Stieftochter shirley diimples

Stieftochter shirley diimples
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"LONELY HOUSEWIVES" By Blueheatt She held tight&hellip.she was shaking&hellip. I grabbed her butt cheeks and began to fuck her slowly at first, she was livid with excitement.

She, in her mind was fucking a teenager she had dreamed about for years. She muttered &hellip.'yes baby yes…amy's cuming now&hellip.I've wanted you to cum and fuck me baby&hellip.your here now…Oh&hellip.Damn little amy is going to cum for you so good…she's been waiting and waiting for you… Some things she muttered I couldn't understand as she built up and up to her ultimate climax again.

Each time it got better, as she fucked me with her eyes closed. Soon she started to shake. I mean shake real hard! I felt her push her pussy in me as deep as it would go and then squeeze my dick hard as she yelled out her climax, just as my dick exploded in her pussy. She held me so tight and started kissing me as she said: "Oh My God" over and over as she continued to shake and fuck more. Wow…what a wild woman going crazy on me.

Best sex I ever had, it shook me up as we slowly collapsed on us. Her pussy still squeezing my dick at times. I felt her heart beat hard for a long time…then she began to melt on me.

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She felt wonderful, so warm and smelled so good. ----------- My phone rang two days later. "Mr. James, you sir, are the best lover ever. Rest up, tomorrow evening you will meet 'Angel'. She's special and needs your service. I went that evening, sat in the den as usual. No blindfold. In walks a 5'2" blond with 42d boobs. She smiled at me, I stood up and kissed her hand.

We said nothing. We didn't let go of our hands touching. Our arms slowly went around us as we stepped closer. She had on a long black dress…or was it a fancy robe?


Ours eyes met and devilish smiles appeared on both our faces. We began to dance with no music. We pull us tighter to each other, feeling the swaying of our body's.

I was stunned at what a beauty she was and how we were just naturally drawn to each other. I was a foot taller than her. A turn on for me. I bent my head down and kissed her neck softly. She had on pearls that glowed on her.

She shivered and ran her fingers thru my hair. Our breathing explained our feelings, no words needed. She liked to be held quietly&hellip. I got an eerie feeling as our body's touched, like static electricity, but inside me. That name 'Angel' it haunted me. I gulped&hellip.fate couldn't be doing this, could it?

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I had been talking with an 'Angel' girl on line. Could this be her?&hellip.I kept silent as to not cause problems with Amy. --- 'Angel' felt it too as she thought&hellip. ' His touch felt almost familiar, and my fingers tingled when I touched him. I disregarded it and only thought about a perfect time for Chad to come over and pleasure me.' Angel would be my first client. She lived in a big house, her husband actually lived in England and kept her here where she wanted to be.

I was to come over that evening, and spend the night. I knocked on the door and Angel answered and pulled me in. She led me into her special room for comfort, she called it. I was a huge room, with several beds and couches.

The center of the floor was all this padded and lot of big pillows all over it. She had that stunning blond hair, big tits, and wore a long black see thru gown. She held me by the hand as she led me in. As I looked around I felt her behind me. Her hands went around my waist, and I felt her head on my back.

She swayed us back and forth to the soft music. Her fingers started un buttoning my shirt and pants. She continued to undress me and then handed me a black robe to put on. She turned down the lights to just dim.


She walked towards me and smiled and we danced slow with her feeling my body as I felt hers. Huge tits that my hand couldn't cover. She led me over to a couch and pushed a remote.

Soon a maid came with two glasses of wine and set them down. The maid smiled at me and looked me over for a minute handed me a little remote with one button on it that said: "Maid". She slowly left the room. Angel smiled and said softly: "If you need anything at all, just push that button. Dora will come and fix you right up&hellip.if you have the strength to push it." We held our glasses up to toast us and Angel gulped a full glass down in one shot.

