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Amazing ssbbw walking tube porn
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Abusing Nadia 2 The alarm buzzed incessantly and she reached over with practised precision to hit the snooze button. Ten more minutes she thought. Her second thought was of him. Alex. She could still smell him on her, the faintest scent of him. Not his cologne. HIM. Her stomach lurched and she grasped the sheets. She shook herself from her reverie and stumbled out of bed.

She staggered to the bathroom and ran the shower, pausing until the water ran hot then stepping in. The jets of water felt good against her skin and she kept herself busy washing and scrubbing her body. Her hands soaped down over her breasts, pinching her nipples playfully and they stood to attention. She bit her bottom lip and pulled them harder, gasping as the pain hit her. She saw the red mark her nail had left after scratching her nipple in the car on the way home.

She thought of him. His rough hands, his handsome smile, his easy manner, his hard wanton kiss, his mauling of her breast. The change in him. She soaped down lower, hastily washing her tummy and down over her pubic mound, smooth and wet. Her fingers sought out her pussy lips and she ran her fingers between them. She clutched one between her fingers and gave it a squeeze. More you dirty fucking bitch. She gasped as she felt these words form in her mind and she grasped her lips harder.

As the moan escaped her lips the alarm in the bedroom echoed through the house. "Fuck!" she whispered through gritted teeth. She tried to ignore the sound and pinched her labium harder, digging her nails in. She cried out and her knees buckled but the incessant beep beep beep of the alarm on snooze had distracted her. She rushed from the shower and into the bedroom to turn it off. As she bent down she caught her reflection in the mirror. Her body was dripping wet, her hair soaked around her shoulders, water cascading down over her tits, the water evaporating quickly from her body cooled her and her nipples stood out erect and swollen.

She sat on the edge of the bed and looked at herself. You are one sexy lady she thought, smiling to herself. No wonder he couldn't keep his hands to himself. She shuffled to the edge of the bed, slowly spread her legs and looked at her sex. It was red and swollen and she could see the dew from the inside of her pussy glistening on her lips. She reached down, looking straight down at herself and rubbed her clit softly.

The pleasure of the feeling washed over her but she needed more. She rubbed it more vigorously, feeling the sharp pain as her nails caught it again and again. As she lay back on the bed she squeezed her clit between two fingers and pulled her legs back, knees bent and thighs spread wide. She pinched hard and cried out "Take it you fucking whore! Take it!!!!!!" As she screamed the words out she reached over to the bedside table unconscious of her actions.

She grabbed the hair brush lying there and she rubbed the stiff bristles up through her lips. The pain was indescribable but she could not stop. Tears streamed down her face and she thought of him. He was beating her cunt with the back of his hand - slapping it with his fingers.

She rubbed furiously, punishing herself.

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She turned the brush in her hand holding the bristles and she whacked her bare naked clit repeatedly. She smacked her lips. She sobbed and wailed. Then as she smacked it one last time the explosion of her orgasm hit her.

It started in the fiery centre of her clit and pulsed through her body. Over and over, the rippled wave of ecstasy coursed from her clit to the extremities of her body. Her juices spilled out onto the bed, soaking the sheets. She shook and shook, the force of the wave causing more and more pain which she welcomed and cherished.

As she descended from on high, she wondered weakly what had happened to her. She had never had such an intense orgasm and had never ever felt the need to abuse her body in such a manner.

Pain had never been something she was into. But yet, here she was. Fantasising about her new boss, who took her and sexually assaulted her in her own car. He'd only kissed her and felt her tits, but she'd imagined his fingers inside her. Nadia shook her head. This was NOT acceptable.

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She would confront him at work and tell him that if he ever tried anything like that again she would report him, not only to his boss, but to the police as well. With a determined air about her, she got up off the bed, grabbed a towel and began getting ready for work.

She stepped out of the lift with a few of her colleagues and entered the office through the plate glass double doors. She immediately looked to his desk but he wasn't there. There was a cup on his desk so he had obviously been there this morning but he was nowhere to be seen. "He's behind you." She heard his voice, turned quickly and saw him standing there smiling. She put her hand to her chest, momentarily taken aback by his sudden appearance. She gathered herself and started to speak but he cut her off abruptly.

"My desk. Five minutes. Bring your notepad." He glanced down at some papers he was carrying, glanced back up to her and smiled, then walked over to his desk.

Her eyes followed him. How the hell did that happen? She wondered. Still, I'll have you in five minutes. She looked at the clock on the wall and turned her computer on. She would barely have time to log in, fire up the email system and get her applications running before the five minutes would be up. Sure enough the brief respite passed quickly and Nadia steeled herself. She took a sharp intake of breath and ran her palms down over her blouse and skirt.

