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Bawdy minded babes are doing stuff they like the most
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For all those of you who have asked, here's Part 2 - finally. I re-wrote it a couple of times, but this was the best version, in my mind. For all those who have left their encouraging comments, i thank you for your support. I just hope this part meets with your approval too.

if so, please vote? Oh, and I appreciate your constructive comments as well. It's been a while since i've written anything like this, and I've gotten a little rusty. But I'm trying (very much so, sometimes!). _______________________________________________________________________________________________ My Sister Sarah and I - Part 2 My sister Sarah and I had been lovers for most of our adolescent years, until her graduation.

Then our lives had gone in opposite directions and we had lost contact with each other. I guess the separation had affected her almost as it had affected me. My name's Brian, and this is the story of our reunification, after thirty five years. It had been a long day for me. About 14 hours of work had been bracketed by another 4 hours of nothing going right.

I was about ready to jump out a window! Unfortunately, it's a two storey building. Just before midnight, the phone rang. Shit! No one phones at that time of night unless it's bad news, and I'd had more than my fair share today. Usually I ignore late calls, instead relying on the answering machine to pick up the important stuff and scaring the phone solicitation calls back to their electronic dungeon.

But for some reason, I answered the phone anyway. "Brian? Brian Pelham?", an unfamiliar female voice inquired. I was almost tempted to just hang up, but something stopped me.

"To whom do I have the pleasure?", I queried. Women only phone me when they're desperate in a non-sexual way, and none of them ever call me by name. They usually call me other things. "Brian, it's Sarah. Did I catch you at a bad time?". Hmm, Sarah? I didn't know anyone by the name of Sarah. In fact, I hadn't heard that name since. "Sarah? Sarah Pelham? Is that you, Sis?".

Shit, I hadn't heard from my sister for thirty five years! If she was calling me now, and at this hour, she must be in one hell of a lot of trouble! Despite our estrangement, I could never ignore my little sister! "My big brother! God, I didn't know if I had the right number or not.

But yeah, it's your little sister! I've been searching all over the damned continent trying to find you for over a week! Where the hell are you, anyway?". "I could ask the same thing, Sis. I'm in Ontario now. Left the Coast just after I got back from Inuvik, what, thirty something years ago? I wanted to go back to see Mum & Dad, but they shipped me over to England, and then I heard that they'd both passed away, and, well, I never did get back.

How about you? Where the hell did you get to for all these years?". I was incredulous! After all this time, it felt like it was just yesterday that I'd last seen my little sister!

"I moved to Idaho, met a guy, got married, and we had a great life. But that's not why I called". "Had? What's this 'had' part all about, Sis?". Sarah went on to explain that her husband had succumbed to cancer a couple of years earlier, and her life had been on a downhill slope ever since.

I had the feeling that she was in a lot more trouble than she'd ever tell me about. "Brian, I really need to talk to you, by phone if I have to, but in person if you can. Any chance?". "Maybe, Sis. How soon do you need this talk? Tonight's not worth a shit for me. I have to be back in the office by 6:00 tomorrow morning. Or was that an invitation to vacation in spud country?". I knew the reference to Idaho potatoes would either get me a chuckle or a growl.

But that was the way we'd been as kids, always poking lighthearted fun at each other.

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"Brian, normally I'd have a come-back for that, but not tonight! But yeah, that's an invite if you can do it. I'll make this short, especially if you have to work early tomorrow. I need my big brother, desperately! How soon can you get out here? Or maybe I should go out there?

And where in the hell is 'there' anyway? Ontario's a big piece of real estate!". "I'm in. . oh, never mind where I am, Sis. Give me your number, and I'll call you by Friday. If I'm taking an emergency leave, I really should let the office know. If war isn't declared before, I could be out there by this time next week. Can I assume this qualifies as an emergency?".

She had me worried. Well, maybe panicky might be more accurate. "Emergency? Not yet, but if I don't get this thing worked out, it could become one.

Why? Does it make a difference?", she wanted to know. "In your case, no. I always did have a soft spot for my little sister. You know that. Whatever it takes to bail your pretty little ass out, I'll have a crack at.

Let me try for that emergency leave, and I'll let you know on Friday, okay? Any chance you're going to tell me what this 'thing' is that you've gotten yourself into?". "Yeah, but not tonight.

