Kerl fing Mama masturbieren und fickte sie

Kerl fing Mama masturbieren und fickte sie
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Jodi's Story Chapter 5 Adding Bob Jodi and I shared a blissful week after Phillips visit. We enjoyed evenings watching our video of the Saturday night fun. After watching for a short while we would be so worked up we'd attack each other.

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I joked that I should take her in the spare room and truss her up good and give her some sweet torture. She just purred and told me "That will be fun in a couple weeks particularly after Bob's visit." Our work week seemed to last forever but Friday arrived and Bob talked to Jodi via e-mail and on the phone. We would meet him for dinner in Portland Friday at 7.

After we got home Friday Jodi had a mischievious grin on her face. I asked her "What da you have in mind you little minx?" She smiled and said "I'm wearing the exact same outfit as last Friday with Phillip. same tonight and same tomorrow night. we'll see how each of them react to the same exact scenario and how compatible things will work out." I liked that and said "Oh so this will be Jodi's experiment in sexual performance and similarities.

Pure science ehh? Same input and see the varying results. What a science geek." We just laughed at that. Friday night we met Bob and things went great.

We had dinner and desert as we all drank a good bit of wine. Luckily Bob was staying at the hotel where we had dinner. Somehow we found our way to his room with Jodi holding his hand in the elevator and placing a few kisses from time to time. Once inside the room he lost his jacket and tie and Jodi took it from there quickly. Her dress hit the floor and I was a complete afterthought. Jodi began kissing me and undoing my clothes and Bob finally adjusted to the fact this would be a three way not just him and Jodi.

After that we ended up on a king sized bed for the evening. Jodi encouraged a DP after taking each of us individually. I ended up in her pussy and when Bob got behind her he began swatting her ass and making comments about fucking such a sexy slut wife.

He was actually giving her a pretty good spanking and asking if she was a slut wife etc. Jodi seemed to love the treatment and groaned out her "Yes's". After a few minutes he lubed up his fingers and began fingering her ass while I was in her pussy. What a different sensation. That went on for a few then he slammed his cock into her in one long stroke. She let out a howl since he did not work in slow instead just one long push all the way in. Once he was buried deep he grabbed handfuls of tits and growled in her ear "Little slut wife, you like getting fucked hard?" Jodi groaned "Oh fuck yes." Bob growled "your gonna get fucked hard by two hard cocks.

Ya like that little slut?" I looked up into Jodi's face and her eyes were closed and she was biting the corner of her lower lip and she hissed "Oh fuck if you only knew how much." Bob pulled almost all the way out of her then grabbed hold of her tits very hard and slammed deep into her.

He slammed her ass so hard it damned near knocked the wind out of me laying under her. She let out a yelp and kept her eyes closed as her voice changed to a groan. Bob repeated the withdrawl then brutal thrust routine a few times then I noticed Jodi moving in rhytym to it so I joined in. She would almost lift off both of us then we would all three slam together. She would yell out obscenities everytime we all slammed together.

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The pace picked up faster and faster. She was really taking a battering when she suddenly tensed on a deep thrust and let out a loud howl as I felt her cunt and ass clamp down. She was cumming so hard. I could feel her juices running over my cock and balls. While she was cumming we kept up our pace. Bob came first then I came shortly after.

Jodi collapsed on me. Bob pulled out and commented on how sweet her ass looked with a mans cum leaking out of it. He spread her ass cheeks apart and played with her ass a few minutes as Jodi laid on me and just whimpered.

She went and cleaned up in the shower.

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Bob went in and joined her and I could hear them fucking in the shower. After they were done they came out wearing towels I excused myself and stepped into the shower. I stayed in there a while and I let them have some fun. When I emerged I could her a high pitched whimpering so I looked in to see. Bob was laying on his back and was propped up with several pillows.

Jodi was sitting on his lap facing him with her knees way up high. I walked in and Bob winked at me. When I looked over her shoulder I could see he had his cock buried in her ass and had her tipped up so he had a few fingers squishing in and out of her pussy.

