Pov teen fucks mature cock

Pov teen fucks mature cock
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Part 1 My name is Dave, I'm single, 25 and I live on my own in a house which doubles as a photography studio.

I'm also a self-employed photographer. I was on my way home from a photo shoot recently, when I decided to call in to my parents and say hello. I had my own set of keys and let myself in but no one was home. I sat in the kitchen, made a coffee and waited for someone to come home as I had no plans for the rest of the day and I hadn't seen my family for a while.

Just as I was wondering if anyone was going to come home at all, I heard a key in the front door. The door opened and my little sister, Sophie came in, dressed in her school uniform. Sophie was 16 and is one of the nicest people I know.

She's always happy, she always cheers other people up and in general she's just a pleasure to be around. 'Hey soph' I said as she came into the kitchen. 'Hey bro!' she squealed and jumped onto my lap to give me a big hug. My sister Sophie and I had always got on very well. We had no other brothers or sisters, so over the years we became very close and she always called me a 'proper big brother', because I always looked out for her. 'Where are mom and dad?' I asked as she jumped up from my lap to grab herself a coffee.


While she stood at the counter, I noticed how short her school skirt was. I remembered loving girls that wore short skirts when I was in school.

I also noticed that her legs were slender and, for a petite girl, very long too. 'Is this fresh?' she asked.

'Yep, two minutes ago' I replied. 'Er. I can't remember where they said they were going to be honest' said Sophie as she took her first sip of coffee. 'And I suppose you don't know what time they'll be back?' 'Nope, sorry'. 'No worries' I said and we went on to have a conversation about what she had been up to lately.

Not much, apparently. All the usual stuff that a teenager gets up to! 'Well, if you don't know when they're gonna be back, then I'll just head home I suppose. Tell them I called in and ask mom to ring me if she wants.' 'Ok bro, no problem. Before you go, I was wondering. could I come around some time and get you to take some nice shots of me?' 'Yeah, of course sis. What for?' 'Oh, no reason really. I just want to have some good photos of myself. I'll probably just put them on Facebook to begin with.' 'Well, ok, if you want to, that's no problem.

I'm free this weekend if you want to come over? In fact, do you want to stay over this weekend? It's been ages since you stayed over. We can get a few movies, lots of munchies and totally veg out for the weekend. What do ya say?' 'Wow!' said Sophie, clearly excited. 'That's a great idea, it's been, like, a year or two since I stayed! I hope mom and dad let me.' 'Don't you worry about mom and dad, I'll give them a call. Just be ready to go straight after school on Friday!' 'Ok, cool.

I can't wait!' she said with a little jump of excitement. I said goodbye, got into my car and started to drive home. On the drive home my mind drifted to Sophie's legs when she was at the kitchen counter.

I thought again about how slender and sexy. oh my god. I realised I was thinking about how sexy my little sister's legs were! 'What the fuck is wrong with me' I thought to myself and shook the thought from my mind. My thoughts then went to the glamour shoot I would be doing tomorrow. A cute, little brunette who is trying to launch a modeling career of sorts! She was due around in the early morning, so I needed to get a good sleep.

The next morning I awoke, with a fresh, clear mind. My model arrived on time and we sat down for a coffee. We chatted about the type of pictures she wanted and I showed her some examples of previous work I had done. She basically wanted some classy nude shots for her portfolio. After showing her my previous work, she pointed out a few pictures that she liked and said she wanted something similar. I told her no problem! 'I'll try to make you as comfortable as I can today, but please, don;t be afraid to speak up if I do something you don't like, or if you think of something that you do like' I told her as she went behind the screen to change into a robe.

'So far, so good' she said. 'You've made me feel very comfortable so far, so I think we'll get on just fine'. 'I normally like to study my subject before I start shooting. I hope that's ok with you. It lets me see the best angle for lights to create dramatic shadows and get the best from the shoot.' 'No, that's ok' she said. 'What do you want me to do?' 'If you could just stand here, in front of this light please and drop your robe to the floor whenever you're ready.' Amy (that was her name) stood where I directed her to and gently untied the waistband from the robe.

She then lifted her hands to her shoulders and gently pushed the black, silky robe back off her shoulders so that it fell to the floor. She was beautiful. She was tall and blonde with a slender, toned body.

She had medium sized breasts with small, dark, pink nipples.


