Busty chick gets slammed with a strapon

Busty chick gets slammed with a strapon
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Jon came home from work late one night. It was quiet in the house. His wife and kids were away for the weekend. Jon was looking forward to going to bed after a long day at work. He took off his shoes and walked up the stairs in the dark towards his bedroom. When he opened the door, he could not believe his eyes. Laying naked on his bed was his 14 year old daughter's best friend Lynn.

"Don't leave" Lynn spoke as Jon started to turn away. "I've seen you watching me when I'm swimming in your pool and I like it.

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When your family left for the weekend, I knew that you would be home and I came in through the back door hoping that I could." she trailed off. "Please Mr.

C, I want you. I want you to touch me." Jon turned and looked at her. "This isn't right" he said. "You're 14 and I'm a grown man." Even as he said it and tried to turn the girl down easily, he could feel his dick hardening in his pants.

Her hot little body laying naked on the bed waiting for him. She was a small girl, only stood about 5'. She had short cropped blond hair and brown eyes. Her tits were large for her age and she shaved her pussy just for the occasion.

Lynn saw that he was taking her all in and slowly got up off the bed and sauntered over to him. She grabbed his tie gently and pulled him towards the bed. She sat down on the edge of the bed and grabbed his hips. She undid his pants and pulled his large cock from his underwear.

Lynn gasped at the size of it. She never imagined that he was this big. He must have been almost a foot long and six inches around! She placed her hands on the shaft and started to stroke. Jon put his hands on the back of Lynn's head and started to guide her mouth to the tip. She opened up as wide as she could and put it in her mouth. He could feel how small her mouth was on his large dick and he moaned as she started to flick the tip with her tongue.

'This is so wrong' he thought, as his body betrayed him. He involuntarily started to rock his hips back and forth and instantly felt the back of Lynn's throat. With the thought of this 14 year old girl wanting him, he knew that this was the only chance that he was going to get.

He forcefully pushed the back of Lynn's head towards him and felt her gag on the size of him. She started to pull away and he stopped her. "You're right Lynn, I have been watching you over the years playing with my daughter. I've seen you naked before when you change from swimming and I've even jacked off to you sleeping in the next room, thinking of exactly this.

But if you want it as much as you say you do, you'll get it the way that I want to give it to you." He humped her face a few times as she gagged over and over on his cock.

"Do you still want it?" he asked. Lynn nodded her head and sucked on his cock. "Good" Jon said, wrapping his fingers in her hair and pulling tight.

She let out a little shriek. He held her head in place and fucked her face hard. The saliva was running out of her mouth as he pumped in and out of her mouth.

He could feel himself getting ready to cum and stopped. He pulled himself out of her mouth and looked down at her. Still grabbing her hair, he pushed her back onto his bed. She fell on her back.

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He slapped her inner thigh and she opened her legs. Jon stood at the side of the bed and immediately shoved two fingers inside of her tight, wet pussy. With his free hand, Jon quickly undressed himself and climbed on the bed. With his index and middle finger still in the 14 year old pussy, he bent down and started to suck her clit. He flicked his tongue over her clit and started to finger her pussy hard. He could feel how small she was and was getting excited about the thought of his hand in her sopping cunt.

Lynn started to moan and her body started to shake. "Oh God, Mr. C, I think I'm cumming." Jon started to suck her clit harder and continued to explore the tight pussy with his fingers. All of a sudden, Lynn let out a scream and Jon felt her wet juices run down his chin. He took his fingers out of the girl and sat up. He looked her over. Lynn's breathing was heavy and her chest was moving from her catching her breath.

'I want this girl' he thought to himself. He placed his large middle finger on her belly button and started to run his finger down. He ran it down over her clit, between her swallow pussy lips and down to her asshole. Lynn opened her eyes and started to get up and protest.

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"Shhh." Jon said. "MY way".

He smiled and shoved his middle finger into her ass. Lynn squirmed around, trying to get comfortable. "It hurts" she said, looking at Jon. Jon looked at Lynn and smiled again, flashing a hunger in the man's eyes that Lynn had never seen before. "My way, little whore". He said and he shoved his middle finger in her asshole as well.

With his other hand, he started to fondle Lynn's large breasts. He was rough with her to keep her down on the bed. He started to move his fingers in and out of her ass hard and fast. "Ow" Lynn said. "Trust me, this is nothing." He said as he shoved a third finger into her asshole, pumping them harder in and out, trying to stretch the hole. Lynn started to cry out. He removed his hand from her breast and slapped her lightly across the face.

"Rub your clit." He said. Lynn shook her head no. "I said rub it" he slapped her again and shoved a fourth finger into her ass. She cried out and took her hand down to her clit. Lynn started to rub her clit, slowly at first but as she started to enjoy the attention her clit was receiving, she began rubbing faster.

Her cries were of pain and pleasure. Jon could not believe the girl was taking four fingers in the ass. His wife would only ever let him do one before she stopped him. 'I'm going to get my way with this horny girl' he thought. He spread his fingers in her asshole and slipped his thumb in.

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She started to scream. He took his free hand and started to choke her. "Shut up and take it!" he said. He slowly started to move his hand up her ass further and further until his entire fist was up it. He couldn't believe it! His whole hand was gone in this little girl's ass! He started fisting her ass as she was fighting with him to let go of her neck. "Did I tell you to stop rubbing your clit?" he asked. She shook her head no. "Put your hand back down to your clit and rub and I will let go of your neck".

Lynn immediately put her hand back down to her clit and started rubbing. She began to scream again as his fist was pumping her ass. Jon looked around and saw a pile of the girl's clothes on the floor. He bent down and picked up her lace panties. He rolled them in a ball and put them in Lynn's mouth.

She could taste her musky scent in her mouth and tried to spit them out. Without the use of her hands, she was unable to remove her panties from her mouth. The look of this 14 year old girl laying naked on Jon's bed, her panties in her mouth, her hand on her clit, his fist up her ass, was too much for Jon. He knew that he wanted to cum. He removed his hand from her ass and shoved the entire length of his cock in it. He pumped her hard and fast. He loved how tight her ass was.

Lynn was screaming into her panties and was still rubbing her clit like he told her too. "Fuck Lynn, I'm going to cum in your ass!" Jon said. Just as he finished saying it, he started to feel hot streams of cum shooting deep into her ass. The feeling was too much for Lynn and she started to shoot her juices onto Jon's stomach from rubbing her clit. Jon collapsed onto the little girl when he was finally done cumming.

He took the panties out of her mouth and passionately kissed her lips. He stood up from the bed and started to get dressed.

He took her panties and put them in his pocket. "I keep these" he said. He helped her off of the bed and passed her the pile of clothes so she could get dressed.

They walked in silence to the front door. It was pitch black outside but Lynn only lived across the street so she was fine walking home alone. "Thanks kid" he said, "you were great!" he slapped her on the ass. She jumped in pain but smiled. She rubbed her ass and said "Anytime!" Jon closed the door behind Lynn and went back upstairs to his bedroom.

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He looked out the window and watched as she walked home. He went into his closet and pulled out a little box. He walked over to the bed holding the box and emptied the contents on the bed. There were eight different pairs of panties in the box, most of them the same size.

He added Lynn's pair to the pile of panties and put them back, hidden in the closet. He closed the closet door and thought about the now nine friends of his daughter's that he had fucked.