StepMom Invited Me To Lunch for a Good Fuck

StepMom Invited Me To Lunch for a Good Fuck
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The Futa Fairy Futa MILF's Harem Wish Chapter One: Mrs. Fatima's Forbidden Desires By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 "Have a good night a work, husband," I said formally in Arabic as I embraced Tarik, fighting my disgust at the sour reek about him.

I was glad to see him leave, even if he'd return in twelve hours. Once, when I was a girl of nineteen, I thought I loved him. But at forty, I knew differently. Especially after my encounter with Dr.

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Rita, a woman who had a huge cock and who healed me with her magical cum. Just remembering my embarrassing predicament last month and the amazing results burned my cheeks and warmed my pussy. I broke away from my husband, hating to feel the arousal while touching him. My conservative dress rustled, my headscarf covering my hair even though we were in the privacy of our apartment. "Enjoy your evening, husband," my sister-wife said.

Though polygamy was illegal in America, it didn't stop Tarik from marrying me and Ranya, my younger sister. When we immigrated to America from Palestine not long after our wedding, we lied about it to the government. Officially, I was the only wife he had in the States.

Our husband only grunted. Then he spotted his youngest daughter, Basima, sitting on the couch. "You, where is your sister? She is not in trouble?" "I'm here, Father," Naila said, coming out and sitting beside Basima. The twins looked much alike. Round faces, so innocent and youthful at eighteen, peered out of their matching headscarves. Their bodies hidden by their clothing. Oh, I wished their forms weren't hidden. Dr. Rita had awakened me to the pleasures of the feminine flesh.

And I lusted after our daughters. My three and Ranya's one. The twins were the youngest, at eighteen, then there was Ranya's Ayesha at nineteen, and my eldest Sa'dia, a radiant twenty-year-old. I ogled her the most, her body developed beneath the plain dresses she had to wear to look like a modest, Muslim girl.

My clit throbbed beneath my dress, my pussy on fire. Juices dripped down my thighs. I yearned to masturbate. I wouldn't attempt shoving a sparkling grape juice bottle into my cunt again as a makeshift dildo. Not after the last time ended up with my trip to the emergency room, mortified and begging my sister not to tell anyone.

"Give your father a kiss," he grunted at the twins. "And stay out of trouble." "Yes, Father," the twins said, hopping to their feet and planting chaste kisses on his bearded cheeks. Then he marched out of the apartment to spend the next twelve hours, the entire night, driving a cab in Tacoma. Maybe he'd even work longer, taking part of another cabbie's shift. Then he'd be out of the apartment for longer. When it was only us women home, it was so much more.wonderful. I glanced at the twins, lusting to see their identical bodies pressed tight together.

I shivered, my pussy growing even hotter. These deviant, lesbian lusts had seized me. It would be so hot to grow a futa-dick like that naughty, Black doctor.

I would stroke my cock and cum all over my daughters' dusky faces.

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Just coat their delicate features in creamy girl-spunk. Then they'd lick it off each other, diving into incestuous passion. My sister would lick the cum off my dick, making me shudder before I fucked her mouth. Then I'd fuck them all, fire my cum into them, breed them and— The door opened and my husband marched back in. "Girls, I thought you checked the mail." "We did, Father," Basima said, her eyes so wide and dark. "Then how did you miss this?" he demanded, shaking the green envelope in his hand.

"Your mother deserves to receive her mail. If I didn't have to get to work, you would feel my belt." "Sorry, Father," Basima said, her twin sister gripping her hand tight. "I must have missed it." He snorted, thrusting the green envelope into my hand.

Then he marched out the door and into the November night. I shivered, and not from the wind that had followed my husband in. A green, wax seal held the letter closed. I turned it over, my forehead frowning. Letters written in graceful cursive, transforming the English words into something almost as beautiful as Arabic script. I frowned at reading the silver letters. To: Misses Fatima Abboud <br> The Living Room<br> 203 132nd Street South<br> Apartment 16<br> Parkland, WA, 98444<br> How did the letter writer know where I stood in my apartment?

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A lucky guess. It wasn't a big apartment. I had my bedroom, and Ranya had hers as dictated by Sharia law. Our husband slept in whosoever bed he felt like. There was one more room our daughters shared, two twin beds they crowded between. Then there was the living room, bathroom, and the kitchen. That was it. I blinked at the sender.

From: Leanan Sidhe<br> The Meadow<br> 1 Summer Lane<br> Phoenix, Arizona 85009<br> "Leanan Sidhe?" I frowned over the strange name. "What is that?" my sister asked. "I don't know," I said, flipping it over, my deviant desires for incestuous, lesbian sex fading. I turned the letter over and broke the wax seal.

