Excessive satisfying of sexy schlongs and wild beavers

Excessive satisfying of sexy schlongs and wild beavers
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I chatted with Jenny about different things, interest and such, she told me that she loved being a sissy to Big Jim and he always made sure she was filled with cum. We talked about different experiences and how we knew our masters. As the clock got closer to midnight I was tempted to ask Jenny to meet up another time and fuck but decided not to. As the countdown grew closer my fried came back along with Big Jim and told me and Jenny that they wanted us to make out at midnight, we both agreed and when the clock struck zero I made out with Jenny.

It was my first time kissing a guy but it was awesome, she was a great kisser. Our lips met and immediately I felt Jenny going for tongue, she was very forward and I wrapped my arms around as she did to me, I reached down and squeezed her ass as our tongues danced in each other's mouths.

Her ass was not very large but still felt great, our kiss became deeper, I felt her arms rubbing my back as her hands grasped my shoulder blades. By now both my hands were grabbing onto her ass squeezing it as I could hear her moaning in pleasure, I felt her hands grip on to my shoulders more as she began to kiss me deeper, our kiss began to feel like an eternity in heaven, as Big Jim and my friend watched on rubbing their cocks through their clothing.

Then we broke from the kiss our lips parted and I could still taste her lips on mine as they grew further away from one another. Almost as if fireworks were going off inside my body I felt like I had to be with Jenny, we clicked perfectly; I had to know if she felt that way to.

My friend and Big Jim were satisfied; they told us to go wait in the bedroom for one last surprise. As Jenny and I walked in to bedroom we both sat down next to each other on the bed laying on our sides staring into each other's eyes not saying a word. Finally I broke the silence, I had to ask her for a number or some way to reach her and contact her.

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Jenny just sat there for a minute, quite not saying a word, the she told me where I could reach her, she told me that Big Jim could not know and that it was imperative I not be too pushy about it. I agreed, and the silence began again, not knowing what was in store for us except that with all the men in women at the party Big Jim and my friend could be up to anything. After a couple more minutes of silence we heard a knock on the door, then as the knob turned and Big Jim walked in with my friend.

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Big Jim sat down on the bed behind Jenny and me while my friend stood in front of all of us. Big Jim wrapped one arm around my shoulder and one around Jenny.

My friend finally spoke and said that we would all be spending the night here and that I was to stay with Jenny and Big Jim, that in the morning when we all woke I would then return to my friend and we would depart. My friend then went on to say that I was to follow him in a few moments with Big Jim into a other room to be joined by another male and that Jenny was to stay here to please a couple.

I so desperately wanted to fuck and suck Jenny but I knew that eventually I would be able to. With a knock at the door my friend answered it and let in the couple for Jenny, a black guy along with his wife who was Hispanic came in and I was ordered out and followed my friend with Big Jim close behind. As we walked down the hallway I heard the door shut, Big Jim was already rubbing his cock getting it ready for me, we came to a room at the end of the hallway with the door ajar and a man on the big king size bed.

The man greeted us as we walked in, he was skinny and already had his cock hard stroking it slowly, and another voice came from the other side of the room, a woman stood there with a tri pod and a camera.

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I was then ordered to undress, and stand in front of the bed, the man introduced himself as Frank and the woman with the camera was his wife Kim. Kim was maybe 5' 5" auburn hair, blue eyes, skinny and had small tits; she was dressed like a dominatrix, with tight leather and big black boots on. As I stood at the foot of the bed all three men got onto the bed and undressed, then all three of them ley next to each other getting their cocks hard, Big Jim in the middle and Frank and my friend on each side.

Kim then walked up to me and slapped my ass, she grabbed my cock in her hand and began foundling my cock and balls in her hand like she owned them. All three of the guys watching were smiling as Kim took her time, she then stoked my cock getting it hard, slapping my ass at random times, I just stood there afraid of what she might do if I did something wrong.

Finally she stepped back giving my ass one more slap, she walked back to the camera.

