Slutty schoolgirl rides on a long pole

Slutty schoolgirl rides on a long pole
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"There she goes again…" I thought to myself as she walked into the office promptly at 7:45AM like she did every morning.

"Her skirt is hugging her hips just right, and that chest is so inviting" "James…James………JAMES!" I snapped back to reality, "Eh What?!?!" very nervous and very aware that I got caught staring. "Close ya mouth sweetie; you're starting to drool. I want a full briefing and my usual coffee in 45 minutes" Shannon issued the command with firmness and yet just a hint of sultriness and seduction that had me wrapped around her finger from the moment she hired me 8 months ago.

My name is James and I'm a 21-year-old undergraduate working on my degree in Computer Science at the local university in Atlanta. I'm working to save money to hopefully be able to move out before my 22nd birthday this summer, and to do that I got a job as a receptionist at one of the industrial home offices located downtown.

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I stand at 6"5' 300lbs, the athletic lineman type of build, with dreads down to my shoulder and a full beard. You may be wondering what a guy like me is doing in a place and with an "unusual" job like this. You wouldn't be the first to wonder that. I still remember the surprised look on the face of the person I eventually replaced along with everybody else in the office I passed that day. "Pure befuddlement" I chuckled to myself; that led to an interesting weekend but that's a story for another day.

'Til this day though, the one person who has never batted an eye or been awe struck was Shannon. She is the Senior Investment Manager, which is no negligible feat at 26, and she is fucking gorgeous and sexy as hell. She has a 5"11' frame with perfect round breasts that seem to defy gravity, likely a D cup, and an ass that's out of this world.

It's a nice succulent home grown Georgia peach that I stare at every chance I get. She has never so much as even gasped at my stature, even during the interview she was calm, cool and firm; but over the months there seems to have been some occasional subtle flirting when she catches me staring at her. I walked to her office, coffee in one hand and the files for the day in the other, to see her on the phone and waited at the door for her to motion to where in her office this morning debriefing will be held.

"Girl stop it, no that didn't happen" she said with emphasis.

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She looked up to see me waiting at her door and she motioned for me to go over to the couch and coffee tables, which I happily obliged and began setting up the papers and her coffee for our talk. "Well here let me go, James is here for my briefing so I'll talk to you later.

We still on for lunch tomorrow?" There was some reply on the other end of the line she agreed with, "Ok great 2 o'clock then, bye girl." She hung up the phone and proceed to walk over to the couch; while enjoying the sway of her hips and the click of her heels on the floor I reminded her, "You know you have an appointment with the twins for the Gierger account tomorrow at 2, right?" She stopped in her tracks, her chest gave a few bounces and her jaw dropped.

"You're shitting me right?" She asked as a look of frustration began to set in on her face, "Not in my 8 years of management, nor in my entire life have I ever double booked a fucking thing how could I have missed that?

Shit!" She yelled half exclaiming, half questioning. *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Shannon muttered to herself, "Shit! Shit Shit a thousand times Shit!" "This man has come into do my morning briefing dozens of times in the past while I was on the phone and no matter how wet my pussy got looking at those broad shoulders attached to that handsome face or how much his fragrance filled my senses and made me lightheaded, I have never ever lost focused on what I was doing." "I'm not sure what's so different today but these panties are soaked and I am definitely going to need to handle this after the briefing.

I'm way to fucking horny for it to be this early in the day" "It's not like I actually need the briefing. All of my calendars are synched to my company iPhone so I always know what my day has planned, but I get to sit close to him every day and be wrapped up in the smooth deep voice of his that just get me so wet." I look over at James sitting there with those broad shoulders, that thick rugged beard and his intoxicating scent filling me up "Yup, I'm def playing with pussy when this is done" "But what do about this double booking&hellip." *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** After a few seconds of what looked like an internal struggle, Shannon finished making her way over to the couch and joined me picking up her stack of papers.

I began as usual with her list of meetings and phone calls for the day which she interjected here and there with agreements and the occasional confirmation of a detail of an appointment or call. Today there were also a few documents to be signed which I presented to her and she looked them over. She began reviewing them intently, it's like there a switch that she flips and she becomes extremely focused and dedicated, it's incredibly sexy though.

