Beautiful busty brunette needs fuck

Beautiful busty brunette needs fuck
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Chapter 7 We went out of our room and to the staircase. As we walked down the staircase I had an idea. The rooms of the hotel were in 4 buildings. All buildings were build the same way.

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The buildings were U-shaped. The rooms had balconies on the outer sides of the U und were entered through doors on the inner side of the U. When coming out of the room you first got onto a big balcony connecting all the rooms and there was one staircase on each long side of the U.

The staircase was open towards the long sides and had walls towards the short side and the opening. So when you were on the staircase everybody on the balcony of the other long side could see you.

We had our room on the second story and just as we had walked down the stairs to the second story I stopped Tina. "Pull up your skirt to your waist." She did as I told her but kept looking to the balconies on the other side of the building. If somebody was to step onto any of the balconies (one on each story) he or she would now have a perfect view of her nice round ass and her very red face. I put my hand on her ass and gently massaged her right buttock.

"Do you like that, Tina?" "Yes" I let my hand move to her front. On the way I took my hand back until just my fingertips were gently brushing her soft brown skin. I took my time at her hipbone tickling her a bit, letting my touch grow so soft that she almost didn't feel it anymore and then I moved my hand further towards her pussy, not yet touching it but instead letting my fingertips roam around on her pubic bone, going as low as her clit but not yet touching it. "Do you want me to touch you there?

Do you want me to make you orgasm here?" "Yes" I moved my fingers lower, putting my thumb against her clit and gently pressing her button while my index finger moved up and down against her pussy lips. I felt her hot oily juice run down the back of my hand. She was so wet that her juices were literally dripping out of her. "Do you want my finger inside you?" "Yes.

Please hurry, I want it so bad." I pushed my index finger into her slit. I enjoyed the way the soft rippled skin on the inside pressed my finger, squeezing it and pulling it in at the same time. I pushed farther into her and pulled it back out until just the tip was in her and then I pulled out again. I did that 4 or five times and just as she started to shiver lightly I stopped and pulled out of her.

"Turn to the wall" She turned so she was facing the wall and I made a step towards her. I was so close that she could feel my breath on the back of her neck as I put my well lubricated finger to her back entrance and slowly pushed it half an inch into her.

She pushed back towards me and I had to pull back or she would have taken the whole finger in.

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Somebody was getting desperate to get fucked here. "No, not yet. We'll save that one for tonight." I said as I pulled my finger from her ass and took my dick out.


I slapped her asscheek with my hard prick and whispered into her ear. "But I like that you are getting into the mood for it." Then I pressed the head of my fuckstick to her pussy as I put my left hand on her ass to make sure she did not push back again to take it all the way in right away.

Instead I just kept rubbing the head of my dick up and down between her pussy lips, never pushing into her pussy deep enough to actually enter her channel.

She moaned slightly enjoying the feeling of having her cunt lips teased. She tried to push herself onto me but every time she pushed on me I just backed away, never letting her get more then some teasing out of me. And just when she was about to turn around and literally jump me I gently bit her neck, withdrew my penis completely and whispered.

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"Look at that, my dick is covered with cuntjuice, clean it up." I grabbed her shoulder and turned her around to face me and then pressed on her shoulder for her to kneel down in front of me.

She kneeled down on the open staircase, still holding the hem of her dress at waist level to keep her ass and cunt exposed as I held my dick in front of her face for her to lick.

I enjoyed how she greedily leapt up her juices in the hope of getting me horny enough to take her back to our room and fuck her or fuck her right here; I don't think she cared anymore. But instead I just enjoyed the feeling and let her do her work and when I decided I had enjoyed her tongue long enough I slapped her cheek with my dick, put it back into my pants, turned around and I did not even bother to look back at her kneeling there as I said.

"Get up, I'm hungry." And I just walked away towards the dining hall. Chapter 8 We entered the dining hall, took some food from the buffet and set down. And as soon as we had sat down I told Tina to spread her legs a bit.

