Lazy busty girlfriend anal fucks pov

Lazy busty girlfriend anal fucks pov
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Dennis stared into Paula's face, totally confused by her unexpectedly passionate reaction to the fucking he was giving her. Never had he seen her so wild with lust. Paula knew she should be holding herself in check, making some show of innocence, letting her brother think this was all new to her. She should be letting him think she was an inexperienced adolescent his little sister to whom his hot plunging cock was a magical discovery.

But that wasn't so easy to do. Her brother's fuck-pole, moving ever deeper into her eager pussy, was driving her wild. It felt so fabulously good she wanted to writhe and squirm all over it. As her brother sank his thick shaft into Paula's velvet soft cunt, her frantic movement created such exquisite sensations for him he was driven to an insane frenzy of passion.

Flicking his athletic hips forward with all his might, he rammed in his rock-hard thickness right to the hilt, causing his hairy balls to slap against Paula's upturned ass-cheeks.

"Yeah, Paula, baby, I'm gonna fuck you all right!" he gasped, his voice unfamiliar in his intense lust. "I'm gonna show your little cunt what fucking is all about! And don't worry about me hurting you.

It'll feel so damned good it'll drive you out of your mind!" Paula was convinced this was no idle boast. It was obvious now that this wasn't her brother's first fuck either. There was nothing awkward or clumsy about the way he handled himself, or the way he handled her!

Scorching fire flamed through Paula's throbbing cunt as her brother slowly and tantalizingly drew his long, blood-swollen cock up through the heated moisture of her suctioning cuntal channel. As Paula's taut vaginal muscles clung to Dennis' passion-aching prick, she could feel every vein and ridge of his solid shaft.

Instead of lying inert beneath him, Paula was fucking back, wriggling her hips and her ass, sucking at his invading prick with her vaginal muscles. Her brother's rampant, incredibly hard penis was enveloped in Paula's butter-soft passion-heated cunt a cunt that was tender and tight, but just as eager for fantastic pleasure as the cock that humped away at it. "Aaarrggghhh!" her brother growled, grabbing hold of Paula's firmly molded tits as he let his fire-driven prick surge back down into her caressing cuntal depths.

"It's so good, Paula!

Oh, baby, it's even better than I dreamed it would be!" For a moment he remained in this totally imbedded position, letting his lust-swollen cock throb several times, to relish the appreciative moans of Paula beneath him. Then with a sense of power over her, he began pumping in and out of her well-lubricated tight-fitting cunt.

Waves of passion flowed through Paula's naked body as her brother's heated prick plunged all the way into her pussy withdrew from her passion-tingling twat, then skewered back inside without letup.

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"Yes! Oh, Dennis, yes!

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FUCK ME LIKE THAT! Oh, darling!" "I did it, Paula!" her brother babbled. "I shattered your sweet little cherry, just like I've always wanted to do before any of those stupid-assed punks at school got a chance at it!" Yes, darling brother, you go right on thinking that. If you'd stayed home with me yesterday afternoon, when I was so hot and horny, you could have had it then.

With Mom off shopping and Dad sitting by the pool, you could have had me in my room upstairs. That was my favorite fantasy making it with you, there on my own bed. So darling, brother, you go right on thinking you're teaching me how to fuck.

There's no need for you to know that Daddy got his prick in there first! Her brother's iron-hard cock accelerated its obscene rhythm. Paula's entire body melted into a him of willingly subjugated flesh, controlled by her brother's masterful prick, and a rush of irresistible passion became her uppermost emotion.


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Oooohhh! Uuuummm!" the madly buffeted young Paula gasped as Dennis rammed his prick in and out of her burning cunt with a fury that bounced her around on the grass. Her brother's huge hairy balls jounced against her upturned and undulating ass-cheeks.

His kneading fingers moved from the resilient peach-shaped mounds of Paula's tits to tangle in her baby-fine golden shoulder-length hair. His hungry lips sank down onto the satin-smooth flesh of her straining tits and sucked at the distended nipples.