I often wonder to myself "Does she get like that when she fucking? Or are there are other modes that get brought out?" While she was looking over the documents I was looking over her: she had on a pair of black heels with purple buckles, a black pencil skirt that had risen up when she sat down and had exposed half of her thigh to me, a white blouse with purple buttons that may have been a half size too small.

The blouse wasn't overly tight to where her chest was bursting at the seams to get out of it but it definitely was tight enough that with the top two buttons undone there was just a hint of those perfect globes for me to see from my height.

Her hair was straight with the perfect sheen to that framed her face like a black goddess and flowed down her back; if it wasn't for my sister who has been doing hair for years I prolly would have thought it was hers but I can spot a weave, not that I'm complaining one way or the other.

All the admiration I was mentally praising her with had a noticeable reaction on my dick, it was getting harder by the second and a tent was rapidly rising. While, trying to cool down and get my hard-on to go away Shannon had finished signing the documents and while sliding the folder back to me asked, "Is there anything else in the briefing?" I looked over my notes, content that I had covered all the topics and replied "No ma'am that's all I had to go over" I said as I gathered my papers.

"If there's nothing else I head back to my desk and working on filing these right away," I responded; following up with, "As always it was a pleasure ma'am" and was trying to figure how to get up and keep my semi-hard dick from being noticed.

Shannon said with a smirk on her face and setting a hand on my knee, "James you have been here for 8 months and in that time you have convinced me you were exactly the complete package I had been missing, I think it's ok for you to just call me Shannon, don't cha think?" I thought to myself, "Was there something there or am I tripping, I'm like 90% sure Shannon just…" I dismissed the thought because that couldn't have been what is going on here.

I flashed a smile and replied to her, "Alright Shannon it is then." *************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** "There goes that damn smile again" she cursed to herself. She would literally anything he asked her to do when flashing that smile and she didn't care. <Can you show me where Accounts Receivable is> "Yup, be right there" <Shannon can I take tomorrow off?> "You sure can zaddy" <Do you want anything for lunch, ma'am?> "Yes, that dick" <What is there to do on the weekends> "Come over to my spot and get this pussy" Those last couple didn't sound like a bad idea to her, so she made a mental note to remember them for after her briefing.

*************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** "Before you go" Shannon started, "I think I have an idea on resolving my mistake earlier. The Gierger account is starting a new technology division and are trying to sell us on buying into their new product line. Aren't you a Computer Science major?" "Yes, yes I am", I said nervously not quite knowing where this was going yet.

"I'm not a tech person by any stretch of the imagination, so I had reached out to Tom over in IT to take my place but I just came up with a much better idea&hellip." she paused with a smirk on her face.

And then it hit me, "No no no no no; I can't do that, they are from a multi-million-dollar company and I'm just secretary you can't leave a meeting like that to me" I berated nervously. "Oh cut it out James, you are a gifted young man and you are much more talented than you portray yourself to be.

I'm sure you'll be able to handle it," she asserted. "All you need to do is listen to their pitch and ask any questions you need to satisfy your personal understanding and tell me about it the following day in the briefing.

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I'll give them a call after you leave to inform them of the change. Don't worry I'll make up some reason for why I can't be there don't worry about it; just take the day off and rest up, it will be your big day tomorrow" I sat there mouth agape still not believing this was happening.

Shannon went back to her desk and said in a firm but soft tone, "James go home, oh and I won't take no for an answer. Be here tomorrow at noon and I'll do a final prep with you and we will head out" THE NEXT DAY "Just breathe and settle down James, there is nothing to worry about just be yourself and you'll do wonderful" she said with her usual calmness.

We had just parked in front of the hotel where the meeting was supposed happen and I was still a nervous wreck. No matter how many times I had strapped on my gear and faced a new opponent on the football filed, I was never as nervous as I was at that very moment.

With some final words of encouragement, I exited the company car Shannon had drove and headed into the lobby looking for the restaurant where I was supposed to meet the clients. I found the entrance and waited behind the ropes at the podium for a waiter to come and get me. After a few moments a waiter came to the podium and asked, "How many in your party?" I replied, "I'm here for a meeting I was told to ask to meet with the Gieger party." The waiter looked down at the podium and located where the meeting was being held and lead me to the location, it turned out the meeting was on the patio or well part of it.

