Milk A rides cock before fucking his ass

Milk A rides cock before fucking his ass
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This thing happened accidentally. I never wanted to tell but I thought I might share my experience with you all. It is our new neighbour's daughter Ria. She is just a school girl but she is hot. She is sixteen years old, black hair, four and half ft, not too fat, got a C cup, and a cute round back which easily attracts lot of eyes.

Her school dress is white shirt and a red colour skirt. She comes to our home often. We are very good friend. I too often tell her that, you are looking very hot.


She dose not mind. She is a very intelligent and smart girl, she understand human gazes very fast. And probably have sexual experience too but I never asked her because it is her personal matter. Last vacation she spend lot of time with us and I had taken chance of cupping her breast over her white shirt.

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Her boobs are round and firm, tits got spotted easily through her shirt. I told her that they are very good in shape, she smiled and said that, done get over tempted.

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I told her, she is having an attractive figure. She replied, it is not her fault. One day she came to our place telling that she needs to use our bathroom because she wants to pee badly and her parents have locked the door. I told her, our bathroom is out of water and it will refill again at evening. She begged me to let her pee, she told, she cant pee in road like boys do. Then I told her that she can use our garden corner as urinal.

She told that, it is too open for a lady to pee.


I said, no problem, I shall cover for you. She agreed. We two went there, she had asked me to take away my eyes, I asked her, will there be any problem if I see her doing it.

She smiled and said okay. She lifted her skirt, pulled her panties down. Her ass looks more sexy then it appears under clothes. She was squatting down under a tree facing her butt towards me, I placed my left hand under her butt and stopped her from squatting, she could not start the water feeling my palm on her butt, my middle finger was on her ass crack, I squeezed her ass. She looked at me surprisingly, I asked her, to face me front. She stood up. I asked her to give me her panties.

She pulled down her panties slowly and gave it to me. I smelled it, it was already wet and stinking. Then I asked her to lift her skirt and squat down, she did as I told and then she started to pee, i bend down and cupped her mound, there was young hairs covering her mound. She stopped pee as soon as I touched her, and got little embarrassed, she was half done, and said, what are you doing, will not you let me pee? I said her, not here, you got to do it in a different place, then I wiped her pussy with her panties and then I held her hand and took her to the corner of the garden.

There was a bench, I sat on the bench and asked her to stand in front of me. Then I asked her to hold her skirt up, she did it quickly because she wanted to release.

I placed my palm on her pussy, cupped it, started to caress. Ria bite her lips in pleasure, I ran my fingers between her legs, feeling her arse. She moaned in a low voice. I asked her to hold me for support, she kept her hands on my shoulder and bend a little towards me, her boobs were touching my face.

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Nipples were visibly hard under her clothes. I undid her buttons and she did not have bra inside. I let the shirt slid off her boobs. I placed my right hand on checking her nipples, and fixed my left hand fingers covering her moist pussy and ask her to finish her pee.

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She obeyed like a good girl and made my fingers wet with warm piss. She poured her last drop, One drop, then one drop, I could feel her sphincter muscle movement with my left hand. She is really trying to empty the every drop of water from her bladder I asked her not to move, then I wiped her pussy with her panties. She then asked me to pee for her, I got stunned. She said, she had given me the option to enjoy her now it is my turn to do it.

I told her, I can not squat like her, she said me, No, you have to squat, and you must squat on this bench so that I can access your whole package.

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I did that. I was already horny watching and touching her, she noticed it.

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It was very hard to pee though, I told her that, I need to wait until it gets soft or I cant pee, she hold my penis in her left hand and ask me to get soft in her hand. She was not stroking it but it was really very hard to get soft inside her grip.

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She started caressing my balls with her right hand, I tried to take my minds away from the situation, and after few minutes I succeed to get it soft, then I started to pee, as soon I started to pee, she started to stroke meand I got hard again, I told her, let me pee first, she told, remember what you did to me, I am going do the same thing to you.

I did not argue with her. I told her, if you stroke me that much, I shall cum, she smiled and said, I shall not let you cum, and then she asked me to pee again, this time she allowed me to finish but her grip was tight around my penis and it was a different feeling. She smiled when I finished and said, hope we shall do this again. I wanted to fuck her very hard because I was very horny, she did not allow me to cum.

I told her that, I need a relief. She said, she will suck me but only after washing my penis. I ran inside my home, she followed me in.

she took a glass of water and hold my penis in her hand, she inserted my penis in the glass full of water, I got soft instantly. She smiled and said, hope you got a relief. I shall give you a head next time.

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Then she got up and told, we are planning a camping, I shall let you know the details later. She took her panties back from me and left the place.