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Maybe on Friday, but preferably when you get here, if you can come. And don't worry, Brian, it's not a life-threatening problem. It's just one of those things that only my big brother seems to be able to fix". Well, while I enjoyed the compliment, the idea that I wasn't going to worry was a pipe-dream!

I mean, how often does someone you haven't seen for over half your life call in the middle of the night to extend an invitation to holiday at their place?

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For me, the total count was. . zero. The next morning I put in for an emergency leave of absence starting on the weekend, with a minimum two-week duration.

My boss actually volunteered to resurrect some of my missed vacation time from previous years if I needed more time than two weeks. The only request he had was that I promise to stay with the company, and to keep him posted weekly.

After having been with the company this long, and being within five years of early retirement, there wasn't much chance I'd be job-hunting, especially in Idaho! On Friday, I called Sarah with the news, and demanded to know exactly where in No-man's Land I was aiming for. Following her directions, it looked like she lived about 25 miles beyond "Please resume speed"!

I booked a flight to Boise for Monday afternoon and arranged for a rental car at the airport. With a little luck, I'd be at my sister's place by late Monday evening. My scheduling was pretty close, and I rolled up to her door just after 9:00 local time.

As I pulled into the driveway, my little sister came running out looking like she'd just won a lottery. There was barely enough time to turn off the ignition before she reefed the door open and almost crushed me with one of those hugs that I hadn't had for entirely too long.

It was immediately augmented with the most sensuous kiss I could ever remember. Not your usual brother-sister kiss, but one of those long, penetrating, tongues duelling kisses! To say that I was stunned would be an understatement!

"Sis, are you gonna let me outta this machine, or are we gonna homestead right here in the driveway?". There had always been an element of flippancy between us as kids, and it seemed to just naturally surface. It also felt like old times again, making me even more aware of how much I'd missed this.

. well, she wasn't a girl any more. But the years had been kind to her, and she was just as beautiful as I remembered. Her breasts were still firm, with no apparent sagging, her stomach was as taut as it had been when she was a teenager, and her corn-silk golden blonde hair was just as gorgeous as I remembered. There wasn't an ounce of fat on her body anywhere that I could find. Even her muscle tone was impeccable! Sarah crawled off my neck long enough for me to get out of the car, grab my bags, and make my way into the house.

But as soon as we were inside, she re-attached herself in a way that said she was going to be there for a while. Like it broke my heart, alright! I hadn't held this body close to me for. . decades, and I wasn't about to stop now! Even her urgent kiss had my blood pressure roaming amongst high numbers!

"Umm, Sis? I've missed you, too, but is there any chance I can beg something to eat first? Breakfast was a long time ago, and my stomach's beginning to think my throat's been cut".

Sarah rummaged up a couple of sandwiches and a glass of rosé wine. We sat and talked about nothing in particular, until my curiosity got the better of me. "So what's this emergency that I'm here to fix, Sis? And while you're at it, maybe you can fill me in on where you went while I was up North. I came home to find you'd gone, left the country, and never left a forwarding address".

"Let's start with the where I went part first. It makes the rest of it fall into place a bit better". It seems that while I was in the Arctic, our mother had found out about Sarah and I, and our incestuous love affair. Mum blamed it all on me, naturally, but my little sister had taken the entire blame. As a result, Mum had literally thrown her out of the house. I don't know if they ever made up, but my Dad was devastated about Sarah leaving.

Mum may have known where she went, but wouldn't tell either my Dad or me. Christ, did that piece of news ever get my blood boiling! Anyway, Sarah had met a guy in Idaho, married him, and they had one child, a girl, when Sarah was in her late thirties.

Her daughter Annie had just graduated, and was now in university. Her husband had died a couple of years earlier, and while he had left his wife financially comfortable, the rest of her life was falling down around her ears. "Okay, so much for the missing background, Sis. Bring me up to speed on what's happening with you now". It seemed that Sarah had built her whole life around her husband and daughter, but with them both gone, she felt deserted, lost, and desperate for some kind of emotional anchor.