Once I made it to a table in a semi-secluded area, I was greeted with a sight that did away the nervousness and replaced it with immediate primal lust and a hardening dick; the Gieger twins were gorgeous and they looked damn near like the same person with save for their differences.

Yvette, the older of the two, and Tianna were two of the prettiest caramel women I had ever seen in my short time on earth. Yvette was slightly taller than her sister, with what I assumed to be B cup breast and braids twisted into a bun. Tianna was just a tad bit heavier but from my view point she was heavier in all the right places, her breasts were larger than her sisters and her braids laid on her shoulders and down her back.

I tried to take a seat before the tent in my dress pants was noticed, but the look and slight chuckle they gave each other told me it was too late. I introduced myself as James, Shannon's assistant and to my surprise they responded in unison, "We know; we've heard quite a bit about you from Shannon." I know I looked stunned so Yvette answered my unspoken question, "We may be business partners but we were college roommates first so we talk often." This confused the hell out of me because if they talk often how did Shannon manage to forget and double book herself, I thought to myself but didn't give it too much consideration.

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As we were getting the pleasantries out of the way, a waitress came out with a tray of 3 rum and cokes, distributed them and left without a word. I started to flag the waiter down in confusion when Tianna interrupted, "It's ok we ordered these to try and lighten the mood, Shannon told us how nervous you were about sitting in on her behalf." "Can't believe this bitch forgot about us to go to lunch with Nia" Yvette stated as she took a strong gulp of her drink.

"I'm not nervous any more thanks to you two"I stated calming down. I thought to myself, "but maybe this can calm me down to not have my dick showing for the rest of the meeting." We chatted some more with the twins giving me the history of their company and what brought on the desire to develop a new technology division.

Yvette then gets up and says, "The rest of the pitch is going to be upstairs in a suite we have some of the products in the new line setup for you to demo," me and her sister stand up and I follow them both to the elevator. On the way to the elevator, we make a stop by the bar and Yvette orders another round of rum and cokes to be delivered to the suite. "The asses on these twins are ridiculous!!!" I mutter to myself as saunter in front of me, they both looked back and chuckled.

I cursed to myself, "Oh sit did they hear me" but they continued to lead the way. I continued my conversation making sure to keep it in my head, "They just as easily could be top earning strippers at King of Diamonds as they are they co-presidents of a newly formed technology division." We make it to the suite and inside is quite the impressive display, there are 2 laptops, a full desktop, 1 tablet and a few different cameras all setup along the far right and back walls of the suite.

It's an incredibly nice room, no surprise we are in the ritzy part of town. The room has a nice side foyer with an open door closet immediately to the left, the bathroom is few feet up on the right: a simple 3-piece washroom, and then it opens into a spacious living room with a full wall of bay windows and a 3-piece sectional sofa with a round coffee table in the middle.


The room is as impressive as the collection of gadgets the twins had setup. I go around the room sampling each of the products while asking for the specs. It was clear to me why they were co-presidents, the chemistry between them was amazing. Yvette would give the description of the product and some of the capabilities it had and Tianna would follow it up with the technical perspective.

I was able to understand both quite well, but being a CS major I was much more attentive when Tianna was talking. And if I didn't know better I would say it made Yvette jealous. As I continue demoing the other products Yvette would get closer and place a hand on my back to lead me over to the next item and brush hands with mine while I was tinkering away. As Tianna notices the extra attention Tianna starts trying to do the same; it felt like the start of foreplay and my dick enjoyed the attention.

Tianna took it a step further and would rub on my dick with one hand while she pointed out different components of the product. I was caught off guard but help my composure as let her rub my dick and outline it to her satisfaction.

I finished with the last item and as the technical brain behind each of the products Tianna asked, "What do you think of my talents?" I hesitated because my first thought was, "Your talents are great and I'm ready to see what other talents you have to offer," but I actually started off with, "They are great products and the specs on them are really cutting edge," walking over to the couch and taking a st I continued "I would probably buy any one of these myself and would def have the company invest in you guys but I don't have that kind of power.

