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Innocent kitten is gaping slim fuckbox in close range and climaxing spreading teenies
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Rachel had left The Cult's head quarters and made a bee-line for the hospital. Lying to the front desk woman, she told them that Blane was her older cousin, and that she had just got to town with her parents. The woman at the desk had bought the lie, and told Rachel everything she wanted to know about the hospital, and more specifically, were to find Blane.

And thanks to that, Rachel found Blane's room easily. Blane was asleep when she entered, but she knew he had come out of a coma yesterday. She sighed to herself when she thought about what she was about to do, but remembering the reverend's threats, she felt obligated to do whatever he ordered her to do. "If only Amy hadn't disappeared", she thought to herself, "I wouldn't have to kill this kid" Nevertheless, Rachel drew the small glass bottle of cyanide, and poured its contents into Blane's IV bag.

She didn't know Blane, and though he was Will's friend, she thought very little of him, and almost considered it a curtsey to kill Blane. After all, he was a bad influence, and Will didn't need anymore of those in his life. Rachel sat and watched Blane for a while, he turned in his sleep, and had a troubled look on his face as he did. In a matter of minutes, the heart monitor on the side of the bed began to emit a strange beating noise as Blane's complexion became more red and stressed.

Smiling, knowing the poison had worked, Rachel walked from the room as nurses and doctors ran to Blane's side in a frenzy, as the boy slowly began to slip away. "Easy", she thought to herself a she entered the elevator, a content smile on her face. Haley sat in the back seat of Antonia's car with Pierce siting next to her, and Paul sitting in the front seat. She smiled at Paul who would every now and then peep up over the seat to catch a glimpse of her before dropping back down, each time blushing as he made eye contact with her.

Pierce's cheeks were red from exercise, and his hair was wet from sweat as he looked at Haley. He hadn't showered after football, and at first felt as though he should have taken the extra time to so since he now sat next to Haley in the relatively small car. Haley smiled at Pierce and put a hand on his thigh, making his face turn red as she did. Smiling she withdrew her hand and giggled silently to herself. Once at the Rolland mansion, Pierce and Haley went upstairs, while Antonia and Paul remained downstairs to work on paul's homework.

"You can wait in the game room while I shower", Pierce said to Haley, motioning towards the game room down the long hallway. "Alright", she replied, kissing Pierce on the cheek before walking away from his room. While Pierce went into his room, Haley sat in the game room and began to contemplate. She was feeling very affectionate at the moment, and wondered if Pierce was feeling the same way.

She truly liked Pierce, and to an extent, she would say she was in love with him. Yet, she and Pierce seemed to be in a stagnate relationship. Haley sighed as she thought about Brook and Will's relationship. Those two were closer than any couple she had ever seen, and she wished she and Pierce could be like them. "Sex", she thought to herself, "They've had sex.maybe-" But Haley just couldn't bring herself to think about sex with Pierce.

She secretly may have wanted it, but for the most part, she didn't think she was ready and she new Pierce wouldn't force her to do anything she didn't want. "Maybe we can try to go further than just making out.", Haley's thoughts brought her to the image of a naked Will.

She sighed again, now realizing that her first naked boy was Will and not Pierce, but then she found herself smiling again, "But it doesn't have to." Looking around the room, she crept into the hallway and walked towards Pierce's room, pushing the door open slightly to see if Pierce was in his room or was showering.

Seeing that he wasn't in his room, Haley silently crept into it, and put her ear up against Pierce's bathroom door. hearing the shower, her heart beat faster, as she pushed the door open only slightly to see Pierce showering himself off his back was turned towards her, but nevertheless, haley had a perfect view of her boyfriend. "Oh!" She said quietly, blushing as she looked at Pierce's butt, "He's got a cute butt!" Haley continued her peeping, enjoying her first glimpse of a naked Pierce.

