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Mobile gay porn teeny boy sex video first time Staff Sergeant knows
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Hot Box Chapter 3, The Lost City Fiction, Romance, Adventure, Male/Female One of the nice things about have a rather "liberal" girlfriend is all of the nice little perks that come along with them. For example, it was still our sophomore year at college and Mandy and I had just finished one of our marathon sex sessions. It really was cool being able to spend so much time inside her. And I know that I will never ever forget what she feels like.

The only complaint that I might have had is that it left me so drained of energy. After cumming in her 5 or 6 times in one evening over a 4 hour stretch of some really vigorous intercourse, it becomes a necessity to eat a lot of food and get some sleep; usually in that order. As we lay there in the bed with our legs intertwined and just enjoying the afterglow Mandy suddenly propped herself up on one elbow and looked me in the face.

"You do know that you can fuck me whenever you want," she said as she swirled her finger around in the hair on my chest. "I know," I said as I brought my right hand up and patted her on the back of her head.

"Why? Do you want some more?" I asked with a raised eyebrow. "Maybe…after I go and drain," she said with a smile. "But that's not what I mean.

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I mean that if you wake up in the middle of the night and have a stiffy, by all means help yourself. I won't mind at all." Then she playfully plucked one of the hairs out of my chest.

"You read me?!" she reiterated as she grasped a large pinch full of the hairs over my left nipple and gave a gentle tug. "So I have free, unrestricted access to your hoochie coo," I said as I reached between her legs to find her box overflowing with cum.

"Is that right?" "If it feels good to you or makes you feel good doing it," she said with that wicked little grin on her face, "then I am game for anything." That's the kind of things I grew accustomed to with Mandy.

And I never had the slightest question in my mind that she was 100% exclusive with me. In short, I was the only one tapping her well. And I was completely happy with who I was with as well, so I saw no foreseeable change in the venue anytime soon.

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One evening I came back to her apartment a little late after a lengthy team meeting. (I guess I should just call it our apartment plus Cameron because I hadn't been back to my place in weeks and most of my clothes were already there) Cameron was sound asleep in the living room with some chick flick still playing quietly on the big TV and her hands stuffed down her panties.

Sometimes I wondered just who was the hornier of the two, her or Mandy, because they both seemed to be insatiable. At the entrance to Mandy's bedroom I was greeted with an all too familiar sight. Mandy was on her back with the blankets in total disarray.

She was only partially covered from her waist to her shoulder with her left breast shining bright in the dim light and her spread legs aimed in my direction. TOING!! Instant boner. Now I was going to take Mandy up on her offer of sex anytime I wanted it just to see what would happen.

After stripping off everything I climbed up onto the bed and just inserted myself into her, not worrying about subtitles. It took a few attempts and many short in's and out's before I was sliding in and out of her with long deep strokes. The first time I was able to fully burry my cock in her Mandy began to stir, stretching her arms and legs outward in a spread eagle fashion before her eyes slowly blinked open.

"Mmmmmm yea," she hummed before she brought her hands down to my hips and gently grasped hold of me. "That's how to get woke up!" "Sorry sweetie," I said as I continued digging a trench through her groin, "I didn't mean to wake you up." "Oh no," she said as she dug her fingers into my ass and spread her legs a little wider, "It's a hell of a lot nicer than waking up with Cameron fucking me with a bottle or something." "Really," I said as I suddenly pulled my cock out from her steamy depths and moved up her torso to stuff my meat into her mouth.

"I didn't think it would make too much of a difference for you," I said as I watched Mandy work her mouth up and down my shaft, leaving it nice and clean. After about 7 or 8 strokes in her mouth I pulled back and moved back down between her legs, stuffing myself back inside her only to start digging into her again at the same pace I had been before. "Well it does matter," she said as she shifted herself to the side a bit to get more comfortable.

"Bottles and toys are fun in their own right," she said as she rolled her hips upward a bit to get me to dig deeper into her. "But there is nothing that can replace having a man that you care about up inside you," and with that said she licked her lips and gave me a playful slap on the ass. "That hard man between my legs is what really gets my motor running!" No sooner had she said this when I pulled back out of her and moved back up toward her mouth.

Mandy readily opened her mouth and began sucking my cock clean again as I looked down at my beauty.

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"Why thank you honey," I said as I pumped my hips forward and back a little to give her a bit of a hand. To be dead honest about things I was actually enjoying having Mandy suck her own juice off my cock. I don't know why because it never really was a noteworthy point before. But for tonight it was mashing all of my buttons, just like leaning forward onto your keyboard.

