Hot gay sex From there they were able to build up to a solid pace and

Hot gay sex From there they were able to build up to a solid pace and
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Ah, high school. The best and worst times of our life, supposedly. I had been living in the south since I was 8, yet at age 14 I was still a bit of an outcast because I was "different" and not "from here". Thus is the mentality of the town I grew up in in the south. My freshman year wasn't too bad, I did have a best friend who liked my same kind of music and understood my sense of humor perfectly. We met the year before in 8th grade middle school.


We were psyched to see our class schedules and see how many classes we were going to get together. "Aww man, there's no 'home room' in high school?" I exclaimed, disappointed because Chris and I always goofed off in home room.

We checked eachothers schedules and compared them. "Damn dude, looks like we only have Science and Lunch together" Chris pointed out. He sounded as disappointed as he could.Chris wasn't the most emotional kid. He was a 'burn out child' as we liked to call him and slightly pick on him because of his hippie parents.

Chris didn't mind though, he was proud to be a burn out child, we all just laughed about it together, no one of course meaning true harm.

Chris then noticed "Advanced Chorus" listed on my schedule. "Dude, advanced chorus? Why the fuck did you choose that?" Chris teased. Truth is I always loved singing, it was awesome fun and I started in 7th grade in school; my chorus teacher noticed my talent quick and put a request in to the high school that I be in the advanced chorus program.

Though, to keep my 14yr old macho appearance I simply replied, "Hey, it's a class where all I have to do is goof around and I'm surrounded by hot chicks.

I'm the smart one" We laughed it off and the bell rang. We went about our day, of course being the first day of school it was all about checking out the new surroundings, teachers, and of course all the hot older high school girls who were well beyond puberty. Finally it was chorus class.

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I was surprised to see my same teacher, she apparently would teach at the middle school then drive to the high school to teach both classes. This wasn't hard to do in such a small town with a population under 15,000. The only discomforting thing was it was only me and two other girls I knew who were put in the advanced chorus class from middle school. Everyone else was a new face and looked at us as if they could smell the 'freshman' scent from our skin.

I sat in one of the empty seats, looking even more like an outcast since most of the other kids were standing, goofing off or huddled in thier cliques. There was no lesson for the day as the teacher was still trying to learn everyone's name and make a seating chart, ruffling thru her papers and all together ignoring the class.

"Hey there" an amiable voice called out. When I looked to my right I saw a tall guy, blonde hair which he obviously died as I could tell from the brown facial hair upon his jawline.

The 11th grader's eyes were a striking blue, and while his body wasn't in perfect shape, it worked for him, looking very broad-chested and seemed to hold himself well, "My name's Jonathan" he continued and set next to me, "I think I've seen you before". I gave him a confused look and shook my head, "I doubt it, I'm a freshman" I said with almost shame in my voice. "I know that, silly" he perked up. From the way he said silly, i was already getting a vibe from him, that he probably wasn't some macho jock.

He continued, "When you were in middle school chorus you guys did a concert here, before the high school chorus, remember?" "Oh yeah" I started to remember, "Yeah that's right; sorry, I didn't really notice many of the high schoolers" He gave a smile, "Nah no worries, I only remembered you because I thought you were really cute".

I was taken aback by this statement. I knew a few guys used to joke about gay comments just as a way to tease their guy friends. But his smile and tone of voice made it pretty believable. I didn't know what to say, so I just laughed a nervous laugh, feeling blood rush to my face as I blushed. Sadly, I really didn't have much luck with the ladies.and I didn't want the majority of the hicks in this town.

I had never thought of being with a guy, so getting a compliment from one seemed strange to me, but I was still extremely flattered. We talked a bit throughout class, mostly about school and music, turned out he was really into rock and metal like myself. He would time to time make flirtatious comments. I was pretty sure by now he was gay, or at least bi. The next couple of days went by, and I admit I looked forward to chorus class and to spend time with my new friend.

Chris and I of course still hung out at lunch and after school even. We were in a wanna-be rock band as our 14yr old lack of experience showed on our guitar playing.

Jonathan and I still talked a lot in school, but didn't hang out much afterwards. However, about a month later Jonathan told me that his dad was planning a trip for some local sigh seeing.local meaning we'd have to drive an hour out of the desolate little town to see anything worth looking at.

