Pretty real asian model posing her

Pretty real asian model posing her
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Part 2 To pick up where I left off I was getting ready for the second meeting of the club and this is what I did to get ready.

Saturday came and I had CUB up and working early while I took a long hot bath and then had him to put on a pair of shorts and a polo shirt and we went to the mall to do a little shopping.

We went into a couple of department stores and I had him stay right next to me as we shopped for bras and then we went and looked at make-up and perfume then we went to look at some clothes. We picked out a number of outfits and then I asked if he could come into the dressing room with me to watch me try on the new clothes. The clerk said that was fine they had larger rooms for that so we went inside and I started to try on an outfit.

This was the first time CUB had noticed that I did not wear any panties today and he started to get erect watching me. I told him to take off all his clothes and to just stand next to the mirror and work his cock and get it hard for me.

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He did as I had asked and was standing there when the clerk knocked on the door and asked if we needed any help. I opened the door slightly and told her we were just fine but did she have a smaller size for the skirt I was trying on. I took it off and gave it to her and she went to find me a smaller size. I told CUB to come over and to kiss my pussy and fanny from behind while I waited for the clerk to come back.

He was on his knees giving me a great deal of pleasure with his tongue when she came back and handed me the new skirt. I told him to work his dick to the very edge of cumming again and to let me know when he was there. I then called the clerk to come over to the door and I was talking to her thru the door and I had him get behind me and fuck me while she was just outside the door. He only took a couple of strokes before he pulled my hips tight to him and let out all that pent up cum with a number of large spurts.

When he stopped cumming I told him to get on the floor and I sat on his face and feed him a very large cream pie right there in the dressing room. I came from the exquisite feeling of having him eating and sucking the creamy mixture he just put into my pussy while the clerk was just outside the door.

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I got up from his face and told him not to wipe his face but to get dressed and sit just outside the door and wait on me. He did as I told him and the clerk was out there chatting with him and I just leaned against the door listing to what they talked about.

I was surprised when she asked him how long he had been a sub to me. He hesitated a little then he said about a month but had thought about it for a long time.

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She told him he had a good look about him with all that cum drying on his face and she wanted him to go back in the dressing room and ask me if he could service her pussy while I finished trying on new things. He got up and knocked on the door and I asked him what he wanted and he asked me if I wanted him to service the sales clerk's pussy while I finished trying on new things. I told him he would have to bring her into the dressing room so I could make sure he did not try anything funny.

He turned around and told her and she smiled and said get in there and he did. I was in the room with just a bra on when they came in and I told him to strip and told her to take off her panties and that I would keep them for a trophy.

She quickly pulled off her panties that were very wet in the crotch and handed them to me.

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I gave them to CUB and told him to put them on and then get down there and eat her pussy good, you only have 5 minutes to make her cum. He got very busy and she pulled his face right into her cunt. She was dripping wet and she told me she had always wanted to have a strange man eat her pussy there at the store and she had hoped that he was going to be the one to do it because she heard me tell him to strip when we first went inside. She ground her pussy against CUB's mouth and face and she was getting close.

I was sitting on the bench watching my husband servicing another pussy because I told him to and I was loving it. She came very shortly after that and pulled back and straightened her dress and thanked me and said she would give me an employee discount on anything I wanted to purchase today.

We had a very busy week after that and I was enjoying the control I now had over my husband and the sex was the best I ever had. He was tending to my pussy at least twice a day with his mouth or fingers or his dick but I did not let him cum. I was saving him for Thursday after the meeting I knew it was going to be hot and I would want him to fuck me good when I got home and then he would eat me even better.

Thursday morning I had him wear the panties we collected from the department store clerk and I told him every hour at work I wanted him to go to the restroom and get himself hard and the edge of cumming and to text me to let me know he had done it but not to cum I wanted him to have a huge load for tonight.


I arrived at 11 am sharp at Sonia's home for the second meeting and was pleasantly surprised when her husband answered the door dressed in a bow tie a cock strap and shoes. He welcomed me in and led me to the family room where all the other ladies were.

Sonia said she had decided that he needed to be shown off to all the other members and we were free to touch if we liked. While he was busy serving us all drinks and snacks everyone would caress his ass or feel his balls or stroke his cock and he was rock hard from all the attention. I told the ladies that we were going to describe in detail how our first feeding of our husbands went.

I started off and told them about the shopping trip in great detail and everyone was very hot from the story. Sonia had her husband come into the room and blindfolded him and had him just stand next to her and then said she thought we should all take our clothes off before we continued and everyone agreed.

Tara went next and she said she had taken her husband to a day spa and they had a couple's massage in the same room with two women masseuses and while they were being massaged she asked her masseuse if she had ever massaged a man that had shaved his entire body. She said no and didn't know why any man would shave himself. I told her many men who wanted to be dominated by women did and if she wanted to see what it looked like she would have her husband show her.

She said no thanks but she might switch with the other lady and just feel it. They did switch and we both rolled on to our backs and she had the towel over him but was feeling him up and down and then I told her to go ahead and grab his balls because they were smooth also.

She said no thanks but I do think I will look it that's still ok and she took away the towel and there he was with a smoothie completely erect and all 3 women looking at his package. She got a big smile and then covered him up and we finished our massage. They left us to change and I had him stand right in front of me and jack off all over my tits and then he came over and licked me clean.

Mary went next and she said she had been having her husband eat her pussy every night before bed while he was telling her about all the naughty things he fantasized about. He was working his cock but was not allowed to cum. Sunday afternoon she had him come to her out on the patio where she was sunbathing in the nude and had him while he was still wearing the ball stretcher fuck her from behind. She said she made him go very slowly at first and was dripping wet from the feeling. This was the first time she had been nude out on her patio but she knew it would not be the last.