Mandy managed to get a few more strokes with her mouth before I pulled back out and dove into her hot box again. She had a bit of a puzzled look this time, but that was quickly brushed aside by my powerful strokes.

I don't know what it was about her that evening but Mandy just seemed to feel better in every aspect of everything. She felt tighter, and warmer, and softer, and just all over more delicious than any other time I had been with her. When I pulled out of her pussy this time and started to head up toward her mouth she stopped me about mid torso. "Ok," she said as she locked her right hand around my cock, "Make up your mind, where do you want to cum?" That question was answered about 80 million years ago when the first caveman got him some cave nugg.

I looked down at Mandy and instantly moved back between her legs, allowing her to guide me right back in to her steamy depths. As soon as my cock bottomed out I began pumping in and out of her with determination.

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"Oh," she said as she braced herself against my harder thrusts, "you want to cum inside me." "Uh huh," I grunted as I continued driving into her with ever increasingly hard strokes. Mandy then placed the bottoms of both her feet on the mattress and lifted her hips upward, spreading her legs and offering her pussy to me.

"Ok," she said as she brought both of her hands to her breasts and began pinching her nipples. I don't know if she had planned this out before hand while she was having a coffee somewhere or if this was just a spur of the moment thing because Mandy held perfectly still for the longest time, allowing me to completely satisfy myself with the pleasures of her body. And when I did finally cum, it was complete.

Mandy pinched her nipples hard between her fingers and bit her bottom lip while I drained my balls into her. "Oh yea," she hissed quietly between her clenched teeth, "I can feel it squirting into me." I ran both of my arms up her back and grasped ahold of her shoulders on either side of her neck.

As I leaned backward on my knees I pulled her down hard onto me while I sat her up. She had no way of getting away now.

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She was going to stay fully embedded on my cock with her legs spread wide until I was satisfied that she had been there long enough. "You know what?" she half asked half stated as she brought her hands down to the pit of her stomach and gently caressed the soft smooth skin above where my cock was incased inside her. "If you could cum in me just a little bit harder," she said with a playful grin on her face. "I might actually be able to feel it hitting the top of my head!" "You say the nicest things." I responded just before giving her a kiss.

********************************************************************************************* Our trek through the southern Mexican rainforest was actually going better than I thought it would have.

We were pretty much on track for the time we had estimated to be in the jungle, Mandy already had the find of a lifetime just out of being a little clumsy, and neither one of us had an unstoppable case of the shits yet.

It really could not have been much better at that stage of the game.

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And as I suspected, when I woke up Mandy was already outside examining the knife. "Hey babe," I said as I crawled out of the tent and began looking for the coffee. "Find anything new?" "These engravings," she said as she turned toward me to reveal our magnifying glass held between her face and the knife. "They are not a whole bunch of fine engravings," she said as she set the glass down and slowly looked the knife handle over from top to bottom. "It's one long line that goes around and around, almost like a fingerprint.

One end of it is right here," she said as she pointed to a spot on the rounded smooth end of the handle. I looked and could see where the line just faded out to nothing. "And the other end is right here," she said as she pointed to the point where the cylindrical handle ended and the knife blade began. "It comes to this point right here and just stops." "So what do you think it is?" I asked as I poured some hot coffee into my cup.

"I really don't know," she said as she turned the knife over to examine the blade. "If you look at this end this is not a solid piece of metal with just some chunks missing from it," she said as she picked up the magnifying glass and held it out for me to see. "If you look closely it's actually 3 pieces stacked side by side." "That is weird," I said as I looked even closer at the object.

"Well, be sure to document as much of it as you can," I said before returning her find to her. "And make sure you put it somewhere safe. We definitely don't need to bend it." There really was no telling what she had found. Without the resources of the library it was impossible to come up with any viable conclusions based on just the few reference books we had brought along.

And even they were primarily for finding this place, not for trying to figure out what some artifact was that we found in a creek. But even I had to admit that there was a certain degree of familiarity with that object. It seems like I had seen it before as well. But there was no way to figure that out now. It was going to be a bit of an uphill battle with this one, and we still had a long way to go.

Upon referencing the aerial photograph and making some calculations with my compass, we still had another day or two of this nice thick jungle to trudge through before we could really start looking for this old city.

We were definitely in the thick of it and could not afford to have a little side item slow up the whole works. Within 20 minutes we were off through the jungle again, following the creek up the valley toward the west/north west. As far as I could tell it looked like there had not been another human being in this part of the jungle since that old man had come running out of it.

