Helfende Hand massiven cum

Helfende Hand massiven cum
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I let her sleep for about an hour while I showered and ate before I padded down to the basement again to continue with my lovely prize. She was still sleeping on the wooden horse when I walked in looking as beautiful as always her ass sticking up in the air.


Firstly I removed the dildo from her pussy and set it aside. I then padded up behind her the site to much to resist as I dropped my pants rubbed my cock until it was hard grabbed her hips and pushed my cock all the way up her tight ass hole. Because she was sleeping her muscles were relaxed making my way into her easy enough.

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Just as my whole cock entered her ass she awoke with a scream her muscles immediately tightening around me making me moan in pleasure as she gasped as her sore ass was invaded yet again. I kept my cock all the way in her for a few more seconds before I pulled all the way out of her.

Before her asshole could close again I rammed all 9 inches of my cock up inside her again making her scream in agony. Just the sound of her scream made me almost let lose, but I wanted this to last. I started speeding up in her ass only pushing half of my member inside of her with each thrust. A few minutes later I couldn't last any longer and I slammed my cock way up inside her again as I cummed four big loads into her ass.

I then pulled out and untied her straps watching her slide off of the wooden horse and onto the floor tears and cum dripping to the floor. When she didn't get up a few seconds later I grabbed her hair and pulled her upward. "If you don't want to clean yourself up then I guess we can continue without it" I told her and watched her summon her strength "I'm sorry sir please let me clean up" she begged him and he nodded and pointed at the bathroom.

She stumbled inside and he turned on the hose "spray yourself off with this" he told her after she had gone to the washroom. She obeyed starting at her hair and washing down her body slowing at her pussy and ass to wash them carefully before finishing with her legs and feet. I took the hose from her and handed her a towel watching her dry off before taking that to and setting them aside I gave her another bottle of water and two energy bars knowing she'd need them to stay awake.

After she was finished I led her over to a dentist chair and instructed her to sit down she did so with no comment. I strapped her wrists to the arm rests and then spread her legs wide strapping her ankles to the side of the chair. I then brought the back of the chair down enough so that both her holes were open, but not enough to prevent her from seeing exactly what was happening to her.

I looked over to see Target exactly where I left him good boy I thought before walking to the kennel door and hitting number one.

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A German shepherd padded up to me and followed me out into the open I smiled "Natalie this is trigger i'm going to let him decide which hole he wants to take" I told her sweetly. Trigger was 24 inches tall and weighed 84 pounds. I led him over to her and stepped back letting him start. Trigger sniffed both her holes licking her vagina he watched her stiffen in pain. I smiled when I watched him put his paws on her back rest and quickly slide his 9 inch cock in her sore pussy they were trained well.

He knew that her vagina was causing her more pain so he went for it.

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As Trigger slid his whole length into Natalie she cried out writhing in her tight bonds trying to escape the dogs cock as he sped up pushing in and out of her like a jack hammer.

I grinned waiting for Trigger to start to grow. The reason I bought him was because he grew to be 3 inches in size and his not made him about 5.5 inches in girth. At that moment trigger started growing inside of her his speed slowing to normal thrusts. Natalie expected him to be like Target a smaller girth then her kidnapper.

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Her eyes started to widen as he filled her completely up before stopping her vaginal walls stretching painfully. That's when trigger's knot slipped into her. It started to grow and soon Natalie was screaming now stop as it continued to enlarge inside her still having an inch to go. She tried to pull him out of her but only succeeded in tearing skin around the knot. Finally it stopped growing and she bit her tongue and waited for the knot to shrink.

A few minutes later Trigger started to shoot come load after load rocketed inside her pouring to the floor. It continued for 3 minutes the continuous attack of sperm inside her. Finally it stopped and 20 minutes later the ball started to shrink.

Trigger waited patiently before he pulled out of her when he was small enough and retreated to the opposite wall to wash himself.


I watched her for a few minutes before I stood. "One more thing and then were done for today" I told her before moving to a control pad on the wall.

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I press the down button and a harness lowered from the ceiling. I walked over to her and undid her manacles before dragging her exhausted body over to the harness. I laid her on her stomach on the harness before clipping the other half around her body.

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It went around her waist and back leaving her breasts to hang down. Her arms were trapped in the harness and her legs dragged uselessly downward.

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I lowered her so that her knees touched the ground before spreading her legs apart and manacling them to the floor. I then whistled and Target stood and padded up to me I walked over to her and told him to stay I then slipped under Natalie's body and grabbed her hips thrusting my cock into her pussy making her cry out. I then calmly said "go boy" and he padded forward sniffed my cock licked her ass ignoring her whimper he pulled his front paws onto her back and with his back legs planted firmly on the ground he rammed his cock up her tight ass hole.