Smalltits japanese teen wanks fat cock

Smalltits japanese teen wanks fat cock
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Emily's Lingerie Party (All girls) I woke up Saturday morning and had to go to the bathroom. Ashley, my girlfriend/lover, was curled up with her forehead touching my back. Poor thing was almost completely uncovered, and looked so cold. When I came back to the bedroom, she was lying on her back, one arm over her head, a knee bent and legs slightly spread. Just looking at her made my heart race, she was so hott. Instead of just attacking her naked body, I climbed in bed next to her and pulled the blankets up to cover us both.

Almost instinctively she rolled over and cuddled up next to me. Again I had to restrain myself. The night before had been a long one and she needed her sleep. Ashley and Mike, John and I, share a house. We also share beds, but that's another story. "The guys" are fire fighters here in Southern California; on Friday afternoon they were told they would be going to battle some wild fires in the LA area.

Which left Ashley and me home alone. We had a quiet dinner, watched some TV, mostly news about the fires. We took a candlelit bubble bath together, and then moved to the bed where we gave each other massages, and we made love for what seemed like hours. Ashley is: 22, with long blonde hair, blue eyes, 5-6, 110 lbs, 36B, athletically built, toned and sexy as hell.

Whereas I'm 23, long blonde hair, green eyes, 5-4, 105 lbs, 34C, run and swim just about every day. As we were in bed that morning, I grabbed my laptop and started surfing the web, e-mailing, and replying to some PMs. I had my back turned to Ashley as I felt her start to stir.

Her arm reached around mine and began playing with one of my nipples, which immediately got hard. Her lips started to gently kiss the back of my neck, which gave me goose bumps from my neck right down to my pussy. But, I was determined to hold out as long as I could and play hard to get. Well, as hard to get as you can play when you're naked in bed with a lover.

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Her hand moved from my breast to my hip and was slowly running across my butt towards my pussy; her kisses were now at my mid back. My heart was beating fast. I let out an unexpected moan as her fingers slipped between my pussy lips and, if the moan didn't give away the fact that I was totally and almost uncontrollably turned on, my soaked pussy did.

She moaned a little back and her kisses down my back had picked up speed, she had now reached the top of my ass. One finger was deep in my pussy as I coyly raised my leg and rolled halfway to my stomach to give her better access.

Her tongue was now caressing, licking and probing at my butthole. She had two fingers in me pumping away. I was still pretending to play hard to get, but my quick breathing and little moaning gave me away, I think. I rolled toward her as she moved out of the way; I raised one leg over her head and rested on the other side of her.

Playing hard to get was definitely over. I was horny as hell and needed to cum. Ashley smiled, slipped two fingers back into my pussy and began licking and sucking my clit. She knew exactly what to do; she had done it many times before. I just laid back and let her have my body. Her two fingers in me quickly found my g-spot.

God, did she ever know what she was doing. She then went to work on my clit, alternating between licking and sucking on it, all the while stroking my g-spot. As the waves of orgasm mounted, my body tensed up, my back arched and my toes curled.

Ashley's lips clamped down on my clit as she sucked it as hard as she could. We both knew what was coming and we should have grabbed some towels, but it was too late for that. Her fingers worked quickly as my juices sprayed out and covered her breast and a good portion of the bed. Waves of orgasm were ripping through my body and my head was spinning.

I squirted so much. Ashley would not give up as my second orgasm began to build. I was panting and moaning so hard. Ashley loved it and so did I. The next orgasm was even more intense than the first. I clenched the sheet beneath me with my hands, raised my butt in the air and squirted so hard I thought I would pass out. Ashley was lapping at my pussy trying to keep from being drowned in my juices. I was so exhausted, but very satisfied.

Ashley looked so hott with my juice sprayed all over her perfect boobs. I couldn't pass up an opportunity to lick them clean and to suck those cute little nipples. I sat up as she sat next to me on the edge of bed, leaned in and gently kissed her lips. Our tongues played together and my juices tasted so good on her lips. I worked my way down her neck as she closed her eyes, softly moaned and tilted her head back.

My hands were caressing her breasts and gently playing with her erect nipples. I gently pushed her to a lying position on the bed. As her legs spread I climbed in between them, and continued cleaning my juices off her upper body.

Her eyes were closed, her heart was racing, and her breathing had quickened. I had almost finished cleaning her upper chest and was moving on the next course of this grand meal.

Her boobs, while not the biggest, fit her body perfectly. I loved playing with them, licking and sucking her nipples. I was getting very aroused again, my heart was pounding, and my already soaked pussy was getting a fresh supply of my juices. As I was busy cleaning her breasts and making sure I hadn't missed a spot, I straddled one of her spread legs so that I could start caressing her aroused pussy with my hand, just teasing, not wanting to give her too much too fast.