And even then, there is no way of knowing if this is the direction he had come from or not. The dense undergrowth kept visibility to only a few feet, opening up every now and then to give a little bit of a hint as to just how thick this mess was that we were in before it closed up again and seemed to swallow us up. It was in one of those small "clearings" that I just happened to come across the biggest pot plant that I had ever heard of in my life.

I had a few college buddies that grew a few plants in their closets and I was impressed to see some specimens get up to 4 feet tall with a nice "piney" smell. This damn thing must have been 25 or 30 feet tall with a central trunk that was as big around as a soda can.

Giant 2 foot long buds hung down on thick limbs around its base with purplish red flowers packed in between the sticky leaves. (You're damn right I took one of those monsters with me. What did you think I am, crazy?) Mandy just watched with a bit of amusement as I stuffed one massive bud into the webbing on the outside of my pack. Since we didn't have any Champaign to celebrate the find of the knife, this would just have to do as a substitute. After 2 days of mushing through the jungle we stopped in one of those little clearings again.

I had to try and get my bearings because I figured we should have made it there by now. "What's the matter," Mandy asked as she stopped behind me and instantly reached for her canteen. "I just need to establish our exact position," I said as I brought out my maps and my compass. "We should be pretty close." Mandy pulled her backpack off and set it on the ground, breathing a sigh of relief at having set the extra weight down.

"Well I'm just going to sit on this rock while you figure things out," she said as she swiped some of the vines back to expose just a little bit of the stone by her right foot.

I carefully double checked north with the compass and then took a bearing as to the direction of our travel. Looking at the aerial photograph of the region I then aligned the compass headings and found our entry point into the jungle. I had been marking our progress with a grease pencil as we went, and thus far everything was lining up. "How far do you think we made it today," I asked as I took my pencil and opened my notebook with all of my field notes in it.

Mandy seemed to be in her own little world as I looked down at her for her estimate. She had that weird little smile on her face and was gently rocking back and forth while her gaze seemed to be out into the infinite in front of her. "Hey." I said again a bit louder, snapping her out of her dream state. "How far do you think we hiked today?" "Oh," she responded, a bit startled at being jerked back into reality, "may 4 or 5 miles," she said as she once again started rocking back and forth.

I started to figure distance traveled and direction when I stopped and just gazed down at Mandy. She was really enjoying rocking back and forth on that rock. "What are you doing?" "This rock just seems to fit the bill nicely," she said with a smile as she slowed her movements to make one big long slow grind with her hips.

Curiosity was getting the better of me now because I wasn't even thinking about how far we had gone. I just wanted to know what was helping my girlfriend get off. "Let's see what you've got there," I said as I stuck my things in my pocket and stepped over to her. When Mandy stood up it was plain to see where she had been sitting. The few green leaves that still covered the bulk of the stone were mashed almost completely flat, giving a small hint of what lay underneath.

But the rock was still more than 90 percent covered with small vines, weeds and the like, making any analysis impossible. But I did head directly to the source of her obvious enjoyment and pulled up the leaf covering her favorite feature.

We both froze in place as the reality struck us like lightning from a clear blue sky. "It's a nose!" we both said in unison as the smooth carved shape of a nose aimed toward the sky came into view from under the flattened out leaves. "Holy shit," Mandy blurted out just before she started laughing, "I was sitting on a guy's face and I didn't even know it!" Excited by the find I began yanking vines and leaves from the stone face, exposing more and more with each pull.

"Well," I said after one last pull, pausing to let Mandy have a look as well, "It's not a guy, it's a woman." "What?!" Mandy said as she brushed some of the leaves back for a better look. Then it was my turn to laugh. "How about that," I said as I really started to laugh at the joke I was about to make.

"You turned lesbian and didn't even know it!" But Mandy, being the cool customer that she usually is, especially when it comes to anything sexual, calmly stated," That's ok. Women do a better job of eating pussy anyway." and she gave me that mischievous smile.

Talk about a stroke of luck. We had not seen anything that even resembled humanity of any kind for the last 4 days, and here it is that Mandy and her pussy found the vary civilization we were looking for. She had sat down on the remains of a stone statue that had long since fallen over. The image was of a woman, which really did not surprise us. I labeled the city on the aerial photograph as 'Mandy's snatch find' because we were right in the middle of it, and the find wound up being right in the middle of her.