He asked me if I'd like to tag along so I agreed. It was fun, we looked at some 'historical spots' that just looked like trees and rubble to me, but Jonathan and I enjoyed jokin around, talking about music, and causing havoc around the historical spots. We ate out at a restaurant and it started getting dark "Hey Dad, is it ok if I spend the night at Andrew's tonight?" Jonathan asked. I was I bit surprised, mostly because my mom always taught me to ask the host first and not to 'invite' yourself.though Jonathan did give me a slight glance as if asking please.

To not upset him, plus I didnt mind so much I piped in, "Yeah, that'd be cool, what do you think?" asking his dad. His dad just laughed, "Sure why the hell not?

I've got no problem.

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Did you ask your mom, Andrew?" I shook my head and he handed me his car phone, I called my mom and she was delighted at the idea, she knew I didn't have many friends yet and she worried Chris was a bad influence.

Jonathan seemed giddy at the idea of spending the night. I laughed to myself, thinking aren't you supposed to grow out of the sleepovers by age 16? I couldn't say much though, at age 14 Chris and I had plenty sleep overs, tough they consisted mostly of playing guitar til 4 in the morning.

By the time we got back to my place it was already 9pm. Jonathan and I talked with my mom a bit and she went off to bed. We watched TV in the living room, and as I noticed Jonathan kept getting closer I finally had to ask.though I was sure I knew, i had to ask, "Hey Jonathan.can I ask you something with you getting mad?" He just smiled, "You're gonna ask if I'm bi?" I was slightly shocked he knew what I was thinking, though I guess I had been giving off a quizzing vibe for quite sometime, "Well, yeah, I just wasn't sure" I replied.

He placed his hand on my leg, it jumped a little from the unexpected touch, "Yeah, I am, I thought it was kind of obvious" he chuckled. He could tell I was straight and had never been this close to a guy. "Have you ever thought about being with a guy?" he asked. I shook my head, unable to come up with a better response. "Why not?" he persisted, "I don't think I'd like it" i replied. The banter continued, "Not like it? Andrew, a guy knows what a guy needs, and I bet I kiss better than any girl you've ever been with" he puckered his lips in a joking manner.

His lips did look very soft, you could tell he took care of them the same way a girl would. I sit silent, trying to focus back on the TV and avoid the statement. He turned my face toward him, "C'mon, I promise you'll like it. Just a kiss. If you don't like it, I'll never bug you about it and I'll never flirt with you again". My nerves were slightly shaky, I sat there for a while looking at him, pondering what it'd be like.

I told myself hey it's just a bad could it be. Closing my eyes, I tried to picture one of the hot girls I saw at school. Our lips met and his felt like silk upon my own.


The were soft and warm, the kiss started sweet before i felt his lips start to part my own, his moist tongue beginning to probe my mouth. Instinctively i accept his tongue, letting his more experienced tongue massage and dance along my own.

Our bodies were nearly ontop of eachother as the passion in the kiss increased. Before I knew it, he had backed away, my eyes were still closed, I hadn't moved. "So what did you think?" he asked. My face started to blush and I fought a smile.i wasn't sure why I fought it, but I could tell i tried not to smile too much.

Down scaling my true experience i perked in, "yeah.that actually wasn't bad" I didn't want to tell the truth. That it was fucking amazing and one of the best kisses I ever had. He was definitely right, but I didn't want to admit it just yet.

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He laughed and did a told-you-so song, and that was it. We continued to watch TV and played a few video games before we both were yawning like crazy and it was time for bed. I always tried to be considerate to my guests.though I hated sleeping on the floor I offered my bed to Jonathan.

He declined to my surprise and stated that the floor would be fine if I could lay down a blanket and spare a pillow. I didn't ask twice, I loved having a warm comfy bed to sleep in.

I got him the pillow and blanket. I don't think he knew I noticed, but before he layed his head on the pillow he seemed to take in my scent from the pillow while closing his eyes. I shrugged it off and flipped the light switch, "night Jonathan" i called out and started to doze off. I wasn't sure how late it was but I slowly started to open my eyes as I felt something sturring.