Then, much to her surprise, Pierce turned around, letting his front side face her "Huh!" Haley gasped, seeing Pierce's soft dick dangling over his balls. Though Will was her first naked boy, she hadn't truly gotten a good look at his dick, but Pierce's on the other hand, they were on full display. Haley, couldn't help but feel more curious at the sight in front of her, and slowly she pushed the door open, giving herself a better view of Pierce's dick.

"Wow", she thought to herself, as she looked at his uncut dick, "There's something different about it, it's not like Will's?" Suddenly, and without Haley noticing, Pierce turned the water to the shower off, and stepped out of the shower, only to notice the door ajar and a peeping-tom starring at him. "AH!" He yelled grabbing a near by towel and wrapping it around his waist, "Who-who is that!" "Sorry!" Haley burst out, quickly getting up and running from the door, when Pierce ran out after her and grabbed her arm.

"Haley! What the hell-" 
"I'm sorry! I-it's just-I wanted to see you naked and I-" "Haley?" Pierce blushed at her response, as he softened his grip on her arm.

"I'm sorry." Pierce smiled and walked over to his bedroom door and lock it, "I'll let you see me, if you really want." Haley froze. she didn't know how to respond, yet nodded her head and let Pierce walk her over to the bed, where she sat on the mattress. Pierce sighed, then let his towel drop, showing off his genitals in all their glory. His dick was only semi-hard, but was about 4.5" at the moment, and his pubes, which had been just previously trimmed, were a hazel color like his wavy hair.

Haley motioned for Pierce to sit next to her on the bed, and looked curiously at Pierce's dick. Gulping, she decided she would try to touch it, and slowly reached down to wrap her hand around his ever hardening shaft.

"Haley?" "Yeah?" "Are you sure you're ready?" "Yes", she replied, moving her hand up his shaft, which pushed his uncut foreskin across his head. "Uh.", Pierce moaned, as he felt a jolt of pleasure cascade trough his dick, which now stood up and erect.

Haley, though not 100% sure on what to do, felt her heart skip a beat when she heard Pierce moan, and decided she would spin the foreskin around his head with three fingers. "Ahh.Haley.", Pierce moaned, his face was now bright red, and he starred down at the hand caressing his dick as his balls began to retreat up and against his shaft.

" what?" Haley asked, looking up at Pierce, who smiled and put his hand over hers. "Just do this", he replied softly, moving his hand up and down his 5" shaft, effectively pulling his foreskin up and down over the head of his dick.

Haley was red as an apple as she kept jerking off her boyfriend. She smiled up at Pierce, and looked into his almost green eyes. They were beautiful, and clear. She next focused on his dick, she didn't have anything to really base it of off, but she could tell it was a little smaller than Will's.

Still, she felt herself being overwhelmed with passion as she stroked his dick. Precum started to flow from his dick, and Haley looked up at Pierce who smiled and said, "It's okay" "Alright", she replied, feeling his dick twitch under her hand. "Ahh.Haley.I'm gonna cum, Haley.uh.point my dick at me abs" "What?" "'s coming, Haley, I'm gonna cum!" Pierce gasped, moaning as he leaned back and closed his eyes, "Ahhhh.oh.ahhhhh" Haley, not knowing what was happening, pointed Pierce's dick up towards his abs and kept stroking.

"Haley! Now! Uh.Uhhhhh", Pierce moaned, letting his body relax before it tensed up again, before shooting glob after glob or white cum from his dick. Haley kept stroking his dick, looking at the cum that had shot out of his dick in fascination. "Is-is it supposed to do that? I mean, we're not having sex?" "It's okay, Haley, it does that anytime I have an orgasm, it'll come out whenever I cum" "Like when you masturbate?" "Uh.yeah.", Pierce uneasily replied.

"Does it feel good?" "Yeah, you did a great job" "Thanks", Haley said, still stroking Pierce's dick with the same amount of speed she had been stroking with before. "You don't have to keep stroking my dick if you don't want to" "I want to", Haley replied, standing up and kissing Pierce on the lips, "I love you" "I love you too, Haley", Pierce replied, kissing her back.