Green glitter spilled out with the folded paper. It looked old, tinged yellow, and thick, different from modern paper. I felt like I held an old document, something from two hundred years ago. The parchment crinkled as I spread it open. More silver script flowed across the page. My eyes widened as I read it. My dearest Misses Fatima Abboud I am writing to you in regards to the incestuous wish that you most wantonly have made in the depths of your heart.

I recognize the desire bursting in your beating heart. I must confess that I enjoy relationships that plunge with fulsome passion across such taboo lines, such as the desire of a mother to enjoy fleshly congress with her daughters. So I am so moved by the depths of your forbidden want, even though you fear it is impossible. Which is why I am writing you this letter expressing my most fervent desire to make your wish come true.

For I fully understand both the fire burning in your nethers, and the desire to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh others think are forbidden.

Now that have I felt your great desires, I am compelled to act. And how I did tremble in the Meadows, fertilizing the flowers with my salty passion and bringing such luster to their beautiful blossoms. So expect my visit tonight, my dearest Misses Fatima, and know that your forbidden wish shall be granted. Yours in fellowship, Leanan Sidhe Esq. of Summer "Well?" my sister asked.

"Your face went scarlet. Is it.?" She left the words hanging, wondering if I had a lover, but not saying since the twins were nearby. I closed the letter. "It is just an old friend writing me. She is thinking of a visit." My thoughts tumbled. This had to be the futa-fairy mentioned by Dr. Rita. My clit ached and throbbed. And she planned on coming tonight.

To make my wishes come true. I glanced at the twins, aching to soil their innocence. "That's all." "Okay," my sister said slowly, her eyes boring into mine.

She had promised to keep my secrets from our husband and daughters. I couldn't wait to fuck her with my new futa-dick. I just smiled at her. "This is wonderful news." Then I kissed my sister on the cheeks, wanting to kiss her lips. "It will change everything for us." "What will, Mother?" asked willowy Ayesha as she emerged from the hallway. Though she was Ranya's daughter, she addressed me as mother, just as my daughters addressed my sister the same. Ayesha had the largest breasts in the family, big and soft, her hips curving, her face round and beautiful, her skin dusky-olive.

Beneath her headscarf, she had lustrous, black hair. "It's a surprise," I said, kissing the nineteen-year-old on the forehead, feeling her large breasts rub at me through our clothing. Such a curvaceous beauty. "Now it's almost supper. Where is Sa'dia?" "Still at the library," Ayesha answered. "Studying." "Good," I nodded.


My body trembled. I really wanted to masturbate. "Call her and make sure she is home in twenty minutes. Your other mother has worked hard on dinner." Ranya blushed, giving me a smile. "It is nothing fancy." "It smells lovely," I told her. She was a much better cook then me. The night passed slowly. I kept drooling over the twins, over my sister, over Ayesha, and Sa'dia.

I sat across from my eldest daughter, staring at her delicate lips, her wavy-brown hair peeking out from beneath her headscarf as she ate. She had green eyes, rare in our family. I stared at the enchanting orbs as I ate, squeezing my thighs tight together. "Is there something on my face, Mother?" Sa'dia asked, her voice musical. "Not a blemish, right?" "Ooh, worried about a pimple?" Ayesha asked.

"Is there a boy who's been staring at your face." Sa'dia blush darkened her cheeks. "Of course not. I just thought I might have rice or something on my face." "You are fine. And beautiful, my daughter," I purred, licking my lips.

I wanted to ravish my daughter. Right here at the dinner table. Patience. I needed to wait for the futa-fairy to arrive. After dinner, the twins washed up, the pair singing a nonsense song as they worked. The rest of us retired to the living room to watch one of those singing contests, Ayesha and Sa'dia huddled together, whispering about the cute boy on stage.

Soon they'd learn other pleasures to grow excited about. Mommy would educate them all. "You look so flushed," my sister whispered. "Is that a letter from a.lover?" "No," I promised her. She had her suspicions about me. "Did you not see the female name on it?" "That's what I mean." She gave me a studious look.

"I've felt your eyes on me, and on our daughters, at the bathhouse." "Trust me," I told her, squeezing her hand. "I do." She bit her lip. "You're my dearest sister, so I will protect your secret. But." I smiled at her, thanking her. It shouldn't be much longer before Leanan Sidhe arrived. I kept glancing at the clock, time passing so slowly. I squirmed on the couch, the twins joining us, stretching out on the floor, their skirts sliding down their legs, revealing their dusky flesh.

