Gwen stark and prinzzess enjoy lesbosex in the bedroom

Gwen stark and prinzzess enjoy lesbosex in the bedroom
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Chapter 2.


Morning came; and his morning wood was still in my ass. He fucked me like a mad man, it took a long time for him to cum, but he dumped it all in my ass. When we were done, he told me today was going to be different. I asked how, he told me I would find out soon enough. We had breakfast, and set out to do our daily chores.

While we were driving to the barn, he asked if I was nervous to find out what we were going to do today.

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I told him a little bit but I trusted him. He told me he liked that, and said that I made a good little slut. We arrived at the barn and there was another vehicle there. I recognize the vehicle because it was my uncle's best friend's truck. I figured since we have a lot of work to do today, that he was here to help out, that was not the case. I got out, said hi to Mike, he told me to shut up and get undressed.


I looked at my local very confused, he told me, "I told you I had a surprise slut." My hands were shaking, my legs didn't feel like they could hold me up, but I did what I was told. Mike walked over, cupped my balls, and told me I was growing nicely. He asked what I knew, and I told him that my uncle was teaching me very good.

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He says I want to find out, suck my Dick! And I began to work on his cock, which was longer than my uncles. He asked me if I'd ever deep throated before, I told my didn't know what that was, he says here let me show you, grabs my head and begins to choke me with his cock.

It seemed like he was forever before I could breathe. He pulled it out for only a matter of seconds for me to take a breath, and pushed it back in even further this time. All the while telling me how much of a slut I was. My uncle walked up behind me, and began to finger my hole, shoving two in almost immediately.

They stopped only briefly enough to put me over a couple of bales of straw stacked up. Straddled over the bales gave my uncle access to my ass and Mike to my throat. My uncle pulled out his fingers, and shoved his Dick in right away.

With each thrust he would cause my own penis to rub up against the course straw. Mike said he was getting close and didn't want to come in my mouth so they switched. This is when I got nervous. Mike was bigger than my uncle, both thicker and longer and he didn't seem like he was in the mood to take his time. He shoved it in without hesitating. It only seemed to go in so far though, before he met resistance.

He asked if my uncle had popped my inner cherry, I told him I didn't understand, with that he grabbed my hips and pushed hard. As he pushed past it, felt like he split me in two, but he just stopped and waited for it to stop hurting. He told me to tell him know when it felt good. After a minute or so, I began to relax and Mike started moving his cock in and out. Within a few strokes, he was pounding my ass like a mad man. It didn't take long before he let lose. He seemed to cum forever and dump a gallon into my belly.

He pulled out and my uncle immediately shoved his in, mike came around to my mouth and shoved his flaccid cock in it, making me clean everything off. My uncle pumped my ass for several minutes until he came also. Between the two of them I felt it start to drip from my all the cum they dumped into me.

They rolled me over to see my hard on. They told me that I needed to jack off in front of them. I started jacking my cock and was almost immediately ready to cum. I was told to cum in my hand and to eat it.

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As soon as I heard that I began to cum and do exactly as I was told. It was the first time I had ever tasted my own. And with that, they just left me in the barn naked, sweaty, and exhausted.

Chapter 3 I don't know how long I was asleep, but my grandpa walked in and saw me like that. He slapped me square on my penis, and asked what the hell I thought I was doing. Still half asleep, I didn't know what to say. When I fully woke up, I told my grandpa what happened. He asked if my uncle and Mike hurt me.

I told him that I was fine. With that he stood up and unzipped his pants and told me good, now it was time for the old man's cock. I was shocked at what he was saying. When he pulled it out, I about shit all the cum out that was recently put in me. His cock was as big around as a soda can, but not as long as Mike's. He told me to start sucking it.

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I grabbed it and could barely fit it in my mouth when it was semi-soft, and it stretched my mouth as it began to harden. He reached behind me to feel my ass, and told me I was nice and loosened up. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and walked around to my ass.

He lined it up and started pushing the head into my hole. I didn't know how much more I could take, holy shit I thought I would be ripped open. He shoved it all the way in and I know that I was stretched further than ever before, I would not have been surprised to see blood running down my leg. After a few minutes he began to fuck me in earnest. All the while he kept smacking me on the ass, telling me what a dirty little slut I was, just laying there waiting to be found. His dick was so big, it hurt but I didn't want him to stop.

He fucked me for a long time; I knew my ass was going to be sore after today.

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Gramps told me he was close, so he had me roll over so I could look in his face as he came. This is when he noticed that I was hard again. He shot even more cum up my ass. He asked if I wanted to cum, I told him yes. He said great, told me to get up. When I did, I was instructed to not let any of that cum out of my ass, I gave it my best shot, but my ass had been thoroughly used, and it was tough not to lose any.

Gramps walked me to the milking house, and put me in one of the stalls for the cows.

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He tied me up to one of the posts, and attached one of the milkers to my cock and left. I got really nervous because those things don't shut off and it was sucking my cock hard and nonstop.

He came back in a few minutes, I thought it was to let me go as I was about to cum. When he saw this, he pulled the milker off. I almost lost it as I never got to cum, talk about frustrating. He then pulled out a metal device with a wire.

He asked if I knew what it was, I told him no (still panting), he told me it was for bulls. They would shove it in their ass to help them empty their balls. I began to shake, he walked over and just shoved it in, then replaced the milker, and turned them both on. It didn't take long and that feeling came back, I needed to cum, and it was going to take long. I told gramps this and he said great, reached down and turned UP the device in my ass. All the while the milker kept sucking, I came for what seemed like minutes, producing about ¼ cup of cum.

When I was finished, I thought he would turn it all off, but that didn't happen, he just emptied the container, put it in a clean jar, and told me he would be back. He was gone for what seemed like an hour. My ass was numb, my dick was all swollen, and my balls empty. I would occasionally cum, but nothing would come out anymore. When he returned, not much was said.

He walked in, turned everything off, and untied me. I was drained, in more ways than one. I was assured that I would not be bothered tonight to allow me to rest. I could barely walk, so gramps said I could "camp" in the loft, and he would bring me clothes. It was strange; I missed having something in my ass now. I showered and went right to sleep, skipping the normal evening milking of the cows.