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Gay men have hardcore sex movietures orgasm Hitchhiker Bailey was
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1. Country Fun 2. Good Morning "Next time It's my turn." Since the moment Kara said them, the words played themselves over and over again in my head. Next time…when, how, I had no idea. Should I let her know, give her warning? She certainly didn't afford me that luxury. Part of the fun was the unexpectedness I finally decided. Soon…it would be her turn. * * * Kara was sleeping at my house for the second week in a row. My family had been invited by the neighbors to go on a cruise at the same time that Winter Break occurred at both our colleges.

With no place on campus to get meals (and very little options in the small town nearby) the best bet was to spend the week at home. Why my house? Two 19 year olds, no one home, no need to go further.

Anyways, at around 3 am we grew weary of the movie we were watching and headed to my bedroom in the basement. The basement was shaped like an L with my room in the lower smaller part.

Some time back it had been walled off (per my request) and turned into a rather large, but actual room.


The room itself was a twenty by twenty foot square, and due to its size housed several things. Among them, my bed, and desk (shoved into one corner), another spare bed in the other corner, and my ping-pong table spread out in the middle. My bed was in fact the top half of a bunk bed, so it was raised slightly, and had a small railing that was raised about 4 inches surrounding the mattress.

I had discovered, some time ago, that a bunk bed, even only half of one provides many useful tie points. The T-shirt and gym shorts Kara was wearing seemed to simply fall to the ground through no effort from her, revealing a rather simple, albeit mismatched pair of a red bra and a black thong.

Not one to be picky about how she slept, she lazily crawled under the sleeping-bag I employed as a blanket and was probably half asleep by the time I had finished getting a drink of water and had made my way down to the basement.

It was 3 am, and we both typically liked to sleep about ten hours when we got the chance. I was usually the first up, her being a slightly heavier sleeper than I, and typically read the paper while waiting for her to awaken. At first I reached for my alarm clock, but stopped myself. That would wake us both, not what I wanted. Instead I set my watch alarm, 11am.

I typically slept with one arm around her, the other somewhere in the vicinity of my head.

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With any luck, I would hear it, she would not. Finally I reached into the bottom drawer of my dresser, pulled out my shoebox of rope (and other things that might come in handy) and set it on my desk, within reach of the bed.

I climbed into bed next to her; she was already on her side fast asleep…the wrong side. Shrugging, I switched my watch to the other wrist, and laid down next to her. My watch alarm didn't wake either of us up, but I was awake by 11:10 so it didn't really matter. Trying to shift the mattress as little as possible, I reached out and lifted the lid off the box. It was a wooden dowel that I sought, covered by nylon rope somewhere between a quarter and half inch.

I managed to grab this and a pair of scissors without too much difficulty and turned to look at Kara. She had done part of the job for me, having rolled onto her back with her arms in a surrender position on either side of her head. Restraining them would be easy. But her lower body was, for the most part, still on its side.

Tying the end of the rope around her left wrist, I was able to slide it to the corner of the bed and tie it off tightly to both the top and side of the bed, thus affording her no movement. The other arm proved just as easy, but her legs… I got up from the bed and looked back; she was still asleep. After some rummaging, I finally found something that would make a half decent spreader bar.

It was an extendable pole meant to be used to replace out-of-reach light bulbs.

Shifting her legs slowly, I was able to tie one ankle to the grabbing apparatus on one end, and loop the rope through a hole at the other end to hold her feet apart. Due to the extendable nature of the pole, I could spread her as wide as I wanted. For now I settled for the three and a half foot width of the bed, and tied the bar to the end. She was not tied spread eagle yet still, rather impressively asleep.

I took a close look at her undergarments.

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Fairly cheap, she wouldn't miss them, so I cut them off. If it was that big a deal, I could simply buy her some new ones. I looked at my watch, 11:30. Let her wake on her own or.?

I grabbed the shoebox and moved it from the desk to the nearby ping-pong table. Reaching in, I easily found my prize, a remote controlled vibrating dildo. Why am I in possession of such a toy? There was a party/raffle/get-to-know-each-other type of thing at college my first year run by the Resident Advisors. I entered the raffle, and had the unbelievable luck of winning the gag prize (as it was an all-male building), the dildo.

What do you do with a dildo if you're a straight guy?

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I didn't want to just throw it out, and had no idea how to sell something like that so I figured I might as well keep it. The question was, would she wake up while I was inserting the dildo, or as I preferred, when I turned it on?

