Riesigen schwarzen Schwanz in engen Anus

Riesigen schwarzen Schwanz in engen Anus
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My name is Cole. What I'm about to tell you is something that happened to me when I was nearly 18. I was living with my Dad and Step-Mom as well as her daughter Megan who was a year younger than me.

I had been dating Candy for 2 years at that point and was by no stretch a virgin. I was a jock and did OK in the female department, but she still hadn't given it up.

She had said that she wanted to wait and I respected her wishes, no matter how frustrated I became. At that point I would never have cheated on her as getting her into bed had become my obsession.

In hindsight I don't even think that I liked her that much, I just couldn't stand the fact that she refused to hop between my sheets on demand like all the other girls at school. It was maddening! Alone in my room at night, I wold often stroke myself while fantasizing about what it would be like when she finally let me in. I noticed, however, by that point thinking of Candy would not get me all the way there.

When I would begin to lose control someone else, a girl very close to me in fact, would always pop into my mind. Especially after she started dressing like a total babe. Over the previous month there had been something distinctly strange going on.

My usually bookish stepsister had drastically altered her appearance. She started wearing itty bitty shorts and tank-tops which drew my eyes directly to her lush and bouncy rack most of the time. She also began to experiment with makeup that made her look flushed and sexual.

I had convinced myself at the time that her drastic change was just because the summer was particularly hot that year, but up until then she had been so paranoid about showing any flesh above her ankle or wrist that I couldn't help but notice.

She had always been slightly on the chubby side, but vastly more beautiful and intelligent than any of her friends. Guys hit on her more than all of them put together, yet she never showed much interest. I knew of only one boyfriend in her past, but I always hated him. When I'd see his pimply face it would instantly bring out my protective side. I just didn't want him around her. When I found out that he'd popped her cherry I had nearly murdered him. Thankfully she dumped him shortly after.

She always refused to talk about it. I couldn't help noticing her full round ass, like a ripe peach, swaying from side to side every time she'd leave a room. To make matters worse it seemed to me that she had become obsessed with frozen treats. She was often eating an ice-cream cone or Popsicle. Every time I'd glance over she was either licking or sucking on one thing or another.

Despite myself, I was perversely entranced by her; she looked like such a little deviant!I was getting so frustrated waiting for Candy that I'd started picturing Megan licking or sucking on something else with the same amount of glee. 'Stop it!' I'd tell myself. 'She's your stepsister!' But I couldn't help myself, my cock would inevitably stiffen.

I'd be forced to sneak off to the bathroom, lock the door and stroke myself to climax before I could even be in the same room with her again without completely humiliating myself. That's how her oral fixation became mine. "Hey big brother," she said one day after catching me staring.

She was wearing tight white cutoffs and a green tank that barely covered her ample tits. I could see a pink thong poking out from the waistline of her shorts. "Guess what I heard." "I have no idea." I was more than a little embarrassed that she had noticed me ogling her beautiful body yet again. "Penny told me that Sally told her that Tina saw Candy and Tony at the library." She said slyly. "Of course she did." I replied exasperated,"They're both in the same class at Summer School.

They flunked English. They were probably studying for a test." "Funny, Penny said they were studying Biology." She gave me a wink that said they were doing some hands-on work.

Somehow I wasn't shocked, deep inside I always knew something was off. It took about three seconds to make my way from the couch to the phone. I was furious as I punched in Candy's number.I'd had more than enough of her shit to last me a lifetime! When she picked up I didn't even give her a second to speak before demanding that she meet me at the park near my house. She showed up 15 minutes later, flushed and out of breath. She had obviously been running, her short blonde hair was plastered, unattractively, to her face.

Despite being an obviously attractive girl, she looked so ugly to me in that moment, so utterly disgusting that I began to wonder what I had ever seen in her.

"We need to talk," I said somberly. "What's this I hear about you and Tony?" "We've been seeing each other." She stated plainly, without an ounce of remorse.

"Behind my back?" I was furious. "Why on earth would you do that?" "I'm sorry, Cole." She didn't even have the decency to look ashamed. I felt so humiliated, so betrayed being sure that I was the last to know. Even Megan's dunderheaded friends found out before me. My girlfriend had been fucking the quarterback and all the while I was running around town with her, showing public displays of affection.

