Compilation Of Camgirl Fucked By Toys

Compilation Of Camgirl Fucked By Toys
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Vengeance 40 Our cottage was right on the beach so the walk was a short jaunt down the long porch and over a few small dunes. Halfway there I gave Ellie a good smack and squeeze on her ass, prompting a yelp and a giggle.

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The white shorts she wore barely covered that which her thong did not. It was a welcome sight, walking behind her. We laid out towels and umbrellas on the sparsely populated shore.

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I pulled a beer out for each of us and settled down in a rickety, but comfortable folding chair. Ellie promptly lost her tank top and shorts, and I couldn't help but stare as the skimpy black bikini that barely covered the right parts was quickly revealed.

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"Well relaxation is nice.but this is kind of boring," Ellie said after a few moments. Scanning the beach, I quickly found our solution.

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"Come on," I told her, grabbing her hand. and heading off. "Mind if we borrow these?" I asked, gesturing to two half length boogie-boards laying in the sand. The two adolescent boys looked up from the fort they were building and gaped at Ellie. I can't say I blamed them, Ellie was gorgeous, and not leaving much to the imagination, and perverted as she was, probably enjoying the attention in her own embarrassed way.

"Just for a little while?" I continued, snapping the boys from their reverie. "Uh huh, sure," one of them replied. "Just bring em back." "Sure thing, thanks," I said, strapping the velcro lead around my wrist and heading into the water with Ellie. The cool water was a nice contrast to a heat that was quickly becoming oppressive. The windy day produced some decent waves, and before long, Ellie had picked up the basics and ridden several into shore.

We enjoyed ourselves for over a half hour, laughing and attempting to plow into each other off the same wave before tiring of endlessly trudging back against the surf.

We lounged, half floating on our boards in the open water about a hundred feet off the shore. There was a group of kids batting a beach ball about down to our left and in shallower water, and the odd elderly man going for a swim, but no one really near us. I paddled over towards Ellie and strapped the velcro leads together so we floated side by side a few feet off.

I drifted her towards me so I could kiss her, and lay a hand on her stomach, just below her breasts. It was a spot that drifted just enough into the grey area between clean and dirty that Ellie's mind would start to wander. She brought her hand up to my face, running it through my hair before returning the kiss, inviting my tongue into her mouth. After several moments we pulled a few inches away looking at each other. "What?" she asked. "That's the look you get when you're about to ask me to do something," she continued when I gave no response.

I grinned, she knew me all too well.


"Undo your top," I ordered. Slowly she leaned up, just enough to get her hands in behind her and untie the loose knot.

My hand was in the perfect position to quickly snatch it away. I stored it in a zippered pocket of my trunks for safekeeping. To her credit, Ellie did not flinch when I bared her skin, a combination of knowing we were too far out for anyone to really see anything, and a certain comfort she was beginning to enjoy with her body. My hand wandered upward, lightly massing her breasts while her arms dangled in the water. My dick slowly began to come to life again, pressing against the inner mesh of the swim trunks.

Ellie noticed, as her eyes hadn't wandered much from the spot, and grinned appreciatively. Her near hand slowly rose out of the water and slipped inside my waistband, pulling me closer for easier access.

Unchallenged, she slid her hand down farther, grasping me tightly and stroking softly as I continued to enjoy her breasts.

"May I?" she asked, glancing downwards. I laughed, "I think that might be a bit much to expect to get away with." She moaned, disappointed, but continued to stroke me. It was a good feeling, if I wasn't careful, her practiced hands would take me too far too fast. I grabbed her wrist and slid her hand out, much to her chagrin. "Be patient hun," I said to her.

"You'll get your chance." "We could fuck right here," she said, eying me lasciviously. "Again, I think we might be seeing some cops for that, especially with all the parents and children on the beach. I take it you're about ready to head in," I asked her. She nodded, and I couldn't disagree. We'd been out a few hours and I was begging to get a bit hungry. Feeling generous, I handed her top back and started towing the two of us to shore.

We returned the boards, gathered our things and headed back to the cottage. There was a shower about halfway between the cottage and the end of the beach. Ellie yelped as I turned it on and shoved her under the cold stream, dragging me in with her. We embraced as the water washed away the sand, and my dick grew again at the closeness of Ellie's gorgeous body.