I Figured with her being such a heavy sleeper, it was about 50-50 that she would either wake up, or figure it was part of the dream she was having and simply move around, so I began to insert the dildo. Luckily for me it was the preferred 50, and she actually helped me out by moving (what little she could) towards the dildo.

Kneeling over her chest, my own clothes now discarded, I turned it on the lowest setting. The effect was instantaneous, she sat upright.

At least she tried to, she didn't get very far. Inspecting and testing her bonds, she then looked at me and smiled genuinely, though I could still see some nervousness in her eyes.

I turned the vibrator up slightly, and her vision wavered.

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Her breath became deeper, more ragged, she began to pant. Finally I turned it up to its highest setting as she pulled against her bonds and moaned.


All of a sudden I turned it off, pulled it out and set it aside. She stared at me, "please don't stop." I reached back and traced her lips with a finger. "What are you willing to do for me?" "Anything," she breathed, eying my cock. I brought it close, but out of reach of everything but the very tip of her tongue, she strained to lick it, struggled futilely against her bonds. I still kept it just out of reach. "You've got to earn it," I said as I pulled a thinner rope out of the box.

I tied a tight crotch rope that pinched each lip between two strands. Then I grabbed another rope of the same thickness tied one end to the waistband part of the crotchrope, and ran the other through an eyelet in the ceiling.

I tightened it until it forced her hips a few inches off the bed causing her to strain against the ropes even more. A moan of both pain and pleasure escaped her lips, pain from the cutting of the rope, pleasure because I had kneeled over her stomach and was playing with her nipples. Since the crotchrope went on either side and dint block off her pussy, I decided now was a good time to reinsert the dildo.

I wasted no time in turning it up to the maximum setting. She shut her eyes, and started half screaming half moaning while she tried to keep her pussy in the air. As her volume increased, I could see she was getting close. Finally I cut the rope holding her hips up and let her enjoy a long painless orgasm. As she lay there panting, I untied her wrists. She did not move them as she laid there tired.

I cut off her crotchrope completely and detached the spreader bar from the bed, though still keeping it on her ankles. I picker her limp form up off the bed and placed her on the floor. Having recovered slightly she remained upright while kneeling as I bound her wrists together behind her back. After finishing that, I added an elbow cinch, forcing her breasts to protrude. Nothing could have given me a larger hard-on than her kneeling in front of me, helpless. She looked up at me with longing eyes as I walked up to her bringing my dick close.

Hungrily she started to wrap her lips around it. I pulled away and walked over to the box. She twisted her neck to see what I was doing. I walked up behind her and turned her head straightforward, pressing my cock into the back of her neck.

Reaching around I put on a collar and attached a leash leaving it to hang in between her breasts, and cupped them hard, pulling her closer to me still. Then, I let her go and put a clothespin on each nipple. She whimpered and looked at me pleadingly. "You tried to suck my cock," without asking I said. "When you deserve it, you will be punished." "Please may I suck your cock?" she asked. "No." "May I lick your balls then master?" she said, giving me a title, really getting into things.

"Yes you may," I said moving closer as she stooped her head down and opened her mouth. I grabbed her leash, and ran in between my legs holding it with my left while I stroked my dick slowly with my right.

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She started by circling my balls lightly with her tongue before beginning to lick up my shaft. A tug on the leash kept her focused as she kissed one of my balls, and sucked it into her mouth, rolling it around with her tongue.

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Hungrily she opened her mouth wider to let the other one in and began running a strong, slow figure eight around them, putting as much of the surface of her tongue on my balls as possible. Eventually, I yanked on her leash, pulling her mouth off my balls, and unclipped the leash. I removed the clothespins, and she moaned with pain as blood rushed back into her nipples.

I placed them back in the shoebox, and removed two strands of rope, each about three feet in length. I tied one end of each to the D-ring on the collar. "Wrap your lips around my cock just past the head, but don't start yet," I commanded. She looked at me questioningly for a moment before complying. While she knelt there lips tight on my dick, I tied one rope to each thigh.

Now, no matter what, she couldn't pull her mouth off my 6'' dick. Her eyes looked at me pleading with me. "Not yet baby," I said, enjoying the moment, her lips looked so good wrapped around my dick.

"Go ahead," I said finally. "Ooh, WOW!" I half moaned, half said, she started by ever so slowly taking me all the way down, pressing her nose to my stomach.

For what seemed like an eternity she just stayed down there, staring at me with those green eyes, dancing with her tongue. Finally she pulled up just as slowly, sucking in as she did. Once she reached her limit, she started to go back down, resuming her steady pace. Too steady of a pace. I firmly, but gently grabbed her head and began thrusting into her. She was surprised at first, but luckily not enough that it made her gag, and she quickly just accepted her helplessness and formed as tight a seal as she could with those luscious lips.