I wasn't sure where I fit into this jigsaw puzzle, but I was about to find out. "Sarah, I'm still not clear on how I can help. I know there's a plan roaming around in that pretty little head of yours, but I still have the same old problem. I can read newspapers, but I can't read minds. Talk to me". There was a long pause as Sarah studied the floor, deep in thought.

"Brian, when I was fourteen, I fell deeply in love with my big brother, and I think he was in love with me, too. In all these years, I never stopped loving him, and now. . well. . I need my big brother to love me again. I need to love him just as much as I did when I was a teen.

I guess I could have told you all that over the phone, but I just had to see you again. If you could find it in your heart to love me back, that would be awesome. And if not, at least I got to see you one last time. That's why I wanted you to come out here, to see you again".

There was another one of those long and uncomfortable pauses. Shit, I wasn't ready for that curve! Did I still love my little sister?

Oh yeah! But was I still in love with her? That would take some time to figure out. "Bottom line, then, Sis, is you're asking me to be your lover again? That's a long leap after thirty five years, don't ya think? I mean, we aren't the same people we were back then. You've changed, and I have too. We both have a lot of left-over baggage to think about. You're widowed, and I'm divorced, so availability isn't the issue, but what about the scars we've accumulated?

It's gonna take a bit of time to sort all that out, isn't it? Are you ready to go through all that?". "I've had a lot of time to think this through, Brian.


Am I ready? More than you'll ever know. The question is, are you? Given the opportunity, would you even want to bother? I don't know. Only you do. But if I don't ask, I'll never know, and it's that wondering whether or not, that's eating my guts out. So now, it's your turn to talk to me". Damn! She was my sister, but she was just as much of a turn-on now as she had ever been.

Not just her body, but her heart and soul as well. This was going to take some serious thinking. "Sarah, let me sleep on it tonight, okay? I've never even considered it. Not until now, anyway. But, for what it's worth, I do love you. Still. But one of those scars I mentioned has got me staying away from loving any woman.

There aren't too many ladies that I'm inclined to change that for". I stared into her eyes, looking for an answer. Hell, I'd settle for a subtle hint! But deep down inside me, I knew I had feelings for this woman that had been launched so many years ago, and still existed.

"Sarah, like I said, there aren't many women, but you just might be one". July 4th doesn't have fireworks as bright as the lights in my sister Sarah's eyes at that moment!

I felt exhausted, both physically and emotionally. Just to complicate matters, I was given my choice of beds to sleep in, one being the guest bed and the other my sister's. One part of me wanted some space and time to sort out my aching head. The other screamed at me to do something about the ache I my heart. All that, and I was too tired to even make the decision! But I'd let my head rule my heart for so many years that it had become second nature.

My first gut reaction was to use the guest bed, get some rest, and think through this whole situation until the morning. Sarah and I crawled into her bed anyway. There was a method to the madness. First, letting my head rule my heart had gotten me into enough shit over the years. It was time for a change. Second, if you had to make a choice between sleeping alone or with my gorgeous sister, the question wouldn't have come up in the first place!

We overcame the initial awkwardness easier than I thought we would. Well, maybe it was just me that felt awkward, because Sarah showed no signs of being uncomfortable disrobing in front of me. With that body, she sure had nothing to be ashamed of! I didn't feel quite so gallant. In fact, I felt like an embarrassed bridegroom, overly concerned with my bride's reaction to what she had married! The years had added a few pounds and several extra inches around my middle.

Definitely not the body my little sister had known the last time we had been together! For the first time in my life, I felt self-conscious! "Mmm! Big brother, you've got too many clothes on! Get your fat ass undressed, and into that bed before I do it myself!", Sarah growled at me.

I had no idea if her comment was for her benefit or mine. To be honest, I no longer cared, either. Within seconds we were under the sheets, her in a sheer nightie that reached just below her pussy, and me in my undershorts. I chuckled to my self that this pair had a very slim chance of seeing the light of morning still intact. My little sister had been known to literally shred fabrics that got between her and her desired destination!

It's amazing how you go through inconsequential details in your mind in a new situation, and tonight was no different for me. For example, Sarah and I had our preferred locations on a bed when we were together, and we automatically assumed those positions now.

As I got comfortable, I realized that this side had a definite imprint that told me my sister usually slept where I was now. When I mentioned that fact to her, she was quite unaware of it, then came up with one of the greatest come-backs ever. "Guess I must have been keeping that side warm for my big brother.