Legs were parted with girlish innocence, teasing me at the possibility of seeing their barely legal pussies. As the evening passed, no one knocked on the door. The hours grew later and later. The girls readied for bed. They had college in the morning. They all attended Franklin Pierce College. I bit my lip, wondering where the futa-fairy was. What was taking so long. At eleven, I abandoned watching TV. Disappointment soured me. I went into the bathroom, taking off my makeup and coming out my hair.

I put on a nightgown and entered my bedroom. My daughter Sa'dia lay on my bed, hugging my pillow. It wasn't unusual for her to sleep in my bed. I sighed, stretching out beside my twenty-year-old daughter, aching so badly to touch her. "Night, Mother," she whispered. I kissed her cheek, nuzzling up to her from behind.

I felt the heat of her body bleeding through both our nightgowns. My nipples hardened. "Good night, my little star. Shine bright for me and keep me safe tonight." "Yes, Mother," she murmured, not objecting to the childish nonsense.

If she were more awake, she would. I sighed, closing my eyes. I was so certain the futa-fairy would come. I breathed in deeply, smelling the flowery scent of my daughter's shampoo.

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I savored the flavor as darkness descended over me. The scent grew stronger and stronger, so fresh and beautiful, reminding me of the delight of summer. A wind brushed my face. Flowers caressed my calves. I blinked, standing beneath an azure sky bare of any clouds.

The sun shone happily above, caressing my naked body with liquid gold. I shivered, staring down at my round, dusky breasts to my flat stomach and the dark bush between my thighs. I stood in a field of wildflowers, the wind rustling the riot of reds and whites and purples and blues and oranges. Insect wings buzzed behind me, loud like a dragonfly zipping past my ear. I turned and found a slim girl, no older than the twins, flying in the air.

Her slender body, youthful and petite, was so pale, her breasts small handfuls, nipples pink nubs, hard and inviting. I licked my lips, noticing the delicate smile on her lips and her green hair spilling about her face.

Then I met her silvery gaze. Those eyes arrested me. They were ancient, older than anything, than the Prophet, than human existence. I felt like a speck of sand on a beach being looked down on by a giant. I trembled, clutching my hands to my naked breasts and.

She had a dick. A big, hard, throbbing futa-dick thrusting from the hairless folds of her pussy. "It's you," I groaned. "You came." "I always keep my promises with my utmost diligence, my dearest Misses Fatima," she answered. "As that winter hag will learn to her utter folly if she keeps on this endeavor to ruin my fun." "What?" I blinked. "Pay my careless words no heed," she said, her silvery wings buzzing as she drifted closer.

"They do not concern the wondrous reason that I have brought you here." She touched my shoulders, the tip of her futa-dick brushing my naked stomach.

"And I am certain you know exactly why I'm here. Especially after your most wicked encounter with another of my patrons, my dearest Miss Fatima." "You're going to make me a futa so I can fuck my sister and our daughters." "Indeed, I am, my dearest Misses Fatima." Her wings hummed faster as an excited shiver raced through her body.

"As you can see, my futa-passions have achieved their utmost tumescent engorgement. I most heartily ache to know the intimacy of your flesh and savor the congress of our united passion." "You're.going to have sex with me?" I blinked.

My English had grown great since I came to America. But, her words were so.difficult. "I am, my dearest Misses Fatima." Her hands moved down from my shoulders to cup my round breasts. "If you agree to the terms of our compact. That I grant your wish, and you owe me a favor for me to collect at some point in the future." "You'll make me a futa?" I asked, wanting to be clear.

"Yes, my dearest Misses Fatima, I will cause your clitoris to sprout most eagerly into the very same winsome appendage that does prod at your sleek belly." She grinned at me. "Does that not stir the passions in your wanton nethers?" "It makes me hot and wet," I groaned.

"If that is what you meant." She nodded her head then leaned in, lips drawing closer. "Then voice your agreement to my terms and we shall, with most diligent and vigorous thrusts, enter into our pact." "Just fuck me," I moaned, needing that amazing feel of a futa-cock in me again. It had been so hot when Dr. Rita administered the suppository, sliding her huge dick into my asshole and making me cum so hard.

The futa-fairy squealed and then kissed me, pressing her nubile, petite body so tight to mine. She felt like how I imagined hugging the twins, so slight and sexy. My hands grabbed her ass as her tongue drove into my mouth, swirling around, making me shudder and gasp.

Delight rippled through me. I moaned into the kiss, my head growing dizzy with the passion we shared. It swirled around me. I squirmed, my pussy clenching. Such hot rapture burned in our kiss. Her dick throbbed against my stomach, this hot rod of iron. My snatch dripped juices. So wet. I'd quench her dick with my juices. Her small hands found my round breasts.