Picking up her notepad and pen she walked over to Alex's desk as confidently as possible and stood before him. "Ah Miss Richards!" he exclaimed. Her back was to the rest of the office, their t?-a-t? hidden from view. He reached out a hand towards her leg, just above her knee.

She let it rest there a moment before she hissed quietly through clenched teeth. "You take your god-damned hand off me or I will slam it down on the desk and staple it until your fingers fall off, then I will march right into Mr Westing's office and tell him what a low-life scumbag you really are. Then I will call the police and have your sorry ass arrested for sexual assault!" All the while she had been speaking neither of them had moved.

His hand remained on her leg and their gaze remained locked on each other. He smiled thinly and his hand moved as quick as a cobra striking its prey. He grabbed her wrist and held it tightly. He twisted it sharply, causing her to cry out gently. No one heard, but Alex didn't flinch. He pulled her quickly to him, her feet almost touching the wheels of his black leather chair.

He shoved his hands up under her skirt and reached up to her panties. They were soaked. He pulled them aside deftly and shoved three fingers quickly into her sopping cunt. He shoved them in deep and she came. Hard. Her knees gave way and she fell forward onto him. He held her up with his other hand and she put her hand on his shoulder for support.

He pulled his fingers out and rammed them in again hard.


She came again, or was it a continuation from the last? She couldn't tell. She moaned, trying to be quiet but a cry of lust-filled anguish emanated from her lips. A couple of people looked over and Alex noticed. "She's OK!" he called out, "Just a bit of cramp." As the word cramp left his lips he shoved his fingers back in hard again.

Her juices were flowing out down his hand, threatening to stain his blue shirt cuffs. He held his fingers there and pulled her down to him. "Now you listen to me slut.

You are mine to do with as I choose and I am going to hurt you so good that you will never want me to leave your side and you will never want me to stop punishing you. I am going to degrade you in every way possible and you are going to worship me for it." She stared at him aghast. She was breathing in short ragged gasps.

"Now in your desk drawer is a plastic bag and inside the bag is a present for you. I want you to take that present to the bathroom and I want you back here in fifteen minutes wearing it." He looked her in the eye and smiled. "Do I make myself perfectly clear Nadia?" he asked. She gulped. Felt the fire in her pussy where his fingers were still buried in her. "You can't." she began. He pulled his fingers from her cunt and pinched her clit. "Oh God! Please don't make me.not again." she was close to cumming again and didn't know how she would survive in this state.

"Then do I make myself clear Nadia? Your present. Desk drawer. Fifteen minutes. Twenty to by my reckoning." He said as he examined the clock on his monitor. She reluctantly nodded.

"Yes.yes.OK" she mumbled breathlessly, concentrating on the burgeoning desire in her centre. "Is that better?" he asked loudly, so that those nearby could hear. She played along with the pantomime and straightened up gingerly. "Yes, thank you Alex. Ummm, I'll have it for you in fifteen minutes." she was flushed red. "Wonderful!" he smiled at her as though nothing had happened and she retreated to her desk.

She sat for a few minutes, recovering from the mind-blowing orgasms she had just been subjected to at his hand, recovering from the shock of realising that while she had gone over there to strike the fear of God into her boss she had actually succumbed to him in less time than it took to say 'On your knees slut'.


She could still go and rat on him. Tell his boss. Create a scene. But fuck! Never before had she experienced anything like it. Nadia looked over at him, on the phone, talking and laughing freely and she felt a need for him. A desire. It wasn't an easy task to wipe away the slick wetness that had run down her thighs but she tried, surreptitiously.

She needed to go to the bathroom. Then she remembered his 'present'. She reached for the drawer and opened it with trepidation. There was the plastic bag. Not sealed, just left there, ready to be opened. Must be jewellery she thought. If he wants me to 'wear it'. She opened the bag carefully to peer inside and what she saw caused a sudden gasp to escape her lips.

"Are you OK Nadia?" asked Jeanette sat opposite her.

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"You seem all outta sorts. Can I get you anything?" Nadia looked up. "No, no! I'm fine. Just not feeling too good. I'm just going to go to the bathroom." Her heart was beating hard. What the fuck!!!

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She took the bag and closed it, carrying it discretely to the bathroom. He watched her cross the room. My my, she does look flustered, he chortled to himself. Nadia burst into the bathroom and found it thankfully empty. She chose the furthest cubicle of three from the door and went in. Her mind was reeling, her head spinning. She felt dizzy. She locked the door behind her, lowered the toilet seat and sat on it.