I could feel the cum starting to stir within me so I slowed then stopped her. Not just yet, I thought. I cut the ropes around my legs, and unclasped her collar and tossed it aside. I helped her awkwardly get to her still spread feet.

Lifting her and sitting her on the edge of the bed for a moment, I adjusted the spreader bar so it was as wide as her flexibility would allow, and carried her to a fairly open area near the ping-pong table. Leaning her against it facing the table so she wouldn't fall, I quickly retrieved a long piece of rope. One end went around her wrists, and the other went to another eyelet in the ceiling.

As the rope tightened, it pulled her still bound and cinched arms up, thus forcing her to bend over. I didn't want her to go too far, or test her flexibility too much as her legs were spread so wide, so I stopped when her upper body made a 45 degree angle with the floor. Back to the shoebox, I grabbed a handkerchief which I used to blindfold her, and something she didn't think of last time.

Earmuffs. She now couldn't see or hear, and would have no idea what was coming. I watched her for a few minutes, watched her stand patiently at first, then slowly start fidgeting as little she could in her binds. Still being as quiet as I could, I walked over to her and sat between her legs. She hadn't given the surprised twitch that would have indicated she noticed me.

Getting as close as I thought I could, I brought my face up to her completely shaved pussy. It was dripping, she was definitely enjoying herself, even though I'd done very little to stimulate her.

That would change, I thought, as suddenly I passionately started licking her clit. She would have jumped a mile if she could have, instead she barely twitched. She started moaning, and then halfway panting, halfway screaming as I massaged her clit with my tongue harder and harder. Finally I thrust two fingers in, when I did, the noise momentarily stopped as she lost her breath. Then her panting and screaming continued as my horizontal licks and fingers slowly drove her to the edge. When I thought she was near I quickly started slowing down and then stopped.

As she began to moan in protest, I moved around behind her and started vigorously massaging her breasts. She tried to ground her ass into my dick, tried to pleasure me in any way she could. I reached down and spread her cheeks like I was going to take her anally, and heard her gasp. She had never done anal before, and I knew it.


I spread them as wide as they would go, and felt her tense up as I slowly moved closer. To both her surprise, and relief, I thrust into her pussy, hard and deep. She let out shocked screams at first, surprised by my roughness, but they slowly turned to pleasured moans. I had gotten her very excited before, and I knew she would climax long before I did.

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Just the way I wanted it. Sure enough, after only a few minutes of thrusting, I felt her pussy tighten, felt her body, and heard her let loose a deep throaty moan as her body shuddered and she had a strong, lengthy orgasm. When it was done, her tired body drooped against her bonds. We were almost done, but not quite. I removed the blindfold and earmuffs and was greeted with tired smiling eyes.

I untied the rope pulling her wrists to the ceiling and they fell like lead weights. She started to tip forward tiredly, and due to her awkward spread stance, but I pulled her backwards against myself. Carrying her over to the bed, I set her down and removed the spreader bar. I decided to be nice and cut loose the elbow cinch too. She moaned as her stiff arms were now afforded some movement. Only her wrists remained bound as I pushed her down to her knees.

She tiredly started to move to suck my dick, but I had other plans, I grabbed her head and pulled it to me. "My turn to do the work babe," I said, and she greeted me with a smile just before she 'unwillingly' deepthroated me again. She wrapped her lips tight, and went along for the ride. I could now have her go as fast as I wanted, starting at a medium pace before speeding her up. Down and up, down and up she went, moaning pleasurably. She was still enjoying herself.

Finally, as I felt myself just on the edge, I pulled out. She looked at me puzzled before I turned her head slightly to the side and started to rub the sensitive spot of my dick up and down on her cheek. She started moaning again, and that pushed me over the edge as I squirted all over her face, her cheek, her nose and in her hair. She slowly cleaned my dick as I gently cleaned off her face with a nearby towel (always good to have one around).

I rubbed my head on the last bit of cum on her cheek, and held out my dick to her. She smiled before deepthroating me one more time to clean me off. Finally I pulled her to her feet, and lazily cut loose the rope from her wrists. She sighed and leaned her head onto my shoulder, bringing her hands to rest gently on my naked ass.

After a few seconds I picked her up, carried her around, and laid her in the bed. It was in the afternoon, but we both needed more rest. With a tired sigh, I draped my hand on her breasts and lazily stroked a nipple as I fell asleep.