I was also grinding my wet pussy on her thigh, and enjoying myself very much. Once I finished her breasts I quickly cleaned up her stomach, got back between her legs and prepared for the main course.

Ashley has the cutest little blonde landing strip and so do I. Whenever we have a chance, we help to shave each other. However we shave the other, it has to be maintained that way until the next chance we have to shave each other. So, if Ashley were to shave me bald, then I would have to maintain it that way until Ashley decided to change it.

Kind of our way of laying claim to each others' pussies. As I reached her panty line I could smell her scent coming from her, one of my favorite smells in the world. It made my mouth water and my pussy even wetter.

Her landing strip is perfect for doing laps around with my tongue, every time I got close to her clit I hear her gasp for breath. Soon, on every lap she would rock her hips and try to get my tongue to hit her clit. I started licking up and down the shaved area between her thigh and pussy, being careful not to touch her pussy but get as close as I could to it. I knew this drove Ashley nuts; she could almost cum without me touching her pussy.

I then had Ashley lift her legs in the air as I pushed the back of her thighs up so that I could get access to that hott little butthole of hers. I licked it good and probed at it with my tongue; Ashley was breathing and moaning hard. I knew how to turn her on just as well as she knew how to turn me on. I lowered her legs back down and again begun lick next to her pussy. Whichever side I licked she would twist a little trying to get my mouth to make contact with her pussy.

A little line of juice was seeping from her pussy to her butt, I hungrily licked it up. God she tasted so good. Ashley was starting to get frustrated and I couldn't wait any longer. I gently pressed my tongue to her pussy, as she took in a deep breath. As softly as I could I licked from the bottom up to her swollen clit.

Just as I hit it she let out a sigh of pleasure and took another deep breath. The moment we both had been waiting for was now here. I gently parted her lips with my fingers and lowered my mouth to her pussy, barely touching it with my lips.

I breathed in the heat and aroma that was coming from her before, as skillfully as I could, I dipped my tongue as far into her as I could. This is my favorite part, the creaminess of a woman who has thoroughly been worked up. She let out an almost orgasmic moan. I was licking inside her as far as my tongue could reach, and she tasted so good. I then easily slid two fingers in her and started playing her clit with my tongue. My fingers found her G-spot and her hips started rocking to meet the thrusts of my hand.

In no time her orgasm was coming, her body was thrashing, I was sucking on her clit, my hand was moving faster, and her butt was coming off the bed to meet my hand as the wave of orgasm ripped through her body.

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My pace wouldn't slow till her butt was back on the bed, and even that wasn't for long, as her second orgasm quickly came on. This one included a huge wet squirt which I enjoyed totally. When it was over Ashley just lay all tingly with little shivers coming to her body.

I looked down at her and thought how lucky I was to have such a beautiful, hott and energetic lover. Ashley opened her eyes, caught me smiling at her and said "What?" "Nothing, babe," I replied, "I love being with." "Mmmmmm, me too," she smiled back.

"Looks like it's my turn to clean you up." So it went again, we spend another hour or so in bed, licking, sucking, fingering and of course cumming.

God it was heaven! Later on after a hott shower and shaving together, we had brunch and decided to go do some shopping. One of the places we stopped was Victoria's Secret for some fun and naughty lingerie. I picked black stockings with a garter belt and a black lacy bra. Ashley picked out almost the same except hers was red instead of black.

We had planned to have a quiet dinner together, pop in a movie we had rented and get cozy on the couch together. Then later put on the new lingerie and have some fun. During dinner Ashley reminded me about the two girls we had meet at the club the Friday night before.

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I went to my room and returned with the paper towel the number had been scribbled on. I made the call and reminded the girls who we were. "Oh yeah, you're the ones that were getting naked on the dance floor and got kicked out because your girlfriend had her face buried in your pussy," she replied. "Ah, yeah," I said, feeling totally embarrassed. So, I told them we were going to have a quiet little lingerie party and asked if they wanted to come on over.

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I gave them directions and described what we were going to wear. I said, "You don't have to wear anything fancy, just wear what you think is sexy." The girls would be around in a few hours, so Ashley and I watched the movie. Then we got naked and helped each other put our lingerie on, it took a lot longer than normal, as it was hard to keep our hands and mouths off each other. I didn't put any panties on. I just didn't see the point. This was lingerie to fuck in, so why put on something just to take it off?

I convinced Ashley that panties were a waste of time and inconvenient as I softly kissed her and slid a finger into her warm wet pussy. The doorbell rang--that would be our guests--so we checked ourselves in the mirror before answering the door.