He was really working her pussy over while he remained buried to the balls in her ass. She whimpered out high pitched answers to his questions as he slapped her pussy mound with his other hand. He asked if she was a true slut. did she like gang bangs. did she love DP's? I leaned over her shoulder and said "Does this slut wife want to go to the country and get raped by a small group of escaped prisoners?" Jodi rocked her hips on his cock and fingers and purred "Oh fuck yes.


Oh fuck yes. rape my poor little slutty ass." I looked at Bob and smiled. He raised an eyebrow in approval. I wondered if I should have told him about the farm but they both seemed into it.

We ended up crashing for the evening and in the morning we invited Bob over to our place for an early dinner. He accepted gladly.

After dinner Jodi pulled her "Oh silly me routine with one hancuff on her right hand as she reached for the key on the other bedpost with her left hand. Bob took the bait perfectly and we looked at each other knowingly as we did the same to her ankles. I stood on the bed and buried my cock in her mouth while Bob went to work on her other regions. He began slapping her ass and up between her legs to directly impact her soaking wet pussy.

He called her a cheap slut of a wife who deserved to get gangbanged. She groaned in approval at his abuse. In no time he was damned near fisting her pussy and a couple fingers in her ass. It was rough as he was damned near lifting her off the floor by her pussy and ass. When he had it with that fun he stood behind her and rubbed her throat with my cock in it and whispered "A cock down that lovely throat and a cock in that gorgeous slutty ass." As she groaned when he lifted her slghtly as his cock buried deep in her ass.

He was brutalizing her tits again squeezing her entire c-cup tits in his hands. He started solid deep thrusts into her ass. Surprisingly she came strongly while being treated this way.

Bob stopped and undid her hands then hooked them behind her back. He told me to get under her.

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I sat down just under her and he pushed down on her shoulders til her pussy was on my cock. Her ankles were still secured apart so she was pretty well impaled on me. She looked right in my eyes as I lay back with my cock buried in her. She looked right at me and winked.

Bob pushed her down on top of me and buried his cock deep in her ass. She let out a groan. He grabbed both her shoulders and began fucking her ass like a madman. Jodi was nicely double stuffed and was getting hammered. Nice thing is she enjoyed it because she came again followed shortly by Bob and I. When we were done Bob unfastened her ankles and left her hands linked behind her back.

He spun her around and forced her to her knees then placed his dirty cock in her mouth. He said "Suck me clean you slutty little whore." Jodi purred and obliged. Bob was really rough with her. Jodi seemed to eat it up.

Somehow he got up again so he layed her on her back, still wrist bound, placed her ankles on his shoulders and began fucking her like a mad man again. I could hear her loud squishing pussy and her moans and groans. She did not cum but he sure did. He had her lick his cock clean again as he laid on the bed. I lead her to the shower as he laid on the bed with his hands behind his head resting.

I led Jodi into the shower still handcuffed. I found another set of keys and uncuffed her in the bathroom. In the shower I scrubbed her and kissed her. I asked how she was doing. She had a wild turned on look still in her eyes. I pushed her down to her knees and she sucked my cock til it was good and hard. I leaned her back against the wall and raised one of her legs. I leaned in close and asked "Are you a slut?

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Do you like it rough? Do you want us to hurt your poor little slut wife pussy?" She groaned "Yes" to each question. I sunk my cock into her sopping wet pussy and fucked her against the shower wall." When we were done we looked in on Bob and he was sound asleep.

Jodi covered him with a blanket and lead me to our room. I was curious and she said "I want us to sleep together in OUR bed tonight." I nodded in agreement.


We snuggled in our bed and she finally whispered out "Do you think he'll be OK for our plans?" I kind of shrugged and said "That depends on what you want. I notice he is really rough with you. Is that what you want?" She looked up from where she had her head resting on my chest and said "There are times I want that and worse." I nodded and kissed her forehead.