She squeezed them, her hands so wonderful. So different from my husband's rough gropings. Leanan Sidhe's touch was gentle and so very feminine. The caress I craved from my daughters. Or my sister. Leanan Sidhe's wings hummed, a silvery blur before my face. The air stirred around us, my long, black hair blowing, an errant curl sliding about my cheek.

I shivered, my nipples throbbing, brushing her tiny nubs. I broke the kiss, squeezing her ass. "You are just so gorgeous." "So are you, my dearest Misses Fatima.

Mmm, I just have to taste your entire body, to bathe it most vociferously with my tongue and give you such effervescent delight err we embark upon our most intimate and wicked compact." "Okay," I moaned, not caring what she said or did to me. So long as I came on the dick. Hovering in the air, her body moved, twisting, her hand nuzzling between my breasts.

Green hair spilled over my dusky skin. My brown nipples throbbed as the silk caressed them right before her little mouth latched on. And sucked.

I stared down her supple back, past her blurring wings, to the cute curve of her romp. I watched it wiggle back and forth as her hot, wet mouth sucked and loved my nipple. Her tongue danced over it, making me squirm, my pussy growing more and more excited. "Ooh, I can smell your motherly excitement, my dearest Misses Fatima," cooed the futa-fairy.

"That sweet scent of a woman's passion. You are ever so wet for me." "I am," I groaned as she engulfed my other nipple, her tongue sliding around it.

Her tongue swirled on my areola, caressing it and making me squirm more. She went back and forth, sucking, nipping, bathing my nubs. I groaned with every one. Like a hummingbird suckling nectar, she brought her lips to my nipples and loved them. Tingles raced through me. A highway of buzzing rapture connected my nipples to my clit.

Every suckle had my little bud throbbing. My thighs squeezed tight, rubbing on my hot flesh, seeking to bring some relief from her teasing tongue. And then she licked away from my nipple, her warm tongue dragging across my round breast.

She moved lower, nuzzling into my underboob. She cooed her delight, her tongue falling the edge of my breast before switching to the left one. "Oh, you taste so wonderfully salty, my dearest Misses Fatima," she moaned, staring up at me with ancient eyes. "Just make me cum. I need it." "Patience is always rewarded." She giggled.

"Especially from my most diligent tongue." She licked lower, bathing my stomach with her warm tongue. I shuddered, sucking in breaths as she reached my bellybutton.

She caressed the little divot, swirling her tongue through it and making me squirm. She descended as she licked, kissing and smooching. She reached my pelvis, moving down my pubic mound and nuzzled into my black bush. I groaned, my pussy clenching, as she explored through my forest, coming closer and closer. "Yes, Leanan Sidhe," I groaned, my toes curling.

"Oh, please, yes. I need it so badly. Just lick my pussy. Make me cum!" And then she moved between my thighs, landing on her knees. Her wings stilled, revealing them to be gossamer and transparent, veined like a dragonfly's.

Her face pressed into my bush, her lips rubbing on my pussy lips. "Your motherly passion screams out for satisfaction, and I shall most heartily deliver it upon this font." "Yes!" I hissed as she took her first lick and gave me relief. The futa-fairy's tongue slid through my thick pussy, so delicate and wonderful. My body quivered, my dusky breasts jiggling, my nipples still glistening with her hot saliva.

I stared across the open meadow, drinking in all the sights and smells, loving how wonderfully amazing it was here. The wind rippled the wildflowers. They danced as I moaned out my passion. She gripped my ass, clenching tight as her tongue wiggled into my married cunt. She stirred such wicked sensations through me.

I groaned, my body shaking, shuddering. Delight rippled through me. My body heaved and my moans sang out across the wildflowers.

"Yes, yes, yes, eat my snatch, you naughty futa-fairy! Make me cum, then give me the dick to fuck my sister and our daughters!" Her tongue built something amazing in me.

Something wondrous. Lithe and nimble, it churned my pussy into a froth. Juices boiled out of me, pouring into her hungry mouth. I shuddered, shivering as the pleasure rippled through my body.

Her wings buzzed in anticipatory delight. Her eyes stared up at me, begging for my cum to pour into her hungry mouth. My pussy clenched about her tongue.

Pleasure rippled through my body, a preview of the mighty explosion to come. I didn't care how sinful this was. The Koran condemned what I did. But it felt so good. I came. "Drink my cream!" I moaned, my pussy convulsing. Juices gushed out of me.

Pleasure my husband had never come close to stirring in my body burst through me. This delicious fairy gave it to me. She moaned, her eyes singing delight as she drank the cream pouring into her mouth. I shuddered, my flesh spasming. Pleasure surged through my body. It filled every bit of me. I swayed in the meadow, wildflowers kissing my calves. I breathed in their perfume.

