College babes suck cock and get fucked at a gang bang

College babes suck cock and get fucked at a gang bang
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Scaler and Waller jerked their cocks furiously as they lay on the bed of their one room lodging in a run down part of the city. The arousal was caused by the sight of Rose a thirteen year old girl innocently playing on a climbing frame. She was wearing a pair of summer shorts and a loose sports top; and seemed carefree on a beautiful summer's day.

The film was the product of Scaler's hand held camera; he had secretly taken it earlier in the day. Both were now at the door of orgasms their lust ready to explode. The two long-time friends were not gay; but thought nothing of masturbating in front of each other.

They had often shared prostitutes or jerked to porno films together; they hid nothing from each other. But what they had planned this time was far more dangerous than anything they had done previously. At one time in the clip as Rose bends over the climbing frame a glimpse of white panties can be seen up her shorts.------"Freeze it there Waller"----- he pressed hold--- and Scaler could delay his orgasm no longer.

"Soon I will be fucking that ass deep and hard" he cried out as cumm released itself from his thick six inch cock by instalments. They had only opened their trousers enough to jerk off comfortably so all his cumm came to rest up his shirt. Waller was now also at the point and jerking to the max shouted "Tell me what we gonna do to her" ----------Scaler told him lustily "You are gonna be the first to fuck her tight little pussy with that big black cock of yours" his words set off a volcanic eruption of cumm from Waller's huge nine incher which began spraying in every direction.

Scaler removed a pillow case and began wiping the thick cumm from his shirt "Some of this is yours Waller can't you learn to aim that fucking monster properly" he joked. Taking the pillow case from Scaler he smirked, "When I got me a real female target my cumm rockets go so far up they ain't never seen again".

They put their cocks away and poured drinks; with the frozen film of Rose still on the screen. "Do you think it's really safe this one" asked Waller wanting Scaler's assurance. "Have I ever let you down on stuff like this" he replied in a voice that was shocked at Waller's lack of total faith.--------------"No but this one she so young, not like the others".

---------------"Relax we will be long gone if she reports it. I bet she will love it kids today start fucking as soon as they learn it's not only for pissing from". ---Confident again Waller continued --"Well I sure am looking forward to fucking a fresh pussy; one that ain't already full of some drunk's cumm".

Scaler replied "That cumm is usually from this drunk" he then smiled and pointed to the still screen adding "Go get it". Scaler and Waller were petty criminals who moved from town to town they were known by the police.

Their pitch was that they would buy an old van and ladders then do odd jobs in the leafy suburbs on the outskirts of town. It was surprising how much work rich folk will give them if it saved money by not calling out legitimate firms. They would hang around each town until the work dried up or they got itchy feet. Then before leaving they would help themselves to something of value they had spotted on their rounds.

Only this time it was not an object that could be sold at the pawnbrokers; but a living girl. Every town the duo visited they quickly became known in the red light districts. They always hired one girl between them; it was cheaper and they enjoyed it that way. On the last day they would hire the hottest and most expensive girl for the full night.

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They would fuck her every way they could then hotfoot it without paying. Needless to say there are a lot of very irate pimps who would like to meet them again. This plan was the same they intended raping the young girl then disappearing beyond the horizon. This was not a prostitute who would come willingly however; but a victim that had to be abducted.

Rose the intended victim was on school summer holiday; every year she would spend a week of it with her Aunt Helen. They adored each other and spent most of their time around the house just talking and playing with the cats. They both loved cats and Helen had just bought a new kitten to coincide with Roses arrival. Her aunt was so happy to have a strong bond with her sister's daughter. She was growing up now so there was so much they could discuss; Rose would tell her about all the boys she had a crush on.

Helen's husband had died a few year's ago after an accident; but she decided to remain in the large house they had been so happy in. Helen must have thought she was very fortunate the day her friend and nearby neighbour sent Scaler and Waller to her house to fix the guttering.

They had done some work for her and made an excellent job; so she had no hesitation in recommending them to Helen. Helen's guttering leaked badly in heavy rain and was in desperate need of replacement. Scaler filmed the guttering with the camcorder he always carried and returned the next day. He had new guttering and a quote better than she dared dream. Scaler and Waller could do the job cheaply because it was money in the hand with no questions asked. The pair started on what was intended to be a run of the mill job; which would earn them red light entrance and booze money.

Then fate, bad luck, call it what you like; played a horrible part in this tale. Helen and Rose had been sat outside safely up the garden when the work began and although Scaler had seen the girl he paid no heed to her. Sadly that was about to change. Helen had a few calls to make, and e-mails to read and send every day. So during this time Rose would happily play around the garden with the cats.

Rose walked back to the house with her aunt this day; and once inside decided to change her top. That was the moment "if" took over. Scaler was returning from the van with some bolts he had forgotten earlier.

As he was climbing the ladder back to the roof again, he happened to look through an upstairs window. There was a large mirror in the room; and although Rose was changing in the room opposite her reflection was as clear as day. She had taken her top off and was in shorts and a bra looking at her self.