Just far enough for her skirt to rise up a bit so that I could finger her pussy during lunch. Then I whispered to her "We are going to eat our lunch and after the desert we'll go to the public restroom next to the pool. We are going to wait until the restroom is empty and then we'll go in. You'll take of your dress, kneel down in the middle of the room and suck my dick.

You may masturbate while you service me and you may cum as soon as you have my load in your mouth." "But what if somebody enters while I." She asked and turned red "Well, you'll either have to be fast or somebody will enjoy a damn hot show." We ate in silence and I put my hand between her legs every now and then to keep her as near orgasm as possible. When we had eaten all but our desert, a little bowl of strawberries, I turned to her, took one of the strawberries from the bowl and rubbed it up and down between her wet cuntlips.

Then I offered it to her "And before I forget it, I want your desert to be erotically flavored. I want every strawberry you eat to be covered in pussy juice" She ate the strawberry I offered her out of my hand and I felt my dick twitch as I saw that. Then she picked the next strawberry from the bowl and slowly moved her hand under the table and between her legs turning as red as the fruit as she did so.


When her hand reappeared the strawberry was glistening, covered in a thin film of the oily juice. She took it into her mouth and quickly bit it a couple of times and then swallowed it. "No, Tina. I want you to savor the taste of your pussy.

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Take your time with each fruit or I'll simply fetch another bowl. I want you to slowly lick your juice of the tip of the fruit like you were sucking cum from the tip of my dick." As she moved the next fruit between her legs I leaned over to her and gently kissed the side of her neck and put my hand on her thigh close to her crotch.

Then I kissed slowly upward until I reached the sensitive spot under her earlobe, just behind her jaw. Being that close to her ear I whispered in a low and seductive voice "Watching you eat pussy flavored fruits makes me so horny; I can't wait to give you my flavor." And after she had taken the strawberry from her cunt I moved my hand under her skirt and rubbed her pussy lips while she ate.

We continued doing that until the bowl was empty. When she was not rubbing the strawberries between her lips I was rubbing her with my hand and all the time I kept kissing her neck and her ear. A couple of times I even put my tongue a bit into her ear.


Towards the end of the bowl I even started to push a finger into her cunt which was dripping by now. When she was finished with her desert and stood up she had a wet spot on her dress where the cuntjuice had leaked onto the cloth. We went straight to the restroom and I told her to wait outside while I checked if it was empty "And if somebody should ask you why you are standing outside of the men's room, tell him the truth; that you intend to suck your boyfriend of in there and are waiting for him to check the room" And when I had confirmed that the room was empty and came out again, she was standing there, dark red, and next to her was a guy with a rather puzzled expression on his face.

"Is it true?" He asked me and I replied "Yes" and looking at Tina I added "You can watch if you want." Tina looked at my puzzled and dumbfolded but I just motioned for her to go in and as she passed the guy and I saw his eyes go down to her ass and follow the hypnotic movement of Tina's perfect round rear I said "Undress and kneel on the ground. Spread your knees about two feet apart and you can start playing with your pussy now if you want to" I saw the way the guy bend his neck to get a look of Tina undressing and turning to her I saw how she pulled her dress up over her head and put it on the floor as a soft patch for her knees.

"Last chance to come in" Without answering me he entered as if in a hypnotic trance.

"Lean on the door so nobody can open it and surprise us. You can jerk of if you want to." I told him as I turned to Tina and opened my fly. She was looking at me in a strange way.

She was embarrassed but at the same time to horny to think straight and since I had ordered her not to cum until I had filled her mouth she knew she had no choice so she just looked at my greedily wanting nothing more than my cum in her mouth and not caring all that much about the surrounding at the moment.

She took my dick deep down immediately. This was not about making it pleasant for me; this was just about making it quick. She grabbed my right hand with her left and put it on the back of her head to signal me that she wanted me to take control, knowing that I had always wanted to give her a rough blowjob.

Then she put her left hand on her ass, gently stroking her buttock both to make me hot and to indicate that she would not use the hand to stop me from anything I wanted to do. All the time her right hand was moving on her cunt. She used her palm to stimulate her clit while she pushed her middle finger into her cunt.