And drank in the rapture Leanan Sidhe gave me. The pleasure left me reeling. I stumbled back, pulling away from her grip. Her amazing tongue slid out of my pussy. I sank down onto a bed of crushed flowers, feeling their soft petals against my back and ass. A red flower thrust up between my thighs, waving, caressing the lips of my pussy.

Leanan Sidhe, mouth and chin smeared with my cream, smiled at me. She licked her lips, wings fluttered. "Oh, my dearest Misses Fatima, your pussy flooded my mouth with your most delicious of ambrosia. Truthfully, it is a banquet I would feast upon until time did end. That is, if I did not have a throbbing and tumescent cock aching to know the pleasures of your depth's sweet embrace." "Just fuck me!" I moaned, legs spread so wide, arms outstretched.

My tits jiggled as I beckoned her. "Let's make that pact. I want to be a futa!" "You are such a wanton and motherly beauty, my dearest Misses Fatima." Her wings blurred, lifting her off her feet. She darted towards me, moving with the grace of a honeybee descending upon the flower to feast. She landed between my thighs, her slender body over mine, her cock reaching down towards my vulva. The red flower twisted out of the way as her futa-dick speared at my pussy.

And buried into me. "Yes!" I groaned, her lithe body draping over mine as she slid her girl-dick all the way into my depths. Her small, immature breasts rubbed against my round tits.


I shuddered, clutching her tight, loving how silky her skin felt. How amazing her cock was. She speared into the depths of my pussy. I took every inch of her. She was as big as Dr. Rita. And she dwarfed my husband's impotent dick. I groaned, my cunt clenching down on her shaft, feeling the shape of her dick as she drew it back.

Her silver eyes stared into mine as she groaned out her enjoyment, savoring the hot silk of my snatch wrapped about her dick.

Our nipples kissed as she squirmed. My hands slid down her back, cupping her ass, feeling the flex of her muscles as she drove her futa-shaft back into my depths.

"My dearest Misses Fatima," she moaned, shuddering atop me. "Oh, yes, it is wonderful to be inside the depths of your frothy passion. You are ever so wet and excited to embrace my powerful girth." "Ever so excited," I quivered, my married pussy loving her dick plunging over and over into me. "Oh, you're so much better than my husband." "Of course I am," she said, stating a fact as she plowed me.

And then her hot mouth found my lips. I shuddered, loving my pussy's sweet cream. My body writhed beneath her slim form. I cradled her to my body. She felt like my daughters, so young and passionate, enjoying her mother's pleasure.

Our tongues danced, our kiss deepening as the futa-fairy fucked my pussy faster and faster. Her perky rear flexed beneath my fingers. I savored the slide of her dick in and out of my pussy, the pleasure surging through my body. My eyes rolled back into my head. Soon, I'd have my own dick. And it'd be my sister and our daughters writhing beneath me. I'd show them all the delights of feminine passion.

Lesbian and futa sex would rule in our apartment while our husband was at work. Ranya and I would pleasure our daughters all the time. And I'd breed them all. I'd be so virile. My pussy grew hotter. Leanan Sidhe broke our kiss. "Yes, yes, my dearest Misses Fatima," she purred, "I feel the wish you so heartily long for as we lie entwined in our passion.

You shall have it. I promise!" "I believe you!" I moaned as her girl-cock drove into my pussy, her groin rubbing on my clit.

Sparks flew. My orgasm detonated. Fires exploded rapture through my body. Showers of colorful, euphoric sparks rained on my mind. I bucked and shuddered, fingers digging into her flexing ass. Her cock drove into my spasming pussy while moans escaped my lips.

Fuzzy darkness washed across my vision. Waves of ecstasy spilled through my mind. I gasped and moaned. My body drank in her pumping cock. Every thrust of her futa-dick into me sent new paroxysms spasming through my body. "Leanan Sidhe!" I moaned through clenching teeth, the pleasure spasming all the muscles of my body. "Cum in me!" "With such eagerness, my dearest Misses Fatima!" she moaned, thrusting hard. Her cock buried into my spasming depths. My pussy massaged her shaft, so eager for her futa-jizz to flood my married pussy.

To give me what I crave. I dug my fingers so hard into her ass, feeling her tremble atop me, her small nipples kissing mine. Cum spurted into me. I shuddered at the splash of girl-spunk in my depths. It washed through my pussy, so hot and thick. My body drank it in. And my eyes widened, feeling more than cum flood my pussy. Energy. The futa-fairy poured energy into my body. And it changed me. "Yes, yes, yes, my dearest Misses Fatima!

Take my gift! Enjoy the pleasures that I deliver upon your body! Enjoy the women of your house. Your daughters. Your sister. Her daughter. Breed them. Love them!" "I will!" I howled.