She poured another and another for herself and down they went. She got up and took off my robe as I took her gown off. We then danced naked. She had a hot body and pushed her pussy into my rising dick. She then led me over to a couch and set me on the padded floor with a soft pillow behind my back. She put a big pillow behind her head and put he legs on top of mine and scooted her pussy in close. She pushed a button on her remote and soon out came Dora with a lady's electric razor on a tray.

Dora presented to me. I took it and Angel said: "I've always wanted a man to shave my pussy, please go ahead." Dora looked at my hard dick, smiled big and left.

Angel had been shaved but needed it again, only fuzz was on it. We smiled at each other as I started in. I pulled her pussy closer to me and began shaving her pussy as she moaned and squirmed.


I pushed her legs way back as I continued shaving her. The vibration from the razor was making her squirm and moan.

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"…oh yes…that's it baby, keep that up…oh god yes!…ooooo. I kept shaving until her pussy was as smooth as a baby's ass. I rubbed my face on it as she moaned and Held my head and guided my mouth to he slit. I slowly started licking slit, going a little deeper with each lick.

She kept up a steady moan as she got wetter and wetter. I flicked her clit with my tongue just watch her jump each time. I worked my tongue up her body to her tits and nipples.

She had her eyes closed in pleasure. I kept going and soon our tongues met and dance around our mouths.

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I had her legs on my shoulders and started slipping in my dick. She gasp and said: "Fuck me James, fuck me good!" I found her very tight and slowly kept putting more of my dick with each stroke. Now she was hyper with excitement. She moaned that hadn't had sex in so long she wanted me to fuck her all night long.

We did just that. She was the kind of fuck that wanted it to last. I kept slow fucking her as we felt our body's. She kind of never stopped moaning with one break.

She pushed the button for Dora. I was still fucking her slow. Dora came in with a sexy smile looking at us fucking. Angel want more wine to drink. Dora went and got it, and returned with it on a silver tray. I was a little embarrassed but Dora was not. Angel said to her: "Do you like Mr. James?" Dora replied: "Oh god yes, he's hot looking." Angel said: "Would you like to play with Mr.

James, I have him all night?" I got the picture I was being passed around to Angels maid.

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Angel said: "I'm going to take a break, show Dora a good time Mr. James, will you?" We sat up on the couch as Dora smiled and started taking her uniform off, with Angel smiling and watching. Dora was built hot. Slim with long legs that I loved.

Angel watched and sipped her wine. Dora body slammed me down on the couch as Angel squealed with delight. Dora sat on top of me and put my dick in her warm pussy. She started bouncing on me feeling her own tits. Angel ask me: "How do you like Dora, Mr. James?" I said: "She's hot and beautiful." Angel said: "Dora is bi- sexual and she takes care of me, but needs a man to fuck now and again. Dora leaned over on me and quietly moaned.

Angel went to the lady's room and while she was gone Dora whispered: (".I'm only bi with her for the big money she pays me. God I've needed somebody like you, but please act like I'm a great fuck, to make her happy." I said: ("I won't have to act, your way hotter than she is Dora!") That lit a fire in her and she got a little crazy moaning and fucking me hard and crazy.

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When Angel got back, we were both moaning and fucking wildly, our body's slapping together. Angel leaned her head on the couch and closed her eyes. She had about 5 glasses of wine and she was going to sleep. Dora whispered: ("…oh god James, your going to make me cum so good, It's been so long I …oh god yes…" Dora began moaning and fucking me fast and wild.

I held her hot body and we fucked like we'd been fucking forever. She moaned in my ear as I shot cum up into her fast moving pussy. I felt her pussy squeeze my dick so hard as she gasp for breath. Damn she felt good, and really knew how to fuck a man. She shook and kissed me over and over. She whispered: ("…your beautiful, wow no acting with us, I wish I could afford you all the time.") She looked up and Angel was passed out.

She said: "Your client has passed out, I better take care of you. You need a shower."