Pink cum hole receives screwed hard

Pink cum hole receives screwed hard
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"Touchdown!" screamed Logan as he danced in the end zone. There were 4 of the teenage boys playing a 2-on-2-football game. They were all here because it was the one's birthday. Bryce was the one turning 15 years old today. He was 5'7" and 120 pounds with long, brown hair. "Okay game over," said Ace. Ace was Bryce's friend who was 14 years old at 6 foot and 150 pounds and long, dirty blonde hair.

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"Dammit you guys that was gay," said Mike. Mike was another 14 year old at 5'9" and 130 pounds with short, brown hair. "We fucking owned you," said Logan.

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Logan was Bryce's brother who was 13 years old and was 5'9" and 125 pounds with medium length, dirty blonde hair. They all went inside and played video games. They played until Bryce's dad said he was going to bed.

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They continued playing for a little longer until they got tired out it. "So you guys what do you want to do?" asked Bryce. "Uh, I'm hungry," said Ace.

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The 4 of them went into the kitchen and got some salsa and chips. They were all eating it while watching television when Mike knocked the bowl of salsa over and it spilled on Ace's shorts.

"Well I'll just take off these cause were all guys who cares if I'm in my boxers," said Ace. He removed his shorts and everyone saw a huge bump under the thin layer of fabric. None of the guys were gay, but the other three had trouble concentrating on the television because they couldn't get their eyes off the bump in Ace's boxers. Bryce wanted to see what was hidden under the plaid boxers so he thought of a way to see it.


"Hey you guys do you guys want to play Truth or Dare?" asked Bryce. His friends all said sure. "Truth or Dare Ace," said Mike. "Dare," said Ace. "Take off your shirt and boxers," said Mike. "I figured that," said Ace. He removed his shirt and showed a thick happy trail of dirty blonde hair, then Ace slowly pulled down his boxers revealing a thick bush of dirty blonde pubic hair and a flaccid cock with low-hanging, hairy balls.

Everyone was shocked at the size of it. "Truth or Dare Bryce," said Logan. "Dare," said Bryce.


"Stroke Ace's cock," said Logan. Slowly Bryce reached out a hand and wrapped it around the base of the flaccid cock and stroked the white meat up until the foreskin covered the red cock head.

He continued to stroke the cock up and down meanwhile everyone else was getting horny. "Truth or Dare Mike," said Ace. "Dare," said Mike.

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"Strip naked," said Ace. Mike took off his shirt revealing a smooth, hairless chest and stomach. He pulled down his shorts revealing his boxers and then he revealed his brown pubic hair over a rising cock with hairy balls beneath it.

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"Truth or Dare Logan," said Bryce still stroking the cock in his hand that was now fully erected at 8 inches. "Dare," said Logan. "Stroke Mike," said Bryce. Now the game was screwed.

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They both had a partner and that was it. Logan and Bryce both stripped naked and each pair was stroking each other cock. Ace was stroking Bryce's 7-inch cock and Logan and Mike were stroking each other's 6-inch cocks. Precum was leaking out of everyone's piss slits and they were using it as lube.

Then a bead of precum was sitting on the top of Bryce's cock head and Ace leaned forward and licked it off. Then Ace slowly went down on Bryce's cock and finally all of Bryce's cock was down Ace's throat. Both of the groups went into 69's and down on each other's cock.

While slowly caressing each other's ball sack. There was hardcore sucking coming from both groups and the room smelled of sex.


Slurping sounds were heard as the cocks went in and out of their mouths and going down their throats. Logan felt the cum boiling in his balls as Mike's warm mouth sucked the hard, white cock. Logan couldn't take it anymore and shoved his cock until Mike's chin was in his pubes and his balls smacked his nose and the cum rose up out of the balls and out of his pulsating cock and the sticky, white liquid it the back of Mike's throat.

A couple of minutes later Mike did the same to Logan and after they both swallowed each other's juice they watched the other two. Ace then stuck his entire white rod down Bryce's throat and shot his thick cum down his throat and Bryce shot his hot cum down Ace's throat.

They all stood up with there flaccid cocks hanging down covered in saliva. The 3 of them pushed Bryce on his knees and made him suck each of them to full erectness.

They stood around stroking their meat while Bryce watched. After about 10 minutes of watching hands stroke cocks up and down and ball sacks swinging back and forth all of them let out a grunt and hot, white cum flew out of every cock and landed all over Bryce. "Happy Birthday Bryce," said Ace before the 3 of them licked their cum off of Bryce. They all cleaned themselves off and got ready for bed. They all lay down in their spots watching the television.

"Hey you guys you know my parents won't be home tomorrow," said Bryce. Leave comments for part 2