What a fool I was. "Well aren't I the moron? I should have guessed when prom night didn't happen." I gestured bitterly to the air, reflecting my feelings very clearly. "I knew you weren't fucking sick." "You're not a moron." She tried, but it was less than convincing. "When did this start?" I demanded. "It was at Phillip's party. We got drunk and we slept together. I didn't plan this, I swear.

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I've wanted to tell you since that night but I never knew how. I didn't want to hurt you." Something didn't quite add up about this. "Since Philip's party?

The one when he left for college LAST SUMMER?" She only nodded. "You two-faced bitch I've had it!We're through. TWO YEARS I've waited, WASTED, thinking you loved me!

You never wanted to hurt me?" I was yelling despite trying to keep my composure. "Then why did you drag it out so long?" She actually looked frightened, her mouth opening and closing soundlessly like a fish. I must have been a sight to behold in my rage. "You know what, never mind." I breathed, calming myself. "Just go. I hope you're happy with the guy who gave the entire cheerleading squad herpes!

Now I'm glad that I never touched your skanky ass!" With that I turned and left, leaving Candy, mouth agape and calling after me. When I got home I stormed past my parents up to my room and slammed the door. OK, I admit it. I lay down on my bed and cried. They were more tears of frustration and disappointment with myself than anything.

I couldn't believe I'd let it happen even though I had known deep in my heart that something was wrong. After a couple of hours I felt like I had wasted more than enough emotion on Candy. My ego was still badly bruised, but I forced myself to go downstairs and eat dinner with my family. I was quiet and my parents must have been worried, but they didn't press me for information. Megan just sat there, looking concerned and guilty.

After dinner I tried to sneak back upstairs, just wanting to have a quiet night and hit the sac early, but Megan grabbed my wrist. "I'm sorry you had to find out like that, big bro." I almost yanked my hand away.

I was still angrier than I thought and frankly more pissed off at her for telling me than she deserved. I was about to tell her it was OK and to leave me alone, but she put her index finger on my lips to stop me. "I know what will get your mind off of this. Let's go to the Rialto. There's a movie playing that I want to see.

Can you give me a lift? My treat."She gave me her cutest, most innocent smile. I couldn't resist it. "OK, if you throw in some Popcorn." I mumbled around her finger with a wink. Maybe I didn't feel like moping after all. "Deal!I just got my Babysitting money. You can have a drink too." She winked back, releasing my mouth and running to the car." When we got to the theater I noticed the movie playing was Cruel Intentions.

I hadn't really intended to see it, but Megan looked so excited that I couldn't say no. We got our snacks and finally found a seat in the back. I hadn't realized that the movie was so popular.

It was not the most uplifting movie in the world and the lead actress reminded me slightly of Candy, but we were already sitting. I had to admit that there was also some appeal in seeing the bitchy blonde in the movie get her comeuppance. Near the end of the movie, there was a suspenseful scene in which the main character gets hurt. Megan jumped, knocking over the near-empty drink cup and spilling the melted ice directly on my crotch. She hastily apologized, grabbing some napkins.

She started dabbing at the wet spot trying to dry it. I stared at her in disbelief, quickly realizing that I could see right down her top.

Her breasts jiggled fetchingly as she continued to dab and rub at my crotch. A piece of popcorn sat gently nestled by her ample cleavage. It wasn't surprising that my dick instantly sprang to life. She had to have noticed, she looked up at me, somewhat surprised to find my eyes almost glued to her chest. I grabbed the kernel from between her smooth breasts and popped it in my mouth, hoping she'd think that it was a joke.

I was caught red-faced. I braced myself for the slap I was sure would be coming, but instead she got up. "I need to use the washroom." That was it. My ploy had worked and I was off the hook. I looked at the screen and noticed the credits running so I got up and decided to go to the men's room while she went to the lady's. In there I noticed Tony washing his hands. Instantly furious again I went back out and waited.

Still unsure of what I meant to do, but definitely meaning to do something, probably to Tony's ugly face.


I immediately wished I hadn't as Candy was standing mere feet away, obviously waiting for him. How could I have been so foolish? Of course she'd be there on a Cheapy Tuesday evening.

At least this time I wasn't the asshole footing the bill while some other dude reaped the benefits.

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I managed to hide in the crowd before she saw me. Tony came out and took her in his arms. Just as I was about to go over there and beat him to a pulp Megan came out of the washroom. She saw who I was looking at and again grabbed my wrist as I started forward.