However, you have my word you will get an excellent review with Shannon." Yvette was about to speak when a knock came at the door. "Room Service" came a raspy voice from the other side. Tianna went to the door and came back a few seconds later with a drink tray full of rum and cokes.

She set the drinks down and looked at her sister, Yvette looked back at her, they both turned to look at me and said in unison, "Now the real fun can begin." They both strolled over to the couch slowly, sensually unzipping their black form fitting dresses. I've never had fucked twins before nor had a threesome but I was finna blow they backs out and they aint even know it. Yvette reached me first, telling me to stand she grabbed my wrist and pulled herself into me with just enough force to tell me that she needed it hard and rough and would take no other way.

Her other hand slipped up my back to my head and pulled my mouth into hers where I met her eager tongue. Her tongue snaked its way towards mine and started a heated tongue battle for dominance.


I couldn't let her think she was in control, so my free hand began rub her voluptuous ass and without warning I cocked my hand back and smack the shit out of her ass grabbing I nice cuff at the end. She tried to hold her moans back but to no avail she arched her backed and wailed out in ecstasy, "OH FUCKKKK DADDY" In that moment my mouth was free, I bite down on her neck causing her to clamp and dig her nails into my back.

I keep up my assault on her neck, and she was moaning into my chest, "Shit Shit&hellip.oh right there baby that feels so fucking good don't stop, don't you dare fucking stop UUUGGGGGHHHHHH." She continued on like that for the next minute or so as I never let up my attack. When I first started on her neck, I had locked eyes with Tianna and gave her a look that said "she was next" but then looked down at Yvette for a few seconds.

When I looked back to where she was standing she was gone and I hadn't seen her since. Suddenly, I felt all of these sensations coming from my dick: hot, cold, wet and slippery when I then feel a firm sensation like a pair of hands griped the bottom of my shaft and start stroking vigorously.

I start to feel my knees weakening and I fall back onto the couch in disbelief of what was happening. Tianna had forced me to a seating position and was going ham on my shit: licking the shaft up and down, swallowing the head, lightly grazing her teeth on me, I mean this was clearly not the first dick she had sucked.

I don't remember when she had gotten my pants or my boxers down and at this point I ain't really give a shit either. She slurped on the head of dick like a straw looking through my eyes into my soul; she popped my dick out of her mouth with a loud SMACK!

"Do you like it papi? With a dick this fucking big you can have me anytime, anyplace;" she started sloppily sucking on my fat head and every time she would come up for air she would talk to herself in awe, "…&hellip.DAMN……how the fuck……is it&" "I'm not just big up top" I responded proudly.

I don't brag on my dick too much but at 11 inches long and about 4 inches thick or so with a slight upward curve to it, I could def be found in the BBC section of if I filmed. She was trying her hardest to get me to tapout, but I didn't lose to her sister so I damn sure wasn't tryna lose to her and go 1-2 on the afternoon. I grabbed fist full of braids yanked her off my dick and said firmly, "You're naked why aren't I?" At first she looked irked that her efforts had been interrupted but hearing my authoritative tone, a smile slowly crept across face and she said, "I'm not sure sir, but let's fix that." At that very moment Yvette dropped her bra on my dick that was standing rock hard, thanks to her sister and said with an even dirtier look, "Yes…let's".

She slowly loosens my tie, lifts it off and tosses it to the floor. She goes to sit on my lap but hovers over my dick and I can feel the heat coming off her pussy. Her sister, who had dispatched all of my lower garments without my notice…again, started rubbing my head back and forth across Yvette's slick opening. Yvette cooed with pleasure, "Damn baby sis, I know we agreed you was gonna get to fuck him first but I just can't help myself…" I said, "Wait?

Whhhhhhaaaaaaa…&hellip." and before I could get the question out Yvette slammed her thick ass all on my dick impaling her pussy with it. "FUCK" she exclaimed, "It's so fucking big&hellip.Oh I'm def tryna conquer this dick tonight, aw shit&hellip.that's it daddy… hit all those spots……fuck you splitting me open." I was certainly in for a battle as Yvette wasn't hold back anything, she was throwing that ass at me with everything she had and I needed to regain control of the situation again.