Either that, or anticipating him being back with me!". I didn't care which it was, or whether it was true or not. But it did inspire me to pull Sarah closer to me. She immediately laid her head on my chest wrapped an arm over my stomach, and covered my legs with her upper thigh. In less than a nanosecond, thirty five years of being lost and apart from each other disappeared!

"Damn, Brian! I've wanted this moment for so fucking long! Even when I was in Tom's arms, I remembered what it was like to be in yours. Even had fantasies about it! Now that I'm here again, I'm never leaving! Not until you're dead and cold, and that's still a questionable thing!", Sarah murmured.

It sounded kind of ghoulish, but I knew exactly what she meant. "I know what you mean, Sis. But I'll tell you a secret. I'm gonna count to three, and if your lips aren't up here, I'm gonna drag you up by the hairs until they are!".

Sarah lifted her eyes as her muscles anticipated moving. Just as she was about an inch away from my hungry lips, I mumbled, "Three", then tasted her luscious kisses.

She almost attacked me, her demanding urgency for love possessing me, consuming me, making me feel helplessly vulnerable to her.

I'd lost many, many battles against my little sister's charms. This proved to be another one. As Sarah broke that long-overdue kiss, she whispered, "I thought you said you were counting to three?". "I did. I just didn't say I would count by ones!", I whispered back. She chuckled softly, then attacked me again, her tongue almost forcing itself on me. As I said, I never could say no to my little sister.

She gained entrance, and ran her tongue up the back of my upper teeth and across my palette. It had been electric when we were younger, and it was even more so now. I groaned in delight, not able to stop the reaction even if I had wanted to.


Almost instinctively, my hand sought her breast, wanting it, needing it, demanding the softness of it against my palm. Even after the missing decades between us, I knew exactly where it was, what part of it felt so familiar, and what portions gave Sarah the most pleasure. Spreading my thumb, I cupped the underside of her as I enveloped that magical orb of femininity, drawn to her like a moth to light.

Sliding over her gossamer-like smooth skin, my fingers found her nipple, capturing it between thumb and index finger in a grip that allowed me to lightly tease her quickly-hardening nub. Sarah gasped deeply, then moaned as her breath escaped.


Being locked against her lips, I felt that moan more than heard it We both froze in the rapture of our physical contact, neither one of us willing to break the spell it cast over us. But Sarah wanted more. Still clamped to my lips, and with my hands fondling her breast, she slid her own hand down my belly and over my semi-erect cock. Her fingers lightly traced an outline from the back of my nut sac to the tip of my cockhead and back down again.

It took maybe two complete cycles to get me as hard as I remembered being when I was nineteen! Twice more and her fingers found the waistband of my shorts and scooted under it. Pausing on the way to continuing her manipulation of my turgid meat, she tickled the pubic hairs at the base of my cock. That had driven me crazy the last time we made love, and it still had the same effect, only more so! In reaction to my little sister's touch, I rolled us both over so that she was on her back and I was on my side.

Sarah's fingers were trapped between my thighs during that manoeuver, gripping my sac lightly but deliberately. I snatched the hem of her nightie with my hand and pushed it up to her neck, then broke our kiss so that I might taste her marble-hard nipple between my lips.

Sarah stopped stroking me just long enough to remove that fabric barrier to her chest, then re-established her claim to the exclusivity of my manhood. The confines of my shorts became a frustration for her, and she grabbed the leg opening and ripped it to oblivion! A part of me felt shocked as I realized that I wore a waistband and a leg opening of elastic, but nothing between those two items.

The sensation of her fingers on my prick pushed that thought out of my head instantly! It also called up a demanding desire in my hand to practise its wanderlust tendencies as I traced a pathway from her breast, over her tummy, danced sensuously in the forest of her corn-silk soft pussy fur, as continued its journey to the wondrous secrets of her slit.

My first encounter was the hood of her clitoris, and I hooked my finger at the apex of that inverted V as I beckoned her nub to join in our re-acquaintance. The response was almost instantaneous as Sarah's sex button emerged to greet me at the same time its owner groaned in delighted rapture.