Scaler was stunned; he had never seen such a young perfect body like that before. He had been with many sluts but she was so petite and pure he was gobsmacked that he found such a young girl so attractive. She was completely oblivious that he could see her; it was all down to the angles of the mirrors and rooms.

Then she decided to take her bra off and inspect herself; like people do with their bodies in private. Unfortunately she was not alone. It was then that Scaler became obsessed; he had to have her. Waller came to the top of the ladder and kicked it telling him to hurry up.

Scaler motioned a silence gesture with finger to lip; and Waller realised he was looking at something they were going to take. He watched as she twisted her nipples and examined her ass; he was praying she would take her shorts off. Then suddenly she was gone; he waited a few minutes to see if she would return he was desperate to see her again. Then he heard her voice shouting the cat's names in the garden; her clothes were back on. As he climbed back up the ladder a plan began growing in his mind.

On reaching the roof Scaler walked without stopping to the middle of the first roof which had two higher roofs either side of it. He leaned back against one of them; he could not be seen from the ground in this position. Waller quickly followed wondering what he had seen to make him act so strange. He was amazed to see Scaler pull his trousers down to his knees; and more amazed that he had a raging hard on. He began jerking his cock and said "Fuck what a sexy fucking bitch she is; ---------the young girl -----------I must fuck her".

Waller was not amazed because his friend was jerking in front of him; it was the suddenness of it all. They had never fantasised about customers before; it had always been about getting the job done and fucking off somewhere to get drunk As he stroked his cock faster and faster he told Waller "She has lovely small tits I want to bite; and a fucking ass to die for".

That thought was stuck in his mind as his cumm started shooting out of his stiff cock spraying five or six roof tiles. "Why the fuck did I not have my cam with me on the ladder" said Scaler ruefully as he put his cock away. "Never mind I can get some shots now if she is still in the garden". She was in the garden playing on the climbing frame.

It was then that Scaler managed to film his quarry from the rooftop unobserved. They completed the guttering job and after chatting for a while with Helen; received their payment. They then purchased some liquor to drink while planning Rose's kidnap.

The pair rested back on the cumm and other unidentified stained bed as they drank their alcohol. They had the same simple plan for kidnapping Rose as the one they used to steal valuables. Scaler would call the house phone and once Rose was alone Waller would pick her up like a rag doll before exiting a side gate where the van was parked.

They figured it would be quite a while before it would be discovered Rose was missing. They had noticed that the aunt had always returned to the house when the phone rang. She did not use a portable device and Rose did not go to the phone with her.

The film of Rose was played over and over again as more bottles opened and emptied.----- "Tomorrow we will be fucking the cock teasing cunt on this very bed" said Scaler in a now drunken stupor. "I never did fuck me something as young and pretty as that before" replied Waller. The thoughts aroused them both; soon their zips were down again and their cocks out. Another pillowcase would soon be needed. Rose and her aunt in the meantime had spent the evening chatting with both agreeing their week together every year was so special.

The next fateful day was beautiful weather wise, but it was to end the darkest one imaginable for so many. It was all too easy for Scaler and Waller at the beginning.

They arrived at the property at eleven am, and by eleven fifteen am, they were driving back to their lodging with Rose in the back. She was silent throughout the journey Waller had not blindfolded or gagged her, she was too terrified to speak or move.

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Rose was still clinging tightly to the new kitten she had been holding when Waller took her. They quickly took her up the stairs to the stench of the room; the last one she would ever see. Rose was thrown on to the bed as the pair poured a drink while gloating over their victim.

She remained motionless her eyes focused on the ceiling and both hands still clinging to her kitten. Soon the pair had drunk half the bottle of spirits and calm enough to begin the rape of Rose. "Hi there Rose your aunt asked us to look after you for a while, don't worry we will take you back soon" said Scaler as he moved his grimy hands over her brow. He laid down along side her and motioned Waller to lie on the other side. Scaler continued talking to her, "Rose you are a big girl now; you got a boyfriend?

------she was still frozen with fear. ------"Are you going to say hello to your new friends"------still there was no movement.-------------- Scaler was becoming impatient with her silence; he wrenched the kitten from her hands and threw it across the room. This caused Rose to turn her head in his direction and she managed to say the word "No" before she was quickly silenced when he pushed his hand over her mouth.

-----"You been fucked by your boyfriend Rose, has he had his hands in your panties, have you sucked his cock well have you ----he asked menacingly.-------------All Rose could manage was a slight shake of the head. "Well my friend here never had a sweet innocent pussy like yours; he has had to make do with filthy whores like your aunt.

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Now that's not fair is it? Rose shook her head in fear.

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"See you agree with us; you agree it's not fair". ------------- With that he roughly pulled her top up forcing her body forward. He pulled it over her head and snapped the catch on her bra leaving her naked to the waist.-----------"See those lovely little titties I told you about" he motioned.

-----"Yeah" was the only reply from a greedy eyed Waller. "Lucky you got two that's one each." sneered Scaler. -----Both of them began groping her breasts as if they had never felt any before. "You are going to have two hot men sucking your tits, something to tell your friends back at school eh?" ---------------- Rose could not think as to how she was shaking her head.--------------The pair began sucking her nipples and biting at her ears and lips, still Rose was motionless.