And then the miracle happened. That wonderful thing I had so long craved for. My futa-dick sprouted. I shuddered, my eyes widening as I felt it grow. It made my entire body heave. My pussy convulsed. My clit grew and grew, transforming as it slid between our bellies. Leanan Sidhe lifted her body from my form, her delicate fingers grasping my swelling shaft. Already, the pinkness of my clit faded into the dusky-brown of my skin.

Except my tip. That still had a pinkish hue.

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It swelled so big, becoming a helmet surmounting my mighty shaft. A slit appeared, precum beading out of it. My ovaries tightened, so full of my own girl-cum. "Enjoy this cock with every beat of your heart, my dearest Misses Fatima, and treasure the time you have with those to which you share this amazing shaft." "I will," I groaned, shuddering.

I felt something rubbing on my dick, soft and plump, so warm like the silk of human skin. More than just Leanan Sidhe's hand stroking it. I groaned, my hips humping forward, my cock sliding around it, brushing silky hair. Wet folds. Like I was touching a pussy. "Mom?" Leanan Sidhe asked, her voice groggy.

Only the futa-fairy's lips didn't move. "Mom, what is that pressing. Mom!" I blinked, the wildflowers fading around me as my hips thrust, unable to resist the hot, wet flesh pressing on the tip of my dick. I felt a barrier covering the entrance to the hole I wanted to bury into. It stretched before my cock as darkness engulfed me. I lay on my side, dark hair rustling before me.

"Mom! What is that you're pressing on my pussy? On my maidenhead?" It was my daughter Sa'dia. My new futa-cock pressed on her pussy. Her hymen resisted as I ached to bury into her snatch.

My twenty-year-old daughter trembled in my arms, whimpering as my dick sought to penetrate her virginity. "Shh," I whispered, pressing my breasts, covered by my thick nightgown, into her back. I had hiked up both our nightgowns while dreaming of the futa-fairy.


"Just relax and submit to your mother, my little star." "Mom?" she whimpered. "Is that a dildo? This is against Allah's will. We are women. You're my mother and." She groaned as I pressed again. "Relax and your mother will love you with her futa-cock." I pressed harder at her maidenhead. Nothing would stop me from enjoying my daughter's pleasures. I had dreamed of this, of taking my daughters, breeding them with my futa-dick.

I birthed her. Created her. And now I would fuck her. Her cherry popped. "Mom!" she hissed as my futa-cock sank into the depths of her pussy. Virgin flesh engulfed my cock. I shuddered, savoring the pure delights of my daughter's snatch. I pressed deeper and deeper, groaning. My futa-dick throbbed. Her silky flesh gripped my shaft, so tight and hot and wet.

So wet. My daughter whimpered as I buried into her depths, pressing my bush into the soft curves of her ass. She wiggled, her pussy tightening and relaxing on my dick.

My arms held her, feeling the trembles of her body. I nuzzled against her cheek, kissing her. "See, my little star, doesn't Mommy's futa-cock feel amazing in your pussy." "Your cock?

What is going on?" She moaned and whimpered, squirming, sliding her once virginal flesh up and down my dick. "Just admit how hot you are. How much of a little sharmota you are for my futa-cock. How much of a whore you are." "Whore?" She groaned. "I was a virgin, mother. You deflowered me." "I did, my daughter.

And you loved it. Just admit it. Admit you love my big, thick shaft buried in your slutty cunt." She whimpered again, her hips moving, fucking her cunt up and down my cock.

"I can feel you move. Your whorish body loves my cock. Just admit it." My hands found her breasts through her nightgown, feeling her round mounds, her nipples so hard. I pinched them through the cotton. "Admit it, my little star." "This is so shameful, Mom," she whimpered, her hips moving more, undulating, stirring that hot, dripping cunt up and down my cock.

My daughter's pussy was heaven on my dick. My cunt clenched, remembering the feel of Leanan Sidhe's dick pumping in and out of my depths. I knew first-hand the rapture flooding through my daughter's body at this moment.

Sa'dia shuddered again. "I." She whimpered. "I do." "Do, what?" "I do love your.your cock in me." I nipped her ear. "My futa-cock, my whorish daughter. Now fuck that pussy on your mommy's girl-dick. I'm going to cum in you.

Breed you. You're going to carry mommy's daughter." "Mom!" she gasped, her hips bucking harder. I savored my first taste of incestuous pussy. I let my daughter fuck up and down against me as my hands stripped us naked. I pulled off our nightgowns, throwing them away as she wiggled and moaned, working her cunt up and down my futa-dick.