She jerked her leg, bending it at the knee as she invited, begged, and demanded that I explore the entire territory of her gash. As desperately as I wanted to comply, I wasn't anywhere near finished with the conversation with my favourite friend, her nub. By the feel of the pressure Sarah was pushing herself against my finger, it wasn't ready to part either.

However, all good things must come to an end, and I took my leave as I slid deeper into the cavern of her vulva, replacing that wandering digit with my thumb to console her deserted clit. It must have appreciated the gesture, as Sarah gasped and groaned even more as I sought her entrance.

Her outer lips opened to my intrusion like the petals of a flower, welcoming me like a long-lost lover in to that love-cave that I hadn't visited for so long. As though to spread the welcome mat, her love canal flooded it self with Sarah's juices, beckoning me to come in and correct a long-overdue absence. Somehow, Sarah's panties had disappeared from her body, and to this day, I have no idea how or where. I just know that their guard over her charms was totally ineffective, and their disappearance appreciated by both of us.

It also made my return to her cave of passion more welcoming. As I extended my search, Sarah's demand that I spend as much time visiting as possible was expressed in a series of quick gasps, moans, groans, and mewls, each one increasing my feelings of lust and love more than the last.

God, I wanted this woman! My finger just had to pave the way for my now-straining cock, the same one my sister's hand had tight possession of! Moving to the ridges of her G-spot that I had known so well before, I lightly rubbed across them as an announcement of my return. My beckoning to that erogenous area of Sarah's sex was greeted with an onslaught of lust and desire.

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"Oh God, Brian! I've waited for this for so goddamned long! You still know this body, and that part of me that wants you inside me so badly! Shit, big brother, I need you to make me cum!". Within seconds I could feel her walls beckoning, calling, demanding my further residence as her cunt contracted and gripped me in an unyielding attempt at total capture.

The arch of her back off the bed advertised to anyone sensing her that she was about to soar to the heights of an overwhelming orgasm. I welcomed its coming, invited its arrival, insisted on its advance. Sarah pushed her hips forcefully against my arm as her cum consumed her very existence. "Y-e-s-s-s, big brother! I'm c-c-u-u-u-m-m-m-n-n-n-g-g-g!!", and Sarah's entire body trembled, shook, and froze as the sensations of her climax superceded everything else in her being!

I'm not sure who enjoyed this trip to Nirvana more, her for going there, or me for being able to open the gates to her pleasure. The increased pressure of her grasp on my cock almost made me a connected part of her experience, and I loved it! I continued to stimulate her vagina until she eased out of its claim on her. "Dammit, Brian! You have no idea how much I missed how you can do that to me, to my body! Now it's my turn! Come inside me, give me that gorgeous cock of yours, fill your little sister that's missed you so fucking bad all these years!", and that little wisp of femininity rolled me over her thigh into a position of demand between her legs.

In one swift movement, she had placed me just at the entrance to her cunt, and was rocking her hips with sufficient force to wrap her pussy lips around my cockhead. It was an invitation no man could refuse, even if he'd been dead for two hundred years! My lust insisted that I ram myself deep into her as quickly as I could, but the love for this wonderful woman demanded that I savour every inch, every millimetre of the journey!

Advancing slowly but deliberately into her love channel, the ridge of my glans explored and delighted in the many textures of her cunt walls, until we were finally joined by both our sexes and our pubic bones. I could feel the pointed hardness of her clit as it pressed against my skin, seeking its own private doorway into my body! We both gasped and revelled in the union, and probably made enough noise to wake the dead!

And you know what? Neither one of us gave a flying fuck about anybody, or anything, outside our tight sphere of consciousness! "Fuck me, big brother! Fuck your little sister's cunt and make her come! God, Brian, I need you so fucking badly! If you even think about pulling that cock out of me, I'll cut the Goddamned thing off and keep it until my dying day! Take me! Now!", Sarah screamed lustfully. A thought about correcting her terminology flew into my brain.

It left almost as soon as it arrived, probably because the feelings that Sarah's pussy was telegraphing to my groin, my cock, and my entire body were so overwhelming that there wasn't room for conscious thought! I had never wanted a woman as much as I wanted my little sister that moment! Instinctively, my hips began to pull my manhood out of her sex tube, then push me back in to the farthest reaches of her cum cavity, slowly at first, then faster with the power of her lust.

