter 12 They were inseparable the next few days. Greg called into work, stating a family issue he had to sort out. They believed him. Julianne had been sucking his cock throughout the phone call. He picked her up, took her to bed, and made love to her again and again.

"I've never loved anyone as much as I love you," Greg said, slamming the bed against the wall. "I'll always be here for you. I'll always take care of you," he added. "I still can't believe we're doing this," his mother said, her tits jiggling from each impact. "But I don't want it to end." ****** In that very same moment, Julianne's oldest sister, Diane was on her back as well. Diane's son, Elliot, was on top of her, cock embedded balls deep.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck me!" Diane screamed out, her legs trapping Elliot in place. "I love my baby!" The house was full of boxes. They were moving into a new neighborhood soon, into a nearly complete house, specifically built for Diane and her family.

Diane wanted all of her sisters and their sons to live there.

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But she had no idea yet, if they were like her and Elliot. In that very same moment, in Minnesota, Stephanie, the younger sister of Diane, and a few years older than Julianne, was squealing with delight. Her son, Dan, was in between her legs, eating her pussy for lunch. "Ugh, I gotta have those tits," He said, going to his knees, guiding his cock inside Stephanie. "My honey loves these big boobs," Stephanie giggled, offering a tit to her son.

"I love you more," Dan said, before taking a nipple to his mouth. They had been lovers for the past few months. Stephanie was pleased at how well they were keeping their secret love affair from her daughters, but in the back of her mind, she knew one day, they may have to come clean. ****** Greg grabbed his naked mother in the kitchen, bringing her in for a long kiss.

"Dinner is ready," he said. Julianne straddled him on her couch, bringing a fork to his mouth. They feed each other, all while Greg's cock was inside her. Afterward, Julianne rode him to orgasm, her pussy milking his cock of cum, her mouth cleaning it next. They held one another on the couch, not saying a word, smiling. An hour later, Greg was in the shower, rinsing off.

He was slightly startled when the shower door opened, his mother joining him. She turned around, offering her pussy to him. Greg looked at her back, the water streaming down it; he looked to her butt, swaying back and forth with her hips. He thought about reusing words from his father's letters once more, but decided against it. He wasn't his father. He would never run around on his mother, he would never break her heart; he would always love her more than any man ever could.

Greg bent at the knees, guided his cock into her from behind, and felt her perfect pussy welcome him home. His hands roamed all over her stomach and breasts, while he kissed at her neck, showing her how much he loved her. The next day Julianne was in the office, nude, tearing up and throwing away all the letters her ex-husband had written. She glanced at the photos with his words on the back and tore them up too, placing all the shredded and torn up paper in a small waste basket on the desk.

At the bottom of the box, she found the issue of Playboy she posed in. Just as she was about to tear it, a hand stopped her. "Whoa, whoa, let's keep this one," Gregg said, taking the Playboy from his mother, placing it safely on the shelf. "I figured you'd want to keep it," she grinned. "It's great piece of memorabilia," he said, picking her up, lying her on the desk. He pushed her legs apart, guiding himself in. "Mmhmm, and now you're sleeping with a former Playmate," she joked.

"More than that, mom, I'm making love to one. I'm taking care of one. I'm showing her how perfect she is," Greg said. "I see. Well then get to work!" she joked, using Greg's words.

He grabbed the small trash can and dumped all the contents, the torn up letters and photos, on top of his laughing mother. Got to work he did, fucking her as hard as he could on top the desk, torn letters of her ex-husband, his father, all around them.

That night, Greg took her so hard in the shower she accidently tore the shower curtain off, causing them to lose their balance, spilling out onto the floor. Afterward, Greg was looking through her medicine cabinet. "You still need these?" he asked when his mother stood behind him, her hands roaming over his shoulders and chest. She glanced at the medicine she stopped taking a few months prior and shook her head.

"No, you're all the medicine I need now." "Good," Greg smiled, turning to face his mother, kissing her gently on the lips. He picked her up, took her bed and made love to his lady. The end.