"Let's follow them," she whispered in my ear, her hot breath causing another stirring in my pants. "See where they go." I hated it, but she was right.

There was no point in starting a fight here. Besides, I didn't want to upset Megan. She put her small hand in mine as we followed them out to the parking lot. I assumed it was because she didn't want me to escape and rearrange Tony's body parts, but realized later that it meant much more. We drove behind them to the local Lovers Lane. "Figures that they'd come here," I said as I parked next to them. I could see that they were already making out in the back seat with the dome light on. I just kept staring out the window at them.

It was irritating watching some other guy get what I had lusted after for so long. Megan, obviously noticing my emotional state, gently touched my shoulder and said, "Big bro, you're staring at them from the front seat. Don't you think they'll notice?" I had to admit she had a point; the back windows of the car were tinted.

"Why don't we get in the back?" She pressed, seeming to have read my mind. I watched her bouncy, ample tush as she climbed over the seat and suddenly had no problem following her.

"I can't believe this." I said, my frustration at the situation growing. "What's he got that I don't?" "Her," Megan said flippantly, "And that ain't much. What do you see in that skank anyway?" "She was the only person who didn't judge me when I tried out for the Football team. And do you remember when I broke my wrist?" She nodded.

"Candy was the only one who made me feel like I wasn't a failure. She did care about me once, I think. It just got all messed up somehow." "You're not, you know, a failure that is. I always thought you were great, just the way you are." She sounded a little sad as she said this.

"I wish you hadn't needed some other girl to make you understand that." I was confused by her statement, but somehow knew that she needed to be comforted. I gently caressed her arm and she smiled at me before continuing. "There are a lot of whispers going around that you're way too good for her.

That's how my friends and I found out about what she was doing. You don't deserve to be treated like that. All of my friends have a crush on you ya know." "What about you?" I asked quietly, beginning to get the picture. "Do you have a crush on me?" She looked embarrassed as she turned her gaze away from me to peek out the window at Candy and Tony. "Holy crap! They're really going at it!" I looked out the window and it was true. They were like two bunnies let loose in the back seat, climbing all over each other.

I suddenly felt a pressure on my crotch and looked back toward Meghan. She was leaning over me, staring out the window, steadying herself with one hand on the hanger handle and one on my cock.

I shifted a little, to make her realize where she was touching and avoid any possible embarrassment. She lost her balance and tumbled onto me, straddling my thighs. I found myself face-first in the cleavage that I'd been admiring so much recently. It took all of my willpower not to motorboat her fantastic rack.

How immature!I thought, looking up into her face, trying to judge her expression. I expected her to be livid, but she just smiled sweetly. "I've seen you watching me, you know," she said lustily as she started running her fingers through my hair. "I know it's wrong, but I want you.

At first I thought you didn't find me attractive so I started dressing provocatively to see what you'd do. I was quite pleased by your reaction. I can't stand the thought of you being hurt by that bitch. You've been through a lot. Now just sit back and let Megan make it all better." I was shocked as she kissed me on the forehead and ran her fingertips along the back of my neck and shoulders, sending shivers down my spine. "Are you sure?" I asked looking up into her flushed face.

"Totally!" She said smiling. Part of me said I shouldn't do it, but I was so turned on I couldn't stand it. I slipped my fingertips under the hem of her tank top and gently caressed her sides as I lifted the green fabric away.


She sighed at my touch. My heart began to race as I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra. Her breasts were even more perfect than I'd imagined, firm and luscious with cute little pink nipples which jutted proudly in my direction. I slowly, teasingly, ran my tongue between her breasts, then around her nipples, nibbling gently. Soft moans of pleasure escaped her lips as she ground her warm little crotch against mine. She yanked my face up to hers, causing a slight popping sound as my mouth disengaged from her beautiful tit, and kissed me hungrily, her tongue probing mine.

She unbuttoned my shirt, practically ripping it from my body before backing away and reaching down. She found the fly of my jeans easily enough and unzipped it, climbing off me.I lifted my hips to let her take my pants off.

She dropped to her knees between my legs and teasingly ran her hands up my thighs. She planted a small kiss on my underwear and looked up at me, smiling.

"Dirty little girl." I leered at her jokingly. "Oh you have no idea!" Megan breathed, voice dripping with desire and indicating my rapidly swelling member.

