Obscene and amazing foursome with participation of nasty euro sluts

Obscene and amazing foursome with participation of nasty euro sluts
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It was a Friday night in spring, prime time for frat parties around campus. My roommate, Shauna, and I were freshmen and often attended one of these parties to have something to do. But we almost always left early out of boredom with the drunken antics of the younger frat brothers. This Friday started and ended differently. When we arrived at the Frat house we found a good party under way, with mostly upperclassmen in attendance. It was still a romping party, but without the usual obnoxious behavior of the younger boys.

Shauna and I circulated and danced. We drank beer and ate the snacks provided. And we drank beer. And we danced. And we drank beer. Most of the men were good looking and so much cooler than the frosh we had gotten used to. I slow danced with a couple of Junior's and one Senior. They each let me know they liked me; their erections spoke for them. During a rest period I necked with one of the Junior's on a corner sofa, and he made good progress at getting me worked up. My panties were wet when we got up to dance again.

Soon, too soon I thought, the party began to break up, and I realized that it was already two AM. The music was on low volume and the overall noise level was way down. My "date," I think his name was Paul, asked if I would like to see his room upstairs. I knew what he was really asking and I wanted it too, so I said yes. He led me up the stairs to the third floor, and along the way I saw several other brothers give him the V sign.

In his room we moved to his bed and began necking again. He was a great kisser and my temperature kept rising.

Soon we had moved from necking to petting. His hands worked their way up under my top to massage my breasts, naked under my shirt. In no time at all my top was off and he was kissing and sucking my tits, my nipples. It felt wonderful, but I realized the beer had gotten to me. Here I was in a stranger's bedroom with my shirt off, and his mouth and hands all over my tits.

What in the world am I doing here, I thought. And the answer became irrelevant as his hand moved to my groin and began to rub me from the outside of my shorts. He soon moved me along from excited to fully aroused. His mouth still worked on my nipples, sucking and biting, while his hands fumbled at opening my shorts.

Once open, he struggled to get them off me. I could hear myself moaning with the pleasure of his mouth. I raised my hips and he pushed my shorts and wet panties down my thighs and my legs.


They hung up on my left foot and dangled there, but neither of us paid any attention. Paul leaned up over me and looked at my bared body, seeming to be hypnotized. Then he gathered himself and looked into my eyes. "Susan, you're beautiful, truly beautiful. I want to fuck you so much I can't stand it." It wasn't much in the way of love talk, but it enflamed me. I pulled him down to me and tried to loosen his belt. We struggled together for long seconds, then he pulled back, stood up, and shucked the encumbering clothes: pants, shorts, shirt.

He stood there before me for half a dozen heartbeats, naked and beautiful in his own right. Lean, tall, and well muscled. His erection stood pulsing in the low light, curving upward from his pubic hair at its base.

Then he quickly climbed back on the bed above me. I opened my legs to him and he snuggled down between them. There was no more foreplay. He took his erection in his hand and guided it to my opening. He slid the head between my wet lips and soon forced it into me.

Oh, god, how good it felt. I moaned into his ear as he pounded into me. This was not gentle love making. This was hard fucking. And I didn't care, I loved it. His cock thudded into my wet center, making squishy wet sounds and exciting my clit with each stroke.

I felt myself rising rapidly toward an orgasm. I urged him on with my clenching vaginal muscles, my legs wrapped around his hips, and with my voice. "Fuck me, Paul," I whispered to him. "Fuck me hard, honey. Fuck me, fuck me. I'm gonna come." I could hear my voice rising as he slammed into me, and my climax burst in my belly. He kept pumping into me as the tremors raced through my body. And then he yelled and froze with his cock buried deep in my belly.

It pulsed repeatedly and I could feel the cum pump into my core. Paul slumped on top of me and we both tried to regulate our breathing. Suddenly I realized we were not alone. Over his shoulder I could see two guys silhouetted in the doorway by the hall light. "Hey, Paul," one of them said, "that's one pretty lady you have there. Want to share?" Without a word Paul rolled off me and laughed.

"Sure, Harry. Harry, this is Susan. She is one hot little Freshman. Susan, this is my friend Harry. And that's Johnnie." I lay there naked, with Paul's cum leaking from my pussy, as the two approached the bed. I was foggy from the beer and the fuck, but I was nervous. What's going on here? I thought. The answer became obvious in a moment. Harry started to undress and Johnnie followed suit.

As Paul caressed my belly, the two climbed onto the bed. Harry started playing with my breasts, massaging them and rubbing my nipples. Johnnie climbed between my legs and caressed my pussy. Both guys now had full erections.

I tried weakly to get up but the three of them made that impossible. Harry began to kiss my breasts and Johnnie rubbed his cock on my pussy lips.

