Negona Socando Meu Cuzinho Sem Pena Na Invers

Negona Socando Meu Cuzinho Sem Pena Na Invers
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After months of chatting online and sending pictures to each other, Michelle & John decide they can't take it anymore and must spend a weekend together. John's wife is spending a weekend away. So, Michelle and John book a quick getaway.

They decide to meet in of all places Seattle. They both fly in and check into a hotel they had decided on downtown. Of course wanting to be surprised Michelle lies and arrives earlier than John.

She gets to the hotel a few hours ahead. Once she walks into the lobby she gives her name and was told the room was ready. She was a bit shocked to find out that John had lied himself and booked a jacuzzi suite on the top floor with a king bed and downtown view of the space needle. Not the queen room that was decided on. Happy and excited Michelle walks to the elevator carrying her bag on her shoulder.

She dressed comfortable for the flight knowing she would have plenty of time to get ready. She was wearing her fav hoodie, flip-flops, and the most comfy Capri jogging pants. She got into the elevator and pushed the "10th floor" and the doors closed.

She closed her eyes imagining the fun she was gonna have this weekend.


'DING' The elevator doors opened to the tenth floor and Michelle opened her eyes and walked out. She felt she was walking on air as she stepped out and headed toward room 1022. She took her key out and slid it into the door of their room. Green light and she heard the door unlock.

She turned the handle and her jaw dropped. Their were a dozen calla lilies in a cute vase on the bedside table. A bottle of champagne on ice with 2 stem glasses on the desk. Rose petals sprinkled on the tray. She was so in awe. She closed the door and started to unpack her bag. She didn't pack many clothes, just lots of lingerie. Once all her stuff was out of the bag she sat down on the bed to relax for a second.

There was about 90 minutes before John was to arrive. After about 20 minutes had gone by and searched all the channels on the tv, it was time to get ready.

Walking into the bathroom she ran the water until it was warm enough. She stepped back and removed her hoodie, slid down her capri jogging pants. She reached her hands around her back and unhooked her bra.

Slid it off both shoulders letting her firm breasts free. Slipped off her panties and hopped in. While in the shower shaved her legs and pussy one final time.

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Making sure it was all smooth for the weekend. She washed her hair and finished cleaning up.

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Turning off the shower she grabbed a towel and dried herself off. Stepped out of the shower and stood in front the mirror. Naked she stood, staring at herself for a second she was pleasantly pleased with her perfect tanlines on her breasts and pussy. Thinking of how hot she looked she started doing her hair and makeup. Once finished she walked to the clothed that were unpacked and pulled out the newly purchased lingerie bought just for this weekend. It was all white with tan stockings. She sat on the bed and started putting on her thigh stockings.

They slipped on with ease over her french manicured toes. Next she moved onto the garter belt sliding it into place. Next was the smooth thong. Finally, the corset. Standing up she slipped on her heels and stood in the mirror. She was ready. Glancing at the clock she had about 10 minutes before John was to arrive.

Sat on the bed, turned off the tv and waited. John walked off the plane, with a sense of nervousness he walked to the exit of the airport. From the plans that were made he should arrive just before Michelle. He walked over to next cab available. He grabbed a hold of his bag and got inside.

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Told the driver the hotel and sat back to relax. The cab pulled up to the hotel, under the canopy and John got out. He walked into the lobby to checkin. The attendant gave him the key, (not telling him that Michelle had already arrived) he told her that the other person would be arriving shortly and to call up once they got into the elevator. The attendant smiled and said but of course. John was excited and walked towards the elevator and stepped in.


He pushed the "10th floor" and the doors closed. While riding the elevator the he thought about the reaction Michelle was going when she got into room. The flowers, the suite, the jacuzzi, the champagne.

He was going to surprise her. Not having a clue what he was in store for him when he walked in. "DING" The elevator doors opened. John stepped out and walked towards room 1022 as the doors closed behind him. He slid the key into the door and saw the green light and heard the door unlock. He opened the door and stepped in, as he did he turned to help push the door closed. Sat his bag down thinking he had a few minutes before Michelle would arrive.

