Molly Ashley and Alexis Pegging Sissy Men

Molly Ashley and Alexis Pegging Sissy Men
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Please rate and comment (Blonde teen Hanna has run away with her much older male friend Jim. Her mother Carol tried to stop them. Carol was subjected to severe abuse at her house and she is now forced to travel with them, held against her will in the back of their commercial van. They stop their van at a truck stop where they invited Bo to fuck Mom for money. Bo is having at her at the back of the van which draws a crowd of trucker. Finally Hanna gives her Mom to the truckers and leaves with Bo.) Prior: Hannah RunaWay Teen Taking Mom to the Truck Stop I & II Bo shoved Carol off the back of the Van sending her sprawling on the ground.

"Get on you knees hag." a boot hit Carol in the ribs. Carol on her knees looked up at Hannah. "Baby, why are you doing this to your own Mom." "Please stop, you can go where ever you want." "Hate your fucking guts, cunt. When I was little you left me alone while you went out fucking." "Now you are gonna get all the fucking you could wish for.?" "No, Please Hannah." A trucker gave Hannah a shopping bag now filled with 20's. "Hey, mom, got my travelling money, time to say goodbye.

" Bo lifted Carol to her feet. Hannah put her face close her Mom's, laughed and spit in her face. "Lights OUT." A trucker blew his horn and the crowd parted.

He backed up his Rig. It was one of those heavy duty flat bed trucks with its own winch. "Oh God, what are you doing now. No No." They dragged Carol to the tow truck and lowered the boom. Brutally, Bo wrapped her forearms with a metal cable, attaching the end to the boom hook. "No No No AGHHHHHHHH." Carol cried as winch started whir, slowly lifting her up.

The truck sounded its horn blasting a call to the truck stop.

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Hannah and Jimmy drove their van to the exit. Hannah looked back. Dust filled the air as the truck lights illuminated the evening air. Hannah could see Carol hanging from the truck hoist surrounded by the screaming truckers. Slowly the van pulled away, Hannah couldn't hear her mom's screams but she turned for one last look as The MILF bitch hung in the truck yard naked for all the truckers to see.

Carol's head turned back and forth, everywhere she looked there were men, at least 50. They were yelling, screaming, taunting, laughing.

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. Suddenly the men became quiet. A large space opened up below her. Carol's arms and shoulders ached in unbelievable pain as she tried to see what was happening. A big man in coveralls stepped out of the group. Carol strained to see what he was carrying. "NOOOOOO" Carol screamed as she could make out a bullwhip over his shoulders.

Carol was still high over the ground. The man raised the whip showing to the truckers who showed their appreciation with chants. "Whip. Whip. Whip." Carol's head hung low. "AHHHHH" Carol screamed to the crack of the whip but there was no contact. The whipmaster was only warming up, testing the distance. Again the whip cracked. The men cheered loudly.

They wanted blood. The middle aged MILF hung exposed for all the men. They were filled with excitement waiting for the first contact, the first blood. Carol's head turned, her eyes closed. A bright spotlight focused on her, illuminating her body better for all the men. She kept her eyes closed but it was impossible to block out the bright light. Now she could only hear the men, she could not see what was happening.

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The whip cracked again, only teasing, and the men screamed as they watched the bitch jerk from the terrible sound. The winch cranked lowering Carol slowly, she squinted desperate to see anything but the light stayed focused on her.

Finally her toes touched the ground.


She jerked back as she felt a hand touch her. The whipmaster ran his hand up and down her body. Carol whimpered as he touched her breasts and ran his hand up her thigh and between her legs.

Carol cried out as she felt the whip caress her body.


"Do you know what this can do to your body." "Oh God no, please, I'll do anything." "This can flay your body, remove your skin and flesh one stroke at a time." "No No No No No No." Pleaded Carol. The whipmaster kissed Carol, let's see if you can earn your mercy." The winch lowered Carol, the whipmaster signaled her to her knees and her arms were released.

The burly whipmaster took his cock from his trousers and fed it to Carol. She couldn't trust they would show any mercy but she had no choice. She took his dick in her mouth desperately sucking, hoping for any mercy. The spot light shut off and she could see the men crowding around her. Carol jerked back as she felt the liquid hit her. Cum was splashing on her head dripping down her face.

Suddenly she felt cum hitting her from all directions. She closed her eyes as she felt the whipmasters cock pressing deep inside her mouth. She could not see, her eyes coated with gizz, but the men were lined up to jack off on her head, the cum dripping down her body.


Carol gagged as the whipmaster came down her throat. "Raise your fucking head." He yelled at her. Naked kneeling surrounded by a crowd of truckers, Carol was coated with cum. Head up she took the remaining men's cum on her face. "Ok, get up." "Can I go now. Please, I did what your wanted." Carol struggled to see even a little with the cum coating her eyes. Her answer was swift, a man grabbed her arms and pulled them behind her back while another man bound them with rope at her elbows.

He pulled the ropes tighter binding into her arms. "God, please, I did what you wanted." The whipmaster only laughed.

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The chain was hooked to the ropes behind her back and the winch started lifting her up. Carol cried out as the winch jerked her off the ground, her body tearing at her shoulders with her arms trussed behind her.

Carol hung six feet off the ground. The spotlight came back on to the cheers of the truckers. Hung by a chain, arms behind her back, coated with cum, Carol was a sorry sight but found no sympathy from the truckers. They yelled and taunted the bitch. Cum whore. Cum bucket. Whip her.

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Whip her. Whip her. "YEA YEA YEA." They yelled as the whipmaster stepped forward raising the terrifying BULL WHIP. above his head. "Yea Whip Her." Terrified, Carol could not see anything with the gizz in her eyes and the lights but she trembled as she heard the chants. The whipmaster droped the end of the whip past Carol and walked back.

The truckers fell quiet. The whipmaster pulled his arm over his head. Carol's body glistening with cum shook as she awaited her horrible fate.

To Be Continued