After school that day, the Reed house was a buzz with activity. Maria had effectively bitched out Brook, Lynn, and Will for the previous night's fiasco, and had told them that if she caught them doing anything of that nature again, there would be consequences.

Additionally, she left the three to figure out how to fix the door while she left to go to a meeting back at the school. As Will helped Lynn with her homework, Brook had finished fixing the door, something Will and Lynn were incapable of doing. as she walked into the kitchen, holding a screw driver and a bag of screws, she set them down on the table and looked at both of her friends.

"So what's for dinner?" "I don't know, order a pizza or something", Will replied as he stood and looked at Brook. "Fair enough", she said back, turning to grab the phone in the kitchen when she heard the door bell ring and walked back to front door to see who it was. Opening the door, she sighed as Sam stood in front of her, wearing the same navy-blue hoodie as the night before.

"What are you doing here?" "I'm here to help you" "First off, I'm glad you rang the door bell instead of breaking down the door, and second off, I know you saw that a lot, but I don't think that you-" "I need to know who this Rachel is" "Okay?" Brook frowned, as she stepped back to let Sam into the house, "Why do you need to know-" "She's the only one whose never seen me.

Also, she goes to you school and-" "You can't follow us to-" "I'm not going to barge into your fucking class, I just want to see who this rachel girl is so I can follow her to Greene" "I suppose-" "So I'm staying here tonight, and I'll follow you guys int he morning", Sam said quickly and frankly as he walked past Brook and into the kitchen.

Brook shook her head and followed him, swearing under her breath and rolling her eyes as she did. "Mrs. Bailey?" "Yes, is this Dr. Phelps?" "Yes it is, Mrs. Bailey" "Do you have news about Blane? How's he doing? His father and me have been very worried, but is he doing better now that he's out of a come?" "Mrs.

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Bailey, I'm so sorry to tell you this.your son Blane died today, we are not sure exactly what caused it but he just kind of-" "What!" "Mrs. Bailey, I'm so sorry. If you and you husband-" "How can he be dead?

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He can't be-"
 "Mrs. Bailey, I'm sorry for your loss, but please, calm-" "Calm? Calm! How can I be calm? My son-Blane-he's-he's-" "Mrs. Bailey, Please, I understand this is hard for you to-" But Anna Bailey had already hung up the phone and buried her face in her hands, weeping bitterly. Dinner was awkward for Will, Brook, and Lynn, as Sam wolfed down almost all of the pizza they had order out, and drank close to three liters in pepsi, all the while glaring across the table.

Half way through, however, Sam sat back and sharply said, "You guys want to kill Greene, right?" Will and Brook looked at each other, then back at Sam and nodded. "Good", Sam replied, "Then this is what you do. Tomorrow I'm gonna follow this Rachel chick home. When I do, I want you guys to follow me there. She probably going to go to Greene's HQ sometime tomorrow, after all, she's his agent now" "And what are you going to do-", Will asked, before Sam cut him off.

"I'm gonna follow her into the building, find Greene, kill him, then Mark-" "That bastard", Brook swore to herself. Sam laughed, "I see you don't like him. If I didn't have a score to settle I'd let you kill him, but not this time" Will and Lynn both felt very uncomfortable with the thought of killing, and where even more disturbed in the fact that Sam talked about it so openly and freely.

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"Alright, I'm gonna tell you guys this just once", Sam said, standing from the table, "I'm gonna kill people, and I don't want you guys to get in the way. You guys get to come cause I need back up, but that's it! Don't try to stop me from doing anything you might not agree with, go it" "Yeah", Brook and WIll both said meekly, al the while starring up at Sam. "Good", he said, walking from the kitchen and lying down on the couch. That night Will and Lynn slept soundly, both cuddled up underneath the blanket.

Nevertheless, as Will slept, he began to dream, and as he dreamt, he twitched and fidgeted in his sleep. Will's dream was unusual.