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The soft ducking noises from her pussy where soon drowned out by the sound of light choking as I pushed my dick into her throat. Every time I pushed into her, her throat muscles, following natural reflexes, tried to swallow what was in her throat and thus pulled on my dick and message it. After forcing my dick into her throat a couple of times I grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth of my prick.

Her saliva was dripping of it as I pushed her face lower towards my balls. "Lick my balls!" She started licking, then took one of my balls into her mouth and sucked on it as her tongue kept licking inside her mouth.

I held her had in place with my left hand as I jerked off with my right. I pulled her mouth away "Lick the underside of my sack!" And I pushed her face further down. She turned her head upwards as I spread my legs a bit and pushed her head between them. I felt her lips as she first kissed and then wildly licked the underside of my nutsack. Her wet tongue on the soft skin felt like heaven but I was in the mood for some throat again so I pulled her head up and put my dick to her lips.

She immediately opened her mouth and started sucking and licking again and soon I was fucking her face like in the beginning.

We made the change a couple of times. She went back and forth between my nuts and my dick as her saliva was running out of her mouth and down her chin. Her hand moved faster and faster on her pussy.

She was getting closer and closer but could not cum before I did but I was close and the next time I felt my dick enter her throat I felt the tingling in my balls and announced to her that I was about to cum. Her only reaction was to work her twat even faster and harder. I looked down and saw her big C cups swaying back and forth as her body followed the movement of her head back and forth on my dick and I lost all control.

I managed to pull my dick a bit out of her throat so she would not choke on my cream and started blasting load after load of sperm into her waiting hungry mouth. At first it went all right but after the second or third rope I shot she started orgasming and it was a strong one.

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The scream she tried to let go was muffled by my dick and the cream in her mouth but as she opened her mouth to scream it started running out and with every new rope I shot her mouth overflowed and the thick white liquid ran out of her mouth and down her chin and onto her breasts. I went on like that for a long time and when my orgasm finally ended I stepped back and looked at her. Her hair was a mess. She had sweat like crazy because of her finger work and the hair stuck to her face and neck.

The brown skin of her chin and tits was covered in white sperm which looked extremely erotic and one big glob of it had formed on her left nipple. A thick line of cream had run down her breast and onto the dark brown, almost black, areola and then it had began to drop from her erect nipple but the drop had not been big enough so it just stayed there and now rocked back and forth to the rhythm of her breathing as her chest rose and fell with the deep breaths she was taking.

She still had her legs spread and her hand was still moving on her cunt although much slower now and not with the intention to get her off again but just so she could enjoy the aftereffects of her orgasm longer. She was looking up at me and removed her left hand from her ass to wipe up the cum from her chin and let it drop into her mouth from her fingers. She swallowed it still looking at me and then wanted to scoop up the drop from her tit.

"No, just put your dress back on. I want the stains to show as we go home." That sentence triggered two things, an afterorgasmic shiver from her and this sentence from the guy who I had invited to watch "Before she puts on anything it's my turn." I looked at him and for the first time realized that he was a rather big fellow. About one or two inches bigger than me and a bit broader in the shoulders. "It's not. You're audience and nothing more." He strode towards me and grabbed me by the collar of my shirt.

Tina and I left the bathroom about one minute later. If he was smart he would not leave for the next couple of minutes because I had told him that it would be unpleasant if I saw him coming out and following us.

Some people are so stupid. In every martial arts class one of the first things you learn is how to deal with somebody grabbing your collar. Everybody who has done martial arts for 6 hours can take you down if you do something that stupid.

If you are dealing with somebody like me who has done that for over 6 years + 2 years in the army spec ops.But I was in a good mood so I did nothing that would not heal over the next couple of weeks. But still, beating people up like that in a foreign country is risky. You never know how the police is going to react to you so I decided that the public shows of affection would go on hold until the holiday was over.

After that little episode we went to the dining hall once more to get some more strawberries and then straight to our room. Maybe public sex was over but I had still a couple of things I wanted to do and the next item on my list was some hot photos and some even hotter videos.

It was still a great day to be me.