(Her snatch, ok sorry, that was really bad) It was a stroke of luck that I hoped would keep on repeating itself as the discoveries kept coming. It took us a bit of work, and several 'Oh wow come and look at this,' moments before we had a bit of the ancient place re-exposed. Simple geographic features like a steep hill covered with trees and thick vegetation turned out to be a large 2 story stone building with windows and many rooms. It was simply amazing how the jungle had reclaimed its territory and swallowed up this small city made of granite.

We kind of "adopted" one of these structures turning it into our base of operations. (It was also the only one that had any kind of roof and was not full of roots and debris) It was kind of wild because it was almost nicer than our apartment back in the world.

With a good view in three directions, including the direction we had originally come from, it was an ideal place to set up shop for the short time we had left. I began the painstaking task of measuring what we could identify and mapping it out.

It was late in the afternoon before I could see a bit of a pattern showing up, giving me an idea of how the rest of the town might be laid out.

Our little "bungalow" was a corner structure next to an area that might have been used for farming, or possibly an open air market.

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The lack of any appreciable artifacts in that area negated the idea that it was further housing. And being slightly elevated from its surroundings gave our place the feel that it might have belonged to someone of some status. Mandy found several unbroken plates in one of the rooms that must have been used as a dining room. This was yet another indication that someone of some status must have lived here simply from the presence of a "specialty" room. After a while, however, there was no denying the inevitable.

I had to start swinging the machete again. The dense undergrowth made any kind of real discovering almost impossible. Looking at the map I was making and comparing it to the overhead photograph, we determined that a northeastern trek would probably profit us the most.

Working as a team we hacked and chopped until it was almost completely dark, exposing several more structures, several sets of stairs, and one structure at the farthest reach of our efforts that I had originally assumed was a rather large hill. It was massive with no real visible markings of any kind. (Only on the little bit that we could see) But it was time to call it an evening. We were both tired and there was no way to do all of this in just one day.

"Hey," I said to Mandy as I dropped my backpack on the floor right next to hers, "You did really good today." Mandy looked over at me before she gave an appreciative smile. "Thanks," she said before she turned to look out the window into the rising darkness. "But I couldn't have done it without you." "Oh you didn't need me," I said as I pulled out my sleeping mat from my pack.

"You and your pussy did just fine without any of my help." Mandy turned to look at me and scoffed as I lit up the lantern. "The only reason we found this place is because I was thinking how nice it would feel to have that big cock of yours stuck up in me." "Touché," I said as I lay down on the floor and prepared to slip into a deep coma like state.

"Maybe we can dazzle each other some more tomorrow," I said as I patted the mat next to me before closing my eyes. I never heard Mandy reply, nor did I hear her come over and lay down next to me, the day's events had zapped me to the point of complete exhaustion. With just a bit more than two weeks of supplies remaining, we were going to be hard pressed to document as much as we could before leaving would become non-optional. ********************************************** We had been working around the old city for a couple of days before we found the entrance to the catacombs.

(I fell into the hole in actuality) We were both ecstatic and cautious as we entered the ruins, knowing full well that this could easily be our grave if we were not careful. If anything happened while we were in here, the rest of the world would never know it. We were already 4 long days of hiking into the jungle before we found the ancient city, so we were completely on our own with no prospect of help if anything did happen. The passage was a rectangle lying on its long side, and it was full of old and fresh spider webs as well as places where the roots grew in from the ceiling.

With only one direction to go, we proceeded in as the torchlight pierced through the darkness that had remained undisturbed for centuries. The smooth granite stones barely reflected back any light at all as we slowly worked our way back into the unknown of our discovery.

"I don't see any engravings on any of the walls," Mandy said as she clicked on her flashlight and looked in the most likely places to find some carved relief. "Just think," I said as I led the way with Mandy directly behind me, "A whole civilization used to live here. I wonder how many thousands of people have already been right here." "The research seems to indicate that this was a city of some fifteen thousand," Mandy replied.

"I know that," I said as I stopped and turned to face her. "I was just thinking about how many of them would have been in here on any given day." "We won't know till we find out what this leads to," she responded. The passage led us quite a long way back into the depths of the big structure with several passages leading off to either side via a series of 4 way intersections. By my estimate we were a good 80 yards from where the outer edges sloped upward from our position on the ground.

I was just beginning to second guess having gone in so far when we came to the end of the tunnel. It was nothing grandiose it was just a large square room. In the center of the room atop a large stone platform was a big stone chair with ornate engravings all over it. There was nothing to indicate what the chair was for or why it was here; the engravings appeared to be only ornamental. But the really weird thing about it was that it faced away from the passage that had brought us in here.

