Tempting First Timer In Casting Audition

Tempting First Timer In Casting Audition
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Joanne stood up, his cum dripping from her lips. Instinctively, she ran a tongue around them, lapping up the sweet cum. It was something she had never done before: felt the hot sticky sperm of a man blast against her face and into her mouth. But it felt right, for some reason, and she had never tasted anything in her life that felt so filling and perfect and desperately needed.

She stared at the naked women, metal collars around their necks, leashes hanging loosely by their side. One was blonde, a voluptuous body, her combat boots accenting her strong, athletic legs and wide hips, her breasts full and perky. The other was a tall, elegant brown-haired beauty, hoop earrings that added emphasis to a breath-taking face. It wasn't until she noted the slightly matted hair of both girls and the odd sheen on their faces that she realized that they too had felt the blast of cum on their faces.

The thought made her aware of a tingling between her legs, and she found herself lightly touching her clit, feeling its warmth and wetness. The man stood between the two girls, facing Joanne, as if he was unsure as what to do next. He was lean and sinewy, a working man's body. His cock lay, half-spent yet still impressive, between his legs, glistening and semi-hard.

The four of them stood there like that, on the roof, the clouds moving ahead casting shadows on the buildings, for what seemed like minutes, before Joanne felt as if she had to say something. "I'm Lieutenant Joanne Greenstein, of the 18th precinct." She realized how insanely stupid it sounded, considering she had just let this man pound her pussy and cum on her face before she had even said a word to him. "I was caught in the storm." The man stood and looked down, a slight look of despair on his worn, tanned face.

He ran a hand over his head, closely-shaved.

"These two were caught in the July storms, Johannah first," he motioned to the blonde. "And Brady a week after." Joanne looked at the two girls, who still had said nothing.

They were both stunning, but there was something that frightened her about both of them, the silence, yet this look of anticipation, of hunger, in both of their faces, and in their bodies. "What's going to happen to me?" She was still absent-mindedly rubbing her pussy, and she leaned back on the edge of the roof, spreading her legs slightly. "I can't seem to stop." "My name is James," he replied.

"You'll lose all of it. That's the truth. Everything you remember from pre-storm will go away. Quickly. Johannah and Brady are all id. 100%." "All id?" She moaned. "You're a cop," he said. He took his cock in his hand, slowly stroking it. Johannah and Brady both moved closer. "You've seen what these storms can do.

The infection takes many manifestations. Yours is, obviously, sexual in nature. You should be glad it wasn't drugs or alcohol or even food. You'd be dead in a couple of months." "Fuck," she replied, not sure if what was from what James was saying to her, or because she was rubbing herself to the edge of another orgasm.

"And this is what happens? Fuck.I'm not sure if I can take it." By now Johannah and Brady were on either side of James, both of them having taken over from his hand. Johannah had her long, red-nailed left hand cupping and carressing his balls, while Brady worked skillfully up and down his shaft. He was now full-on hard again, and ready to fuck. "Oh, you can take it," he said, throbbing and aching to enter the cop. "You have no choice. Without cock, you'll die.

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Johannah and Brady here-" and at this he leaned to each girl, quickly, kissing them on the lips, his tongue flicking against theirs. "-All they think about is cock and cum." "All they think about is cock and cum," Joanne replied.

"God, give me that cock. Fuck my pussy. Please, fuck my fucking pussy." He walked toward her, the two girls at his side, and let them guide him into Joanne's cunt. She was holding her legs apart and by now her hair, which had been tied up tightly on top of her head, had sprawled out around her, hanging down over the edge of the six-story building.

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His cock felt as if it was penetrating her whole body, filling up her entire pussy, its muscles gripping and taking as much as it could. He fell into an aggressive rhythm, and her breathing fell into a trance-like space. She was absorbed, completely focused on his cock. The girls gently stroked her body, as they encouraged his movements. And as he fucked her on this roof, he began to talk to her.

"All id," he said, grabbing her hips and thrusting in and out. "Its the truth, lieutenant. Without cock, you won't be able to go on. Johannah and Brady need cum at least three or four times a day, and that's my role on this Earth." "Yes," she said, looking down at his hips, trying to see his nine-inch tool punishing her tight pussy. "I understand. I want you. I want your cum." Dusk seemed to cross over them like the curtains on a stage, a staggering orange filtered through the clouds.


Sweat dripped from Lt. Greenstein's brow as James continued to pummel her pussy with his cock. The two girls continued stroking her, and Brady began unbuttoning her police top. The dark blue blouse fell to her side, revealing her tight, white sports bra and a flat, muscular stomach.

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Johannah let out an affirming purr and rubbed her hands on Joanne's stomach. Greenstein had never been touched by a woman like this before and she shuddered under their gentle fingers. As she began to reach the levels of another orgasm, James suddenly pulled his cock out of her, and grabbed Brady by the hair.

"Get in there," he ordered her, his lips just inches from Brady's face.

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"Get in there and eat that pussy." She suddenly felt the tongue of the brown-haired goddess plunge into her pussy, could feel Brady bury her whole face into her soaking wet cunt, and she reached down and held her head between her legs. Her eyes were filled with shock, as she stared at this woman eating her pussy. James crawled behind Brady, and with a motion, pulled a huge, silver ass plug out of Brady.

Oh my god, Greenstein whispered under her moans, as she was completely unaware that the girls had butt plugs shoved into their asses. He handed it to Johannah, who temporarily stopped rubbing Greenstein's stomach, and began licking the ass-juice off the butt plug. Meanwhile, James took his dripping cock and slowly eased into Brady's asshole. "Watch this," he said. "Watch me fuck this asshole." Brady lifted her head from between Joanne's leg and screamed.


He began pounding her. To Joanne, she had never seen anything that looked so perfect: this amazing starfish of a hole, slightly tan around the opened anus, filled with a perfectly, thick round cock going in and out.

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He held Brady by her hair, forcing her to look straight out and holding himself so he wouldn't fall. By the look on his face, Joanne could tell that he was about to explode. He thrust and thrust and thrust, burying himself as deep as he could into the tight asshole and exploded inside Brady's body. "Fuck yeah," he said. "Fuck yeah.


Come over here, officer. Come over here and eat this cum out of her asshole. You know you want it." Joanne came over, tossing off her loose police blouse, so she had nothing on but a tight, sweaty sports bra. Her hair hung long and loose around her shoulders, a slightly lighter brown than Brady's, and longer, and she lay down on the dirty rooftop.

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She couldn't believe she was doing this, but she wanted nothing more than to taste that cum, even if it was from Brady's asshole. Brady squatted over her face and squeezed. The cum began to ooze out. Joanne opened her mouth wide and the cum slowly dripped from Brady's asshole onto her tongue.

Brady squeezed again and a bit more came out, until she finally took one long-nailed finger, entered it into her tight little bunghole and coaxed the rest of the hot cum out. It dripped onto Joanne's face. She held the finger out to Joanne like a lollipop and she sucked it eagerly.

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"God damn," James said, smiling broadly, stroking his cock. "Welcome to the family."