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She then ordered me onto the bed and demanded I take care of all three men, and that she did not want any soft cocks. All three guys stopped stroking and put their arms behind their heads and smiled as I crawled onto the bed inching towards their big cocks licking my lips.


I finally lay in front of Big Jim's monster of a cock, I mounted my lips on it and began to bob my head up and down, and I heard Kim's boots click on the floor as she walked around the bed, I just laid there and stoked Frank and my friends cock while I drenched Jims in saliva. I picked my head up and switched to Franks cock it was shaved smooth, not a hair in site, I engulfed it into my mouth it was only 6.5" 7" so I knew I could take it all.

I could hear Kim zooming in saying "That's a good boy, you're a good little cock sucker aren't you" as I kept sucking and stoking all three cocks.

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I heard Kim repeat herself "Aren't you?" as her voice raised, I popped Franks cock out of my mouth and said "Yes, yes I am a good cock sucker." She continued to walk around filming me, I then moved over to my friends cock and started to suck on his, making sure my hands were stroking the other two cocks. As I kept sucking on each cock making sure neither one went soft, Kim sat the camera back on the tri pod and sat on a nearby chair rubbing her pussy, and watching me intently.

I continued to suck on each cock trying to give each one the best bj I could. Kim would get up every few minutes or so and would rub her clit with one hand while filming with the other. After about 20 minutes of continues sucking Frank told me he was ready to cum, Kim walked over to his side of the bed and ordered me to not miss a drop. I turned from my friends cock started to suck on Franks cock his hips thrusting into my face, his cock going deep into my throat as his cock swelled up and exploded cum.

My eyes watered as I struggled to breathe, my nose bunched up against Frank's body. Frank moaned as cum shot out of his cock, Kim moving the camera all around, getting different angels, and then holding it looking down from Frank's point of view.

Kim just kept repeating over and over "Don't miss a drop you dirty little cum slut." Finally I manage to swallow most of the cum as Franks cock drizzled out the remainder of cum, I gulped it down felling it reach my stomach.


Frank's hips laid back onto the bed as he let out a sigh of relief moaning and telling me good job. Kim then ordered me to clean his cock and make sure there is no cum left on it. I did as I was told and began to suck Franks cock clean, I would lick the base of the shaft up to the tip like a lollipop letting it brush against my face. Kim then inspected it and told me to get back to work I still had two other cocks to drain of cum. I got back to Big Jim and my friend stroking their cocks and sucking on them, Frank had slid off the bed and walked behind me and started stroking my hard cock milking it like I was a cow.


Kim almost immediately ordered him to stop saying "That cum slut has to wait his turn" Frank said he was sorry and stepped back. After a few moments Big Jim said he was ready, Kim told me just like last time slut. I engulfed as much of Big Jims cock as I could and stroked it with one hand barley even getting half way around the shaft. I continued stroking it; Kim then walked around and sat on the bed next to me grabbing my ass squeezing each check.

Big Jim moaned out "Here it comes" and an eruption of cum exploded into my mouth and shot down my throat, I barley could keep up again as I felt my mouth filling up, and cum starting to dribble out, Kim was not happy at all.

I kept trying to swallow all of Big Jims cum but it was such a huge load, Kim began to degrade me even more saying "Aww the little cum slut can handle all this cum" and " You little bitch, you can't even swallow a real man's load".

As Jim's breathing slowed so did the cum, after what felt like an eternity of cum shooting from his dick I manage to swallow it all and licked my lips clean. Kim still lying on the bed filming said "Good slut, you did it. Is your belly full yet?" I told her no and began to clean the Big Jims cock, making sure no cum was left. As before Kim inspected it and told me it was good, and that I still had one more cock to suck.

As I moved over to my friend I could tell he was ready to explode with cum, I sucked on his balls and stared directly into his eyes with his cock resting in-between my eyes, I felt his cock twitch and he said he was ready.