We opened the door and the girls were dressed wearing long coats. They smiled at each other and opened their coats to show us what they had on underneath. Mmmmm, we very much approved and let them in. The girls were Lexi and Katie. Lexi is a brunette, a little shorter than me, brown eyes, nice and curvy, but not over weight, big breasts probably a D-cup, with big brown areolas, that were easily accessible in the open cup bustier that she wore, with a cute little matching G-string.

Katie, also a brunette, maybe a little taller than Ashley, green eyes, a little skinny, and not very big breasts, probably an A-cup, with a really cute little butt, and pink little nipples that could been seen through the sheer black teddy that she wore.

Both girls looked even better than I had remembered from that night. We welcomed them in, and each of us modeled our outfits for each other. We were some pretty hott babes, and I was very aroused.

We started with small talk and a little wine. Ashley and I sat on one couch and across from us sat Lexi and Katie. I slowly leaned into Ashley, our golden locks intertwined as our hair drooped into our faces like a curtain around us. I paused for a moment staring at her lips as my mouth watered in anticipation of our kiss, ever so gently we kissed, it, and she, were so hott it sent chills through my body.

We broke from our kiss to catch the girls looking at us as if they were hungry lions and we were fresh meat. They gently kissed each other and looked back to us and smiled. Ashley and I got up from our couch. I grabbed Katie's arm and pulled her on the couch with me. Ashley sat with Lexi, and we all started with gentle friendly kisses, which quickly turned more passionate. Our hands roamed over each others' bodies, and removed any lingerie that would get in the way.

We have a big carpeted area in our great room for our group sexual gatherings, and before long all four of us were playing together in it. Licking, sucking, and fingering whatever was nearby. When we had all cum at least once, Lexi came about three times and squirted like a hose.

We made some snacks, drank some wine and remove our remaining pieces of wet lingerie. All four of us naked around the kitchen bar was very hott. Lexi and Katie started talking; they asked us where our guys were. We told them they had to go to the fires by LA. They said they were kind of looking forward to the guy's joining us.

Lexi hadn't been with a man in over a year and a half; Katie hadn't in more than 2 years. The two had started sharing a dorm room last year, during their sophomore year.


Katie got up and went and grabbed the bag that she had brought, she set it on the counter and with a smile opened it up. Inside was just about every kind of sex toy a girl could want.

Lexi popped up, grabbed a butt plug and tube of lube and asked Katie to put it in her. I could tell by the surprised look on Ashley's face that she thought these girls were quite different from us. The sex toys that we have are for personal use; when we make love we almost never us toys. But then again, if we need a hard cock we have guys for that. I grabbed a strap-on off the counter, had a hell of a time putting it on, and felt really stupid with it.

Ashley dropped to her knees and started sucking it for me; not that I could feel it, but it was quite a turn-on.

I hadn't really paid that much attention to the way she sucked cock before, but she did a fantastic job. I acted like I came and we all had a good laugh. Katie started licking the make believe cum off of Ashley's breast, and before we knew it they were in a 69 with each other. Lexi got in a doggie position and asked me to fuck her with the strap-on. It was a little weird and not as easy as I thought it would be.


Lexi seemed to love the double penetration, and asked me to start moving the butt plug in and out while I fucked her pussy with the strap-on. She was rubbing her clit, and was getting very close to orgasm. It was hott but wasn't really doing anything for me; I was so glad I could get cock when I needed it and didn't have to have Ashley fuck me this way.

Lexi came from the fucking I was giving her. I pulled out and pushed on her hip to have her roll to her back so that I could lick the pussy cum from her. Just as I started licking I felt a dildo being slid in my pussy, I looked back to see Katie with a double dong running from her pussy to mine.

I kept licking as she did her best to fuck both of us, but it was a very awkward position. Ashley then came and lowered her pussy down on Lexi's face. I gave Ashley a big tongue kiss, tasting Katie's juice on her lips and Lexi's on mine. Ashley took over where I had left off on Lexi's pussy.

While I focused my attention on Katie and seeing if we could make our pussies touch with the double dong inside us. We couldn't, but we had fun trying. We all came a few more times that night, and were all very pleased with ourselves. We told them that we would invite them over sometime when the guys were home so they could get some real cock. Katie and Lexi grabbed their belongings put on their raincoats and headed back to the dorm.

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Ashley and I took a hot shower to wash off all of the sex from our bodies, and climbed into bed together. We cuddled together and talked about how lucky we were to have our guys and each other. It was a fun and exciting night, but probably the best part was having Ashley with me in bed as we drifted off to sleep.

I was a very lucky and happy girl.