Her pubic area was completely shaven, or probably waxed, it was so smooth. I moved to her and studied her from head to toe, taking in every curve, every freckle, every dimple. I turned some lights on and and others off and was amazed by the effects the lights had on the beautiful curves of her body. I spent around 10 minutes studying her tall, elegant body before taking any shots. The photo shoot lasted around 2 hours and Amy left extremely happy with the additional pics to her portfolio.

I had no other work booked for the rest of the week so I just relaxed, got some chores done around the house that had been bugging me for ages and took some nice pics of some birds in my back garden. Sophie was due on Friday so I did some shopping, stocked up on munchies and beer and bought a few blu-ray movies for us to watch. It was Friday before I knew it and I drove around to my parents house to pick up Sophie. I knew it was too early for her to be home from school so I thought I'd have a chat with my parents while I waited.

I had already called them during the week to clear Sophie's stay. They had no objections. We chatted for a bit, about the usual stuff, and then Sophie was at the door - much earlier than usual.

'You're early' my mother said as Sophie came into the kitchen where we were all sitting. 'Yeah, I knew Dave would be waiting for me so I didn't have my usual chat with my mates after school' she said, almost out of breath. 'There was no hurry you know. I would have waited!' I said noticing her difficulty breathing.

She shrugged. 'Have you got a bag packed?' I asked. 'She had a bag packed 5 minutes after I told her she could go' said my mother, looking over at Sophie with raised eyebrows.

'Right then, go get changed and we'll go' I said to Sophie, who was now getting her breath back. 'No, I'm ok, I have lots of clothes in my bag' she said.

'But mom will want to wash your school uniform' 'It's ok, I have a spare uniform cleaned for her. Go on, get out of here you two' my mom said, probably eager to have a bit of peace and quiet from the teenager! We left my parents house and were back at mine shortly after.

Part 2 Sophie ran around the entire house, seeing what had changed since last time she had visited. I was standing in the hallway when she ran by me and I noticed a white flash of panties when her skirt bounced up and down as she ran up the stairs. 'Stop it' I thought. It was very hard not to notice how cute Sophie looked.

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First of all, she was in her school uniform - I mean c'mon! Her skirt was so short that most of the time it was hard to avoid seeing her white cotton panties.

She had white sports socks on bunched down around her ankles and pink and white trainers. On top she wore a white blouse, which was a little see-through and underneath she was obviously wearing a white sports bra which covered her little boobs which were barely bumps. She was petite with a very athletic figure, slender legs, brown, straight hair down passed her shoulders (although it was now in a pony tail) and the greenest eyes you've ever seen.

Green like the finest jade. 'You haven't done much since last time' she said bouncing back down the stairs towards me.

'I've been very busy with work. For the last few days I've been finishing off some glamour shots I did earlier in the week. It takes time you know! Anyway, I don't want to 'do much' with my house. I like it a lot the way it is.' 'Oh, me too. I'm just saying.' she replied with a big cheesy grin. 'So, where do you want to start?

What are ya in the mood for? Food? Movie? Music?' 'Well, I think I'll go and get changed now and put some stuff away. Ok if I take the usual room?' she asked politely. 'It's your room Soph, you don't need to ask!' I told her. I have a couple of spare rooms in the house so why not let her have her own space when she visits?

'Thanks bro. won't be long. Don't miss me too much.' 'I think I'll manage ya cheeky minx.' I told her as I started to shuffle through my music. I decided to go for my 'happy' play list since I was in a good mood. Sophie came down a few minutes later having changed out of her school uniform.

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She was now wearing a pink tank top with thin shoulder straps. It was very tight on her, noticeably around the waist and it revealed the shape of her slim, flat belly. Her little boobs were just small points pushing loosely into the cotton of her top, not really revealing a shape.

I didn't notice any bra straps on her shoulders. She was also wearing very loose pink pyjama bottoms, like jog pants, tied tightly around the waist. She had let her hair down to and taken her trainers off but was still wearing her white socks. She looked amazing.

'Hey' she said with a little cheeky grin as she came into the sitting room where I was witting, listening to music. 'Who's this?' she asked, pointing to my speakers. 'This is. the Spencer Davis Group. Gimme Some Lovin'. One of my favourites.' 'I like it. Makes me want to dance. You want to dance?' 'Not sober I said.

You know me.' 'Well, ok, but if you get drunk later, I want to dance' she insisted. I nodded in agreement.