In fact, it faced the blank wall at the back of the room. Looking at the stone seat it was obvious that this was the place for someone of importance.

The sheer size of it and its decorative beauty made it the obvious center of attention in the room. It more resembled a thrown rather than a simple seat. "Look at this," I said as I leaned down with my torch to give the seat a closer inspection. In the center of the seat bottom was a small circle with a slot cut in it that was about as wide as the thickness of a quarter. A single line started from one point on the circle and traced out the outline of someone sitting in the chair, notably marking the buttocks and thighs with the circle remaining directly under the crotch.

Other than that the seat bottom was completely smooth with only a small engraved boarder around the edges. "What do you make of that?" I said as I ran my fingers over the small slit in the stone seat.


"Not a clue," Mandy replied as her hand joined mine to move the dust out of the way, revealing a little more of the detail of the engraving in the stone. "You know what that looks like…" she said as she quickly pulled her notebook from her back pocket and flipped through several of the pages.

"It looks a lot like the engravings on this." she said as she pointed to the drawing she had made of the silver knife we had found several days before. "We'll have to go back and get it," I said as I stood up and looked around the room. The rest of the room was completely featureless except for a few small holes in the walls. Only the dust and cob webs from a few centuries of neglect littered the otherwise vacant place.

"I don't see anything else in here," I said as Mandy continued to look at the engravings on the chair against what she had copied into her book.

"Let's check out those other 4 rooms on the way out. We really need to get our packs." It only took the hint of the light leaving the room for Mandy to catch up to me. As disciplined as she might be, she still has an innate fear of the dark. I can't say that I blame her because I sure as hell would not want to be left in her with no lights.

But to feel her grip on my hips as I led the way out told me that it was just a bit more than a simple fear. The first of the 4 rooms we looked into on the way out was empty except for some old woven baskets in one corner that looked to have seen better days. There was no telling what had been in them due to the state of decay they were in so we really didn't mess with them.

Directly across the hall the find was a bit more interesting. The room was about half full of what looked like coconuts. But upon closer inspection they turned out to be fired earthen pots with some kind of simple plug in the top. Mandy lifted one and gently shook it, causing the liquid inside to slosh around a bit. "Back up with that torch!" Mandy said suddenly. "What is it sweetie?" I asked as I took a few steps back and assumed a bit of a defensive posture.

"They're either flasks or oil lamps," Mandy said as she eyed the pile from side to side. "And it appears that some of them are still full." "Oh yea," I said as I took an extra step backward with the open flame torch I was carrying. "A little closer and we might have met Montezuma ourselves," Mandy said as she backed away from the potentially explosive pile. This was the kind of thing that makes something like this trip to southern Mexico turn from what is supposed to be fun and adventurous into an obituary for your parents.

Just a moment of carelessness and we could have been blown into the next archeological find. Mandy cradled the one pot she had picked up against her belly as we quietly retreated from the room. "What are you going to do with that?" I asked as we headed for the third room. "We need to know what this is," she said as she made sure to keep the side with the plug aimed upward.

"I'll check it out back at the camp." The last two rooms both yielded nothing. Room 3, the closest to the entrance on the right as we came in was completely full of roots from top to bottom. With a chainsaw I might be able to open it up in a few days.

And room 4 on the opposite side of the hall had a collapsed ceiling. Whatever was in there was going to stay in there. All things considered it was not a total bust. We now had more things to work on and more research to do.

At our bungalow Mandy had me pull the 'cork" out of the flask as her quest to find out what was in it commenced. Instantly there was a strong aroma of petroleum. The people of this place must have figured out a way to boil down some tree sap or something to come up with oil.

Mandy dipped the end of a piece of straw into the flask and withdrew it. The end was covered in a yellowish brown kind of fluid that clung to the straw rather well. "Here goes nothing," Mandy said as she reached for the end of the straw with her lighter in hand.

It took just a moment before the 'oil' caught up and began to burn, making a small line of blackish gray smoke that trailed up toward the ceiling. "Voila," she said like she had just conjured a rabbit out of thin air. "Ok," I said as I set the pot down, "We now have an alternate fuel source." "That will come in really handy when we try to figure out that chair," Mandy said as she blew out the straw and began gathering her things into her backpack.