"Is this for me?" I looked down at her. "Are you sure this is what you want?" I asked, knowing what she would say.

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"More than anything," she said, voice hoarse with desire. Mischievously, she undid the button of my boxers and my excited member sprung free. She had been purposely teasing me all night I realized as she touched it gently, staring up at my face and biting her bottom lip.

"Now you know why I've been eating so many popsicles." She winked at me then slowly ran her rosebud tongue all the way up my shaft, stopping just short of the head. I gasped.

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She lowered her head and started again, not stopping when she reached the sensitive tip. It was absolute ecstasy, I moaned softly. I never would have suspected she was quite THAT talented. "Lucky popsicles." I croaked. She grinned, wrapping one hand around my shaft and plunging the head of my cock into her mouth, moving both in time.

She slipped her free hand into my boxers, gently kneading my balls as she expertly sucked my ever expanding member. Watching her pretty little head bob up and down on my lap was all too much and it wasn't long before I was letting a massive load loose into her mouth.

She swallowed hard, a quiet "mmmmmm," escaping her delicate lips. She was wearing a smile that said she wasn't finished yet. "Now lay down," she said pushing my chest gently with her hand. I obeyed, excited by the prospect of what naughty thing she would do next. She peeled off her shorts and soaked panties. I got my answer as she straddled my face. "I found the magazines under your mattress.I know that you know what to do." The smile in her voice matched the one on my face as she lowered herself on to me.

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Almost instinctively I stuck out my tongue and, for the first time, tasted her juices. She was so sweet that I couldn't get enough.

I ran my tongue up and down her silken crack, tasting every inch. She moaned in delight as my tongue found the little bulb at the apex of her slit. I sucked on it gently earning more moans with almost every lick. She reached forward and grabbed my rapidly growing cock as I continued my oral ministrations.

Pulling my arm out from under her, I reached for her inviting opening. I slowly inserted one finger, then another. I eagerly investigated whatever I could reach and found a small, spongy bit within her which felt different from the rest of her silken opening.

I rubbed it experimentally. She moaned and pressed harder onto my face. I groaned as she pulled harder and faster on my revved manhood. She leaned forward and took me into her mouth again, faster and more eager than before as I kept working on her delicious little pussy.

Within moments she stopped and threw her head back, little moans and groans escaping her as she fought to keep quiet. Encouraged, I moved my tongue and fingers faster. She arched her back as she shuddered and bit back a scream of pleasure, her juices virtually flooding my face. "I can't wait any more!" Megan said as she reached into the pocket of her discarded shorts and pulled out a condom. I was somewhat surprised that she thought of it, I hadn't imagined that she would be willing to go that far.

She ripped it open and tossed the wrapper onto the floor of the car, while simultaneously yanking the rubber sheath onto my raging cock. She kissed me once then impaled herself on it, sighing contentedly. "See? No cherry." She batted her eyes lustfully.


"Fuck me as hard as you want." "You drive me crazy girl." I groaned, bucking my hips, forcing my rock hard erection as deep as it would go. She cried out as she mashed her pubic bone against mine, matching my movements. I was completely enraptured! It had been so long since any girl had allowed me inside of them. I reached up and ran my fingers teasingly over her stomach and up her sides. Cupping her bouncing breasts, I ran my thumbs over her nipples.

Feeling her tension build, I slid one hand down to her clit and massaged it gently. She kept grinding herself against me as she started moving faster, clenching her vaginal muscles around my ecstatic cock.

She pulled my hand off of her breast placing it near her mouth and sucking my middle finger between her teeth, muffling her second orgasm. My balls tightened at the mere thought of it and another massive load shot up my shaft and into the waiting condom. Exhausted, she draped her body over mine, her head on my chest, kissing it gently. "The answer is 'yes', Cole." She whispered. "I have a huge crush on you." "I noticed." I chuckled running my hands through her hair and down her back as we just lay there for a few minutes, panting.

I'd never felt closer to anyone than I did in that moment.

"What will we tell our parents?" I asked as we got dressed. "I'm sure we'll think of something when the time comes." She gave me her sexiest wink and an innocent smile. Before we drove away I pulled her to me and kissed her, meaning it with all my soul. I already couldn't wait for the next time we would be alone together, the promise of more to come thick in the air.

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