With nimble fingers, she was topless again, and then as I bent over, bottomless. Ellie covered herself and looked around. The dunes afforded some protection from the neighboring cottages, but not much.

Earlier I'd left a bottle of soap out, knowing there were times we'd be too eager to shower inside. Pouring some on the two of us, I took delight in running my hands up and down her body. "Spread," I commanded as I finished her strong, tanned leg. Teasing her, I slid my hands up her inner thighs, stopping just short of her lips before slowly sliding one, and then two fingers into her wet pussy. She shuddered at the sudden pleasurable intrusion and bit her lip to keep from informing the neighbors of her predicament.

I teased her for a few moments before finishing up the two of us and shutting the water off. She started to walk eagerly towards the door but I stopped her. I gave her a kiss and squeezed her ass before informing her, "hands and knees babe." She slowly lowered herself besides me, not breaking eye contact before kissing my hard cock through my trunks and slowly making her way towards the cottage. I made sure to give her the occasionally encouraging swat as I slowly led her inside.

When I shut and locked the door, she breathed an audible sigh of relief. She turned to me, still kneeling, waiting for her next orders.

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I dropped our stuff and removed my trunks. She eyed my hard cock hungrily, but I led her to her feet and walked the two of us up the stairs. I grabbed a few things from the dresser and sat in the armless upholstered chair in the bedroom. Getting the idea quickly, Ellie straddled me, standing with her pussy dripping inches below onto my cock.

I took her wrists and cuffed them behind her back, and attached a leash to the ever present black collar she wore. She started to lower herself, but I held the leash fast. "Beg for it," I told her. "Please will you fuck me." "And make me believe it." "Please can I have your cock inside me, can I make you cum.can we cum together?" "What if I don't want you to?" "I just want to pleasure you.please." "Aw, you know I'm nicer than that hun," I said, stroking her cheek and guiding her slowly down.

She moaned as the head entered her, and I held her there.

Her breathing increased dramatically, begging for me to slide in deeper. After a few seconds I obliged, entering her fully, sliding her down to rest upon me. "Thank you," she breathed, enjoying the filling sensation my cock afforded her. "You just going to sit there, or are you going to get me off?" I teased her, flexing my cock within her. The action brought a grin and a gasp from her as she started to slide herself up and down.

I slid one hand to her hips and the other to her neck, gently guiding her rhythm. With every downstroke, I thrusted gently into Ellie, producing a short moan and a satisfying sound of flesh against flesh.

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She arched her back as I brought my lips to her breasts, biting her lip as my tongue encircled her areolas and flicked at her hardened nipples. I sped her up ever so slightly as the two of us drew nearer. Both her breath and mine grew more ragged as the time passed, her breasts bouncing up and down. "Oh yeah," she moaned as the sensations intensified. Her motions grew disjointed as the pleasure made it difficult to maintain a steady pace. "I'm getting close," she whispered as I slid one of my hands downward.

"Oh shit!" she gasped, eyes flying open as I found her clit. She moved faster, gyrating her hips back and forth on my while I increased the pressure. I rubbed her in slow alternating circles, just the way she liked it. "Oh fuck, oh fuck." she moaned, louder, "fuck I'm cumming, god I'm cumming." I sped up, bringing myself closer.

I could feel the walls of her pussy starting to contract. "Mm! Mmm! Mmm! she moaned as the first throes of her orgasm hit. The first time she squeezed my dick sent me over the edge as I started shooting inside her. The sensation only intensified what she felt as her entire body tensed, and she continued to hammer away at my cock. After several seconds, she started to slow though her eyes remained shut.

She sat there on me, motionless for several moments before letting out a deep sigh and opening them. She grinned widely, and leaned forward to kiss me. I guided her in, holding her tight while our lips danced across one anothers, chewing gently on her lip when she tried to pull away eliciting a laugh.

The cuffs jingled behind her as I guided her off me. She stood, stretching her legs for a moment before cleaning the cum off of my glistening cock with a few final licks. I keyed the cuffs and undid the leash before walking with her to the bathroom to get cleaned up, taking yet another moment to swat her ass.