But my shirt was restricting my arms, so with one strong downward swipe I tore all the buttons on my dress shirt and started attempting to get my arms out of it. Tianna was more than happy to lend a helping hand; she pulled my sleeves up exposing my fully tatted chest and half sleeves on both of my bulging arms.

"Oh damn papi, I like" Tiana cooed to me. With my arms free, I reached behind Yvette and grabbed two firm handfuls of her ass and started beating her pussy tha fuck up. I mean I was ramming my dick in her pussy as hard and fast as physically possible.

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Yvette was screaming out losing her mind, "Fuck daddy&hellip.fuck this pussy just like that&hellip.oh shit baby…don't you dare stop fuck this pussy all day baby." "Whose pussy is it?" I asked smacking her ass repeatedly.

"Yours daddy, all of it is fucking yours as long as you give me this dick", Yvette responded. Tianna looked in disbelief how this husky country nigga sprung her and her sister on the dick so fast…that had never happened before. "I may not have gotten to fuck the dick first but he definitely gonna get this pussy ate before yours" Tianna teased as she swung her leg over my shoulder placing her wet pussy right in my face. I didn't want to let go of Yvette but I saw a chance to catch Tianna off guard and couldn't pass that up.

I wrapped my arm around her other leg and placed it on my shoulder, now both of her legs are being up on my shoulders and I really start diving into to her pussy with reckless abandon. I started vigorously strumming her slit with my tongue, I licked down her left lip to her ass and then back up the other side circling at her clit again.

Tianna purred, "Shit daddy, you big, smart and know how to easy pussy like this, you really are the complete package." Shannon's words from yesterday's briefing rang in my head, ".you are the complete package," it finally occurred to me somethings happened behind the scenes to make this happen. "Ion give a fuck though.

I'm living out a legit fantasy right now fuck how it happened" I thought to myself as I licked down her slit. Trying to open her up a bit more I spread her legs and rapidly forced my tongue in and out of her opening. "Oh shit daddy" they both exclaimed. They snapped to look at each other and the competitiveness of these twins revved up.

Tianna started grinding her pussy into my face while pulling my face into her pussy and Yvette started bucking on my dick hard, grinding her pussy on my bone when she bottomed out. There was a lot of moaning happening and I loved every single second of it.

Yvette cried out, "Oh Shit" her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she started shaking violently as the orgasm that had been building in her finally crashed over her. Tianna looked down from my shoulders, while I peeked up over her thigh, at her sister just in time to see her sister collapse down into me panting heavily.

While she distracted with her sister, I vacuumed my lips to her protruding clit and sucked and feverishly flicked her clit side to side, "Fuck fuck right there daddy, "she yelped "Shit awwwww yes baby don't stop&hellip. eat that pussy baby……fuck fuck fuck&hellip. UGGGGGHHHHHHHH" were her final words as she started to shake on my shoulders just as her sister had a few moments ago.

Her legs stiffened, she arched her back pushing more of her pussy in to my face, "Fuck Fuck fuck ohhhshiiiiii&hellip.damn damn daaammmmsshiiiiiiitittt&hellip. Oh my fucking goodness" she panted severely out of breath" …where the fuck did you learn to eat pussy like that, these Atlanta niggaz have never done anything like that to me not ever." Yvette had already climbed off of me and laid on edge of the couch, so Tianna asked, "Can you put me down?

I need to rest for a minute." Tianna was thick in all the right places but I had been lifting weights heavier than her since I was 16, so it wouldn't have been a challenge to lay her down from off of my shoulders, and thankfully it wasn't impossible for me to do what I wanted to do. With a grin she couldn't see, I said, "No Problem." I stood up with her still on my shoulders causing her to let out an impressed gasp.

I grabbed her firmly by her hips and left her back just slightly off of my shoulders, only to slam her down on my hard and waiting dick. It took her breath away in an instant; panting heavily she said, "Oh…fucking shit……this is the biggest…dick… that has…ever been… inside me………… holy……fucking shit." I let her pussy adjust to the size of my intruder and once I felt her pussy loosen I began fucking Tianna like there was no tomorrow; I started thrashing in and out of her pussy, fucking her like I had a grudge to take out on her.