My daughter fucked me so hard. Naked, I pressed my tits into her back, cupping her breasts. I hugged her so tightly as she pleasured my dick with her tight, once virginal cunt. My pussy clenched every time she slammed back down my shaft, pressing that curvy ass into my crotch. "Mom," she panted. "Oh, Mom, this feels so good. Your cock. It's in me.

And it's not a dildo?" "It's not. Feel." Her hand shoved down between her thighs, brushing the base of my girl-dick buried in her tight sheath. Sa'dia shivered, groaning as her fingers explored the folds of my pussy wrapped about my new shaft.

Then she felt my wet folds. She whimpered, her pussy clenching so hard on my cock as she worked her hips. She pumped her snatch up and down my shaft, the friction rippling through me. It built such rapture in the depths of my pussy. Her fingers penetrated my cunt. "Oh, Mom, your pussy is so hot! Just like your dick is buried in me!" She let out another whimpering moan. "You have a cock! How? Does father know?" "That fool doesn't know anything," I panted, my pressure building. "Oh, keep working those hips.

Mommy's going to flood so much futa-cum into your depths, my slutty little star." "Yes, yes, yes!" she gasped. "Something's building in me. I.I think. I think it's an orgasm." "Surrender to it," I groaned, squeezing her nipples so hard.

"You can cum as much as you want with Mommy. Enjoy the pleasures of your body!" "Sinful pleasures!" "Yes!" I tugged on her nipples. "The best kind! Incestuous, sinful pleasures!" My daughter shuddered. Her pussy spasmed about my dick.

She let out whimpering moans of rapture as she slammed her convulsing silk down my dick. She embraced every inch of my cock. I groaned, my fingers twisting her nipples hard. Pleasure exploded through me. My cum fired into my daughter's pussy. My seed boiled into her fertile depths. I bred my daughter. I birthed her and now I impregnated her. I prepared her for just this moment.

My body convulsed, the ecstasy shooting through my mind as load after load of my cum spilled into her. Her supple back rubbed on my nipples as she convulsed. She bucked hard, squeaking out her rapture as her body drank in every drop of my incestuous cum. She milked out the jizz with her hungry pussy. "Mommy!" Sa'dia moaned.

"Oh, wow. Oh, Mommy!" "Yes, yes, yes," I groaned, my body buzzing as my orgasm died. "You filled me. With cum!" "Uh-huh," I purred.

"And now Mommy's going to lick you clean. She's going to eat that dirty, slutty pussy." My daughter shuddered. "That's so sinful. Do it!" I smiled, so glad I could show her this joy. I pulled my dick out of her depths, shuddering as my still-hard girl-dick came free. I rolled her onto her back, her round breasts jiggling, her nipples so hard. I pushed apart her dusky thighs, her dark-brown pubic hair matted by my white jizz. I breathed in her spicy musk mixed with my salty seed.

Hunger salivated my mouth. "Mommy!" Sa'dia squealed as my mouth buried into her pussy. My tongue licked. I gathered her spicy cream mixed with my salty girl-jizz. The two flavors burst to life in my mouth as I ate my first pussy. The pussy that I created. I pressed my lips tight to her cunt, loving the incestuous mix of our fluids.

They coated my lips and chin as I licked and nuzzled, my hips wiggling, my dick throbbing as it swung between my thighs. Pussy juices poured down my thighs, my pussy so on fire. My daughter squirmed. Her silky pubic hair rubbed along my cheeks and tickled my nose. I loved it as my tongue churned through her hot folds. I licked and probed into her newly deflowered depths. She groaned, clutching at the blankets, her breasts jiggling in the darkness.

"Mommy," she gasped. My twenty-year-old daughter whimpered again as I feasted on her barely legal snatch. "Oh, Mommy, this is so sinful. I can't believe we're doing this! Oh, wow." "Very sinful," I agreed between licks. "So naughty and forbidden. Mmm, don't you just love Mommy's tongue sliding through her whorish cunt?" "Yes, Mommy!" Sa'dia's face twisted.

Her body bucked, thighs squeezing on my head. "It's building again. That wonderful pleasure. That amazing rapture!" "Good," I groaned, digging my tongue into her snatch. "Don't fight it. Just let it explode through you. Embrace the pleasure. Let it carry you away!" "I will, Mommy!" Her whimpers grew and grew, her mewling pants.

My daughter quivered as I feasted. It made my cock ache and my pussy burn to pleasure my Sa'dia like this. To feast on her forbidden flesh. Her spicy musk coated my tongue as I wiggled into her depths, searching for more of my cum. But I had eaten all my yummy girl-jizz out of her. So I had to plant more in her. I licked up her folds, their hot silk caressing my lips, and found her clit. She gasped as my tongue circled around her bud.