The sensuously writhing young Paula felt the first hints of a truly shattering orgasm building in her belly, and a pulsating passion started to vibrate in her cock-stuffed pussy. As Dennis' long hard cock ground into her throbbing cunt with ever-increasing frenzy, her sensitive nerve-filled clitoris swelled into a miniature erection, promising to explode with intensity. "Ooohhh, baby!" her brother gasped in an unbridled fit of animal passion. "Ooohhh, I'm gonna cum!

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Gonna shoot off in your sweet little pussy!" His huge thickness swelled inside her dilating, straining vaginal channel, filling her so completely that her cuntal flesh pulsated in preparation for her own explosion of lust. Paula felt the first hot jets of jism splash against her vaginal walls, as her brother shot his load.

"Do it to me!" she shrieked. "I'm right with you, darling!" Paula's voice trailed off into a passionate moan as she felt hard male hands grip the globes of her ass with intense strength and heard her brother give an animal-like bellow of satisfaction, as he came.

The lewd sound rang in Paula's ears just as his flood of hot cum drenched the depths of her pussy, setting off the fires of her climax. Hot waves of intense pleasure swept through her until her ecstatic fulfillment was so complete she never noticed how limp and unresponsive her brother had become. Only when the last waves of physical bliss had begun to recede, did she become aware of her brother's heavy weight on top of her.

Paula looked up at her brother and gave a satisfied smile. "Oh, Dennis, you're fantastic! I never dreamed it would be anything like that!" she managed to get the words out of a breathless body. As theft two bodies rolled apart, both Paula and her brother gave a startled "Oh!" His massive prick was still erect, still throbbing, still as virile and alive as ever.

As if to prove to herself she was not seeing things, Paula reached out and grasped the erect wet cock. Her fingers caressed it and began to massage it up and down. Suddenly her brother took her head gently in his hands and brought her face down close to his cock as he stretched out on his back on the soft grass. Without any hesitation, Paula flicked out her tongue, letting the tip of it caress the smooth hot wetness of his cock-dome.

Her brother's hands on either side of her face tightened. She opened her mouth and engulfed the hot swollen head of his prick between her lips!

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"Christ… I can't believe it!" her brother exclaimed happily. "I just can't be this lucky! My own sweet beautiful little sister, the sweetest, most luscious piece of ass a guy could ever wish for sucking my cock! And right after I finished fucking her!" Paula did not reply. She had her mouth full and was much too engrossed in what she was doing. To her brother it was a most lust-provoking sight to see Paula's pretty mouth stretched to accommodate his purple-headed monster.

His cock was wet and sticky from their climactic juices, and yet Paula sucked greedily at the fluid and swallowed it in hungry gulps. She seemed possessed with lust. She fondled and caressed her brother's balls while she sucked at his erect cock. "Give me a blow job, Paula," her brother coaxed softly. "Suck me right off!" Suddenly Paula was doing just that. A hot liquid stream spurted from her brother's cock into her mouth. Paula gulped frantically. Her cheeks billowed and hollowed as she tried to suck and swallow all at the same time.


The hot fluid trickled from the corners of her mouth, despite her efforts get it all. Dennis watched her suck and suck until she had all there was to get. It was a sight he would not soon forget. He had fucked his beautiful sister, then watched her suck his cock until he shot his load into her mouth. As she knelt beside him, he gave a gentle pull on bet leg. Paula read his intentions. Raising her knee, she swung one leg over him and assumed a straddling position, lowering herself until her wet pussy was right over his face.

Her brother played with her cunt and Paula loved it. She opened her thighs as wide as she could, and as she played with his balls she held the head of his cock firmly in her tightened lips. Dennis' fingers were inside the narrow slit of Paula's cunt, and her love-juice was oozing out and down over his hands and wrists. He kissed the enticing cunt before him and slipped his tongue up into the slit. Paula sighed.