She had him pick up speed and his balls and the stretched were banging against her clit and she came for the first time with him fucking her. He kept banging away when he announced he was about to cum and she told him to cum deep into her pussy and release all that hot stick man juice into her pussy. Just a couple of strokes more and he came hard and held on to her hips until he was finished. She said then she just turned over spread her legs and said get down there and eat me until I tell you to stop.

He was a little unsure of himself but she said he did get down there and when he put his mouth on her pussy she knew this was going to be great. His licked and sucked and ate my pussy for about 10 minutes while I came again into his mouth and then I fell asleep with him between my legs. We were all caressing ourselves and enjoying all the hot and steamy talk that was going on.

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Robin was next as she said she was a little uncomfortable about making her husband eat the cum but knew she wanted to stay in the club so it was just last night that she had him come into the bedroom after all his duties were done where she was waiting on the bed naked.

She said they have a high rice bed and she made him just come over the side of the bed pull her to the edge and to fuck her right there. He was very eager to do this and she watched as he stroked himself in and out and she said you realize if you cum in my pussy you are going to have to eat my messy wet pussy when you are finished and he said yes.

He told her he was very excited about it but he could only do it if she made him. That was all she needed and she told him to fuck me good and get me very messy because I want to see you between my legs eating my fucked pussy. He started banging her hard and fast and in just a few minutes he was cumming inside of her. She said I am not even sure he waited until he was finished cumming before he had his mouth on her pussy and was giving her the most intense orgasm she had ever had as he ate his very first cream pie.

I had grabbed his head and was riding his face until I came then I just moved back onto the bed and drifted off to a very blissful sleep. Sonia said she had a special treat for each of us while she was going to tell us about her first feeding.

She got up and I think everyone of us were dripping wet with excitement, you could definitely see the moisture on Sonia pussy lips as she grabbed her husband's cock and led him to the center of the room between all of us and whispered into his ear and then went and sat back in her place.

She started to talk and as she did her husband started stroking his cock very slowly and was turning slowly so we would all get a great view from every angle as he worked his cock. We were all very impressed at his willingness to display himself for us and Sonia went on.

She said that she made him wait until Monday night before he was able to cum and she had him go to work that day with a nice pink scarf tied around his balls and no underwear. He had several meeting that he had to go to and I told him he had to get himself hard and take a picture of his hard dick with the ribbon and text it to me before each meeting. He did this and then I told him to go and talk to his buddies about some of their sexual exploits that they had recently.

I wanted him to keep his phone in his pocket while they were talking so that I could hear what they were saying. They all were bragging about what great fuckers they were and how the women in the office wanted them.

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One of them said how he loved to make them suck his cock and he would cum in their mouths and how they all loved the taste of cum and couldn't get enough. They all laughed and then had to get back to work. Her husband then got back on the phone and asked if I wanted anything else I told him to go to the bragger's office and ask him if he had ever tasted his own cum and to press him on this while he still had the phone on.

He went to the braggers office and they talked about it and he said yes but he only did it because some woman made him do it if you know what I mean. They both laughed and then he left the office. Sonia said she was fingering her pussy like crazy listening to all this. She told him to get off work and go to the car and to take off his pants and to drive home naked from the waist down and to keep himself hard the entire time.

When he got home he finished stripping like usual in the garage and came in the house and to his surprise I had the next door neighbor over. She was about our same age and they had talked about this and she wanted to see if a man would really eat his own cum. Sonia said she was so hot and ready that she had him come over to the couch and get on his knees and she pulled up her sun dress and exposed her wet pussy to him and told him he had better get to work and he slipped his hard smooth cock right in and was fucking her with great urgency.

He lasted for about 2 minutes and then he started squirting all his hot cream right into my hot pussy. I wrapped my legs around his back and held him there until he stopped cumming and then pushed him all the way back until he was on his back and I was straddling his chest and then I said Fanny watch this and I put my wet messy pussy just above his face and he stuck out his tongue and started licking then she sat down on his face and for the next ten minutes he was very busy getting every last drop out of my cunt.

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Sonia said I came twice while he was working on me and I would never have a messy pussy after sex anymore. Fanny just applauded and said she had to get home and get her little dicked husband to start eating her from now on. Sonia then walked over to her husband and told him to work his dick to the edge and got right in front of him and then grabbed his cock again and milked him all over her tits and chest and said for him to get down here and clean me up.

Right here in front of four strange women he was going to prove his commitment to being submissive for all of us to see and he did.


After he finished Sonia led him by his cock again out of the room so we could all get dressed. We decided to share our pictures and we all passed them around and I must admit my little CUB looked like he had the best fucking cock out of the group. We all decided that is was hard to tell the real size from the pictures so Sonia suggested that we should all measure her husband's cock so we could get some perspective.

She went and got him and put his blindfold back on because he didn't earn the privilege of seeing all this beautiful powerful woman flesh yet. She brought him back front and center and then she got down and sucked him into her mouth and pumped it back and forth a few time to get him hard again. He was about to burst and I had a tape measure in my purse so I came over and helped Sonia measure him.

We put it along the top all the way to the tip 4.25" then we measured around and it was 3.5" and finally we measured from the base of his balls to the bottom of his sack and they were hanging down 2.75".

Then each woman got up and came over and looked closely to see how to measure. We all agreed that we should all be present for the OFFICIAL measurements to be recorded in our club journal. It just felt so good all being out and naked and open that we all agreed that we would have our meeting in the nude for now on. I knew that this was going to be a very good year.