Her breasts shook. Her moans sang through my bedroom as I sucked on her little nub. I nibbled on it. "Mommy!" she gasped, spasming. "Oh, yes, Mommy!" Hot juices splashed about my lips, her cream flooding out of her as her orgasm burst through her. My dick throbbing, begging to be in her spasming flesh, to give her the pleasure that I knew she craved. I rose up her body, my swinging breasts dragging up her stomach, meeting her tits.

Then we kissed, letting her taste her spicy pussy adorning my lips. And I drove my dick into her convulsing pussy. For the second time tonight, her hot cunt embraced my dick. I pumped in and out of her snatch, savoring her orgasming rapture. She coated my girl-cock with her passion as our tongues dueled. Her body shuddered beneath us. My ass clenched. A tingle raced across my asshole as her hands grabbed my butt, fingers digging into my flesh.

Memory of Dr. Rita's naughty suppository rippled through me. I had enjoyed my first taste of anal sex. And so would my daughter. "Mommy?" she panted when I drew back, breaking our kiss and pulling my cock out of the silky heaven of her pussy. "What are you doing? You felt so good in me." "And it's about to get better," I grinned at her, sliding the dripping tip of my girl-dick down her taint and between her butt-cheeks. "Mommy has something else nice to teach you." I snagged a pillow, shoving it between her ass, elevating her so I could get at my goal easier: her virgin asshole.

I rubbed against her sphincter. Her eyes widened. She shuddered, her thighs tightening about my waist. Her hands seized my tits, squeezing them. She nursed from them as a baby. "I've heard of anal from school." She bit her lip.

"I'm just aching to be filled. Do it." "Mommy's little slut-daughter," I groaned and thrust. Her eyes widened, her fingers digging into my breasts, as her asshole spread and spread about my dick. Her sphincter fought valiantly against my girl-dick. But it couldn't resist the force of my thrusts.

I buried into her bowels. She let out a purring groan. She shuddered, her bowels clenching on my dick as I slid deeper and deeper into her velvety delight. My eyes widened at the rough heat of her asshole wrapped about my futa-cock. "Mommy!" she groaned, her voice so thick and throaty. "Allah and his blessed prophet! You're so huge!" "And you're so tight," I groaned, leaning over her, my tits jiggling in her hands.

I grinned at my daughter. "Now this is sinning!" "Yes, Mommy!" Our hips moved and pumped, working my futa-cock in and out of her pussy. I landed over her, kissing her, rubbing our tits together as my mattress creaked. Our tongues danced, loving each other as the heat burned in her asshole. Such incestuous heat. I loved her so much. My sexy Sa'dia. I humped faster and faster, slamming my girl-dick in and out of her tight bowels. She whimpered into our kiss, her tongue dancing with mine.

Her hands slid around my body, clawing at my back with such passion. I gave her passion. I made her gasp and groan. When I buried into her bowels, her pussy rubbed on my pubic mound, smearing her hot cream across my skin. I shuddered, our nipples sliding past each other as our round boobs jiggled. "Sa'dia," I groaned, breaking the kiss. "Your ass! Oh, it's so sweet. You're going to make your mommy cum so hard." "Good," she squealed. "Cum in me, Mommy! I loved it in my pussy!

And I'll love it in my ass! I'm going to cum again! I love cumming!" "Mommy's little slut can cum as much as she wants!" I groaned, thrusting harder into her hot bowels. "Just unleash your passion!" "Yes, yes, yes," she howled. "I love you, Mommy!" "I love you, too, my little slutty star!" I kissed my daughter hard, thrusting my tongue into her mouth as hard as I thrust my cock into her bowels.

Her asshole clenched down hard. Her pussy ground on my pubic mound. Hot juices spurted from her snatch, drenching my pubic hair and trickling down to my dick. Her bowels spasmed about my cock. Fingernails bit hot into my back. I made my daughter cum again. This girl I birthed. Raised. Loved. My pussy spasmed. Juices gushed down my thighs. Cum fired from my futa-dick. The jizz boiled out of my ovaries, pumping over and over into her hot depths.

I flooded her bowels as I loved her so much. We clung to each other, bodies pressed tight. Our breasts rubbed together, nipples caressing, throbbing. Adding more spice to our pleasure.

We moaned our incestuous passion into each other's mouths. Our tongues dueled. I caressed her mouth, loving it. We shuddered, spasming together. My cock spurted a final blast of girl-jizz into her bowels. Our kiss broke. "Oh, Mommy, that was amazing," she purred. Her mouth nuzzled to my ear. "We have to show my sisters!" I shivered, eager to watch Sa'dia writhe with her sisters.

"Yes, we do, my slutty little star." To be continued.