"I'll make up some torches before we head back down there," I said as I strapped the machete to my waist. Have you ever seen a deer caught in the headlights on a really dark night? They freeze in place. It's partially because they are completely scared shitless and do not have the ability to move, and it's partially because they cannot see. And since they can't see they don't move. The way both Mandy and I froze in place would have fit the description of a deer caught in the headlights of a car when we heard the voices.

I can tell you that instantly Mandy turned as white as a sheet. I mean every last bit of color washed out of her in a microsecond. I'm sure the same must have happened to me, but I was geared more for action than freezing in place.

"Holy shit!" Mandy whispered as she covered her mouth with one hand and her crotch with the other. "Calm down," I said as I moved over to the window that afforded a view back in the direction we had originally come from. Just within the reach of sight I could see 4 or 5 Mexicans working their way up the path I had made several days before. My guess is that they were a bunch of the local low life's from the village of Barrio El Zorrillo and they were looking to make an easy hit on some stupid Americans.

I had not even thought about trying to move through the jungle without leaving a trail, so I had left the trackers a highway to follow. They still had not spotted our position and were a good 250 yards away, but they were on an intercept course and I was certain that this meeting was not going to turn out good for us.

I turned around to see Mandy still covering her mouth with tears now coming out of her eyes and rolling down her cheeks. "Sweetie," I said as I picked up my backpack and quickly put it on, "I really need you to be with me right now, ok?" Mandy just nodded her head but still stood almost motionless.

"Get your pack on and let's go," I said as I lifted the strap of her backpack and handed it to her. I know she was scared, and rightfully so. Out here there would be no chance for her. After these guys killed me they would probably rape her to death and just leave her.

It was a no win situation for us if we got caught in this old city. And an even bigger no win if they found the silver knife in Mandy's backpack. We had to get out, and it had to be now. "What are we going to do, what are we going to do?" Mandy kept repeating over and over as she slowly worked herself into hysteria. She was definitely not helping now and I really needed to get a grip on this whole situation before it spiraled out of control. Just before we would have stepped out into the open I pushed Mandy back against the wall inside our bungalow.

Before she could say or do a thing I brought my right hand up between her legs and shoved my hand in through the open leg hole of her shorts. A sudden look of shock came across Mandy's face as I forced three of my fingers up into her before taking a firm grip on her pelvic bone.

"Now listen up," I said as I covered her mouth with my left hand and pulled up hard against her crotch with my right. "You're mine and this is mine," I said and I gave her groin a good solid jerk forward and back. "Now if you think for one second that I am going to let any of those men touch you than you are sorely mistaken, but right now I really need you to listen.

OK?" Mandy blinked her eyes and nodded her head against my hand. "We are going to head back to the catacombs as quickly and quietly as possible," I said as I slowly pulled my fingers from her pussy.

"You don't need to worry about anything else, you just get to that hole and get in there, you got me?" Again Mandy shook her head yes.


"Alright," I said as I gently pulled my hand from her mouth and looked out the doorway. The coast was still clear because I knew it would take them several minutes just to make it to the edge of where I had started clearing. "Now get moving. I'll be right behind you." "I love you," Mandy said with a genuinely terrified look on her face.

"RUN DAMNIT!" Mandy bolted out the door like she had lightning flying out of her ass. To see her scamper over the ground with such relative ease was really amazing. I had only a few minutes to do what I had in mind so I made every moment count.

As I had been clearing things out, I had made this enormous brush pile. Not that you would be graded on such a thing, but it would make the perfect camouflage for the opening to the catacombs, especially since we had only been in there one time and there was not an established path.

Following Mandy I watched her slip into the hole as I stepped up to the massive pile of debris. Luckily for me I had made the pile just up the hill from where I had fallen through the vines. It was sheer luck because I had done this long before I had known of the existence of the catacombs.

Moving the pile actually wound up being easier than I thought. One good push and a bit of walking while going hand over hand and the whole pile turned over, spreading out not only over the entrance to the catacombs but over a good portion of the surrounding area as well.


"No pats on the back Dave," I said to myself, "Just get in the fucking hole." As I clambered down through the debris filled hole I could hear the voices of the following Mexicans break out into the clear. It sounded like there was 4 or 5 of them for sure, but I was not about to go and ask how many was in their party. It was time to hunker down and wait them out.

As I saw it, we had the upper hand of position. I did not want to have to fight, especially when outnumbered 5 to 1 by a bunch of machete wielding dudes who had nothing to lose. But there was one thing in the world that I would fight for, and she was kneeling down right beside me. The End Chapter 3 The Lost City