He saw himself in his room, lying naked on his bed when in came Pierce, also naked. The two boys sat and talked, and laughed, yet both where completely nude. Will didn't think much of the dream at first, he had had dreams involving him and Pierce naked, but what happened next made him twitch with surprise. In his dream, he and Pierce still continued to talk and laugh, when suddenly he Pierce began to touch Will's dick.

At first, Will told him to stop, but as Pierce continued to stroke and caress his cock, he stopped protesting and let Pierce do what he pleased with it. After a while, Pierce next bent down, and wrapped his lips around Will's dick, and began to bob up and down on his head, his lips moving up and down over the rim of Will's dick head.

Will moaned, and let his friend continue his sucking, letting Pierce do most of the work. Outside of the dream, however, Will jumped in his sleep, and quickly sat up in bed.

"You okay?" Lynn asked sleepily, not moving or opening her eyes as she did. "Lynn, I just had a weird dream" "How weird?" "It was-uh-the sexual kinda weird" "Will?" Lynn said, now sitting up in bed as she noticed that her friend was shaken up. "It involved.Pierce." "Will, we talked about it. It's not that-" "I know. But ever since Lewis made him suck my dick, I keep having these-these dreams" "They can't be that bad?" "I know, but they-they." "Will, I had the same problem before I came out.

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I didn't understand them either, but-" "But that's just it! I'm not gay! I mean- I'm always trying to get Brook to do stuff, I never had feelings for a boy or anything, and I don't know why I'm having them now!" "Is it just Pierce?" "I guess so, the dreams only involve him" "Well, don't worry, Will.

Okay? You're fine, and don't worry, you can tell me anything, and besides, dreams don't really mean anything, your just probably still mentally processing the whole situation." "Thanks Lynn", Will smiled, as he lay back in bed and turned to face the wall.

"I hope so", he said to himself. Sam ended up meeting Will, Brook, and Lynn after school, and let Brook point out Rachel among the many school kids. From here, Sam quickly began to trail the girl, with Will, Brook, and Lynn following close behind. Rachel walked southwards, into an area none of the others would have ever thought of looking. She weaved in and out of alleys, crossed multiple street, and would stop every now and then to tie her shoe, or to sneeze or take a drink of water from he water bottle.

After about thirty minutes of following, Sam stopped, and looked at the building Rachel entered. Will, Brook and Lynn ran up behind Sam and gazed up at the four story apartment building Rachel had entered.

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"Does she live there?" Sam asked, staring at Will. "No", he responded, feeling uncomfortable with Sam's stare. "Okay then, let's go." Sam quickly ran across the street, Will, Brook and Lynn following him, and pushed open the door to the apartment lobby, only to see a flight of stairs and an old elevator in the corner.

"Which floor-" "Follow me", Sam said, cutting Lynn off, as he ran up the flight of stairs. "Which floor-" "Four" "How do you-" "In case someone he didn't want to show up came for him, he could run away while they'd look for him, and he'd be able to escape." "That makes sense, but-" "Just run!" Sam ordered as the four ran quickly up the stairs.

Upon arriving at the fourth floor, Sam burst through the door and ran out into the hallway, scanning the area for which apartment would be Greene's. "Great, now how do you expect to find his apartment" Brook angrily spat out, as she glared at Sam.

"There's ten apartments up here, one them has to-" "Sam!" Will yelled, "We can't just barge into everyone's apartment, hoping its the right one!" "Shut up and let me think!" Sam yelled back. As the Sam, Will and Brook argued, Lynn went over to a near by apartment and knocked on the door, an elderly woman answered it.

"Hello, ma-am. We're here to visit someone named Lloyd Greene. He moved in a while ago, and we're just wondering which apartment he lives in" "Well, I'm not sure of his name, dear. But a new tenant moved in on twelve-twenty two over there", the woman said, pointing at the door across the hall. "thank you ma'am", Lynn politely replied. The woman closed her door, and Lynn turned around to face the reverend's door.

She turned her head to see her comrades arguing, and yelled at them, "Retards! It's this door!" Immediately, Sam turned his head, and impulsively, ran up to the wooden door, and with as much force as he could muster, kicked the door open, forcing the unlocked door to burst open.