I took all of his cock and began to suck on it, rubbing his balls and in no time he moaned and his cum shot into my mouth, he must have been busting a lot of loads because it was not his normal size load, I was able to swallow it all no problem, I then cleaned his cock like I had with the others and Kim approved.

Kim then patted my head and said "Good cum slut, you have earned the right to jerk your little boy cock till you cum." Big Jim and my friend left the bed and stood around the bed with Frank and Kim, Kim ordered me to cum on my face.

I then turned my self around put my feet against the wall and elevated my hips above my head, I stroked my cock, it is only 6.5" with trimmed pubes, it was already hard and as I starred up at it watching my hand stroking it back and forth, I could feel myself ready to cum, I stroked it faster and faster wanting to cum, Kim asked me if I was close and I responded "Yes almost there" she ordered me to open wide I opened my mouth, my cock swelling.

Then cum exploded out raining down onto my face and into my mouth, Kim just stood over me happy and pleased with me, filming the entire thing. As my cock emptied of all of its cum I lowered my legs and lay on the bed my face covered with cum, Kim tossed me a towel and said "Clean yourself up you dirty cum slut, and get out." I wiped my face and my chest down, got off the bed and was escorted out by Kim who slapped my ass as I stepped out the door and heard it slam behind me.

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Standing in the hallway holding my clothing in my arms I began to dress myself again. I could hear everyone talking in the room, but was unable to make anything out. As I stood there in the hall way a few girls walked past me giggling and waving only saying hi as they passed then giggling to each other and looking back at me.

A minute later, an older gentleman walked past me looking me over from head to toe, he continued on his way but glassed back at me before rounding the corner. As the door opened behind me Big Jim walked out and told me to follow him, I could see inside and saw my friend and Frank were getting ready to serve Kim, the door shut all the way and Big Jim lead the way.

We went down a flight of stairs and stopped at a room, Jim said this is where you will come meet your friend in the morning, at this point it was already morning since it was 2 a.m.

I nodded my head and we walked to the room in which Jenny was having her fun. We approached the room and I could see Jenny walking out her make up smeared a little and completely naked with her clothes in her arms.

The black guy followed her out and greeted Big Jim, all I could hear is how great Jenny was and how much the black guy and his wife enjoyed her. The black guy said good night and Jenny, Big Jim and I walked a couple doors over to an empty room, there Big Jim said "Are you ready for bed sweaty?" directed at Jenny.

Jenny responded "Yes Daddy", Big Jim looked at me and asked "How about you son. Are you ready to go to bed?" I said "Yes Daddy" as we walked toward the bed, Big Jim got on and laid right in the middle of the bed, patting both sides saying "Come on kids, it's time for bed" Jenny and I lay now on each side of Big Jim our heads resting on his hairy chest with his big soft cock right in resting on top of his big balls.

I heard a click and the lights went off and felt Big Jim put his arm around me. I laid there for a few moments staring at Jenny wondering if I could ever fuck her. After a few moments I drifted off to sleep with my stomach full of cum and my face resting on Big Jims chest, smelling his delicious cock, occasionally smelling Jenny's perfume.

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I woke up the next day unsure of what was going to happen but hopeful that I could get to join Jenny in some fun. Unfortunately for me that was not the case, I awoke to the soft chatter of Jenny and Big Jim, and they were talking about last night. I picked my head up and was greeted by both of them and then told that my friend was waiting for me, I looked at the clock and it was already 11 a.m.

I got off the bed and wished the best to Big Jim and Jenny and thanked them for everything. I made my way to my friend's room where he was already dressed and ready to go, the rest of my clothing was on a chair. After I had gotten dressed my friend told me we needed to leave now and that he wanted to say thanks to the host for everything.

As we walked into the kitchen both host were hard at work preparing breakfast, we thanked them for their hospitality and they said to come anytime they had a party. My friend and I made our way out and got to the car, he asked me if I enjoyed myself and I just nodded my headed and began to unzip his pants and free up his cock for some road head.

He said just smirked and said "I guess I need to bring you to these party's more often."