I hummed then said "If we go to the farm and do a farmers wife gets raped scenario he's gonna hurt you a bit" She sighed and said "I know." I looked down at her and said "We can set ground rules about how bad he can treat you or hurt you.

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We can make it certain what is and what is not cool." She kind of whimpered then said "When we are all together you and Phillip will keep things under control I'm sure." I agreed and said that would work.

She was silent for a long while. I thought she was asleep. She finally said really quietly "Will you hate me if I ask you a favor. It's totally depraved and I understand if you say no." I looked down and said "I love you and whatever you want or want to try is cool with me." She looked and smiled and said "Probably not this one." I raised an eyebrow and said "Oh do tell this sounds interesting." She started slowly by saying "I dodged a bullet by not letting Jason coax me to that hotel the one night.

I know I would have been really done badly. In a way I craved that. I don't know why. I damned near had you take me there that night." I shrugged and said "Yeah but that worked out for the best." She sighed and said "Still." I looked at her and said questioningly "Jason and his gang of cutthroats?" She let out an exasperated breath and said "No no not that." I let out a breath.

She began again "Instead of them I'm craving something else very bad. I um kinda want something worse in a way. Is it OK?" I was getting exhasperated so I said "OK. What is it?" She looked at the far wall for a minute then said "While we're out at the ranch one day I want you and Phillip to go to town and get supplies, have a beer, gas your truck, go fishing, whatever and take your time. I want an entire day OK?" I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly "OK.

what do you have in mind?" Jodi looked around a bit and continued "I want all day until dinner time, no restrictions, with Bob to do his worst." I looked at her again and said "Are you sure??? He can hurt you. What do you have in mind?" She sighed and said "Something we joked about a while ago. I'm gonna find a used wedding dress cheap and live out a horribly nasty fantasy." I nodded and let out a hummmm.

She continued "I will be in an upstairs room trying on my wedding dress as a new bride getting ready for her wedding. Bob will burst from the closet and tie me up.

He'll tear off my wedding dress and rape the new bride anyway he can think of. Kind of soil and knock up the new bride before her husband gets her" I kind of whistled then said "You want to live out that fantasy? Wow. That could be very very rough. Are you going to be OK with it?" Jodi looked away and kind of whimpered "I am a real slut I know that.

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I kind of crave one of those little situations where it is rough and out of control. It just gets me going so much." I hummed for a minute and said "So you really want an out of control, no holds barred rape scene with no one else around?" She looked directly into my eyes and said "I was affraid you would disapprove.

I hope you don't. It is better than what Jason and his gang would have done to me I think." I stopped in my tracks and knew I was on thin ice. I said "If you have that craving and can handle it then it's fine.

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Can I ask a perverted question?" She nodded yes "Can we set up a few of my small cameras hidden throughout that room so we can record it." She kind of smiled and said "Hell yes. that whole time out there needs to be recorded. It will be the crowning jewel of our collection." She sighed and said "Another matter. This was the last of the unprotected sex until then.

Tonight was risky but from here on I think I'll be fertile. In fact I'll start having my periods starting in a couple weeks. Raincoats for you bucko." I smiled at that. I looked at her and said "The entire ranch week will be bareback and unprotected then?" She shook her head yes.

"Considering how much we'll be doing I'm pretty sure I'll get knocked up. You OK with that?" I smiled and said "Oh yeah. we'll film the conception." I thought for a little while and said "We can place bets (you and me) on whose baby it will be." She chuckled "Bets. what kind of bets?" I laughed and said "Well Phillip is black, Bob has black hair and italian blood, me I'm pale irish whitey, so it should be fairly obvious whose it is right?" She sighed and said "Well yeah.

that makes sense but what da ya want to bet?" I smiled and said "Oh I'll come up with something unique. We wouldn't know until after it's born so we have time to come up with something." Jodi smiled and said "I have one in three chance of winning then?" I nodded yes.

She smiled and said "I have time to figure out something outrageous if I win." I laughed and said "IF" Jodi laughed and said "Oh it's on."