"Sam!" Brook yelled, as he ran into the apartment. Once inside, Sam looked around, it was defiantly Greene's apartment.


Sam walked cautiously over to the desk to see multiple monitors jammed on top of it. Sam opened the top drawer on the desk to see a box filled with small camera-looking devices. "Angels", he whispered to himself, "This is-"
 "Die!" "What!" Sam shouted, spinning around and barely avoiding a baseball bat that missed his head by only inches.

"You bastard!" Sam yelled, as he looked upon the face of Mark Logan. "Long time no see, Sam", mark responded coldly, "How are you enjoying San Diego?" "Shut the fuck up!" Sam yelled back, pulling a knife from his hoodie's pocket, and jumping at Mark.

Quickly, Will and Brook ran into the room, to see Mark and Sam in a stand off. Mark swung his bat angrily at Sam, who dodged the long wooden weapon, and tried to slash at Mark, who avoided the blade, and next brought the bat down on Sam's elbow, making a sickening cracking noise as it did. Sam howled and fell to the ground, where he quickly made a move at Mark's heel, only to miss and have the bat narrowly miss his remaining good arm, which he had quickly drawn back before the bat hit the ground.

Will jumped on Mark's back, making the boy lose his balance, and fall forward onto the ground. Mark pushed Will off of himself, and stood to quickly kick Will in the chest, knocking the wind out of him. "You asshole" Sam shouted, jumping from the ground, and slashing his knife angrily in all directions, making contact with Mark's shoulder. "Ah!" Mark yelled, grasping his injury with his free hand, before waving his bat at sam, who dodged the assault once again, and, seeing an opening, pounced at Mark, forcing his 5" blade into Mark's stomach.

Brook gasped as she ran over to the injured Will and helped him up, all the while starring at the bleeding Mark. "Now you're gonna get what you fucking deserve!" Sam shouted, bending down to grab Mark by the hair, puling his face up to glare into his eyes. "The lord is my shepherd, and-" "Shut the fuck up!" Sam shouted again, releasing Mark's hair before standing back up, and kicking the side of Mark's head. Mark yelped in pain and coiled up, a pool of blood formed under his body were the knife still remained in his stomach.

"You treated me like shit! You treated all of us like shit! You became the little bitch to that reverend, and now you're gonna pay for it!" Sam yelled, grabbing Mark's baseball bat bringing it down on Mark's side multiple times.

"That's enough!

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Stop it!" Brook shouted, dashing over to Sam to embrace him, making him freeze in his tracks, and dropping the bat, "Stop, Sam, you need to stop!" Sam starred at Brook for a minute, then took a deep breath. He hugged Brook back before pushing her away, "You helped to save me, but I'm telling you, don't get in my way. This piece of shit needs to die, and I'm closer to my revenge-" But before Sam could finish his sentence, he froze and gasped. His eyes opened wide, and he began to breath heavily through his mouth.

"I-I'm sorry for this, I-I'm sorry for everything I've done.Brook.Will.", Sam dropped to his knees, and then finally to the ground, sprawled out on the ground, a long kitchen knife sticking out from his back. "Sam!" Brook yelled, rushing to his side and leaning his head aginst her knees, "Sam!

No! Get up!" "Tell Maggie thanks for trying to help me.and tell my mom.that.I'm sorry. and that I loved her, even when I was gone.when I was in The Farm.I still loved her.", Sam muttered before his head dropped, and his soul left this world.

"Ignorant.asshole.", Mark groaned, crawling over to pull the knife from Sam's back. Will, just now catching his breath, starred at the situation in horror. Mark, though bleeding out, now crawled to his feet, and pointed the knife at Brook.

"Get ready to join him", Mark said, flashing an evil smile at Brook, as he began to take a step towards her. Will, not clearly thinking, ran at mark and tackled him from the side, causing him to drop the knife and bang his head hard on the ground. "Oh!" Mark groaned, as Will stood over him. "Don't even try to hurt Brook!" He shouted, pointing at Mark's face, "You tried to ruin our lives, you tried to cause unnecessary conflict in our lives, you even tried to take our lives away!