The connection between us demanded more of her, and for her! It felt like mere seconds later that my balls tightened and lifted as they primed my cum-tube with a huge charge of womb-filling scalding spunk! Damn, as much as my body wanted to climax, the sensory overload screamed for more of her, of this coupling, of her total possession of me!

But try as I might to control that invading pressure at the base of my cock, I was helpless! As the imminence of my explosion established itself, I became aware of the tightening grip of Sarah's walls on my turgid meat. We would cum together! Now, instead of dreading the culmination of our joining, I welcomed it, craved it, almost willed it!

Sarah arched her back in an effort to force me as deep inside her as was physically possible. To that end, I rammed my phallus as deep into her as I could go, then kept it at that depth as the first stream of my hot sticky cream burst from my jizz slit in its quest for her waiting womb! In response, Sarah's cum-canal almost sucked me to its furthest extent, yelling for more of my seed!

In unison, we screamed of the domination of our lust to the rest of the world! As our orgasms invaded every cell of our bodies, the intensity was such that I could almost feel my sister's orgasm in conjunction with my own! The grip of her legs around my waist implies that she could also feel mine! We were joined not only physically, but spiritually as well! Never, in all my memories, had I felt this much a part of another human being's existence! The closest I could come to for a description was an effect similar to Alice Through The Looking Glass!

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We rode the crest of that wave of passion and lust together, our souls joined as they swooped through the open skies of our joint existence! Too soon, the experience ended, but the memory of that one shared moment would remain until the stars all burned out!

With a peace that I hadn't felt inside me for. . well, a very long time, I held my little sister as tightly as I dared, afraid that after finding her again, I might lose her!

If the question of being in love with her had been posed before, it was a no-brainer now! I could feel and sense that Sarah felt exactly the same way, and for the same reasons. It was a toss-up as to who held who the closest and tightest, not that the final score amounted to a hill of beans. We both knew, deep in our hearts, that the separation from each other was over, and the reunification was the single most important aspect of our very existence.

No words were needed to communicate the revelation to each other, and none were spoken. "Brain? I love you, dammit!

I've wanted you, needed you, and on occasion, had you, most of my life. But I've never felt this close to anyone, ever, before! I just wish it never had to end, that's all". "End? Who says it'll ever end, Sis? You just took a part of me that I can't exist without, so I guess I'll just have to either fade away, or stick around for the rest of whatever!

Like it or not, you're gonna have to get used to your big brother invading your life. Think you can handle that?". The warmth and strength of her kiss as she possessed another part of me for eternity was answer enough.

"One more little favour, Sarah? Please, please, don't ever ask me to fuck you again. I've had you, taken you, loved you, given myself freely to you, and hope to live ling enough to do all that again. But I've never just straight-out fucked you. You mean too much to me to just use you and discard the left-overs.

I know, it's a picky little thing, but it's also a part of me that you've made me realize. I neither can, nor want to lose track of that gift. Deal?". Sarah squeezed me tight enough to remind me of my ribs, and it was painful. Painful, but in a good way, a loving way, a part of us way. It just wasn't something I wanted to go through continuously.

I definitely would, however, always remember the lady that had caused that sharp reaction, and why she'd done it. For the rest of our lives, I'd remember. Sarah eased out of the bed and made her way carefully over to her bureau, opening one of the drawers just out of my vision of its contents. "Just where the hell do you thing you're going, young lady?", I demanded of her.

"Get the pretty little ass over yours back here, and hold me like no other woman can! That isn't a request, either! It's a demand!", I growled at my little sister. "Listen, Buddy!. I have a pussy full of my brother's hot cum in me, and I intend to keep every drop of his life-giving cream, and every degree of his heat inside my cunt, to savour for as long as I can! You have no fucking idea of how much that means to me, how long I've waited to have a part of him inside me again!

I'm grabbing a pair of panties to help hold him inside me!", and she slipped on a pair of pink silk panties that barely covered her pussy. Pulling them up tight enough to do their job of retaining my cum, they outlined her slit like a second skin. Seeing her gorgeous sex inspired a threatening twitch from my cock, "I saw that, Brian Pelham!", Sarah declared.