"When do I get her pussy"? asked Waller keen to be first.-------------------"Well you know where it is, go get it boy".-----------------With a large smile Waller's huge hands removed her shorts; after a quick glance he did the same with her panties. Both were struck by her lily white skin which had not been exposed to the sun.

"Holy fuck; just look at that and it's all ours" said a wide eyed Scaler.----------"It sure is nice to get one before they arrive at the whore house, and not one that's nearly retired" he added. They both stripped and Scaler told Waller to show Rose the cock he was about to shove up her.

Waller pushed his throbbing cock end against her still lips. Scaler roughly forced her head up and the bell end disappeared inside her mouth causing her to gag. Waller moved between her legs his huge frame hovering above her. He did not want Scaler changing his mind and fucking her first. "Wait if she has a virgin pussy you are going to need some help" with those words Scaler pushed three clenched fingers into her; his other hand covered her mouth and cries.

"There you go buddy, you would never have got that monster up without that advance party".--------Waller's eyes widened in deep lust as he pressed his huge cock to her opening. Scaler urged him on, "Go on big fella, nail the whore"----------He thrust it hard forcing it up inch by inch; blood began oozing from her.

When Waller got his cock inside a pussy he was like a man possessed; he had made whores scream in pain and this was a virgin 13 year old. He reached a high he could never attain with any kind of drug when he was fucking pussy. He somehow managed to push the whole length in her, and he fucked her as if he had not fucked in years. Scaler was ecstatic watching his friend ride her shouting out "The bitch loves it she's not complaining anymore" Waller began making a huge deep cumming sound like he always did when fucking pussy as Scaler encouraged him "Flood that cunt of hers fill her fucking belly".

After he had shot his last drop up her he pulled his giant cock out of her destroyed pussy. Her legs were wide apart and there was a huge pool of blood between them; sperm began leaking out and mixing with the blood.

The sight had Scaler jubilant "Wow if she was a virgin before she's not now; my turn to sort her virgin ass out". Rose was not moving her eyes in a fixed stare. "She's not crying out now beginning to like it now I figure" said Scaler as Waller began jerking his cock and feeling her breasts again. Scaler put his hands under her back and flipped her over; he opened up her ass cheeks then rubbed the dripping blood away to give him a clear view of her ass ring.

He pushed his stiff cock into it; meeting no resistance as it easily sailed up. He banged his balls against her ass cheeks as he satisfied his lust. He boasted to Waller "I bet you sure are glad you teamed up with me; who else would get you a fuck like this"?

His orgasm began and he yelled out "Rose my present to you is my full ball sack of cumm". As he speared his cumm shooting cock into her Waller was finishing his jerk and covering her naked back in yet more hot cumm.

They both rose from the bed their cocks slacking only a little after their exertions. They refilled their glasses smiling contentedly at each other. Rose was still on her stomach not moving.


"When we finish these drinks we can begin round two" said Scaler in a voice suggesting they were now reaping the rewards of his great plan. "I sure wish she would talk a little and say she didn't mind our fucking" said Waller. "Perhaps some cock swallowing exercises will open her mouth" taunted Scaler.

He roughly turned her on her back again; her facial expression shocked even Scaler. Both her mouth and eyes were wide open; the pool of blood between her legs was becoming larger by the second.

"Fuck she's dead" said Scaler; they looked at each other in silent panic there was no mistake. The silence was broken when Rose's kitten began meowing: "Shut that fucking thing up while I think" said Scaler. Waller picked it up and through it from their window into the yard below.

"Okay we will go ahead like we planned; all we got to do is dump the body somewhere on the way". They wrapped Rose up in the sheet and blanket from the bed before putting her in the back of the van and leaving town. It was a matter of thirty six hours later that the handcuffed pair was leading the police back to the woodland where they had dumped Rose's body. It had not been a difficult case to solve; one huge black man and a smaller white man in a Transit van.


They had even left the film of Rose in the lodging house. Once Helen realised Rose was missing the police suspected kidnapping immediately. The police bulletin was rewarded with the kitten being found in the same street. The sorry pair had wandered from their crooked path and jaywalked on the motorway of hell.

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Scaler and Waller could have no complaints about the life sentences they were given. But the word "IF" tormented many minds forever. If Scaler had not forgotten the screws----"IF" the good neighbour had not recommended the pair to Helen----- "IF" Helen had not tried to get a job done cheaply. And HOW could a pleasant holiday in the confines of someone's home end with rape and murder in a dingy lodging room.

Heartbreak would walk with many until their dying day. Lust had destroyed Scaler and Waller. After serving five years in solitary some unknown cons finally got to Scaler; and he was found with his skull smashed in by an iron bar. The bar had then been shoved into his ass. Waller lost his mind completely he could not cope with urine and foetus in every meal he ate. He was transferred to the high security mental asylum.

It could have been a nice holiday for Rose "IF".