You even killed Sam!" "So what? That doesn't mean anything to you! You all have chosen the side of evil! The side of the devil! You all are doomed!" "You're, doomed", Lynn spoke up, walking into the room and starring blankly a Mark, "You killed another man without any remorse, you lied to me and to these two, and even worse, you thought that tormenting others would win you a place in heaven!

You're the one whose doomed" "You stupid bitch!" Mark shouted, quickly, he grabbed the knife form off the floor and, grasping it at the tip of the blade, arched his arm back to throw it. "Stop!" Will kicked Mark's shoulder, but only made him turned and instead of holding the knife in a throwing position, mark now held the knife by the handle, and quickly cut the top of Will's knee.

Brook ran over to Will and pulled him away form Mark who cackled on the ground before coughing viscously and lying still, breathing heavily as he did. Lynn ran over to Will and Brook and crouched down besides the two, "You okay, Will?" "I'm fine", he responded, "he just got my knee is all" "Lynn.", Mark uttered meekly his blue eyes looking up at her from his miserable place on the ground.

"Yes?" she responded frankly and angrily. "I'm dying, and I know you don't forgive me.but.I'm sorry.I see now I'm doomed.and I do have remorse now.I'm sorry", Mark rolled over and fell silent. His eyes looking up at the ceiling. Lynn sighed, and walked over to his corpse and pushed his eye lids down, making him look like he was sleeping, "It's okay,'s okay" Rachel, Hayden and Lloyd stood outside the apartment building.

Hayden bit her lip as the three waited to hear back from Mark. Only minutes before Will and his friends had stormed the building, Rachel had caught sight of the four approaching teens, and had called Lloyd Greene on her cell, warning him of their arrival. With this information available to the reverend, he and Hayden exited the building quickly from the back entrance, using the elevator, and had disguised themselves properly.

From there, Mark decided to stay behind in order to confront Sam, an action Rev. Greene was now regretting. "He's been in there long enough", Greene spoke, "Hayden, call him up" Hayden nodded and reached into her pocket for her phone. She dialed Mark's cell number and waited for him to answer. Will, Brook, and Lynn all sat traumatized in the apartment, wen suddenly they heard a phone ringing.

Looking around, Will noticed it was coming from Mark's jean pocket. Reaching into his pocket and extracting the phone, Will answered it. "Hello?" "Mark?" "No, whose this?" "This is-uh-" "Wait a're that kid!" Hayden jumped as she heard Will's voice, and quickly handed the phone to Greene. "Will Reed! How nice to hear yah boy!" Rev. Lloyd Greene said joyfully. Will gasped, the sound of the reverend made him feel scared, "" "Why, Will, I would think you'd have somethin better to say to me than that!

How's my granddaughter doin? How bought that little Chinese girl yall seem to be runnin round with now?" "You bastard!

Mark killed Sam! It's all your fault! You-you-I hate you!" The reverend laughed, "I hate you too, boy. But I tell you who don't, this girl Rachel here. Yah know somethin Will, I would love it if you were to come down and have a little date with this young lady" "No! Stop-" "You know who else loves yah? You're mama. I bet you'd be pretty damn sad if I were to harm her in any way-" "Stop it, Greene!

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I'm not-" "You're not what? Don't plan on making me have to beg. I now where you live, and I plan on making a visit if you don't come on down here with the little asian girl and my granddaughter." "But-but-you-I-" "Bye-bye now, Will!" The reverend said, hanging up Hayden's phone before laughing maniacally.

"What's the plan, sir?" Hayden asked. "Well the plans changed. Mark is dead, but so to is Sam. We're safe, and what's more, we have the upper hand. Now if yah don't mind, Miss Rachel, you've got a date with Mr. Reed in a minute, and I plan on making it a special one for both of you." Rachel's eyes lit up, and she smiled a joyous smile, "Finally", she thought, "All this work has finally payed off!