I was a pretty heavy sleeper and was groggy, barely able to open my eyes I asked, "Jonathan?" he was actually behind me in the bed, i could hear his teeth chattering, "holy shit dude, why is it so cold in here?" I preferred sleeping in the cold, and my mom had her own space heater and turn off the vent in her room so I could sleep how I like.

I didn't want to admit that I was the cause of him freezing his ass off, and I was still a little too tired to respond, "I don't even have a real blanket, I was using that one you gave me to lay ontop of so I wasn't on the hard floor.

I just need to get a little warm, ok?" he sad as he scooted closer to me in a little bit of a spooning position, "Fine" i said groggily and curled up with one arm under the pillow, the other clutching the blanket towards my chest. I could feel Jonathan's bare leg against my own, we both slept in our boxers, probably not the best way for him to stay warm I thought to myself.

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I then noticed something as I adjusted.something between my legs. I tried to adjust to move away from dice. I tried to adjust the blanket, thinking it was a dice again. I didn't want to fully wake up and inspect it, I was enjoying my slumber too much. As I tried to ignore it, I felt it twitch.i felt my heart drop as I realized what it was jonathans cock. I was sure he didnt inted for that to happen.he was just trying to get warm.

My adjusting must have awoken Joanathn, as he yawn and pulled me closer. This placed his cock perfectly between my asscheeks still covered by my loose boxers. I didn't know what to do.should I wake him? I reached back, figuring if I act like I'm just adjusting my boxers perhaps he'd move back. This worked in my disfavor. I reached for the loose boxers by the bottom of the leghole, and as I tried to adjust them, it simply allowed his cock to slip between my bare ass cheeks.

"Oh fuck" i thought to myself. I wasn't sure what to do. Perhaps if I just lay there it would soften and slip away. Though it seemed my asscheeks had a pretty good grip on his cock. I rocked slowly, feeling my ass just now jerking his cock a bit as I did so. This only made him harder, and I could feel the head of his cock pressing at my hole.

The feeling was actually inviting, I always thought I'd freak out at such an encounter. Curiosity got the best of me and i started to slowly rock my hips, causing his cock to be stroked by my soft cheeks, and my puckering hold rubbing in rhythm against the head of his now throbbing cock.

I couldn't take it anymore, spitting a decent amount of saliva in my hand and rubbing it against my asshole. As I did so I slipped a finger into my ass.

I had done this before, but justified it because I had seen a woman do it to a man in a porn. As my saliva lubed up my ass I positioned him back where he was, this time using a bit more pressure. My virgin ass wasn't giving. I applied one more glob of spit, and it didnt seem to help much.

When i thought wall hope was lost, I heard Jonathan give a snort and low groan, hugging me tighter and pushing closer, still in a slumber.

That did it, from him pressing further in his already compromised position, his cock head slipped right in. I held back a cry of pain as i felt a white light shoot thru my body. It was fairly well lubed, but my virgin ass wasn't quite ready for the real deal. I lay there with his cock head in my ass, i could feel both my ass and his cock pulsating. I let my tight hold regain it's pleasure sensations over the pain before i started rocking my hips again.

I could now feel i was being fucked.sort of.only about 2 inches I assumed were in my ass, but it was one of the best feelings I had ever had.

I attempted to move Jonathan with my body, wanting to feel him deeper. and I did so with ease, backing him up a bit allowing me to nearly sit in his lap from a sideways laying down position.

I could now feel his balls touching my own, i knew he was all the way in. I rocked my hips more, trying not to moan. It was so amazing, i felt like i could feel every curve and vain in his cock, the head massaging my throbbing prostate. I found the perfect rhythm and closed my eyes, sighing in pleasure.i felt his cock grow thicker.I couldn't believe it could get any is that possible.i soon found out why as his cock started to beat as fast as his heart, unloading his thick seed deep inside my ass.

I could only tell this by a new, very hot feeling inside of my ass.and then as I could feel it dripping out of my ass. It was a much thicker, more amble load than I've ever been able to cum.

My bouncing ass was now churning his cum inside me, slipping out of my ass and onto his balls. I lay there until his cock went soft, and pulled away slightly. I was in absolute heaven.and wondered if he'd notice. "You know the funniest part? You actually thought I was asleep" i heard him cackle behind me. IF YOU LIKE IT LET ME KNOW, I MAY DO A PART 2