He walked in a few feet turning to see the room when he saw Michelle. Standing in the corner next to the bed in the sexiest lingerie. John felt a rise in his pants as he stood standing staring. Michelle walked over to him and he took her in his arms. They made out for a bit, and they wanted what they had talked about soooo much it hurt. He helped sit her on the bed. Kissed her neck, her shoulders, the top of her breast. He slid off the bed, between her legs.

She could feel herself becoming wet and felt her heart beat faster. She couldn't wait for what was next. She had been waiting for this moment for awhile. He slowly slid his hands up her legs to her hips.

Slipped both hands under the sides of her thong. Slowly pulling her legs up and together as the thong slowly slid over her heels. He tossed the thong. He then lowered her legs, spreading them he kissed her just below the navel. He smelled the fresh scent of her pussy as he kissed softly working his way down. He noticed that she had a nice tan line as he kept getting lower.

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He skipped over her clit and moved almost to her ass hole. She took a deep breath, then felt his tongue hit the small area of skin between her anus and pussy.

She closed her eyes as she felt his tongue slowly licked all the way to her clit. His tongue slid under her hood massaging it with his tongue. She was done, she became his. He sucked her clit into his mouth, pulling his mouth with it between his lips. Just enough pressure she could feel the pull. Not painful pull, but the most amazing feeling she had ever felt. He flicked his tongue up and down over it slowly as it was still in his mouth.

He opened his mouth releasing her clit, then blew a little soft air over her now soaking wet clit. She came instantly.

She had never felt such an amazing feeling before and was almost embarrassed that she came so quickly. As she was relaxing from her first orgasm, she felt him beginning to kiss her legs again. She put her hand on his head and pulled it back to her pussy.

She needed more of that amazing tongue. He obliged and went back to where he began. This time he sucked in the bottom of her pussy and licked in and out.

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First licking the skin, then sliding it a bit inside. He released and licked her pussy again. Then skipping her clit he sucked in her lips and pulled back a bit. They could stretch a bit more than her clit and he sucked a bit harder. She was in heaven again. He released and spread her lips with his tongue. He licked like a dog drinking water from a bowl.

Then she felt his tongue dive inside of her pussy.

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She was so wet and pulled her tits out her corset and starting pinching her nipples. She was on edge again, but this time she was going to let him continue. He kept tongue fucking her pussy and she was biting her bottom lip. He stopped and moved his attention back to her clit. Now being totally encouraged, no longer hiding from her hood. He sucked into his mouth, flicking the tip of his tongue up and down, side to side, circles.

She couldn't hold her lip any longer and began to moan. She was in another world. She was so close to the edge. He released her clit and blew a little air again.

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Then licked her entire pussy, diving in as it worked back up to her clit. Arriving to her clit again, it was sucked in again. This time a bit more pressure and then he swirled his tongue around and around and around. She pressed her legs down a bit on his shoulders, arching her back, toes curling. "Aaaahhhhhhhh" screamed as she came again. Her eyes closed tightly shut, as it continued. Bright flashes, even with her eyes shut was appearing. He continued the circles and she couldn't stop the orgasm.

It kept going. After a few more seconds, the orgasm had subdued. She was able to relax her toes and legs. He stopped the swirling and felt him lapping up her succulent juices. Once she finished, he stopped and slid up onto the bed.

Stared into her eyes and said, "Hello." All of that happening without any words being said. She smiled back and said, "Hello. Thank you so much." He smiled back. Got up for a second and walked over to the champagne popped the cork and filled the two glasses. Came back over and handed her a glass. She sat up and let him sit behind her on the bed. He got behind her and leaned back against the wall as she leaned back towards him.

They both took a sip. And then kissed each other. The taste of champagne on their lips. Then he took one hand and started releasing the clasps of her corset. Her tits free, he pulled the corset off and out from under her. He then poured a little champagne over a nipple. Then sucked it up. Then the other. Her nipples started becoming erect.

She sat up, pressed the glass to her lips and tipped it back.

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She emptied the glass and sat up, spun around to face him. It was her turn to please him. He tipped the glass back, as he did, he fet her unbuckling his belt.

Undoing the button of his jeans, then the zipper was being pulled down. TO BE CONTINUED.