'So bro, (she rarely called me Dave) can I see some pics from the ones you took this week?' 'Well, I'm not really supposed to you know. Client privacy and all that.' I replied to her. 'Oh, just a peek' she pleaded with puppy dog eyes. 'Ok. Just a peek' I said. 'Come on.' We went in to the studio and sat down at the desk where the computers were. 'Here, on this one' I said gesturing to a particular PC. 'Actually, I'll put them on the big screen. Sit down on the couch there.' It was a nicely furnished studio.

I have frequently got more people in there than just the subjects I'm shooting so I want everyone to be comfortable. We both sat back on the couch after I turned the PC on and grabbed the mouse and remote. 'Ok, let me see' I said, scrolling through images. 'Don't forget that these are glamour shots so you'll see some nudity' I cautioned Sophie as I found the right folder. 'Well, I should hope so!' she replied with a big grin.I sat back comfortably on the couch and Sophie rested her head on my shoulder and held the top of my arm with both hands as she got comfortable beside me.

She pulled her legs in under her and let out a deep sigh. "Ok, go!' she demanded. 'Right. here we go then' I said as I started a slideshow. The first few images were close ups of the girl's face and eyes. 'Wow, she's really stunning.' Sophie remarked, looking at the model on screen. 'Yeah, she's a hottie alright.' 'Do you fancy her?' she asked me.

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'No. I think she's beautiful but that doesn't mean I fancy her. If I fancied every beautiful woman I worked with, I'd be like a demented pervert! They all have to go home afterwards hahaha.' Sophie let out a giggle and said 'Oh, I suppose so. I forgot that you get see this all of the time' The next photograph on screen was a picture of Amy's (the model) legs only.

The background was competely dark and Amy's legs were coming in from the side of the frame, lit up by the studio flashes. 'Oh, wow, that looks so cool.' Sophie said as she gasped in the way that only teenage girls can do. As she was lying her head on me, I looked down towards her.

The top of her pink vest had stuck out in a v so that the top of her chest was slightly exposed. I could see her skin was completely clear. No freckles, no blemishes. Perfectly clear, pale smooth skin. I dared to look down further still and saw that her right nipple was almost visible down the neck of her top.

She was lying her head on my arm and I was considerably taller than her, so I could clearly see down her top if or when she moved into the right position. She moved slightly and I saw a darker pink ring of flesh, indicating the edge of her areola. Indeed she wasn't wearing a bra. My thoughts went wild.

For fuck sake, this was my little sister.

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She was probably the most important person in the world to me and here I was looking down her top trying to sneak a peek at her nipple. Not only that, but she was only 16.

I was 9 years older than her. Even if we weren't related, it would be wrong. Legal but still wrong. I put my thoughts back to the moment.

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The pictures continued scrolling. The next picture was a nipple close up. It was the first 'rude' picture so far. It was done very tastefully, lighting the nipple from the side to give a dramatic shadow effect under the nipple. 'Wow, that looks amazing' Sophie commented. 'It's so clear and so.' 'Dramatic?' I asked. 'Sexy.' she replied. 'Really?

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You think that it's a sexy shot? I mean, that's the idea but I'm surprised to hear you say that. I guess I don;t know you as well as I though.' 'Oh, I think you know me better than anyone but it's only recently that I've started to appreciate the human body.' I couldn't believe my little sister was saying this. She reminded me os myself at her age!

'That's great, so you maybe thinking about photography as a possible career? I mean, I know you're only 16 but with teachers ranting on the way they do these days, you must have some idea what you want to do?' I asked her.

'I thought about photography, painting and writing.' she said. 'Wow, very creative eh? Good stuff sis. You ever need any help or inspiration, you just let me know.' 'Oh, thanks bro. I love you.' 'I love you too Sophie.' I replied as we hugged. 'So c'mon' she said. 'More pics' The next few pictures were more variations on the nipple picture that Sophie had commented on.

Next were some full body shots with the model 'wearing' a plain white bed sheet to hide her modesty.

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Then came the full body nude shots. The first was of Amy lying on her back, with the camera shooting from her side over her belly. I used a very wide angle lens to get Amy's full body in from close up and her smooth, hairless body imitated the rolling dunes of a huge desert. You couldn't see Amy's feet or head. 'Holy shit, that looks amazing' Sophie said after staring at the image for a few seconds. 'I didn't know what I was looking at at first but now I see.

Wow.' 'You like that eh?' I asked her. 'Oh yeah. I'd love a shot like that of me.' I gulped in astonishment at her remark. My heart started to beat a lot faster. My breathing got a little heavier.