It felt so different from her brother's long hard prick that had just been up in there a tongue, no matter how rigidly it is held, is still soft. Paula opened her eyes and yanked her brother's stiffening cock in a furious pumping movement.

His thumbs were spreading open her cunt so that it lay like a delicious piece of flesh ready for inspection, the inner lips soft and wet and ready. When Dennis nibbled at Paula's clit, she nearly bit his prick off! She felt her orgasm sweep over her and she licked and sucked ravenously on her brother's cock. In the throes of her orgasm, she ground her hot wet pussy down onto his hard working mouth. She let put a scream of intense pleasure and Dennis held her firmly by her shapely ass to steady her.

The last thing she saw before she closed her eyes, was her brother's cock, standing straight up in front of her face thick, pulsating and very solid. Then she lay limply on top of him.

Sometime later, Paula stirred. Her mind was dazed. Had she been sleeping? She was lying face down on the soft grass and was aware of her brother's weight on top of her.

She could feel his cock in her pussy, right up to his balls. Her memory cleared. She had been on top of her brother, sucking his cock, bringing it back to fighting condition, while he ate her pussy and sent her into a sensational orgasm.

After that he had climbed on top of her and fucked her wildly until they both came. When they had caught their breaths, he shad rolled her onto her stomach, raised her up on her knees and thrust his cock into her doggy-style. Moments later, after coming together again, they had collapsed in an exhausted heap. Paula raised her arm and brought it close to her face so she could see her wrist watch. "Dennis!

Get off me! We've been gone two whole hours! Mom and Dad will have everything ready and are probably looking for us right now. They could come upon us like this any minute!

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Get your bathing trunks on!" She leaped to her feet as soon as her brother rolled off of her. "Oh, God! Where did you throw my bikini?" The young girl felt a sense of relief once she had her bikini on, but her brother's love-juice, drying thickly on her face and thighs, was still a dead giveaway to what they had been doing the past two hours. She wasted no time in wading knee-deep into the river's refreshing water and washing herself down.

Her brother did the same. Making theft way back along the river bank, they kissed and caressed and fondled each other, feeling very proud of themselves. They had fucked each other silly and gotten away with it. When they came to the path that led up the incline, through the trees and bushes to the picnic table, Paula spotted something in the water that interested her and she stopped to look at it more closely.

Her brother went on up the pathway. In a moment he came back down, his fingers to his lips indicating to Paula he wanted her to be silent. "Mom and Dad are fooling around," he said, almost in a whisper. "Dad wants to fuck her and he's got her so hot and worked hp, she'll most likely let him." "My God!" gasped Paula. "Right there at the picnic table?" "Why not?

There's nobody around but us. If they think we won't be back for a while, they'll do it. I betcha!" "But we've been gone for over two hours now." "That's why Dad is so horny being with her all that time, and her in that, skimpy little bikini. No guy could be around her when she's in a bikini and not want to fuck her!" "Even you?" asked Paula.

Her brother looked at her steadily, then grinned. "Especially me!" "You'd fuck your own mother?" "The very first chance I got! If Mom gave me the slightest indication she wouldn't tell Dad if I tried it wow! I've wanted to make it with her for a long time.

Just like I've always wanted to make it with you!" "Poor Mom," said Paula thoughtfully. "She'd be so shocked if she knew her son just spent the past two hours fucking his sister. But she'd really freak out if she knew her fifteen-year-old son wants to fuck her too!" "Bull crap!" Paula's brother replied. "She knows already! I've seen the way she looks at the bulge in the front of my trousers when I have a hard-on. I have a cock-stand all the time when I'm around her, and she checks it out pretty often.