"Try that one more time and I'll suck you until you're hard again, then ride you until I'm so fucking full of your spunk that I'll leave tracks like a fucking slug for a week!".

Sarah could always get me lathered when she talked dirty like that, and she knew it! There were still logistics to plan, problems and conflicts to overcome, and a hundred and one other details to take care of. Most of them would be relatively easy, but one or two would prove to both of us just how strong that commitment to each other that had started almost a half century earlier really was.

The next morning, over coffee, I had some more of those usual ten million questions buzzing around in my brain. A lot of them had been answered last night, but some still existed. Sarah still wore those protective panties from the previous night, and not much else. The sight of her body made it almost impossible to concentrate on anything else. But I tried. Honest, I really did! "Umm, Sis? You mentioned an emergency crisis when you called. Gonna fill me in on what that is, and maybe how I can help?".

"That depends, brother of mine. You mentioned that you might stick around, right? Any decisions yet?".

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"Yeah. Well, sort of. I know what I want and need to do. I just haven't figured out where I need to be to do it. And you're right. That was almost another repeat of ducking the question, wasn't it?". "Maybe. Tell me what it is that you want to do.


We'll come back to the where you want to do it part later". "Okay, what I want to do, and need to do, is be with my little sister for the rest of whatever. Last night proved to me beyond all doubt that, while I may be able to live like an urban hermit, I really don't want to any more. There's something inside me that makes me feel complete, fulfilled, and worthwhile.

It also seems that you're the only person I know that can bring that part of me out. Now that I've found it again, and you too, I'll be damned if I'm prepared to live without it. Or you, for that matter.

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I warned you about that last night, just before we fell asleep. Remember?". "Oh yeah, I remember! This morning, I thought you might have said that in the heat of passion, and I've been a little afraid of that possibility.

Are you telling me that I can stop worrying now?". "Yeah. . yeah, Sis, I am. You asked me if I was still in love with you last night, remember? Well, turns out I am, so I've got the same problem as you. Only cure I can think of is to get back to what we dreamed of years ago.

That brings up the next question though. Are we gonna stay here in Idaho, growing spuds or whatever, or are we going to ship you out to Ontario? There's strong arguments both ways on that point. Talk to me, little sister. I need you to be in this fifty-fifty". "Brian, if it was just me, I wouldn't care if we moved to Pago-Pago!

But you do have a niece, and she says she wants to get to know her uncle. Her life is here in Idaho, and to be honest, I can't see her pulling up roots and moving to Ontario. I'm not so sure that, with her being almost as important in my life as you are, I'd be comfortable in Ontario without her.

So there's a dilemma we have to address, right? It might mean that, if we're going to be together, you'd have to move down here. Is that do-able?". My mind raced through a thousand scenarios, but it was do-able, as she phrased it.

I'd have to pull a lot of strings and call every favour I was owed, but yeah, it was do-able. I went through some of my ideas with my little sister, just to help reassure her that our separation was finally over.

Then I downed my coffee, poured a refill, and made some phone calls. Brad, my boss, couldn't give me a definitive answer, but promised he would just as soon as he found anything out. Until that happened, there was no sense banging my head on a wall. The walls always won anyway. Just as I was sitting down at the table again, the door burst open and in walked my niece! I'd never met her before, or even seen her picture, but I would have recognized her anywhere, even on a moonless night!

And despite my weakening eyesight brought about with age, I think I had my first experience with double vision! Annie, my niece, struck me as a perfect clone of Sarah when I had last seen her, at the ripe old age of eighteen! For reasons that I didn't have the concentration to figure out, that sight made my heart rate almost double! "Hi! You must be my uncle Brian, right?".

any control I had ever had of my facial muscles evaporated as my jaw headed for the floor at the acceleration rate of gravity. "I'm Annie, your niece! Mum said you'd be here today, and I've been so looking forward to getting to know you!".

Ever had one of those situations happen to you that had red flashing lights and warning bells going off in your head? You have? As of that second, me too. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ As you can see, there's a potential opening to turn this into a multi-part story.

Send me a PM if you'd like to see it grow. Meanwhile, I have some other outlines to work on and finish. I'll post them when I feel they're ready. . if anyone's interested.