Paul held my shoulders and kissed me. "Easy, Susan. This is just your initiation to our Frat. All the special girls get initiated and become honorary Frat sisters." I didn't know what to do, but the caresses were starting to get me hot again. In a moment the issue became moot; Johnnie slid his hard cock into me. It went in easily because I was wet and stretched a bit by Paul's previous use of me.

I felt full again and liked it. Johnnie started to stroke in and out of me with no further preparation.

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It felt good, so very good. Paul pulled back and Harry replaced him, his swollen cock in my face. As it hit my lips I opened my mouth instinctively and took it into me. As I sucked him, I stared up into his eyes and saw his lust reflected there. He began to thrust gently as Johnnie pumped into my cunt. I had cocks in my pussy and mouth at the same time, something totally new to me. I was confused but excited. My hands moved without my conscious thought, one to rub my clit and the other to grasp and stroke the cock in my mouth.

As the two Brothers fucked me I became aware of other men entering the room. A small crowd now surrounded the bed on which I lay, watching me being fucked in mouth and cunt. For some strange reason I was no longer frightened.

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I was aroused to the point that I came violently on Johnnie's thrusting cock. It made me gag on Harry's cock, now deep in my throat.

And it was enough to bring Johnnie off; he came noisily, pumping a load of cum into my already filled pussy. As Johnnie climbed off me, another man stepped forward and replaced him in my cunt. Soon Harry erupted with a yell and filled my sucking mouth to overflowing. I tried to swallow the hot cum but much leaked out around his cock to spill over my lips and onto my chin and cheeks.


I felt it run down the sides of my face and into my ears. I remember thinking that tickles. I soon lost track of who was doing what to me.

I kept having orgasms, seemingly one after another. And the men kept coming, too. With my pussy full, they began pulling out to cum, shooting it on me instead of in me. Hot cum splashed on my face and breasts, on my belly and pussy. I was covered in the gooey stuff. The scent of it filled my nostrils and aroused me even more. Guys were fucking my cunt and my mouth, taking turns and laughing with the insanity of it all. And then someone said, "Hey, she's got another hole we haven't used!" They flipped me over and pulled my ass high in the air.

Someone pressed his erection against my anus. Now I was scared. I wasn't an anal virgin but I knew how tight I was back there.

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Luckily, I guess, the abundance of sperm that had leaked out of my pussy and down my ass crack was enough to lube me. The guy back there pushed hard and plunged past my sphincter and deep into my rectum. I think I yelled but my mouth was full of Shorty's meat which almost immediately erupted into me. The guy in my ass lifted me and rolled onto his back taking me with him.

This presented my gaping pussy to the rest of them, and a guy stepped forward and rammed his meat into me. Another stuffed his cock into my now empty mouth. I was being fucked in all three holes, another first for me. I was reeling with lust and exhaustion by now. As one guy came and moved off me another would immediately replace him in whatever hole had been left empty.

By the time the last guy was coming in me the first team had recuperated and came at me again. Throughout this ravaging of my body I was having one orgasm after another, my body shuddering again and again as I came, sweat all over me. When my mouth wasn't stuffed I was crying in pain and ecstasy. My mind was awhirl with the constantly changing scene, different guys fucking me in different parts of my body, shooting cum all over me, climbing on and off the bed as they came.

I could not keep track of what was going on. All I know is that every guy there took me at least twice, some more. When there weren't any openings available, some guys just jerked off on me rather than wait. Later they told me there were twelve of them, that weekend's "initiation committee." When they were done with me, not able to get erect again, they backed off. I just lay there with splayed legs, my arms spread as though I'd been crucified, soaked in sweat and covered in drying cum.

My pussy and ass felt raw, and my jaws ached. I was limp, unable to move. Spent and used, I felt glorious but weak. They stood around or sat, and stared at my so well fucked nakedness.

Then spontaneously they began to clap. One guy started and the others began to pick it up. The whole crowd erupted in cheers and laughter. I tried to join in but I didn't have the energy. I just smiled at them. And let out a huge burp, a cum burp. That did it.

They couldn't even stand they laughed so hard. I tried to sit up but didn't have the energy. Paul came and sat beside me and cradled my head. "Susan, are you OK?" he said. I just smiled at him and shook my head.

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They carried me to a spare bed, wiped my hot, smeared face with a cold cloth, and tucked me in. The next morning, late, two of them helped me dress. (I requested that they leave their dried sperm on me. I wanted to show my roommate or I don't think she would have believed my story. They drove me home to the house that Shauna and I and several others lived in. I walked from the car to the house with my head high, even though my hair was matted with dried cum.

Shauna met me at the door, her eyes widening in shock. "My God, girl, what happened to you?" I smiled and told her I would fill her in while I soaked in a hot bath.


And I did. And it's a good thing I hadn't washed away the evidence before coming home. Shauna laughed and laughed as she helped me wash it off.

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"Next time, honey, I'm sticking close to you. I'll either keep you out of trouble or join in."