Sometimes it's like she can't seem to take her eyes off it. Her being my mother doesn't make her any different. She gets a kick out of thinking about cock, the same as you do!" "Even her own son's cock?" "Sure. Women pretend they don't think about such things, and want you to believe they wouldn't dream of being unfaithful to theft husbands. But you might be very surprised if you could know how many attractive horny mothers enjoy a romp on the bed with their sons, whenever the old man isn't around." "And you think that Mom…" "Hey!

Come on. We're wasting time gabbing," Paula's brother cut in. "Let's sneak up to the top of the path. The tress and bushes are thick around the clearing where the picnic table is.

We can watch Mom and Dad right up close and they'll never suspect we're anywhere near." Paula followed her brother up the pathway, neither of them saying a word or making a sound. She could lecture him another time on the deceitfulness of spying on their parents, but right now there was no time to lose.

Maybe Mom and Dad already had fucked each other, while she and her brother had wasted time down by the river's edge. Just as they reached the top of the incline where another step would bring them out into the clearing, Paula was grabbed by her brother and pulled off the pathway, behind a clump of bushes.

Paula looked out from behind the foliage and found she had a clear view of Mom and Dad standing by the picnic table. Neither of them had the slightest suspicion their son and daughter were anywhere near, yet Paula could have reached out her hand and tapped her father on the shoulder, had she been inclined to do so. Paula caught her breath as she stared at her parents. They were in a tight clinch, their mouths pressed together in a long hot kiss.

Her father, with a firm grip on his wife's trim little ass, finally moved his hand up to a point behind her back. "George, what are you doing?" asked Paula's mother, breaking the long kiss. "I'm taking off your halter, Eve, my darling," he replied, "so I can suck on those luscious tits!" "You sucked on them last night," Eve reminded him. "In fact, you had one or the other in your mouth nearly all night long. Have you forgotten what you did with them this morning, before we got out of bed?

You laid your long hard cock in between them, then rubbed it back and forth and you came so fast I didn't have time to get the head of it into my mouth. You shot your load all over my neck and chin. I should think you'd have had enough tittie for awhile and you could behave yourself knowing that our son and daughter may be back here any second." "Any second, my ass!" George replied with a grin.

"When you have everything on the table and we're ready to sit down and eat, then I'll have to go off somewhere and hunt for them." "Very well," said Eve as her husband pulled off her halter and let it drop onto the grass. "So our kids won't be back to see you having my titties for your picnic lunch.


What about others who might come by here and want to use this picnic table?" "Not a chance, honey. Nobody knows about this place. It's private property and the owners live a long way from here. The family who put this table here moved away two years ago." George's hand closed on one of Eve's tits as his mouth came down onto hers.

"You're sure…?" asked Eve when they finally came up for air. "Positive." "That's easy for you to say. I'm the one who has my bare tits exposed to view if someone comes by. All you have to do is straighten up and you look quite respectable in your swim trunks." "Okay," said George agreeably. Suddenly he had his trunks down around his ankles. He stepped out of them. His long hard prick, free at last, stood almost straight up, quivering slightly in its eagerness and anticipation.

"My God!" exclaimed Eve. "Look at the size of that thing! You look like you haven't had a woman for six months. And after all I did for it last night!" "That's why he's so hot and hard, baby," said George, grinning.

"The memory of how good you were to him last night when he was wedged between your titties, then in your cunt, and buried in your ass he just naturally wants more!" George's mouth clamped onto one of Eve's nipples and he sucked on it ravenously. Eve stood it as long as she could, then moaned, "Ooohhh… damn you, George! You know I can't resist you when you suck and lick my titties like that. Do you have any idea how you make me feel when you do that to them?" Taking his mouth from her nipple, George looked at her and chuckled softly.

"You were fourteen when I squeezed my cock into that tight little pussy of yours and gave you your first fuck. From that day on we fucked like a pair of rabbits all through your teen-age years, up to your wedding night. And I've sucked on these sweet tits of yours pretty steady through eighteen years of marriage. I should have some idea by now of what turns you on!"