She was using ever curse word she knew, "Shit…Fuck&hellip.Damnit&hellip.Holy Hell&hellip.Shit shit shit" she uttered over and over. I'm not sure if it was helping her take the dick or not but it was definitely helping my primal urges. Hearing that just made her slam her down harder and meet every thrust.

It was like a competition I was having between my upper body and my lower body and her pussy was the beneficiary. After a lil while my arms got a bit tired but I had already anticipated this; on the wall adjoin to the bay windows was rug hanging up with some sort of geometric design on it.

I had her by the legs and walked over to the rug, every step slightly bouncing her off then back on my dick.

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We made it to the wall in a dozen steps or so and I pined her up against the rug with my arms around her waist now. I'm not sure if anybody could see us up here on the 28th floor but if they could they were about to be in for a real show. I said, "Wrap ya legs around my waist and don't fucking drop them." By now my dominant side had completely taken over and this was a whole different ball game.

Tianna said, "Or what"?!? I smacked her thigh leaving a mark and said "You don't want to find out" The first few minutes she did what she was supposed to do: took this dick, moaned and called me daddy, papi, etc. in the sexiest of ways. Then I felt her left leg loosen and then both legs fell down from around my waist. I looked at her and she looked into my eyes attempting to looked surprised and innocent saying "…Oops…" when in fact we both knew she was testing me.

I may not like the test I have to take in school, but this kind of test was designed for me to obliterate. I shook my head softly saying, "Tisk Tisk Tisk, you did this to yourself&hellip. remember that" and with a grin on her face that said "do you worst." I put both of her legs up on my shoulder, leaving only her back pinned to the wall and her pussy lined up perfectly with my dick. I said, "Happily and firmly;" I maneuvered my dick to her opening and proceeded to slowly feed my dick to her pussy; she was tight, how she was so tight I'll never understand but I didn't care inch-by-inch I sank into her hot and wet tunnel until I bottomed out when my balls rested on her ass.

I gave her a few seconds to enjoy it, but just before she had the chance to moan I had pulled my dick out all the way to the tip and rammed it back in her. I waited for her to say anything, a word a moan or otherwise and when she did I pulled out and rammed back in just slightly faster. A few more times of this I had slowly built up a rhythm and was fucking her at a solid yet firm pace.

Tianna pleaded, "Fill me up daddy, I need to feel you cum in this pussy baby&hellip.please." I hesitated and looked at her confused, "Nigga Im the damn pill, now finishing busting the fucking nut off" she demanded. I place a hand on each of her hips and stroked my dick in and out of that wet pussy like my life depended on it: in and out in and out, back and forth as hard and fast as my legs will move me. Just as I was reaching my breaking point, Tianna starts crying out and spasming as her pussy is literally leaking juices everywhere; down her ass crack, on the floor, down my legs with a small puddle was forming at my feet.

I fucking lost it and dove into her pussy three more good times and I let it fucking go. My dick felt like a fire hose tryna douse her pussy in my creamy nectar. I felt like I was coming gallons for a minute or two; it didn't feel like it was going to stop any time soon. Rope after rope after fucking rope exploded in her pussy and I fucked her during the whole eruption.

By now she had been screaming and had practically passed out being held to the wall. I finally stopped cumming after what felt like an eternity and nearly fell to the ground with Tianna on top of me. But I managed to fall into the wall and let both of our bodies slide to the puddle of our juices on the floor.

As I sat on the floor I look up to see Yvette coming down from a climax of her own. She makes eye contact with me and slowly pulls her fingers out her pussy and licks them clean.

She walks over to us and joins us on the floor. "I should be kind of jealous I didn't get this treatment" she joked as she sat her sister up and tucked a few braids behind Tianna's ear, "But watching you and that dick give my sister more than she could handle definitely makes up for it." I sat up against the wall still recovring thinking to myself, "Not only did I fuck an amazing pair of twins, and fuck them in a threesome no less……one of the twins is a fucking squitter and she has covered me in all of fucking juices." "This was the best day ever" I said slightly louder than I meant to.

I look up to hear an all too familiar voice say, "I bet it was…" my jaw dropped when I saw Shannon sitting on the couch.