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Sexy milf wird von bbc intensive orgasmen rammt
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Who said new things are bad?


(The Beginning) Ron came home to a dirty house and no diner, just what he needed after his day. As he walks around trying to find Hermione, much to no success, he gives up and makes a sandwich and checks his email and owl letters before falling asleep Ron reawakes to the sound of the door slamming and Hermione giggling uncontrollably. Regretfully, he gets up to make sure she doesn't break anything. When Ron finds her he clears his throat and says in his best attempt at a 'mans' voice "Where were you?" Not knowing this is a BIG mistake with there past this week.

Hermione in a tone that sounds so much like Mrs. Weasley that Ron quivers a little. "What do you mean 'were was I'? I was were ever I damn well wanted to be" Ron not realizing that he should stop, pushes it farther and farther. Eventually he pushes her so far she sorms out of the house.

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Using some choice words and an open hand she returns Ron's ring. (One hour later due to driving in circles and the trip to Harry and Ginny's house) Hermione arrives at the potters' house just as they finish diner.

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When she knocks on the door Harry answers and notices the look on her face and calls Ginny. Ginny asks in her most sympathizing voice "What the hell happened?" Hermione responds with a somber voice "I blew off the engagement with Ron." Ginny realizing what happened using her 'Extra-Female-Problem-Perception' kindly asks Hermione inside.

Hermione gladly accepts. As Hermione recites the story to Ginny, Harry makes them tea with a little extra strength pain relief (Jack-Daniels to be specific). A few cups later Hermione is feeling better and Ginny is feeling horny. Ginny in a slightly drunk and joking tone asks Hermione(Ginny not realizing that Hermione has had a deep fantasy of the very question) "Do you want to sleep in my bed or on the couch?" In shock to the very thing she was thinking of when Ginny was comforting her.

Surprising herself with her own automatic response she asked "Is Harry going to be there?" Ginny answers jokingly "Yes, and he took a Viagra before you came over." Hermione even more shocked to hear this, not hearing the sarcasm in Ginny's voice.

She starts striping and heading for the bedroom.

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Harry now returning to the room arrives just in time to see Hermione shirt come off. To his subtle liking no bra to obstruct the beautiful sight of Hermione lovely breasts, just developed to where the no longer look preteen and almost adult, in there prime.

Ginny acts on her now realized same lust of a bi-sexual evening and hopes that Harry won't protest and would simply follow her and Hermione. On the way past an aw-struck Harry, she grabs his arm and takes him to the bedroom. When everyone is in the room Ginny turns and lock the door behind her. And turns on the motionless, mouth-opened, Harry and the most gorgeous Hermione, as she takes in the views, her imagination trying to keep up with the events, she becomes so wet that it shows from her now soaked pants.

Hermione notices this and helps Ginny remove them.

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When the both are in the nude the stare directly in each other eyes and fall into a passionate kiss, a kiss so awaited by both that it lasted for ten minuets, a kiss that rivals Ginny's wedding kiss in the kiss they lost balance and fell to the bed. When all of this was happening Harry came back to his senses and felt a strange pounding in his lower crotch area. That was brought him completely back to life he saw a lovely naked Hermione and the same sight of his wife nude.

None of that shocked him, what gave him a jolt was the kiss and how well they were entwined together. As the kiss broke Hermione rolled to the side, looking for the man in the room, she finds him.

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Notices the nice little tent in his lower region and assists in the pressure in his pants. Harry now in acceptance that he was about to become a very happy man. Sleeping with his wife and another woman at the same time, and what made him even happier was that it was Hermione, a young girl that he has admired for years. Her never ending wealth of knowledge, stunning looks and though he has never admitted it, the center of some masturbating fantasies.

When he and Hermione landed on the bed she landed squarely on top of him. Hermione withy some difficulty in guiding it in, without the help of Ginny, was having some difficulty but she sat straight up and fell on Harries pelvis with a soft thump. She began to slowly ride him until she felt like she had grown used to something as large as Harry. As she settled in she began to go faster and faster. Harries moaning made Ginny want but she could share so she stuck three fingers up in her dripping wet vagina and started to please herself she came twice before Hermione had finished, the bed wet and Harry shaking she reluctantly got off of Harry.

Only to be pushed down and Ginny standing over her with the most hungry look on her face, She bent over on the bed and ate Hermione out so effectively Hermione wondered if she had done this before.

This being Ginnies first lesbian experience loved the way another woman tasted, sweet. That thought made Hermione so wanting more of Ginny that she shoved Ginny's head into her crotch.

In the time that had started Harry recovered from Hermione and noticed the opening a few feet away from him, Ginny's little butt hole. He always wanted to have anal sex with her but she would never allow it. Now he figured was his chance considering the last hours events.


He slowly rolled over and found the tube of lube that he had been saving for his fantasy and applied a large amount to his penis. He moved his way over behind Ginny when he was in position and not a second later he gave one big shove. The hole was VERY tight and I took some effort, but it slid right in. When he gave the first push Ginny gave out a muffled scream that sounded like a moan in Hermione crotch.

Hermione having a clear view of Harry gave him a wink and she said soothingly to Ginny "Relax, you will like it… I do." With that Ginny did relax, enough to where Harry could slide in and out easily. As Harry butt-fucked Ginny, Hermione slowly started rubbing her own clit, Ginny reached back and started the same, just as Harry was getting that feeling deep in his stomach and he started to go faster.

They all climaxed at the same time, the room was filled with crying of ecstasy and the sounds of fluids hitting the floor and bed.

All of these sounds only heighten the pleasure. When Harry pulled out a large wad of come came out. When Ginny lifted her head her butt hurt an almost unbearable amount, her right hand was soaking wet with her own juices, and her mouth was covered in Hermione's. Ginny climbed over on to the bed, rolling on to her back, raising her hand to her mouth and giving it a lick, then putting her hole hand in her mouth. Her taste was much saltier the Hermione's but she still preferred Hermione's.

Hermione slowly removed the hand and started kissing Ginny, another memorable kiss, the mixture of hers and Ginnies juices mixed.

That was truly an amazing flavor. Harry saw a chance to do another first for himself and Ginny, eating her out. He rose and bent over her lowering his head and begging to slurp. This time Ginny did not say a word, she just raised her hand and placed it on the back of harries head.

And pushed.

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The End This is a work in progress any advice, spelling or grammatical would be greatly thanked. :P