She opened the bag carefully, as though it contained some precious artefact. Her hand reached in and pulled out the present Alex had left for her. It was ribbed all along the shaft and the head was a little wider than the column on which it stood. It felt soft yet firm, warm and inviting and her fingers trembled as she held it. She felt the familiar tingle between her legs as she examined the purple dildo all over. How am I supposed to 'wear' that?

she wondered. Then it hit her. Her eyes opened wide and her tongue subconsciously licked her lips, and her pussy gushed. Suddenly she was gripped by a determination to show Mr Alex Hardy exactly how well she could play his game. Just how she could handle any request he put forward, any order he gave, any demands he made of her. She was more than a match for him and she was going to prove it. Her sex was soaking wet now and she whipped her panties off one ankle.

She sat back on the toilet seat leaning against the cistern and spread her thighs, her panties wrapped round her left calf.

She took the shiny brand new dildo and touched the tip to her clit. The thrill was instantaneous as she arched her back and rubbed the shaft up and down the length of her swollen slit.

She rubbed the ribbed body over and around her clit and cried out and moaned as she did so. Her juices covered the dildo and in a display of wanton lust she pulled the toy up to her lips and sucked a good few inches of it into her mouth. I'll show you what a 'slut' I CAN be Alex fucking Hardy she thought.

She slid the rubber cock back down between her tits pausing to touch it over her distended nipples then she moved it down quickly and pushed the head between her cunt lips. The head slipped into her easily. It was a decent size but she was so wet that although she felt it stretching her, she slid it all the way in one go. The feeling was sensational, electric, tumultuous. She held the end with finger and thumb and started to work it in and out of her damp tunnel.

Her crescendo built and built. She was close, so close. Just then, the door to the bathroom opened. Nadia was on the verge of detonation and when she heard the door she clamped her hand to her mouth to still the animal cry that was about to escape her lungs.

She listened intently, hearing soft footsteps. Then the footsteps stopped.

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She could feel her heart beating, hear it even. She was sure the person on the other side of the door could hear it too. Her hand covered her mouth. Legs spread wide.

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Skirt up around her waist. Listening. The explosion of noise was thunderous and shook her to the core. The door splintered at the lock and flew open towards her. Before she had time to react he was in and on her.

He pulled her up by the hair and with his other hand he roughly grabbed at the rubber toy buried inside her. She cried out, a long anguished cry of despair. He pulled it out of her and using her hair as leverage he whipped her round so she was bent over the toilet.

He pulled his hard throbbing cock quickly from his pants and rammed it into her swollen soaking wet hole. This bitch was more than ready to mate and he was going to fuck her like she needed.

He slammed into her over and over again. No grace, no desire to please her, just a wild furious hard fast fucking to empty the contents of his heavy balls into her ravenous, soaking wet hole. She was a toy to be fucked.

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He reached forward with the dildo and slid the head between her lips. She opened her mouth and sucked hungrily on the toy. Even while being raped her body was shattering, millions of pieces of glass, burning on her skin, burying inside her, such exquisite pain.

She sucked the cock ferociously, licking her oils from it, tasting herself while this man, this beast took her savagely. "I said fifteen minutes you fucking whore!" he gasped as he fucked her. Ploughing into her cunt, explaining how she had been disobedient. "I said fifteen minutes and you couldn't help but shove the toy deep into your cunt and disobey me." The rubber cock was choking her now and she was getting light headed.

Her body was floating and she couldn't feel her feet on the floor. All she could feel was his meat slamming into her deserving hole. "When I give you an order Miss Richards, I expect you to follow that order to the letter. Does that register in your slutty little brain?" "F-f-f.fuck.y-you" she managed to stammer, her insides being turned to mush, her juices splashing out of her. He smacked her ass cheek hard at her insolence.

A bright red hand mark appearing instantly and then he grabbed her round the throat. "I beg your pardon Nadia?" he whispered as he pounded her angrily. She tried to repeat her two word answer but he squeezed hard. She inhaled and he squeezed again. The flow of oxygen to the brain was cut and the lights were dimming in her brain. Her eyes half closed and then he let go and ground his cock deep into her and whacked her ass cheeks over and over again.

"I can't hear you?" he said in a mocking sing-song voice. With all her effort and all her will she took a deep lung full of air and screamed out "FUCK YOU!" He smiled behind her and grabbing her hair pushed her face down against the toilet seat. He pulled his cock out of her steaming cunt and moved to her side. He jerked his cock over her face, his hand a blur as he worked it back and forth furiously.

Her cheek was pushed down so that her eyes were watching him.

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"Cum," she whispered. "Cum, cum, cum" she repeated over and over. Soon her wishes were met and as he cried out her name he splattered her face with his hot creamy white spunk.

Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and just before she passed out he leaned down to whisper into her ear. "See you in the car park at 5:30." Then he was gone.